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  1. So nobody plays the other 2 games? Nobody cares they have to SOON purchase premium time SEPARATELY between the 3 games? Why are gamers who play all 3 games being treated this way?
  2. Wargee,,how about 50% discount on the wargaming premium account. This time of year I always buy the 50% off on the wargaming account, NOT the warships account. I know you are hoping everyone wlil forget about THAT other option but I play all 3 games, and would need the discount on the General WArgaming account!!!!! Wold of Tanks doesn't even mention the GENERAL wargaming premium account..What gives WArgee??? When my premium time runs out, I Will not be playing any of these games any longer as the grind is INSANE without it. And I spend A LARGE amount of money on these games.
  3. What about 50% discount to Wargaming premium account. I play all 3 games, I NEED the discount on the universal one. Dont squash out the wargaming premium account to just force people to buy each games premium time separately! IF we are forced into paying for each game separately, I'm done with all 3 for SURE!...and I DEF pump money into this game
  4. Hmm..where is it? Hey WArgeee...how bout 50% discount on Premium time. I will DEF buy the 360 days if you offer it like last year. I'm almost out of time, and I CERTAINLY WONT be buying premium in each game separately! Cmon WG..lets do this!. I play wows, wowp, AND WOT.!!!!
  5. I DEF have mods causing this from time to time. (Aslains and hackabase) Simply uninstalling sometimes doesn't do the trick. This time it was so bad I had to copy root directory wows Data from another PC I have installed upon, before MODS screwup, and copy to my main PC, that fixed it. then re-installed both hackabase, and Aslains mods back, and all was well. Mods will make U crash from time to time..especially graphically heavy ones like ROUGH SEAS MOD...But it makes the waves look SOO much better.
  6. drakoolia

    Thoughts on SAP?

    CERTAINLY.. in Tiers XI - XX coming in 2021 for sure.
  7. drakoolia


    Currently Enterprise and Saipan I would say are the best CV's..OP?...ROFLMAO...DEF not..all planes do STILL is tickle surface ships.... What we can hope for IN BEST CASE SCENARIO are cv's as functional as Enterprise and Saipan.
  8. drakoolia

    The new and improved auto pilot

    MY biggest frustration, is why you cant left click waypoints for CV's OR other botes through the minimap..why do I have to zoom out to the Huge map. the mini map used to have way more functionality to it in that sense. Why remove usage of setting waypoints on the minimap, and why take right clicking away to do that option? Yes, prior patch qutopilot would easily go backwards,without needing to make these WIDE angle turns, which end up exposing you too much towards the center of the map. If I want to backup in my CV through autopilot, I should be able to do so!.
  9. drakoolia

    Secondary Sinop

    Absolutely YEs, I do ALL bb's secondary, and believe it, they will save your [edited]each time when a DD comes int o snipe you. I do BFT, Manu seconds, AFT, , and IFHE on all my bb's in that order, except Us and mostly no on the UK line, as basically there are too few secondaries to speak of.... Im even one of the few who has a fully built secondaries ROMA. Puts a hurting on more ships especially when they don't expect it. I've done full secodnaries builds with 15pt captains on Yamato, REpublique, KRemlin, and they all work Very well.. GO SECONDARIES Poncho...U wont regret it....
  10. drakoolia

    Hermes discrimination

    Yeah but again.... It's just scratching paint.... If you get close enough to a cv to attack it.... It simply cannot defend itself and you WILL blap it out of existence in 3 salvos...
  11. drakoolia

    Hermes discrimination

    It's racist if you want cv's nerfed.... Roflmao!!!!..... Murica..... Groan......
  12. drakoolia

    Hermes discrimination

    Yeah they have no AA.... But cv's at any, tier barely scratch paint..... Be honest now.... You know this....
  13. drakoolia

    Massachusetts Secondaries vs Montana

    Right.. So I have the same issue with my roma... But I have aft.. Bft.. And manual seconds on her... And they are quite good... But you do have to get in much closer. I tried these builds on yamato... And izumo.... And they're quite beastly.... Ranges out to 9.6 if I'm not mistaken... Gonna try full seconds build on the next pts sesh... And let everyone know. Btw.. I'll be building pasta ca's with secondary builds.... Have you seen how many guns on those puppies tiers7 and up? Will make breaking far more interesting.. Even tho they might not have the armour for it... But that's what pts is for
  14. drakoolia

    Starting To Suspect a Conspiracy

    I just can't play ranked... Far too stressful... And everybody plays soo carefully.... And sooo on the edge of detection.. That one wrong move.. And it seems the match is awash... Oh.. And I'm a cv main... So yeah... Won't play a game mode where a ship class is left out.... I'm sure subs will experience the same thing even after they make it to randoms.
  15. And that's exactly why I've been proposing finally moving to tiers 11 through 20...its time for more modern ships of every class. This is something WOT needs to be doing.... You can only shove so many things into the limited 10 tier system.