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  1. I think that's definitely part of it. Oh how I wish I could motivate myself to be writing right now.
  2. 1Sherman

    ST 0.9.8, new ships

    Yes, because another Belfast is EXACTLY what this game needs.
  3. Funny story: I've been playing my Roma in Ranked, even against CVs, and it's done a good job for me.
  4. 1Sherman

    You Asked, I listened

    Because bringing up stuff from other threads is a sign of incredible pettiness.
  5. 1Sherman

    You Asked, I listened

    Low blow.
  6. 1Sherman

    You Asked, I listened

    In other words, this game is populated by idiots. In other news, scientific studies have confirmed that water is, in fact, wet.
  7. 1Sherman

    Looking for recommendations for 2 ships

    For the record, the New Mexico is the tier 6 American BB. The Colorado is tier 7. Pedantics aside, here's what I recommend by way of captain skills for a Texas. Tier 1: Priority Target, Preventative Maintenance. Tier 2: High Alert, Expert Marksman. Tier 3: Superintendent, BFT, Basics of Survivability. Tier 4: AFT. Personally, I find this build provides good survivability while also not taking away from the AA. Unlike a lot of people, I still prefer to put points into AA skills so that I can at least have a chance of shooting down planes if/when they come my way. As for the New Mexico, the first skills I say you should go for if your captain just has 10 points are Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Superintendent, and AFT. They'll get you on a good start.
  8. 1Sherman

    Which ship has more anti-ship firepower?

    Here's something though: When the Iowa-class BBs were brought back into service in the '80s, they got refitted with modern systems, including CIWS mounts and modern radar and fire control. With those taking care of the Talos missiles, you'd think that the New Jersey's main batteries, as well as the Harpoon missiles she got in her refit, would then be given the opportunity to go to work. Like I said, a CIWS can't shoot down a 16-inch shell.
  9. 1Sherman

    Why Not A Break From Events?

    Because if WG didn't continually jingle the keys in front of everyone's faces, more people would focus on all the stuff that's wrong with the game and leave.
  10. 1Sherman

    Which ship has more anti-ship firepower?

    I'd think it'd be almost even. Obviously the Chicago's missiles pack more punch, but on the other hand CIWS can't stop a 16-inch shell.
  11. Don't ask for anything nice for CVs here. It'll just cause a sh*tstorm of hatred to be sent your way.
  12. 1Sherman

    IS Lutjens worth it? anyone have him?

    Lutjens in a German BB or a secondary spec'ed Zeppelin might be one of the most powerful things in the game.
  13. 1Sherman

    Going to commit heresy here

    Kidding aside though, I still like playing my DDs too.
  14. 1Sherman

    Langley Captain Skills

    The recommended skills for a captain on a Langley are the same as those on any other non-premium American CV, or even any British CV, and you can see them for yourself in the game by selecting the profile of the captain you have on your Langley. But if you're so insistent, here's all the ones that wouldn't be crossed out on a Langley. 1 Point: Priority Target, Air Supremacy, Direction Center for Fighters, Improved Engine Boost, Last Gasp. 2 Points: High Alert, Jack of All Trades, Torpedo Acceleration, Improved Engines, Adrenaline Rush. 3 Points: Basics of Survivability, Survivability Expert, Aircraft Armour, Basic Firing Training, Superintendent, Demolition Expert. Tier 4: Fire Prevention, Sight Stabilization, Advanced Firing Training, Concealment Expert.
  15. 1Sherman

    Battle of Midway Yo!

    I can only imagine the horror stories that the 30-odd survivors of the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot would have had (The IJN had only about 30 or so CV-based aircraft left afterwards).