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  1. A Small Milestone

    Meanwhile I'm sitting here with less than 10 million like a peasant.
  2. So let me get this straight...

    Yup. A couple years ago, Fort McMurray, Alberta was almost burned to a crisp by one of the largest forest fires in the country's history.
  3. So let me get this straight...

    You haven't heard of what it's like out west in the summer, have you?
  4. So let me get this straight...

    Some transparency on what those safeguards are would be reassuring.
  5. RIP Avicii

    Dammit, another musician gone. Two of my favourite songs of all time came from them. Hey Brother in particular means a lot to me; It got me through a panic attack while returning from vacation in Florida in 2014.
  6. Just refer to the people here as "people". I'm honestly looking for whatever last vestiges of sanity are left.
  7. Stephen Decatur, war of 1812

    He was also one of the captains of the USS Constitution. Nice.
  8. Please don't ever use the word "folks". It's too... American.
  9. Tammie Jo Schults - American hero

    Part of what one of my favourite singers ever calls "Dirty Laundry".
  10. If the enemy team gets the cap, they have the advantage. My team will be forced to retreat and will be picked off one by one. Whoever controls the caps wins the game. Like Rule 34, there are no exceptions to this.
  11. Tammie Jo Schults - American hero

    Show of hands: Who else here thinks she'll eventually get a movie like Sully Sullenberger did?
  12. BBs never contest caps and neither do cruisers. Who else is supposed to take the objectives? CVs?
  13. Wouldn't have thought you were the comedic type. Green players NEVER contest the cap. If you don't push, no one will.
  14. Problem is that if I don't cap, no one will.