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  1. harkusa

    Submarine tokens

    Thanks guys!
  2. harkusa

    Game Penalties

    As Solzhenitsyn says, "Everyone is guilty of something, comrade." Chin up and bear it, Capitaine :)
  3. harkusa

    Submarine tokens

    I have 13. What are they good for?
  4. So you didn't want to insult me but went ahead and did it anyway? When u have played 8,000 games you will sound much different I think
  5. just make the CVs all bots all the time and the problem is solved.
  6. harkusa

    Clan Brawl 11

    This shows you what they really think about the NA server. This was intentional. North America, don't send these people your money.
  7. First thank you all for your service, we wouldn't be here without you. USMC 1965-1971, RSVN one tour 1966-1968 with L/3/3...ooorah!
  8. harkusa

    Slow Down, WG!!!

    You don't have to do these things, right? I mean I haven't done any of them and I play untroubled by WG's directives or wishes. You are putting yourself through this pain by conforming to WG's nonsense. You don't need any of these paper ships to enjoy the game. As you have learned the constant grind detracts from the game. Remember the game you were first interested in? You can still play for fun and ignore the silliness and ugly money-grubbing of the company.
  9. Maybe if the ship yard would open in less than 5 minutes I'd pay more attention to the Ship Building event but I don't really want the ship that is on offer so....meh.
  10. harkusa

    How do you Co-op players generate enough credits?

    I play for fun so I don't play much Random or Ranked and Clan Battles not at all. I also have abandoned any attempt to play above tier 7 because idiots and the lack of any fun there. I own a number of tier 8-10 ships that I earned when I was still grinding along in Randoms but now they are dust collectors in my harbor. I find I now have almost no need for credits if I stay away from Randoms and upper tiers. I fly very few flags and use only basic camo. What credits I do earn now come from playing in Operations. I maintain about 50 to 60 million credits at most times which is plenty.
  11. I haven't kept up with the nerfs and buffs to various ships in my harbor and I haven't played this one recently. I had a very favorable opinion of this ship back in the day, how does Fiji play now? Thanks!
  12. Best wishes to you Notser and your SO. If its any comfort to you I follow your vids religiously, not something I do with most of the others who do what you do. Keep on keeping on!
  13. Pequod sounds like a sensible group. How long have you been up and running?
  14. WOWS has squeezed me down to Coop and Operations now. When they f..k those up, and they will, I'll be outta here.