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  1. The requirements are, have played 100 battles in the last 30 days of the sign up date, and not be serving a forum ban at the time of the sign up. 1300 people signed up to be corgis and around 300 were selected.
  2. Warships gets its own anime?!

    Yeah, the KC characters are the main issue with trying to make something out of it, and the licenses and royalties are gonna be killer. I wish you the best of luck!
  3. Will there be second pts?

    You realize you can look at the clan rental ships to see a time frame.
  4. Have. I currently run the Corgi Fleet discord server. If you wish to join just pm me.
  5. Glad to be of service. Running the corgi discord is a lot of fun, ans I enjoy chatting with the other members of the community.
  6. Shin Gojira

    I've seen a ton of them yes, it was a great film.
  7. Leaks do not constitute announcement. And if we're going that route, we've known something will happen with the cruiser split since CBT. There was no official announcement that this was coming until the Let's Battle tour on Lexington. Which was in November, specifically the 4th. So no, I am correct.
  8. The Life of a Corgi

    They ain't in Kaga's now. T4 DDs for the next three hours.
  9. The US cruiser split was teased and given an overview as the next line to come out after the French battleships release. Have the French battleships released? They have planned this that long in advance, they have the other lines for the year already planned out too. The US cruiser split was teased to be coming in Nov, only 4 months ago, so I don't know where this 6-8 months thing has come from. It's no different than a movie trailor, 5-6 months from release to get the hype train rolling. Yes there are a lot, but there's also tier progression that they need to do as well. There's a limit to how well one can make a tiered progression of ships from T1-10 with real built ships. Making the jump from Omaha is difficult, and honestly I think they're doing it quite well. In the end, when the line starts testing, likely in a few weeks or so from my guess given 7.2 is the release of the French battleships, things will be quite clear in how the line performs. Fair winds and following season captain! (Dont worry bout the tags for S_O, mobile forums aren't allowing me to delete them.)
  10. You got a lot of things missed here. First. Mass was to be for the player base, Bama for the STs. They wished to reward the STs which do such hard work for them with something unique and special. Second, yes they can blame NA for the outrage because NA was the only one causing it. The other servers had nothing to do with this. Third, making theaters like this one is the same reason Bamagate even happened, so stop.
  11. Impressions

    Aww. Thanks man, I appreciate that!
  12. Hey Incendiary, great picture you made! I really like it! 


    Is there any significance in the words I or Rolkat are saying? 

    1. Incendiary_Tanker


      Oof, sorry about not replying when I was online earlier, I'm doing a massive 17 person drawing, that must be finished by at least friday. Today would be prefect if I could do it kek. 


      Kako is just laughing: Ufufufuf 

      I used the wrong Katakana for you kek, I misread it on my list, since the sound effect for "ugh" is right above the sound of a grunt. Oops~ This is why I should reorganize that thing! 

      And Nico is just giving off an angry glare. 

    2. Doomlock


      Hehe, nice. I really do like it thanks!