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  1. kyesac

    GK and Secondaries

    Not my best game, but it was a good carry. Big items are 1100+ BXP and the secondary damage. Did WG BUFF KM Secondaries again? This is by far my highest ever (previous best was 93k).
  2. kyesac

    German Tokens

    Not impressed with the last 2 stages of the token mission bundles. Perma camo for the T9 and T10 seem a little weak. I bought a few random bundles to get enough tokens to get the T8, hoping to avoid the T7 completely. I have done all the steps for the token missions. Not sure if I will even worry about the last 2 bundles for the camos.
  3. I think I posted this once before, but I was in a match where a 'teammate' bot put a full salvo of torps into me as I was no engine stuck next to an island. He didn't kill me so he does a 180 and unloads the other side of torps. This was a while ago, but still makes me shake my head.
  4. IMHO, the dockyards have been very uneven in their difficulties, even within the same event. Nothing approaches the PR event, but there have been several instances where early weeks may be medium difficulty, and then one of the following weeks is almost PR level. I am also not sure how even the rewards have been. I have done all of the dockyards so far, and some ships are real winners, and some are meh. For example, I think the PR is great. Odin and Hizen seem to be at least average, maybe a notch above. ZF-6 is getting a lot of positive talk. On the other hand, Anchorage just doesn't click with me for some reason (and I don't see it a lot in my matches).
  5. kyesac

    Shikishima Or Auston?

    I always get these resources confused. Old age here. I bought the Burger then. Edit: I hope the Burger was correct. :)
  6. kyesac

    WeeGee owes the player base an explanation

    I am with the Admiral on this. I like it. I can relax a little more when it is a full human team, but the others make me pay more attention and get a little more involved. The only time I don't like it is when I am in a very poor boat that carries badly (Mogador and the never miss red bots) . If you are listening WG: TAKE YOUR TIME !!!
  7. kyesac

    Shikishima Or Auston?

    I voted bacon. As for ships, I would take (and did) the Ohio. I wanted to complete my trio of USN Premium secondary ships. I think Austin is just too gimmicky. I have the Yamato and don't see the need for the Shikashima.
  8. THIS is what drives me. Get my 3 crates and 6 dailies and I am done. My involvement goes from all in to just about 0. The only thing that changes this is my days off from work (and I MIGHT play a little longer), or if I am close to finishing a grind, or a mission or a task.
  9. I have had coop matches with 0 fellow humans, 1 fellow human, and an all human team. This has been the MO since 10.3 dropped. Have not had ANY other combination of humans / bots and I have played hundreds of matches so far. I have had a bot cruise up right behind me (I am in a DD in smoke shooting at oncoming reds), and launch a full salvo of torps into my back. Shooting at the enemy as if I wasn't even there. No sense reporting them since they don't get banned or fined anyways. :)
  10. kyesac

    BB requesting support in co-op battle

    I never ask for support. If all of my support that spawns near me leaves, I just go alone. If I die, I select another ship and go fight another battle. If I am in a bad mood, they all get negative karma. I HATE when my DDs and CAs leave me alolne to face multiple DDs and CAs (and BBs). Besides where are they going and to do what? There are a red ships right in front of them.
  11. NO NO NO and I played WoT when they had gold ammo. JUST NO.
  12. kyesac

    ZF-6 Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Just finished week 4. Had to take the afternoon off for medical stuff, so I finished a little later today. My ZF-6 was launched and floating in the water. Three more phases to go.
  13. kyesac


    Plus I think they retired a few maps, or made a few changes to them and kept the new edition and retired the original. I vaguely remember an ice map for mid to higher tiers that disappeared just after I got back into the game 3-4 years ago. And please, put ocean back into the regular rotation, not once a week or so.
  14. kyesac

    KotS News - The Next Generation

    I saw some of that. It was very good. I wonder if the NA casters would be able to implement this into their streams?
  15. kyesac

    Weekend Spree, 30 April to 2 May 2021

    Congrats @Ensign_Cthulhu I will be resetting my IJN gunboat line on May 11th or 12th. Fun line and the cheapest - double win for me. KOTS: I 'followed' the Russian stream this morning and got the Twitch mission - VERY easy. It was my last piece to the collection and I got ....... SIMS! I had several of the desired ships on the list, so I am just glad I did not get a complete garbage bote. I did watch a little of the matchup between NOCAP and GLHF later in the afternoon. Good games actually. Some really amazing salvos. Continued with the DD grinds on Jutland, Mogador and Chung MU. I see both of these lasting for a few more weeks at least, even using FXP to finish them. I bought a few 'random' bundles and was able to get the T8 KM DD Gustav M. Tried her out in a few battles and this is going to be a LONG grind to T10. I just didn't see the niche (yet) for these boats. She struggled against DDs AND cruisers (CAs and CLs) and BBs. Maybe against subs? I did grind enough credits to finally purchase the Z52. Got to grind credits for the Fletcher next. Bought the 2 IJN named commanders and spent dubs retraining them to the Harugumo and the Shimakaze. Dusted off my ShinyHorse and Shinyhorse B and took them into Narai. Forgot how much fun that is. Been a long day due to crap diet because of a colonoscopy tomorrow. So only looking forward to that delicious meal (whatever it will be) after that is over tomorrow evening.