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  1. Doomlock

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Mouse I am both sad, but glad to hear this news. Sad to see someone from way back in the beginning of my days in WoWs leaving. Sad that a pillar of the community has been driven to the breaking point. But I'm also glad that a stress has been lifted off you. That perhaps, you might find enjoyment in the simpleness of playing a random battle. Fair winds and following seas @LittleWhiteMouse may your days be bright, and the wind in your sails.
  2. Doomlock

    So, proof of my insanity is here.

    Yeah, you're definitely crazy
  3. Doomlock

    Wiki Seems To Be Down

    That has not been something that has been changed. It's still pretty accurate and at least supercruiser level accurate.
  4. Doomlock

    how to trigger a Lert Alert... dutch bote edition

    I mean, it still goes on, just more in our discord and clan shenanigans now. Totally not throwing hints to maybe join or anything....
  5. Ignore the Nelson, my phone won't remove it from my quote. Pretty sure that's a Bretagne on the top left, two QEs middle left and middle, and then Hermes. Not sure the other ship on the far right. Nor can I tell the ship in drydock.
  6. Doomlock

    California HYPE

    Mm, I forgot that she sustained that much. Must've been thinking about Tennessee's damage.
  7. Doomlock

    California HYPE

    California also sustained some damage during Pearl Harbor. Not anything major though.
  8. One thing. Italian heavies wouldn't have anemic HE. That is all.
  9. Doomlock

    The mighty Hindenburg is mine.

    Well, a year and half ago she did have her 1/4 HE pen, and a 10s reload vs the current 10.5s.
  10. Doomlock

    Wait WHAT!

    I was more amused that Jingles forgot Atago's reload and stealth.
  11. Doomlock

    Mouse Needs Your Help! (Data Crowdsourcing)

    To give you an idea how important this is, and how off some ships were, Moskva had a 760m turning circle. Somehow tighter than DM, and everyone always said she handled like a BB, yet it shouldn't have been. Moskva's actual turning circle was 1060m. Shows how off it was, and why people said she was a BB I'm both size, and maneuverability.
  12. Doomlock

    Riga Marina Fuel Smoke and SAP

    Fuel smoke is alright, kinda cool, but the SAP is still weird. Never needed on cruisers, and the fact that RM cruisers had good HE, and never used SAP is odd, and only was used by the BBs. The fact that RM cruisers will have significant trouble against DDs is a little concerning.
  13. Erm... It has more armor than the other supercruisers, able to bounce Yamato off her sides.
  14. I'd like to not return to old Tears of Cruisers or old Okinawa thank you.