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  1. Heya Red <S!> Toss me a Discord invite when you get a chance; filled out the reg. on the boards
  2. Shiny!

    Head south!!
  3. Shiny!

    HAHAAA! I sent some boxes out as well...my g/f did the same "eyes roll" as I brought her to the PC... Then I was like "RED BOX RED BOX RED RED RED!!" Still trying to explain ohotness and such to her
  4. Yeah! I’m new...never understood how to move commanders around for free! now that they put in combine experience for captains I’ve got a couple of 19 point guys to play with... (I’m totally joking about the combine thingy btw )
  5. The Lo Yang....omgawesomesauce i had a hydro thingy in inventory I never saw i went to buy the Kidd on the 4th but it was gone so I pulled the trigger on the Lo Yang with a 10 pt commander... The bote is freakin amazing. I’m a way below average player...but she makes me pretend I’m good
  6. Awesomesauce! I’ve only bought one ship without a captain and points. Never ever again! Lol...my poor Texas ... what is is getting freaky fun here is ships in crates I’ve never seen in the shop! I took this Ohotnik thingy out and Omfg
  7. Shiny!

    Haha! i seriously broke my ankle last weekend and have a month off she asked if if I would be ok 😜 Now...how do I point her to the premium shop for goodies?
  8. I just got a Gallant and Arizona too!! Never even looked at them; meh or gudbotes? (the 10 pt Captain is so awesome)
  9. Shiny!

    Omfg! My g/f was asking me if I was hooked ”yep” of course she asked that while candy crush was going crazy on her phone if she’d get to tier 6 I’d get some shineys but not holding my breath
  10. Way, way happy! i got a $20 pack of megas 3 ships! Being a nub I thought I’d never see a Gremmy or Ohotness
  11. Too true! My friends were talking about how great last year was...then I opened up a $20 5-pack of mega crates. 3 ships! The Atlanta is so fun from that with a 10 pt commander (not so much for the other team )
  12. Personally...I'm thinking PT is a buff for the other side, lol! Try it yourself with no guns ready, no torps...move mains to something *poof^ Should it be coded to only include available weapons?
  13. Holy crapoly...total derail side note... Just decided to buy a 5-pack mega and got a Blys, Gremmy and Arizona and some flags and camo. Thank you RNGeeezus!!
  14. Hey Fish, thanks!! One thing I've noticed as well...and I'm sure others have...is that you can sometimes use an opponent's Priority Target against them I was in smoke tonight dead as hell with nothing but prayers. Soon as I targeted the cruiser rolling in and hit F3 , the red was running for island shade; torps were about 20s out from a recycle, heh. Of course, at that point I had nothing to lose so I started cycling through bad guys while I waited for friendlies to engage...and sure enough, about half started evasives shortly after my mains rotated towards them. Funny stuff!