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  1. The Moskova, Donski, ect are distance support cruisers. Have no business being up close at the start unless they want to get wrecked. Is best suited to use its radar mid to end match.
  2. Thanks, Just got My Chapy, should have the time to grind it.
  3. Is Moskova getting moved this patch or the next? Cant seem to really find anything defining when it really gets moved.
  4. Jas0n74

    FPS Drop in WoWS

    Awesome, I'll check that when I get home. Thanks for the input.
  5. Jas0n74

    FPS Drop in WoWS

    I have tried several different things, no luck getting over 30fps, other games I play no issues high frame rates. Friends I toon with are getting 80-100fps. I have had 120+ frames until about a week ago Here are my specs, and game is set to Ultra AMD RYZEN 9 3900X 12CORE 3.8GHZ GIGABYTE X570 GAMING X 32G RAM AMD RADEON RX 5700XT 8GB 1000POWER SUPPLY Is there a setting somewhere that limits the FPS that I don't know about? I have looked and my videos card settings and don't see anything.
  6. Jas0n74

    FPS Drop in WoWS

    Mine has dropped also from 120FPS to now stuck on 30. No matter what i do. Seems like its locked.
  7. Jas0n74

    Thunderer, Yoshino or Salem

    Some good points to consider, thanks.
  8. Jas0n74

    Thunderer, Yoshino or Salem

    Thanks for the feed back. Think I will get Thunderer first and go from there
  9. Jas0n74

    Thunderer, Yoshino or Salem

    I don't have the DM, but may go in the order I have them. Thanks for the feed back.
  10. Have enough coal to get any of them. I already have the Smol, JB, and Georgia. I like BB and CL/CA play equally, but have been playing my cruisers more lately, just wondering what others thoughts are from those who have these ships. Any advice is appreciated.
  11. Jas0n74

    IFHE change is trash

    I played my smol in Co-op last night several games. I set almost as may fires and good damage without IFHE. One match had 6 fires, and a little over 100K damage.
  12. Jas0n74

    buy smolensk for steel? need advice.

    If you have doubloons to spend, some of the European crates do drop 1500 coal
  13. Jas0n74

    So, post-nerf Smolensk...

    I have not tried it with IFHE yet, still did lots of damage though. Haven't noticed any more over-pen than before. If spotted still got wrecked if in wrong place. LOL
  14. Jas0n74

    IFHE: Alpha or Fires?

    Just curious, haven't looked into the changes of IFHE yet. On the Smol, which would be better to use to get the most damage overall.
  15. Jas0n74

    The London is now in my port

    I have tried that, dang battles never last long enough for me to come close to yours, LOL. Nice game!