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  1. harkusa

    Ok I went to the US

    Welcome to the US! I like Alberta a lot and have traveled all through Canada. What was it that you found so strange about attending a cattle sale in Montana? You are probably a young person who is just now getting out in the world is my guess. Have fun and travel as much as possible to rub the provincialism off. Remember that you can't get vinegar with your fries and chips unless you ask for it, no one knows what a took (or toque) is and poutine is universally reviled by those who know what it is ;)
  2. harkusa

    Hiding stats

    I'm the OP and I think at 9 pages its going pretty well. All I wanted was some direction on where the stat hiding option was located and got that and whole lot more as well...such as the outing of a number of shady stat racist & bullies who would have done much better to keep their bigotry a secret. Not bad for unintended consequences.
  3. harkusa

    Hiding stats

    Now that he has put you and I on his ignore list, Killjoy, he would be compelled to read every post we make. He is now a guaranteed audience. That's how any ignore list actually works lol Notice that he gave himself an out by saying that he "once in a while" reads a post on his ignore list. Truth is he looks for people he's put on ignore, he can't help himself.
  4. harkusa

    Hiding stats

    I sincerely thank you for this gift!
  5. harkusa

    Hiding stats

    Its not important that you have confidence in me. I have no confidence in any player that appears in a game I'm part of and that would include you. You are only playing for your own sake after all and don't pretend otherwise. For god's sake you wear your stats around like a codpiece or a rolled up sock stuck in your pants to show what a big man you are. You're silly and you really need to get over yourself.
  6. harkusa

    Hiding stats

    I don't see "it" or you as a threat. I see you as a laughing stock who has made a fool of himself attempting to shame me for having the nerve to hide my stats. As I don't speak in battle except with F keys none of your assertions to the contrary mean anything.
  7. harkusa

    Hiding stats

    I assure you I don't but he sure seems to think I should or else he threatens to "ignore" me and refuse to "communicate" with me. As if he ever had the opportunity to do either. He's a fool.
  8. harkusa

    Hiding stats

    Why should I care if Final8ty and his stat obsessed friends threaten to "ignore" or "not communicate" with me because my stats are hidden from him? No one I know in this game has ever heard of him and could care less if he's in the game or not. To all appearances what he appears to think he offers to "bad" players is not in any demand whatsoever. Final8ty's determination to ignore and fail to communicate seems like the ultimate toothless threat.
  9. harkusa

    Hiding stats

    Great post Killjoy. I would award you a "thumbs up" but that feature doesn't seem to bed working this morning lol
  10. I took Georgia with my coal and am happy with it. I only play it in Coop as I no longer play in Random. I think I'd be just as happy with Thunderer, which I don't have, its just a different play style involved. I took Georgia because I knew I'd only use it in Coop and would be charging toward the sound of the guns.
  11. harkusa

    Hiding stats

    This game isn't based on skills so moaning about stats is as useful as barking at the moon.
  12. Perhaps you would be happier playing an authentic skills based game. I recommend poker for folks like you. Put your cash where your mouth is.
  13. harkusa

    Hiding stats

    If you must know my stats send 1 bitcoin to my account at Bitcoin Wallet and I will send you a copy of them on the date requested.