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  1. 1Sherman

    WOT meets WOWS in real life

    I'm well aware, and yet our two countries have such different ways of solving a problem. Instead of using the most explosive and violent methods available, we tend to take the diplomatic approach, making sure that the boots we put on the ground are peacekeepers that negotiate whenever possible. You'd be surprised how well it's worked for us.
  2. 1Sherman

    WOT meets WOWS in real life

    Canada isn't exactly a country that needs defending because everyone likes us. No one wants to invade Canada or get into a p*ssing contest with us because we like being nice to people. The only thing we really need our military for is maintaining our sovereignty in the Arctic, and you don't need too much to do that since Russia currently has bigger fish to fry.
  3. 1Sherman

    WOT meets WOWS in real life

    I read your post closely, and I still maintain that people such as myself would do horribly in anything related to what your saying because of the culture that is inherent. I would most likely be viciously harassed for my differences and chastised for my shortcomings in a manner that would be highly counterproductive. The only thing I would take away would be bad memories and a hatred for the people who forced me into the situation. One of the reasons why I'm currently pursuing commercial radio as a career is because it's one of the few things I'm actually good at, it's something that doesn't necessarily need me to be very socially adept, and because the people there are generally accepting of others. For the record, I would also like to point out that I'm the absolute last person on the planet who would take drugs.
  4. 1Sherman

    The music thread

    If we're going with our favourite oldschool folk and country songs...
  5. 1Sherman

    What am I doing wrong in the Des Moines?

    1: CVs are exceptionally rare, and the few that are still around avoid Des Moines instinctively because they are terrified of getting their planes melted. In this case, playing the Des Moines with this build in a match against CVs is like making a really good bluff in a poker game. 2: You have plenty of time to react to torps. That's what the Hydro is for, as well as one of the uses for the spotter planes. 3: I put Superintendent on all my captains. I'd rather have charges of a consumable around for if/when I need them than have to worry because all my Smokes, Heals, or Radars are gone.
  6. 1Sherman

    WOT meets WOWS in real life

    I don't think that would be a good idea mainly because the military breaks as many people as it turns into epic fighting machines. The military is a good place for exactly three kinds of people: Professional soldiers who are more stone cold than Steve Austin, super-geniuses who can crunch numbers like a human version of IBM's Watson, and ultra-macho, ultra-basic Gaston types who wear muscle shirts, smell like Axe, harass anyone who is even mildly different, and are good at mindlessly following orders that are yelled in their face. For a person such as myself, a largely antisocial, completely out of shape, high-functioning autist who firmly believes that the unexamined life is not worth living, is absolutely terrible at math, and takes horribly to being yelled at, the military would be the absolute worst possible experience. Under such oppressive circumstances, people such as myself would either turn into psychopaths like Private Pyle or would be traumatized for life from getting hazed by everyone else on a regular basis. Instead, I'd suggest taking a page from my home country's foreign policy and try practicing what's known as "soft power", which essentially means that you get everyone to like you so that you don't have to send a battle fleet or a legion of troops to convince people to do what you want.
  7. 1Sherman

    What am I doing wrong in the Des Moines?

    If it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid. Besides, it not like every single person ever doesn't rush the middle of Two Brothers after seeing Flambass do it.
  8. 1Sherman

    WOT meets WOWS in real life

    And yet the States invests more into its military per year than almost everything else combined.
  9. 1Sherman

    Randoms Drinking Game

    My thoughts exactly.
  10. 1Sherman

    Forum Game - Word Association

    My favourite band.
  11. 1Sherman

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Professional in posing for body pillows. That'd be Sean Bean.
  12. 1Sherman

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer 2

    This seems like it'll be completely stupid and unsubstantial, but the special effects will be amazing. Also, Amanda Waller from Justice League at 1:22.
  13. 1Sherman

    Forum Game - Word Association

    P.S. Joe Walsh is my spirit animal.
  14. 1Sherman

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Professional in bunny ears.