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    WG smoke is the dumbest idea ever!

    Smoke/Island camping has no negative effects on the people hiding in it. If it were to give them shot dispersion penalty for blind/spot assisted firing that would be one thing. But this game is managed by people who are just one step ahead of Bethesda when it comes to quality and skill.... so they render ship models with their radar dishes on top but give the ship no radar.
  2. This makes no sense, in any form. I can fire a salvo in my New York and have to wait 37 seconds to reload. A cruiser/destroyer can fire at me. Fire all its torpedoes at me ... and the crew that would be doing either firing or reloading torpedoes can do both .... so my dedicated turret crews are still chugging along loading a shell and powder can't beat a crew that has to dig out torpedoes mount them on a crane and then winch them into the tube. Yeah that seems far faster than people loading shells in their turrets.