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  1. You see OP, the problem is that they are doing a major rebalance. Two major systems, Vision/spotting, and AA are being reworked with the CV rework. Plus as an additive, they aren't gonna remove a class that not only is a mainstay of the game, and has been here since Alpha, but also has many ships with great history and premiums that people have paid for and will be righteously upset that their money just went into thin air. I would enjoy sub's in the game. I want one that has a dual 8" gun turret on top so badly, but the reality is, upon current understanding of the game and it's mechanics deem that they wouldn't do well at all.
  2. New to WoWS but not WG

    Hello and welcome to the forums, and WoWs! There are many clans out there for new players looking to learn and become better players. Fair winds and following seas captain!
  3. Crazy myths you believed or still believe in

    So... You don't sit like that during CB?
  4. I was under the same implication as well, however a second look at the wording, reveals an indeterminate amount of time for a re-release. No promise has been broken, given that no timeframe was ever given. You can't break a timeframe that was never stated in the first place.
  5. Premium Ship Review #103: Salem

    15.8km range is the same as DM.
  6. Where's the Missouri?

    It has yet to be seen when Mo will return. However given that nothing has been said, it won't be very soon, but, they never said never.
  7. Dear human, (ship post)

    Hooman, I have bested you. Walks off in sunglasses.
  8. Well done man! I enjoyed the video, and look forward to more fun vids like that.
  9. Just Graduated From High School!

    Welcome to the world of adulthood. It's scary out there, but you'll make it.
  10. Getting back into the swing of things

    Good to hear you're back Tanker. Keep on keeping on my friend.
  11. Happy birthday old man-er, cat! I agree, that while some toxicity has crept in slowly, by and large we've kept it at bay. It was mid 2016 actually that I really started getting involved in the community myself, and about a year ago found my clan. The community has still been a great place, with many people I recognize and enjoy conversing with. As well as new people joining and being welcomed into the fold. Fair winds and following seas all!
  12. Hipper got a nice buff just a patch or two ago. And her AP is mean, just gotta know how to shoot it, and what at. It's no different from Roon or Hindenburg's AP.
  13. What Happened to the Cleveland?

    She lost the split citadel years ago. She hasn't had it since beta.
  14. 0.76: two ship lines arriving?!

    Nah, they are about to enter ST. Two ships won't take more than a month is my guess, ans they already seem pretty good now.
  15. Most gaming services have some sort of name changing fee. Xbox Live and WG are two examples.