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  1. Carrier_Hosho

    An Alaska Review (Youtube Video)

  2. Carrier_Hosho

    An Alaska Review (Youtube Video)

    No, just no
  3. Carrier_Hosho

    An Alaska Review (Youtube Video)

    @cgbosn4 Sorry for the length, though I sort of want to target these forms of videos as a way to help people make a purchasing decision. Which definitely bloats the length. I probably should've also listed it as a guide, which may help express the length in the beginning. I will probably make shorter videos as entertainment value, whenever I think of a concept that fits that format. As I do want my youtube channel to be more educational in nature.
  4. Carrier_Hosho

    An Alaska Review (Youtube Video)

    @sasquatch_research It is pretty easy to feel that way with some of my games. The ship still does work and really punishes cruisers, but the moment MM throws 5+ BBs into the game. The ship feels lackluster and unable to really influence a game. It's still a strong tier 9 cruiser, but with its inconsistencies, I can't really say it is worth it from its performance directly, but rather from its unique form of playstyle that is offered in the higher tiers. It is mostly the reason I say that if you have more than enough resources enough for it is when it is safe to buy. While if you don't the number of games you need to play to make a return on value is definitely 100+ and there will definitely be a lot frustrating games in those
  5. Carrier_Hosho

    An Alaska Review (Youtube Video)

    If you have any comments or critiques of my very first review of a ship, please let me know. Any criticism will help me get better at doing these things.
  6. Carrier_Hosho

    Testing the Russian BB's on live server

    if you were in a cruiser you should never bow in on a BB (except generally Moskva and Stalingrad). You were citadeled//regular penned. I really can't see how you can complain about Russian BBs. They are literally the first BB line after CBT to have a raised citadel without turtleback. These BBs get punished hard if they misposition. I also can't see how you can argue and complain about the ST program as they definitely reduce the possibility of having a completely OP//meh line from coming out. Your positional mistakes do not make a ship OP. Any BB that overmatches the front of a cruiser has the chance of dev striking them. Any ship broadside is generally going to be punished by pretty much nearly every ship in the game.
  7. Carrier_Hosho

    CV rework refund spreadsheet calculator

    Weird. It worked when I tried it. I removed the copy link and just put in the spreadsheet link in the meantime then. As it seems to be happening to multiple people.
  8. Carrier_Hosho

    CV rework refund spreadsheet calculator

    lol, I still like the name and wouldn't know what to really change too.
  9. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WsuU1tZTzNOiGLrtOI2BLY9by1g1-XSvwvIujvsPakA By using the check boxes for researched and currently owned you can find out how much free XP and the majority of credits the refunds are worth. I did not include the stock modules and hulls for credits. So credit amounts may be slightly higher than what is displayed. If there are any problems with the spreadsheet. Please leave a comment describing your issue.