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  1. Doomlock

    An Open Letter to World of Warships

    I was able to play this game for 2 and half years on a laptop from dell with Win 10 and on wifi. Managed decent ping and 20fps average. Was totally playable. I've since upgraded my setup and can play this beautiful game to its fullest potential, but I know where I started.
  2. Doomlock

    Mortal Kombat 11 will fail

    These pictures are very informative.
  3. Mistaken info, fixed in my previous post.
  4. That would be the London Naval Treaty, not the Washington Naval Treaty. Mogami was a light cruiser as built, with the intention to up gun them to heavy cruisers when hostilities broke out. Pensacola and Salt Lake City were light cruisers by design that found themselves being called heavy cruisers because they had 203mm guns. The whole reason the LNT exists is because of nations like Japan going crazy with heavy cruiser building after the Washington Treaty limited battleship and battlecruiser construction. It appears I had my dates mixed up, I apologize for that. You are correct in saying the Brits wrote the LNT. However it didn't exist before the WNT made it a necessity.
  5. Doomlock

    GreyFox Carrier rework opinion

    With the amount of man hours working on the CV rework all year, as well as the tech tree lines coming out, they have had no time to start developing submarine lines for different nations. Plus the ludicrous amount of balancing, map reworking, mechanics tweaking, ammunition addition, gameplay additions, and that's just the technical. There's also the research, modeling, and placement of subs in a tech tree, premiums to develop, captain skills to add and rework.... CV rework is a rework, no matter how much you try to down play it. It is a fundamental change in how the carrier class is played in game, and how the other ships play against it. There is an enormous amount of new stuff they to add, new aiming mechanics, higher res aircraft models, new ammunition types, scrapping the entire old system of attacking, giving new behaviors to fighters, making new consumables, changing AA and how it works against aircraft... WG is reworking an entire type that hasn't changed since before beta and alpha. And the ease of adding a 5th is non existent.
  6. Doomlock

    Team Killing and Why it's needed

    TKing has never been a feature in this game, so I don't know where you are getting this, "bring back" idea. Secondly, tking has always been frowned upon and results in punishments on your account. Thirdly, most any game on the market punishes people for team killing, so I don't get why you think it's a good idea here.
  7. Doomlock

    Proposal: Tier 10 Musashi

    So... You want a second Yamato, but worse. I do not understand.
  8. Doomlock

    A few ships that need to be fixed

    Mutsu represents a specific refit in time where the submerged tubes were removed, but the mounted ones in the superstructure were not. A submerged torpedo cannot traverse, the ones above water could. Look at the low tier KM DDs, they have a similar traverse mechanism for a single fire torpedo traversing a short distance. North Carolina =/= Alabama. Alabama is not equal to Massachusetts either given the gameplay differences of the ship. There's a huge reason why everyone removed submerged torpedoes, they sucked, and were useless. As were fixed mounts, it's amazing that Rodney even managed to allegedly hit Bismarck with a torpedo from one. River has stated exactly the answers to your questions, listen to them.
  9. Doomlock

    What ship is this?

    Yup, Dido class. She's been commonly referred to as a British Atlanta.
  10. Doomlock

    New Guy in the Forums

    Hello! Welcome to the NA side of the pond.
  11. Doomlock

    What premiums do you still want to see?

    I think I just spit out my tea reading that.
  12. Doomlock

    Azure Lane Camo out when?

    I have yet to check out Hood, but Cleveland and Enterprise had it.