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  1. 1Sherman

    Porsche 917 and Derek Bell

    As cool as some of those old Le Mans cars are (the Porsche 917 especially since it still holds the distance record for the 24 Hours), my heart will always belong to one particular machine that's as graceful as it is goliath and as powerful as it is precise. It's literally the car of a King.
  2. 1Sherman

    Self Driving Ai Cars almost ready!?

    Amen to that. The reason why people get into car crashes nowadays is because they use technology as a crutch. No amount of blindspot cameras, assisted parallel parking, or autonomy can substitute for a living person's skill and good judgement as a driver. There are of course people out there who are just plain bad at driving, but they're outnumbered by the people who are just plain good drivers and by the people who would be good drivers, but who think that technology will keep them from having to learn.
  3. 1Sherman

    Self Driving Ai Cars almost ready!?

    Again, missing my point. I said that the plane was operated by a third-world country. Of course they're going to have sub-standard pilots.
  4. 1Sherman

    When did they buff dreadnought

    Where's the fun in that? I always feel better when I run up a cricket score against enemies who have no chance.
  5. 1Sherman

    Self Driving Ai Cars almost ready!?

    You're missing my point. I know that autopilot modes on planes are safe, but there is still a trained pilot at the controls for when something eventually does go wrong. In the case of automated cars, there is no such fallback. There is no way for a person to take control or drive it manually if need be/they so choose. Not only is the 737 a rickety old plane, but keep in mind it was also being operated by an airline from a third-world country. THANK YOU.
  6. 1Sherman

    When did they buff dreadnought

    Are you really looking a gift horse in the mouth?
  7. 1Sherman

    Self Driving Ai Cars almost ready!?

    I will never trust fully autonomous cars. If there is one thing that absolutely every piece of technology ever made has in common, it's that it will break or malfunction at some point. When that happens to self-driving cars, the consequences of such breakdowns are likely to be more lethal than they would have been with a driver behind the wheel.
  8. 1Sherman

    Mouse's Previews of Yukikaze and Montpelier

    Personally I think they should have gone with USS Little Rock instead of the Montpelier. If WG is going to release a clone, I always prefer it to be a museum ship.
  9. 1Sherman

    Check out this cover

    Nice. It's not the same without the screaming goats, though.
  10. 1Sherman

    Have you ever.....

    NO I'VE NEVER!!!!!
  11. 1Sherman

    Why so many hero and chic movies?

    The movies you're looking for are still around, but the thing is they don't nearly have the advertising budgets that blockbusters do. As well, most of the movies you're looking for are all released around the same time so they have the best chance of getting Oscar nominations.
  12. 1Sherman

    How Strong was Italian Navy?

    You don't need to remind me. I've had a front-row seat to exactly those kind of politicians before as a Canadian, be they abroad or even sometimes domestic. However, you forget that in a country with a democratic system of government, it is ultimately the people who decide what goes on. Though Hitler did promise an end to all of Germany's troubles, the people of the time still elected him and as such they are to be held just as responsible for WW2 and all the horrible stuff that happened as Hitler himself was. To use an example closer to home, the American people are fine with the Electoral College being able to essentially override the popular vote in a federal election because the people haven't forced the lawmakers to remove it. As such, whomever the Electoral College decides will get the presidency, for good or ill, is also the decision of the people because they are seemingly fine with a cabal of old guys having that much power. Another example, this time from Star Wars: In the prequel films, Darth Sidious was able to amass so much power that he was able to turn the Galactic Republic into the Empire because nobody tried to stop him. None of the senators called for a Vote of No Confidence against him, nor did the citizens of the Republic realize that he had too much power before he could become the Emperor and change things so that he was unimpeachable. It's actually a pretty decent allegory, made all the more surprising since it's found in movies with glaring flaws. In short, whenever a person gains power in a democracy and then uses that power to become a tyrant, the people, the central focus of a democracy, are just as responsible for that tyrant and every terrible thing they do as that tyrant themselves are.
  13. 1Sherman

    Why so many hero and chic movies?

    That's just it. The Chinese love oversized movies with big special effects budgets and that you have to switch off your brain in order to enjoy. It's why the crimes against cinema known as the Fast and Furious and the Transformers franchises, respectively, are still around. North American and European audiences know that they're terrible, but the Chinese think they're great.
  14. It's 6:50 am EST and currently, I'm the only one on here. To be honest, I like it that way; I've always preferred to be alone.
  15. 1Sherman

    How Strong was Italian Navy?

    The Regia Marina was quite strong by the standards of the beginning of the war. So much so, in fact, that a very good chunk of the Royal Navy was forced to be kept in the Mediterranean in order to make sure that they couldn't turn it into the 'Roman lake' Mussolini dreamed it would be or break out into the Atlantic. I hate to disagree but, in this instance, I feel as though I have to. Don't forget that the Germans and Italians elected Hitler and Mussolini; They chose fascism and as such they accepted everything that came with it. Saying that 'a lot of them disagreed/wanted peace/were only fighting because they were forced to' is revisionism, plain and simple. Same thing with Japan; While the government may have stoked the flames, the Japanese people wanted the war, otherwise they wouldn't have been so eager to kamikaze themselves into American carriers or fought with such insane fanaticism in the Pacific Islands that the only way to make them give up was to nuke two of their cities. In summary, WW2 was probably the only war in history where it was truly a case of good vs. evil. Of course the offending countries and their people have changed dramatically since then, but that doesn't mean that when you look back at that point in history they can be portrayed with any sort of sympathy.