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  1. 1Sherman

    How can i stay home and play ships instead of working?

    Maybe he could stream his games then, like Flambass.
  2. 1Sherman

    How can i stay home and play ships instead of working?

    That'd only work until he gets arrested for welfare fraud since he's perfectly capable of finding and holding a job.
  3. 1Sherman

    WG, Flint's AA needs to be looked at.

    Did you use your DF or did you have Hydro equipped? That makes a big difference.
  4. That's not my point. My point is that it's a place for people who want to discuss politics, while these forums aren't.
  5. 1Sherman

    Who are the real AA ships?

    When I play my CVs, I won't go anywhere near American cruisers above tier 6 because I know my planes will get shredded.
  6. That was the Bouncing Bomb, and it was used on the Dambusters mission. I'd hardly call that similar in any regard to the kind of things that planes in this game do.
  7. I was honestly devastated when I heard this. The only death of a musician that's made me sadder was when Gord Downie passed, ironically from the same thing as what claimed Neil Peart.
  8. 1Sherman

    (UNOFFICIAL) ST: European DDs and Marceau

    It's not just sad, it's bloody terrifying.
  9. 1Sherman

    What's the play style for Soviet DDs?

    Pretty much. The Russian DDs are blazing fast and have guns with good range and flat arcs. You basically go zipping around, shooting anyone you get in your target reticle.
  10. Practicality beats aesthetics every time.
  11. 1Sherman

    How Effective was Battlecruiser idea?

    They did, however, run into battleship-caliber guns, and like I said earlier, battlecruisers were meant to fight things smaller than themselves.
  12. I didn't know your definition of gorgeous applied to things that broke down every 10 minutes because they were meant for a machine half its size.
  13. 1Sherman

    Alright Squids, test time!

    Somehow, that explains a lot.
  14. Equality is a lie that entitled little princesses tell to themselves so they can get a sense of self-worth that real life doesn't give them. If everything were equal, we'd all be commies, and I'm certain that that's the last thing you'd ever want to be.
  15. Not really. They stooped down to the level of the person who trolled them. That's not what I'd call being the bigger man.