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    Transformers, Anime, video games in general, and of course lover of all things Navy. Naval history, and the ships therein, are my passion and hobby.

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About Me

About me? Wow I haven't updated this in a while...Well, I am a warship nerd, a huge fan of Transformers (Not the Bayformers), an enjoyer of anime, and warship photo collector. 

I also volunteer as an official Wiki Editor for the WoWs wiki as part of my contribution to the community.


You have probably seen my picture posts on the forums one time or another, or you have seen an AHLA (A Historical Look At) from me. Considering the amount of pictures of ships, and number of ships that I can do a historical overview of, I won't really run out. :Smile_Default:

Anyway, you can find my list here: Complete list of Warship Pics and AHLA's.