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  1. drakoolia

    EPIC Games Version of warships confusion

    I'm an IT admin, so a ZERO or 1 is off, and the WHOLE damn thing doesn't work..so its my preciseness. I also end up lookig at varaibles most people dont..so I dont winna have to do ANOTHER transaction reversal because of the Nuances of wording. What also threw me for a loop was the fact the game requested you make a NEW account, and cant log into your wargaming account, so I'm like AHA...they might mean MAIN EPIC account after the test is over.
  2. drakoolia

    EPIC Games Version of warships confusion

    LOL...Doh..sorry to hear that... There will be more I'm sure.....That's why I participate in the TST server as well as PST...Once in a while U get a rad reward... But Im all about testing and making the game better...so to me the rewards are icing on the kek!
  3. drakoolia

    EPIC Games Version of warships confusion

    Exactly...finally someone who gets it. There potentially could be 2 MAIN accounts..ONE EPIC..and one WARGAMING. And with Wargee's past reputation for now always being clear..I wanna be CRYSTaL clear if Im ging to attain 15k+ doubloons..even with an 80% discount. SO Final answer from wargee..is the mAIN account is INITIAL WArgaming account..not EPIC MAIN account.. IF anyone else has access to it..I WOULD Run it asap as for about another 12 hours or so you can have access to 15k+ doubloons that will Mirror one the FIRST PRIMARY Wargaming account for an 80% discount! FINALLY SOLVED!
  4. drakoolia

    EPIC Games Version of warships confusion

    Your answer was not clear, and incorrect as you are saying it will be accredited to the account you signed up with. Well.. To use the test epic session you actually don't need to create a NEW account, but you can, it's an option, so that's further confusion. And this new war gaming account you can make inside the epic test session is seperate from the first MAIN account. I think this question is fraught with variables. I did finally get a clear answer from war gee just now, and anymore guesses on what the final answer is? I'd like to know if anybody else wants to take a stab at this, to prove my point just how unclear this whole thing is.
  5. drakoolia

    EPIC Games Version of warships confusion

    See!!!!.. You sound just as confused as i am. Like i said i was e-mailed about this to my original war gaming account that there is a epic games test taking place and there will be special offers to "the main account". Well i guess i'll have to see. This matters because there is still like 16 hours left to get the other doubloons package 80% off. Before the EPIC test expires. So I'm trying to get a clear answer: Latest response from wargee pending via ticket.
  6. drakoolia

    EPIC Games Version of warships confusion

    ok. SO...WHICH ACCOUNT IS THIS STILL then...the EPIC account..or the original Wargaming account.? I was emailed about the event on my original wargaming account, and when in the EPIC version (which I had to install a separate client for ) I had to create a NEW wargaming account...sounds like Im screwed and hte doubloons will get credited to this MAIN account..which of course I probably wont play since Im putting all time and effort into my main one.
  7. drakoolia

    EPIC Games Version of warships confusion

    The EPIC TEst event says those funds wil be delivered to the MAIN account after the test is over, so no I cant testit out that way. I bought the Doubloons, and they don't appear on my ORIGINAL MAIN Wargee account, and yes I had to make a separate account with Epic, slightly different username, and a different email address.
  8. I am playing the EPIC games version of warships, because I was invited on my MAIN wargaming account. As I started playing, I was notified that there will be Steep doubloons discounts which will ALSO show up on my MAIN account. Lo and behold that was true, so I bought some steeply discounted doubloons, (80 % off). Now for the confusion portion. What is considered my MAIN account. My MAIN initial wargaming account where I have 10k + battles, or will these doubloons also show up on my MAIN EPIC account which I am using for this EPIC test. So far I haven't gotten any CLEAR answers.
  9. I feel the same way on all these topics you mentioned above. I must further add, removing accuracy completely NEgates any other efforts WG is putting into secondary builds, as it doesn't matter how far the range is, if Im not hitting anything. IF the skills rework was about building more varied builds, why are the skills LOCKED to each class. That's not increasing variability, that's DECREASING it because you are saying, here are ALL the NEW SKILLS..BUt you can only choose THESE specific ones per class. The old system actually allowed for more variability because if U wanted to Build a full secodnaries CA, or CV you COULD..and guess what ..I DID...and it worked pretty good..nothing like seeing in chat the DD that tried to snipe my CV only to realize he's being EATEN alive bye the FULL secondaires build on my CV. MAnual control of the secondaries actually goes in line with the thinking of combining THIS game with the Console version. After all, COnsole players dont have a mouse to go and choose a manual secodnaires option, so for them its much harde rchoosing secondaries targets in the heat of battle. They would just punch X..B..or A..they can switch to secodnaires...and fire them manually with actual player control. (POV). I ssupect some of these nonsensical PC version maneuvers they are doing is because there is an alignment and long term UNIFICATION of the console version and the PC version. You heard it here folks....MArk my words.
  10. drakoolia

    German Carriers: Part 2

    Regarding the Midway special upgrade I grinded like half a year ago. Will THAT be finally available for me to mount on my Midway? OR is THAT special module still in DEVhell?
  11. drakoolia

    Japanese Carrier Submarines

    Wargee..PLEASE activate sub secondaries...if @ least for the hilarity!!!! Spotter planes on subs, and you can switch to it in POV mode ala CV rework camera controls, or fighter plane for strafing run on surface ships. It will then land back on sub, when you surface, and you can dive again. The downside, will be compromised characteristics of the sub itself. Interesting premiums? LOVE how you guys keep innovating..Keep this game fresh guys, don't let it turn into WOT or WOWP (I love warplanes tho, as stuck as it is)
  12. Maybe lower the dmg of the second torp of the homing torpedoe. I'm fine with homing torps also, as you have to still have the class be fun. As comparison to the current CV meta where the CV's are Barely fun to play with all they're limitations. I also propose we allow BB's and cv's better countering for the subs. Currently they are complete victims to subs, ad have basically zero counter. Running away at full speed shouldn't be the only counter. I propose bb's and cv's should still be able to do secondaries dmg to subs @ depth level 2, currently they can only dmg them @ the surface, a sub can quickly escape all dmg @ any point bye diving very easily to depth 2. That's insane. Too easy for a sub to escape. I also propose a cv's db's do SOME dmg during depth @2 also. Currently only dmg can be done when @ the surface. Turns a CV into a full out victim. MAximum dmg bye DB dives at depth 1, and then Id be fine with a reduction of DROP DMG onto them bye 65% @ depth 2, and depth 3 could still be immune of course.
  13. Hmm..where is it? Hey WArgeee...how bout 50% discount on Premium time. I will DEF buy the 360 days if you offer it like last year. I'm almost out of time, and I CERTAINLY WONT be buying premium in each game separately! Cmon WG..lets do this!. I play wows, wowp, AND WOT.!!!!
  14. I DEF have mods causing this from time to time. (Aslains and hackabase) Simply uninstalling sometimes doesn't do the trick. This time it was so bad I had to copy root directory wows Data from another PC I have installed upon, before MODS screwup, and copy to my main PC, that fixed it. then re-installed both hackabase, and Aslains mods back, and all was well. Mods will make U crash from time to time..especially graphically heavy ones like ROUGH SEAS MOD...But it makes the waves look SOO much better.
  15. drakoolia

    Thoughts on SAP?

    CERTAINLY.. in Tiers XI - XX coming in 2021 for sure.