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  1. drakoolia

    French Destroyers: The History

    Well that's a good question. Very hard to tell from the lineup so far, but Notser is convinced the lack of Smoke Wont be that much of an issue. I suppose the Mogador and la fantastique from what I can tell so far.
  2. Hey Femms..great to Finally meetya....Bups and Gnadbsy say Hi too..(the hounds that came along)
  3. Hey Ikami, didn't get a chance to say Hi to you, I ad the crazy Fishermans hat on and the 2 Search and Rescue dogs with me. NExt time!!!!
  4. drakoolia

    French Destroyers: The History

    Excellente article on French dd's..thanks again......#THATWGgaminglifestyle!!!!
  5. Roflmao.... Cv sniping was occurring IRL?... You have no clue about your history.... First of all cv's sit like 50 miles away so they CAN'T be sniped bye anything OTHER then another cv.... Get your facts straightm
  6. Yeah?... And what do you want us to do when you snipe us out of nowhere midgame?... I can barely defend myself from a sniping dd.. And barely sink you with manual secondaries and full secondaries build... You dd's are spoiled..... End of story... Your reign as an op class are over....
  7. drakoolia

    NTC is Being Reworked

    I will certainly not be re grinding any lines. I have many to get through.... And i also play tanks.... planes .. Wolfenstein2..shadow/rise of tombraider... And doom 2016... And probably 2 or 3 other games sitting around.... Also a real life.... Into the outdoors.... Investing.... And many other hobbies.... So no.. I will NOT be regrinding anything.... Please start innovating to tiers XI TO TIERS XX
  8. It's clear to me you are one of the mindless dd players out there.... I play dd's on a regular basis.... And if i turn off my aa in smoke.. I'm good.. Soo many dd's still dont.... At all tiers ...(weak dd player) If a cv comes after me more then 3 times.... Guess what he wants me dead... Ok.. I'm going to create a mindset where my priority is the cv... And i will do everything in my power to go snipe him. Because i sure as hell as a cv I'm going to concentrate on dd's especially shimas... Because they cause soo much grief later in the game... And snipe me later.. (it's one of the reasons i do full secondary builds on all my cv's which helps alot....) But you get my drift.... Simply destroying a class because another class has crapskills.... Is not the answer... Cv's already do crapfor dmg... They've been slowed down... Powertrolled... Aa creepd.... You name it.... How much more damn power do you whining dd's need? Everyone always wants you dead asap... And that's coming from bb's.. And cl's... Why is that ...could it be you have actually always been op.. And not up like you keep claiming?
  9. I'm just really trying to understand people who just want to keep the game the same.. Day.. After day... . Week.. After week.. And so on. You do realize if they didn't change it up, and innovate, this would turn into war planes very quickly right? Help me understand this stagnation that some seek in this game, and most do not btw. I don't get it.
  10. So much whining..I think the game better then ever. See my article on type1, and type 2 players. I have no problems with CV's, and I play as a dd MAINLY right now. I miss the fun of CV's since theyve been nerfed so bad..but I;ll have to adjsut and continue tickling ships to death, cause lets be honest..thats ALL that they can do. Sir Superwhiner...I take it you wont like subs either when they enter the game this year.
  11. See you all there next week!!!! Im bringing my service dogs, the Rescue Rangers!!!!
  12. I'm not talking about [edited]. I'm talking about Wowp, and Wot. So you can go ahead and retract that statement now.
  13. Absolutely brotha .....and of course they will come....they're already IN the game....just 4 of them right now..disguised as Halloween ships.... Attention whiners: Wg knows very well the population of the whiners is very small....otherwise population numbers would not still be going up.....slowly..they are. Logic dictates...the forums are filled with this minority of whiners who will always complain about any change in the game. See my description of type1 and type 2 players
  14. See.....the problem is not WARg...or what they introduce into the game. This is bye far my fav game of all time....I play tanks and planes also..but this game is bye far the best. So the problem is YOU. There are 2 types of players in this game. Type1: the player that keeps wanting new and interesting things in the game to change up the gameplay. Type2: I'm a groggy surface ship player and I actually would really love only 1 type of ship in the game...with nothing ever changing EVER. I'm a stuck player that wants to do one thing and that's it. I got news for you type 2 players.....go play tanks and planes, those games NEVER change much. You'll be much happier There Wows is about innovation in bringing into the game the most comprehensive naval warfare experience in the world...and nobody can argue with that. I play dd's mostly now...and I don't have a problem with cv's at all....I adapt...change up the tactics...and have fun differently. So become a type1..or go play something else. Threre"s really no other way for me to put this....the WHINING has got to stOP. If cv's come home and make things hard for surface ships? Well guess what..adults have way more fun then little kids....so grow up and stOP WHINING...and adapt. "Mic drop" P.s.: yes all the way to mars for subs...medical frigates....escort corvettes...really tiny torpedo boats..and anything else interesting they want to throw into the game which will keep changing up the gameplay....I'm all for it...and I ALWAYS will be....because I'm type1
  15. Ill see you all there!!!...bought my tix for me and my gf about a week ago!!!...wootwoot!!!