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  1. kyesac

    My Turn

    Since I am a Coop main, I will post here. After a few days of thought and soul searching, I have decided to take a break from WoWs. And by break, this more than likely means goodbye as I have a bad habit of just walking away when I lose interest in a game (Diablo 1, 2, 3, Everquest, and a few others I forget). I am not parting because of just the forum closure announcement, but this has been the last straw. I don't post much on the forums, but I do visit every day and read at least a few streams. I also come here for information and opinions on game patches, ships, current trends, etc. Starting with the CV rework, I have become more and more disillusioned with the game. CV rework, Captain skill rework, Superships (NOT T11 LOL), subs, more and more obscure nation ships (I never did get my Polish BBs), gimmicks that are mind blowing, it has become obvious WG just wants me to take my $$$$ and leave. So I will. I really have never experienced a company that has alienated their player base to this extent (although Blizzard really does come close). I made a lot of good friends and the list is way to long for me to list (or remember). Admiral Thunder, Ensign Cthuhlu, Asym-KS, Wolfswetpaws, Dr. Holmes, my clanmates in Wolf9 (you guys make it the best clan) (just to name a few) and many others. Just know that I really appreciated reading your posts. I learned a lot. SO Fair seas and following winds. Have Fun.
  2. kyesac

    End of the Forum

    Thank you for saying this. I am a coop main and have played over 38k battles. I also have a good number of operations played and even a few thousand random. WoWs will become a single player game, but now with a good bit of things I don't like (subs, some cvs, too gimmicky ships, etc.). I will not go to discord and will fade away from this game.
  3. kyesac

    End of the Forum

    I don't post here often, but I do stop by daily to read the new posts. I have made numerous good friends because of these forums, and it looks like I will not be able to stay in touch with them as much as I have up to now as I don't often see many in game. As for discord, I am already on discord for another game, and I don't like it at all. I will NOT be going to WoWs discord. I was a whale for a few years in this game. I have played since right after game launch. There were a few years where I spent over $1000 a year. About 2 years ago I drastically shut down spending that amount, resulting in only a few hundred dollars over the last few years. I purchased dubloons a few weeks ago. With that, WG has gotten the last penny out of me. I do have about 100 days of premium time left (last bought any 2.5 years ago). I will not be buying any more. I MAY stick around for the Anniversary since it is just 2 months away, and MAYBE Christmas. After that, I will most likely fade away. To all my fellow forum posters and players I have met, fair winds and following seas. To WG, you killed the Goose that lays the Golden Eggs. You deserve what you get. Ahoy all <0. I will see you in game for a little while longer. Have Fun.
  4. kyesac

    Long Weekend Spree, 14-17 July 2023

    Actually been playing a little more than usual the last few months. Worked on getting the Jager (still need one more mission). Did my dailies. Worked on accumulating FXP as I want the Gdansk this upcoming Wednesday (I only have up to the Split). Bought the Marceau. Still trying to figure out the best way to play this ship, but it has 2 things I really enjoy (fast firing guns and fast ship) and one I don't (no smoke). Played some boardgames with my son and daughter in law, and have been playing Diablo 4 a ton.
  5. Had several battles with 10 BBs. One had 10 BBs a cruiser and a sub. Had one battle 9 BBs, a CV, and 2 subs. Plus, the bots are tougher. Several times they didn't charge right in, but rather teamed up and concentrated focus fire on us one by one. Definitely not your father's coop games from before. LOL. All in all, it's still a lot of fun.
  6. kyesac

    Best Secondary BB?

    Coop Main. IMHO Schliessen is the best. Put Leutjens as captain. The ship is a secondary machine. It is faster than a lot of other BBs as well. I no longer play BBs a lot because of the meta in coop, but when I do, Schliessen and Georgia are my go tos.
  7. kyesac

    Weekend Spree, 26-28 May 2023

    Played enough to get the daily tasks done. Not much else. Been stockpiling ECXP since the IJN BC line has been announced to get a captain for that line up to 21. Did finish all of the DY and EU DD missions done. This week DY missions look tough, even with 2 weeks to do it. Already got the Daisen, but want that steel. Diablo 4 early release is Thursday, regular release is Tuesday the 6th. I will be slaying demons, of the non aquatic kind, with my son when that happens. Got a new puppy, shepherd collie mix. Either that dog learns where to potty or one of us is not going to make it. My other dogs are refusing to teach him too. Not pretty (and smelly).
  8. kyesac

    Weekend Spree, 5 to 7 May 2023

    Spent a good chunk of Saturday and Sunday at my son and DIL's house watching movies. Saw Ant man and Wasp 3, Guardians of the Galazy 1 and GotG 3. Good stuff. Also squeezed in a round of Find the Killer murder mystery boardgame. Been working on getting my commanders up to 21 points, and I am now finally caught up. All tech tree lines T10s have a 21 point commander (not CVs or subs since I don't play them at all), with a 21 pointer waiting for the PE DD and the Spanish Cruiser line waiting for the line to be released. Took a long time, but that personal goal is finished. Still have 2 tasks left for this week's dockyard mission to be done (255k ECXP for DDs and Cruisers). Both are over 200k. Not much else going on, but a pretty busy week coming up IRL. See you out on the seas. Have Fun.
  9. So it's our fault for having too many TX ships because we are playing the game WG wants us to play, especially considering the crazy grinds they throw at us (looking at the 255k ECXP missions this week per class). Easy solution.... we all stop playing completely until the Anniversary. That will alleviate this problem.
  10. kyesac

    Tinfoil hat time yet again.

    Coop: If you have it, Adm Shroder (for the speed boost and can take hits) straight to open water towards the enemy, shooting before you see anything but knowing they are in range. If you don't have shroder, take the Moskva. I use these 2 ships almost exclusively until the PD mission is done. These two can take 2 million + PD if you get enough heavy guns on the bots.
  11. kyesac

    Ships, Nationalities, and You

    Coop main here. German ships. I love Secondary builds, and every German BB I have (and play - T7 and up) is a secondary spec ship. And Adm Shroder is a secondary spec cruiser. Lutjens gets played a lot. LOL. DDs. I love to play faster ships and aggressively. DDs fit the bill here. Yolo Emilio is my favorite Dd. One trick pony, but it's the one I like. Other than that, the very fast DDs like Kleber, Delny and Khaba. After that, the rapid firing DD gunboats. Fast cruisers are also played regularly. If I have to play a BB for some reason, Schlieffen and Georgia are my picks. I started out as a BB main, but now just do DDs and CAs 99% of the time.
  12. kyesac

    Your Coop Games where you get to do nothing

    I have resorted to playing mostly DDs. If the bots all seem to leave me to go cross map, I am usually fast enough to catch at least one. Totally depends on what map I am on (looking at you Brothers and Shatter). I actually had a match last week where I had caused zero damage until there was only one bot left, an I got a few lucky hits in. I have stopped playing BBs completely, and maybe do cruisers 10% of the time (Brisbane with that bonus mission), or Admiral Shroder.
  13. kyesac

    Weekend Spree - 14 to 16 April 2023

    Didn't do too much this weekend. Sailed around enough in coop to get the dailies done. Finished up the missions on the British Subs, but haven't spent them yet. Finished this weeks Pan Am Cruisers mission. Dealt with a new puppy in the house, and everything that goes with it. Weather is finally turn sort of nice here in Wyoming, so thoughts go to what patch of weeds I will be growing on my lawn this year. And what to do with that massive amount of dog p**p in the back yard.
  14. All in all, it's just another brick in the wall.
  15. kyesac

    Weekend Spree, 7 to 9 April 2023

    Finished off the Brisbane missions this morning, so I got the Brisbane. Pretty good ship. Stuck my captain from the Haida on it and will level him up now. Also finished the Battle Pass today, so I got the T8 Cruiser. Haven't played her yet. Somewhere late last week I got my second PE Dd captain to 21, so when the next line of PE DDs come out, the Gdansk will have a captain waiting for her. Only grinds left for captains is the SP captain and the aforementioned CW captain (I think there was mention of a CW line somewhere in my foggy memory - correct me if Im wrong). Haven't done naval battles in a while, and still haven't played with my ducks in a tub. O well, can't get to everything. My son surprised me with a new puppy yesterday. A shepherd / border collie mix - 9 weeks old. Not potty trained. My 3 older dogs are NOT happy. But I can't say anything bad about my son, since he also got one of the puppies, and he now has 6! Yes, weekly family get togethers are just a bit crowded. No small dogs in the bunch (75 pounds is the smallest, 117 pounds the heaviest not counting the 2 new puppies).