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  1. Yes indeed thanks for giving us the opportunity @Pigeon_of_War
  2. But we already knew the differences between Anshan and Gnevny? We've known for a long time now. I should like to point out, that posting a topic on the forum is asking for discussion. That's just how forums work.
  3. If you got the bundle within the time listed, you are in the drawing.
  5. Sounds like the Nürnberg had a field day.
  6. The Bama is currently being given away if you buy any "Save the Texas" bundle. As for Kii, she will return, just give it time.
  7. Agreed, happy thanksgiving all!
  8. Giulio Cesare is tiny, this is well known. She's smaller than Duca d'Aosta for Pete's sake. Dang it, now I want tiny battleship. Give España WG!
  9. I am command staff for my clan. Plus I have no intention of leaving.
  10. 50 caliber. Faster shell velocity. 762m/s vs 701m/s.
  11. The fact that your avatar is now that makes my name very interesting.
  12. You can see in this image, that a T7 Ranger (allied), and a Saipan (enemy) are in this match. This was played a few months ago, but it still is correct as no MM changes have happened.
  13. I had to watch that again....I was like, "why is my thread nuke being used?" Until I realized it was just the normal version.
  14. Hi! Fair winds and following seas captain!
  15. Oh I looked close enough. I saw that the first time I read it.