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  1. The Ishizuchi got some bad reviews...almost bought it but held off... Then again I was having a blast in my Karlsruhe until someone told me how terrible it is. Doh! Picked up the Texas instead of the ArkB...CV strikes were wrecking me...
  2. Just wondering if some of our vets here had a preference when fighting in the early tiers, say III-IV. I've got a couple of V's now, but not quite comfortable fighting off the VII's one can face there Out of the ships enjoying the matchmaking setup for the lower tiers, I'm really enjoying the tier IV Myogi. The guns have some extreme range, and that spotter plane definitely comes in handy. If things get critical, it also has the speed to disengage when necessary (and firing from the two rear turrets while doing so). It's pretty squishy though... Been through the Belle and on to the Orion for the UK, up to the Wyoming for the USN, and the Kaiser for the KG. What is your favorite and why? Any particular skills you want on your pick? Thanks!! ~War~
  3. Heyas! Trying to bank up free exp, and wondering if it's just a given that one will spend doubloons on it. I purchased the October and Cesar as my first premium ships; I had heard that one of the uses of a premium is to generate free experience for the pool to use elsewhere. Just now figuring out now that it takes gold to do the conversion... I'd guess that using signal and camo bonuses works, as does regular combat, of course. Anything that I'm missing? Thanks! ~War~
  4. Ok...just gotta check that out, lol!!
  5. HAHA! Love that ship! Kept it and the St. Louis. Lots of St. Lo fans here, but haven't seen the Soviet Tier III cruiser hyped up quite as much. Kept both; figured they were worth it since I've got some free slots from the last sale. And...when I finally join a clan, would be nice to have them available to help out newer players like I've been helped *edit: And I just noticed I've hit the 500 battles mark, w00t!
  6. <S!> Just now getting into randoms after playing around in co-op to learn the fundamentals for the first few hundred battles, and I find myself enjoying the cruiser play style as I get more experience in the game. Currently, I'm really having fun in the Kuma, staying out about 12 km from reds until they get occupied, then torping and lighting them up as situations present themselves. Just got the Phoenix, and rolling that as a gunboat with all the upgrades seems very effective (UrPeacekeeper's videos are awesome tools!)...from 14 km out you can keep lighting the bad guys up and ducking behind cover. My next cruiser will be the Svietlana; also have the Karlsruhe (I'm terrible in it!). Haven't really thought much about the Danae or Duguay... What are your opinions about the cruisers of the tier? Running 6-pt captains, and basically learning still of course (no hurry to face opponents 2 tiers above me, lol!). Feel free to toss out what you think about a country's premiums and higher-tier ships as well! Thanks! ~War~
  7. Yeah, checked the reserve and there weren't any Italians there I checked the archived offer and an upgraded captain wasn't there, unlike all the other ultimates in the premium shop...sigh. Signal flag and sci-fi camo time for the bonus commander exp.
  8. Ugh... Guess the Ultimate for that doesn't come with the 10-point captain. Darn it..could have sworn it did like the other ultimate packages advertised; guess I need to read more closely! Time to make some coffee, let the dogs out, and settle in for a long day of grinding, lol!
  9. Heyas! Dived in and purchased the ultimate pizza party for the Guilio Cesare on Friday 11/9 before the special expired, which was advertised to come with a 10-pt captain. The ship's was in-port immediately after the purchase, but with a zero-point captain at the helm. I've submitted a ticket; just was wondering if this has happened to others and if the resolution is fairly speedy (off for the weekend and hoping to binge play ). Thanks! ~War~
  10. Great idea! I have a couple of 6 pt Captains....almost to 7. 10 pts sounds a good place to shoot for. I've noticed that running random battles with + % free exp bonuses and a premium account cranks out that exp at an acceptable rate. I'm enjoying the tier...and if I understand matchmaking correctly, I shouldn't have to face someone two levels above me there, unlike a tier V ship which could fight VII's? ...I haven't even approached the 1k battles mark yet where I told myself I should have a reasonable expectation of proficiency, so I'll be patient and hold onto the free exp I'm earning as I approach that point. Well, most of it lol! I see some posts where they're utterly frustrated with the ship they find themselves in and/or its equipment; if I get to that point I'll be spending a bit to get over that hump (ie...new Langley squadrons and a Myogi hull that actually has AA )
  11. Yeah...going to grab it. I got the Soviet BB and enjoy it....just no where to go with the Captain and the skills, unlike the US. PLUS...muhahaa...that AA umbrella from the Texas absolutely terrifies me when I'm running a CV and I have to try to vector my squadrons around it. I'd like to be on the other end of that
  12. The Texas is actually quite attractive at the moment, being a tier V premium which I could use to skill up Captains...hmm...
  13. Nice! I'm actually trying to keep my Cpt skill points at or above my tier; my tier IV's have 5- or 6- point captains; been running xp bonus camo and signals as well as a bit of free xp to pay for that.
  14. Thanks! I'll bank a bunch then. I'm sitting on about 30k free xp, with a good mix of tier IV ships to grind out skills on. Damn expensive in gold though to switch ships for training, grr
  15. New player...having fun with the Empire's DD line! Looking at the tier V split now and wondering what's most effective? One of course, goes all the way to X, but there seem to be quite a few Akatsuki fans on here. I'm getting the hang of using smoke, spotting, and love opportunity torps in the lower tiers. Opinions? What are the strengths/weaknesses of the tree choices? Thanks! ~War~