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  1. Drinking creates a 'suspension of disbelief' which makes the game more fun, lol! I actually tend to get stressed and have 'adrenaline-fueled' mistakes when I'm sober. Get a buzz on, and it's all fun
  2. torpedo Bait

    If it's the Konig, their model's a bit off. It had 1.5 CM more armor on its torpedo bulge than is in game (yes, I've been nuked many times in it by torps, lol!). GC has a huge advantage now after its buff...and being a premium, maybe it should have that. I've put some more effort in secondaries/AA due to this with my captain skills and it is helping a bit....but it still frustrates me to see ships with less armor in their torpedo protection historically having much better torpedo protection. I try to find a close friendly AA boat like Texas or Cleveland and hope the Torp bombers don't eat me. And...if there's a smoke cloud, I'm not afraid to lob HE into a cloud when I'm running Anslain's mod with last known position in order to try to keep the dd's moving as I try to extend. Anslain's WoWS Mod Pack ~War~
  3. Konig Torpedo Protection

    Ah, good to know. All my shells splash with no effect upon hitting the water next to the target
  4. Konig Torpedo Protection

    Looking at the torpedo bulge....it's underwater. I don't see that being hit by shells unless you're really hard over in a turn and very unlucky...
  5. Konig Torpedo Protection

    Hey! Was just looking over the armor layout on my Tier V Konig, and I noticed a pretty weak 25mm torpedo bulge. In history it was 40mm... That hurts a tier V Battleship when facing the horde of Torpedo bombers and ship-launched torpedoes. Especially since it seems to me that the ship is designed to close with the enemy and engage in a brawl. Is there some reason this hasn't been corrected? Thanks! ~War~
  6. Konigsberg Tips

    Heh, update after changing skills. First battle: Not great...but a great start! Thanks for the help!` Thank goodness for free respec.
  7. Debate: Which T6 cruiser is best?

    I absolutely love the Graf Spee, although I'm still at the bottom of the well and trying to climb out to learn her. She still participates at higher tiers effectively and if you don't YOLO, you'll often be among the final players in a match. And the Budyonny is hella fun as well when you get your Captain up. Range and the hailstorm of 9 x152mm shells always brings a smile. This and the Molotov are really nice ships (the guns of the Molotov are pretty awesome! Who can't like tier IX guns on a VI ship?). Ironically, these are also the three I fear the most to face in the hands of a veteran player.
  8. Konigsberg Tips

    Why is Adrenaline Rush broken/worthless? Thanks!
  9. Konigsberg Tips

    Ugh..odd bug. Anyone else redistribute skills and see them at zero? It's no cost at the moment so going thru them.... *edit* n/m, just took a sec to update, lol. I was like "WHAT!? I have ZERO now!?" lol...
  10. Konigsberg Tips

    I've been running AP on my shells almost excusively; I've been told HE on Kriegsmarine ships is a no-go
  11. Konigsberg Tips

    So....I've been hesitating to take out my Konigsberg because it just seems to fly a "KILL ME" flag to anyone that sees it. It gets significantly up-tiered, and enemy shells slice thru her like hot knives meeting butter. I love her guns, and the traverse on them...kicking left to right as you maneuver is pretty fun, but I'm wanting to know basic captain skills and general tactics to make her more survivable and lethal. Currently I'm running an 8pt Captain with PM, EM, AR, and SE. I figured for those last skills they're kinda helpful letting me reload guns/torps faster and giving me a better window to take advantage of that. I'll have my Captain to 10 points shortly. At the moment I've switched from aggressive mode and trying to stay back, taking advantage of a red's distraction while they're firing at my front-line ships. I just can't seem to succeed any kind of close in firefight. How do you win with her? I love the ship (I really enjoy my FurryTaco as well!), but just needing some basic pointers to succeed in randoms. What Cpt skills at 10 points, and does one just vulch at the edges of the battle? Haven't seen the torps being much use yet, lol! Thanks and <S!>! ~War~
  12. **NOTE TO SELF (and others)** before entering a battle that matters, play a co-op or training with new mods installed, lol!
  13. Taking off the mini map mod worked to enter battle. The compact commands do not work now however. Hitting "B" gives you a blank, unclickable screen.
  14. Ah, ok...I'll delete minimap mod then. Sorry to those who suffered through this due to my GC sitting there while I frantically tried to fix it! And THANKS Chriztahfah! I kept removing sights, carousel, tracers...ect. Trying to figure it out...saved me a bunch of time! Brb after I go thru installation again of 7.1!
  15. worldofwarships-2018-02-07_15-22-02.crash Not sure if that helps. I'll re-install the previous mod and try from there...