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  1. This was a fantastic event and I had a lot fun at it. I didn't get a chance to meet many people, but it was awesome just being there with so many from the community I love. Thanks @Kami, @Radar_X, and @Femennenly for a fantastic event, and thanks to everyone I got to meet. I'll be at another one in the future, so keep an eye out!
  2. The guns take a second to start firing on ships in the target area. Whether that is a new ship just wondering in, or shifting targets to another ship. It has been working like this for a long long time.
  3. Doomlock

    So how is the Russian server handling CVs?

    Ev1n is executive director, and Sub is Live Producer.
  4. Doomlock

    So how is the Russian server handling CVs?

    NA and EU have direct contact with the devs just like the RU server does. Sub_Octavian and Ev1n, regulalry speak to them about feedback and testing.
  5. Doomlock

    What is the Smolensk?

    Smolensk is a Russian cruiser in testing. 4 quad guns with a 4.5s base reload, quick traverse, and dual purpose. She has Grozovoi's stock torpedoes, and has 16mm of bow and stern plating. Her consumables include smoke, DFAA, heal, and DCP. All of this is subject to change and is a work in progress.
  6. Doomlock

    How do you actually detonate a yamato?

    This was changed many patches ago to be only 75% and below to prevent instant detonations at the start of a round. Any ship that isn't a CV can be detonated. It requires aiming at the magazine spaces of the ship, and lowering the HP of the module to increase the detonation chance. Obviously the Juliet Charlie flag completely removes the ability for a detonation to happen.
  7. Doomlock

    Continuous AA DPS Explained

    Simple, move slightly left or right depending on what side is there. The sector is literally the entire half of your ship from the tip of your bow, to the middle of the stern. So as long as the aircraft are slightly to the side of one of those, it's under the reenforced side. The compass rose, and the ui element both show the sector being a full half circle.
  8. They're not. Pyotyr Veliky is, and I can't imagine it'll be long before she's nerfed, but other than her, they're not overpowered. Most every BB has no trouble citadeling them, and they have limited DCP charges. Plus add on to the fact that they need to get close, means they run the risks of getting focused, torpedoed, or both. In addition, the ships aren't known for having strong AA armament.
  9. Doomlock

    Sinop vs Gneisenau

    Gneisenau has the speed to dictate the engagement, has a secondary battery that is superior to Sinop, and has torpedoes. Gneisenau can also citadel Sinop, and has a RoF advantage despite her lack of barrels. Sinop has high accuracy 12km and closer, and has 9 rifles.
  10. You're joking right? You want to put a ship almost the same as Nikolai at T3? No. The balancing of that ship would be a nightmare at T3. But since you think this is a mythical paper ship, may I just remind you that Stalingrad is a more real ship than Montana ever was, so is Kronshtadt for that matter.
  11. So I guess Hindenburgs side armor is only 30mm then. And Henri IV's side armor is only 25mm. Frankly I'm surprised those ships are able to survive at all with that thin armor. Even DDs can citadel them.
  12. Also, what were you in? What angle, were you aiming for the waterline, etc. Lexington is surprisingly durable given her conversion heritage.
  13. Remove the outer layer of plating. The belt is there.
  14. Doomlock

    IJN Hayate (New IJN DD)

    Oh wow, a wild Hunter Steel appears.