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  1. A Killer Whale Tale

    Never seen the movie, but I read the book in high school. It was cool, but slow af.
  2. Carry On My Unicum

  3. Wake Up Little Snoozy

    I remember this song from my childhood. My mom loved this song and it played on the oldies station she listened to all the time.
  4. The Voyage of the Transylvania

    Try one of the Season 2 operations. I particularly like playing the Gneisenau on the Narai mission.
  5. IDK. I like some Beethoven every now and then.
  6. The Pall (Part 7)

    I am now officially a happy camper.
  7. The Michael Bay treatment is something you only wish upon your worst enemy, and even then it is still considered cruel and unusual punishment.
  8. One of the best shows ever made. "Rain falls in real time, and rain fell through the night. No dress rehearsal This is our life." -Gord Downie, Ahead By A Century.
  9. The Pall (Part 6)

    Just my luck that I'm never online when he's writing these.
  10. White Mouse

    Lots and lots of LWM tributes.
  11. Spirit in the Sky

    Excellent as usual. Keep it up.
  12. I've seen Lert (and been killed by him), issm, crzyhawk, and a couple other forumites over the years.
  13. It's Mousie!

    Up at the all hours of the night posting parodies of questionable purpose and contribution to the community as a whole. I very much like this.