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  1. kyesac

    Atlantico Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I am guessing that the PR Dockyard 2 is going to be SLIGHTLY easier than the original. As I went through that nightmare with as little self inflicted pain as possible (half grind, half dubloons), I will take a LONG look at all of the directives before I plunk down any $$ for boosters and many hours of grinding. The PR is very good (IMO), but NO ship is worth that much effort and money.
  2. kyesac

    Mecklenburg in Coop

    As a final followup: I bought Brandenburg with my dubloons coupon. I bought Mecklinburg with my resources coupon. Since they reset in less than a month, no worries on missing out on any upcoming new releases. Only problem is finding time to play all of these ships that are in my ever growing port.
  3. kyesac

    Mecklenburg or Bourgogne for steel?

    I just got the Meck with my resources coupon. It seems to be a very good ship (so far). However, I already own the Burger, and would definitely say that the Burger is the one to get first. Fast and fun, you can easily get yourself into all kinds of trouble. :)
  4. kyesac

    100% Tech tree team Narai

    Congrats on a good game. I play Narai and I take premiums into the match. I will have to start taking a few tech tree ships there.
  5. kyesac

    Atlantico Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Week 6 is done. YAY. Also have the French Cruisers Directive 1 done. So just playing for stats until Monday.
  6. I got 4/5 done. Need a few more spotted and the Potential damage one. I got the Mecklenburg and Brandenburg today. I got the 200 hits in my Brandenburg. Otherwise, I spent a lot of time in Narai, so didn't work on too many missions. Narai does help for the Dockyard BXP mission, so I got a lot of that done today.
  7. kyesac

    Atlantico Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I got 4/6 done for this week so far. The last two are the 2 for tokens, which are doable in operations. And tomorrow is Narai. :) :) :)
  8. If we are adding nominees, I want to toss Monarch's hat into the ring for worst BB above T5.
  9. kyesac

    Mecklenburg in Coop

    I was one of those that went back and forth on the Brandenburg and finally decided no. However, with the Mecklenburg being announced I just might go for the two of them. I like the KM navy and it is one of my favorites in the game (besides the USN). I keep all KM BBs secondary specced because I have Lutjens ISchlieffen) and von Jutland (Pruessen) both secondary specced, and would prefer not having to have a third KM commander for my BBs. My GK has the 420s on her. When I first got her I asked around and at that time, most answers were 420, so I installed them.
  10. kyesac

    Aegis News

    o YAY I think.
  11. kyesac

    Mecklenburg in Coop

    Any initial thoughts on the Meck in Coop? All of my KM BBs are secondary build (both tech trees, GK, Pommern, Odin, Tirp, Scharnhorst, PEF). I do not have the Brandenburg. I read a final review before release on Mecklenburg and it seems that it is not really suited for a secondary build because of it's secondaries (no 150s, just 127s) and because the MB guns are smaller caliber and they need all the skills they can get. IF it can be a decent secondary build, I will get it, but I would have to really consider skipping it otherwise.
  12. kyesac

    Aegis News

    Way back in the day was it a CV or was it always Baltimore?
  13. kyesac

    Weekend Spree, 13 to 15 May 2022

    Son got a new job and has been out of town the last 2 weeks and this upcoming week, so I am dog sitting his pack of 5 puppies. I have been logging on to get my dailies done and that has been about it. I did go 14/14 in NB (all low hanging fruit, and we were up 11 late this afternoon. Got another Commander to 21. Watched a little Spring Tournament this weekend. Mowed my forest this weekend. The weather was hot / cold / cloudy / wet so my weeds loved it and grew to about 6 - 8 inches high. One more busy week and then I hope it settles back down to normal so I can have some serious game time next week.
  14. I thought that WoWs had separated from Russia over a 'dispute' in Europe. If so, why is my clan up against a CIS team in Naval Battles? Isn't CIS the Russian Server? Please correct me if I am wrong. Just wondering.