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  1. Carrier_Hosho

    CV rework refund spreadsheet calculator

    Weird. It worked when I tried it. I removed the copy link and just put in the spreadsheet link in the meantime then. As it seems to be happening to multiple people.
  2. Carrier_Hosho

    CV rework refund spreadsheet calculator

    lol, I still like the name and wouldn't know what to really change too.
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WsuU1tZTzNOiGLrtOI2BLY9by1g1-XSvwvIujvsPakA By using the check boxes for researched and currently owned you can find out how much free XP and the majority of credits the refunds are worth. I did not include the stock modules and hulls for credits. So credit amounts may be slightly higher than what is displayed. If there are any problems with the spreadsheet. Please leave a comment describing your issue.
  4. Carrier_Hosho

    KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    @Adelesbro You left on your own volition. We did not ban you. You simply left the server after getting angry with how we handle political jokes.
  5. Carrier_Hosho

    KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

  6. Carrier_Hosho

    KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    Kimonos always look so nice.
  7. Carrier_Hosho

    KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    Hast thou not gone against sincerity? Hast thou not felt ashamed of their words and deeds? Hast thou not lacked vigor? Hast thou exerted all possible efforts? Hast thou not become slothful? Kantai Fleet Girls [KNTAI] and Joint Kanmusu Self Defense Force [JKSDF] is pleased to welcome anyone who wishes to join! We are a community of casual players from around the world with a focus on World of Warships, and a love of all things anime and Kancolle.Our qualities as a community include: camaraderie, and emphasizing teamwork first, with statistics second. We offer a laid-back atmosphere where members can have someone to division with daily, as well as larger community events which may include prizes! As a member of KNTAI and JKSDF, you can expect: An active discord server Dedicated circles of members who play a variety of games, including WoWs Members with varied interests such as anime and history Resources for learning the game Our requirements include: Ability to speak and understand English Discord activity at least once every few weeks A friendly demeanor and attitude 1,000+ Battles 50%+ win rate So become a part of our community! Feel free to join and hang out in our Discord channels, or comment in this thread to learn more about us! If you have any questions about recruitment, feel free to contact officers here on the forums, or send a PM to their respective Discord accounts at: Forums: Carrier_Hosho || [KNTAI] Carrier_Hosho#5544 Battleship_Kaga || Tamamo No Mae#1429 Cruiser_leipzig || Ace (Leipzig)#0041 Cruiser_ChoukaiKaiNi || Cruiser_ChoukaiKaiNi#2473 Alternatively, you can join our discord servers here: KNTAI WoWs Discord https://discord.gg/HwTzUda As a part of the recruitment process, there will be a seven-day trial process for you to become acquainted with the clan