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  1. would like to know if and when you WOW. ever intend to bring out the arp blue steel ships or dragon ships back out or something like them . a lot of my clan members like them and others have asked were you got those ships just wondering. would be nice and I think it would be a great event a nice change.
  2. I would say that is more like 95 percent don't want to be with cv.
  3. im mostly I don't like this new update they should leave the game the way it was. ive been playing for awhile and I don't think ill be spending any cash till they fix this error or this event with these cv are over . the bots in co-op are stronger also. they need to fix a lot with this update or you will loose a lot of players.i do mostly battleships and cruisers some dd they messed with the AA for most of the ships and well this is not fun anymore they need to fix this!!