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  1. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    So many Kagas in the discord now.
  2. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    *Sweeps the floor of our little recruitment thread*
  3. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    a day late
  4. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    It is actually starting to get warm now. I am not a fan of heat. I still prefer winter >.>
  5. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    Food is always nice to have.
  6. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    Remember always to feed your carriers!
  7. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    Akizuki shall carry me to rank 10 for this rank season I think. Z-52 and Des Moines should get me to rank 1.
  8. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    Today in History Akagi arrives at Yokosuka for a commanding officer transfer. She is planned to be used for operation MI (the Japanese invasion plan for Midway)
  9. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    Today I am going to start a new kancolle themed bump for our thread Today In History Joseph Rochefort's cryptanalytic team based in Pearl Harbor, US Territory of Hawaii intercepted a Japanese Navy radio message noting that Carrier Division 5 (Shokaku and Zuikaku) were being detached from the Mobile Force for operations with the 4th Fleet in the South Pacific. This is the Prelude to operation M.O also known as the Battle of Coral Sea.
  10. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    When Akagi gets a sniff of food.
  11. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    Family time is always the best time!
  12. AP 1000lb mk33 Testing Tiers 8-10

    Updated for the French BBs finally.
  13. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    Become a CV today! Planes are cool too!
  14. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    I feel that I am being bribed with cute images.
  15. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    Hast thou not gone against sincerity? Hast thou not felt ashamed of their words and deeds? Hast thou not lacked vigor? Hast thou exerted all possible efforts? Hast thou not become slothful? Kantai Fleet Girls [KNTAI] and Joint Kanmusu Self Defense Force [JKSDF] is pleased to welcome anyone who wishes to join! We are a community of casual players from around the world with a focus on World of Warships, and a love of all things anime and Kancolle.Our qualities as a community include: camaraderie, and emphasizing teamwork first, with statistics second. We offer a laid-back atmosphere where members can have someone to division with daily, as well as larger community events which may include prizes! As a member of KNTAI and JKSDF, you can expect: An active discord server A functional TeamSpeak server Dedicated circles of members who play a variety of games, including WoWs Members with varied interests such as anime and history Resources for learning the game We have no statistic performance requirements and do not require a name change; however, we do expect members to adhere to our guidelines, which include: Ability to speak and understand English Discord activity at least once every few weeks A friendly demeanor and attitude So become a part of our community! Feel free to join and hang out in our Discord channels, or comment in this thread to learn more about us! If you have any questions about recruitment, feel free to contact officers here on the forums, or send a PM to their respective Discord accounts at: Forums: Carrier_Hosho || [KNTAI] Carrier_Hosho#5544 Battleship_Kaga || Tamamo No Mae#1429 Destroyer_Fuyuzuki || Fuyuzuki#1851 Alternatively, you can join our discord servers here: KNTAI WoWs Discord https://discord.gg/HwTzUda KNTAI general http://discord.gg/NEnuqKf As a part of the recruitment process, there will be a seven-day trial process for you to become acquainted with the clan