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  1. drakoolia

    Downvote farming - controversial post inside!

    lmbo..Luv it..grammrnazi.....
  2. drakoolia

    Downvote farming - controversial post inside!

    They are both coming to the game no matter how much you whine about that... Definately thrilled about that.
  3. drakoolia

    Buyer Beware... Prinz Eitel Fredrich

    Yeah... But EVERYONE. Uses torps... I use pedos.... :-p
  4. drakoolia

    Buyer Beware... Prinz Eitel Fredrich

    You know. I can't stress it enough. Premium ships are not pay to win.. They are pay to play interestingly. Most of my premies I play in a very specific way, specialize them. And I build them for that. Tech tree ships do the rest of the tasks, premies are usually very good @ 1 or 2 things. But played generally, you will suffer. Perth: smokecrawl/annoy nme fleet.. Then kite fry from afar with spotterplane. Okhotnik:. Up close 12pedo salvo devestator.. I took out 3 destroyers back to back in my best game in her. Asashio: I dont agree with flamu.. I think she should be played As a long distance bb/cv sniper.... Then midgame.. Move in for endgame battles. Texas: :I've been doing very well in her...very accurate sniper.. And of course aa plane eater. Just don't move in close. Derpitz: move in close... From around an island.... Devstrike with close in pedos/secondaries. mount ramflags... And ram everything in site. Grafspee: she is actually very maneunevrable... And her pedos have a very wide arc.. But choose your shots carefully as you only have 6 per salvo. She is not a devestator,, but obviously more a team Annoyer and distractor like perth. Khutozov: loooooong range smokefryer...set many ships on fire.. Then disengage. Aa monster this one. I love premies because it gives you the chance to master a specific ship...and it really mixes up the gameplay.
  5. drakoolia

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    Same here. The key remapping is totally broken. If I make any changes, CV cannot be controlled @ all with any manual controls. furthermore, it used to be in the TST server that you can assign arrow keys to planes, and ships, now it tells me arrow keys re-assigned from theyre prior spot. which on the beta TST CV server, I was able to use arrow keys for planes, subs, and ships. IT no longer allows me to do that, and totally breaks CV manual ship control. Please look into this. Also: why am I not able to use right click to set way points for the CV on the minimap @ all. why am I not able to use right click to set waypoints on the LARGE map, and I DO have alternate controls set to full in settings.? I use the right side of the keyboard for ALL game controls, and I have all my controls set to that side, I DO NOT USE WASD @ all.
  6. drakoolia

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    I, as well as many others, even Farazellah ( A CV Main) says its absolutely imperative that you have manual control of your CV, and then be able to return to current CV squad. CV sniping bye DD's will be a piece of cake, because U cannot attack the DD sniping you, and quickly change to your CV to control it to avoid close range pedos manually. Even on the TST closed cv betas DD's def figured it out. So they have made this even worse in this test. Now remapping keys doesn't work, and I cant use arrow keys to control my planes AND ships. I have to remap the keys each time I choose a different ship class. Same thing with consumables. I don't understand where they messed up since in the TST closed CV betas...the control mappings worked just fine
  7. drakoolia

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    Remapping keys is completely broken. I have beta tested all 3 TST sessions for CV's and the controls worked fine. Now if I remap arrow keys which I use for aLL my games, as well as WG games, it allows me arrow keys for planes, but not ship control. on the TST server you could use arrow keys for both. I also remapped consumables, but would not allow same keys for consumables for planes, and ship controls. You have to choose. I would have to remap keys each time I switched from playing CV's to other ships.
  8. drakoolia

    WoWS Dev Blog: New CV Gameplay Coming With 0.8.0

    And interesting..and Fun as hell. There is no way to properly balance things without live players, guys theres no way around this. Being a beta tester of many other things in the past I can tell you IT IS this way in all industries when it comes to software release.
  9. drakoolia

    WoWS Dev Blog: New CV Gameplay Coming With 0.8.0

    Being a btester in all 3 phases I have to say I am DEFINITELY looking forward to the rework, because ITs jsut DAMn FUN PEOPLE..and actually made me play World of warplanes more. So side benefit. I love RTS, but I was often yawning and twiddling my thumbs when CV's were RTS.. NOT the case in the rework. Ok, that being said there is DEF one HUGE issue..You Must have independent control of the CV without having to recall the one squad you get to control. WG says they dont want to distract the player, thats fine and dandy, but how am I suppose to handle CV sniping..when suddenly there is a DD near me, and I cant defend myself because Im somehow supposed to predict with WAYpoints where the Attacking DD is going launch PEdo salvos? SERIOUSLY? Thats insane. NO, I need manual control of my CV so I can fake out the DD, where Im going to move with my CV. Oh U have independent control of your CV anytime. YEah but then I have to recall the squad, therebye NOT being able to attack the DD that is trying to snipe me. Many DD players caught wind of how easy it is to snipe CV's and they WILL be capitalizing on it. Also..where is right click waypoint setting control on the LARGE map. AND i had alternate interface turned on, so right clicking SHOULD be functioning.
  10. drakoolia

    Generic UK cruiser premiums: Yay or nay?

    ROFLMAO..I just cant..I just cant...and do you think for one sec that most of the navies of the world could REALLY all compete with each other...not a chance my friend....for the most part..the US navy would Mop the floor with everyone else if they had they're latest builds and refists historically on any of the ships. It would be soo unbalanced..it wouldn't even make sense to play some of the ships @ all. DD's would have ZERO chance against bb's..and CV's would one shot everyone in the game..EVERYtime.....so..uhh..no..
  11. drakoolia

    Generic UK cruiser premiums: Yay or nay?

    So anyone claiming interesting characteristics of all the different lines are gimmicks, what you are REALLY saying is you want All the lines to be exactly the same...cmon..SAY ..say it..admit it..U do. What would YOU call a non gimmick then?
  12. I killed a turkey ship and ALSO did NOT get my rewardsw. I PM'd ikami as you've instructed Femms, so let me know what else I can do. Open a ticket with WG?
  13. In essence isn't all warfare a tragedy though? Ww1, ww2 had millions of people die on both sides, yet we still have a naval warfare game. At which point does anyone say.. For example... Oh I refuse to play hakyru because my grandfather served on it before I moved to the United States, and I find it offensive so I will never purchase and play that ship. In this everybody is offended culture... Should we be paralyzed with fear because someone somewhere might get offended? IT'S A GAME.
  14. Subs will take part in some sort of pearl harbour esque operation in sure in the future.
  15. drakoolia

    Graphics card for WoWs and WoT?

    Sort of on a similar subject matter. Ill be in the market for a new AMD/AMD setup, cause I love AMD, and I love Saving Money..Power to the UNDERDOG!!! So this will be a ddr3 based system because I have 16GB ddr3 Ram already, so I'm going to build a system from scratch around it for a ddr3 based system. Well not really from scratch because I also have 2tb of HDD's which I will re-use AS is..50% MAgneto/50% SSD. I like spending about 100 on the GPU..so if anyone can recommend the best AMD card for about 100 bux, could be used given the right circumstances, (No CRYPTO USe)and the MOBO can also be around 100 bux, I suppose the best AMD FX Mobo for 100 bux anyone can recommend. I will recycle everything else form my current system (Case/1kWatt PSU)/anything else) Would appreciate it, because I know research will take me FFOORREVER..so looking to save some time...For FOCHS sake... P.S. I MIGHT be doing 4k gaming..but most likely not, neither 120hz monitor action or anything to that effect.