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  1. Seems like grounds for euthanasia to me.
  2. I'll trust electric vehicles once they are consistently made with the same range and speed capabilities as gas-powered ones. Otherwise, it's just change that isn't an overall improvement.
  3. At least the OP got a response. I rarely, if ever, get one when I ask what the idiots on my team are doing. Oh well, I guess Jim Morrison was right all along.
  4. About that lead indicator...
  5. I'm sorry to hear that, but I am almost entirely certain that the usage of "cancer" in this situation had no malicious intent whatsoever.
  6. I would, but I've already bought presents for my family. Maybe next year.
  7. Washington was not a tactical genius by any stretch of the imagination, e.g. the reason why Yorktown was such a success was because the French were able to keep Cornwallis from escaping. Washington was, however, an excellent motivator, a man who knew how to stoke the fighting spirit in his troops and make them willing to do anything for him and for the cause of defeating the Brits. If I want a commander who knows how to plan and execute an attack flawlessly, I'd go to Arthur Currie. If I want a commander to lead a guerrilla war, I'll go with T. E. Lawrence. If I want a commander who can take the most bedraggled and hopeless men out there and motivate them to fight with every ounce of strength and spirit they have, I'll go with Washington. Aside from that, Happy Birthday USMC.
  8. I've stood on the sands of Juno Beach and I got my dad (whose parents lived in the Netherlands during the occupation and the liberation and who had some extremely harrowing stories during that time) a "Liberation of the Netherlands" hat from the gift shop at the museum there. He was extremely happy to receive it.
  9. I have a picture of this, but the forums are being uncooperative again. When I was at the monument the day after the ceremonies, I helped a friend of mine find the name of his grandfather on there. For those of you who don't know, the monument is engraved with the names of every Canadian who died during the attack, and his grandpa was one of them. I helped him find the name and I took a picture of it before leaving him to pay his respects.
  10. B-but that's because the only people who play her are the insanely good players who can get past her many, many weaknesses!
  11. What on Earth is "Chirstmas"? I know exactly what Christmas is, but I'm not sure what you're getting at.
  12. I'd like to know what you're smoking. No one in their right mind wants a Krispy Kreme.
  13. AA guns (Bofors, Oerlikons, etc.) should fire at enemy ships when they're in range and should be able to set fires and knock out enemy AA guns and secondaries.