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  1. I personally can't wait for the GC. She looks fantastic, plays, well, a little overpowered at the moment, and is my favorite Italian battleship (design wise).
  2. It would be hypocritical of me not to throw out the Big E. Her service is second to none, and not preserving her was a disservice to her IMO. But if I couldn't, I would throw out either Prinz Eugen, or Nagato. Japan's last surviving battleship, or the ship that fought Hood. Edit: I was going off the assumption that the ship survived the war. Tis why I did not mention Yamato or Bismarck.
  3. Thanks for the great review Mouse! I intend on purchasing her when I am able.
  4. I'm seeing that some people got the camo and some haven't. So I don't know what is up.
  5. Kii

    I'm gonna get her.
  6. Not yet.
  7. Pretty sure that isn't possible, even by mods.
  9. Yass! I have been waiting for Kii!
  10. The design was a contest design. The person who made it took the character and did color changes.
  11. Forum derp, double post.
  12. Nice job. I managed to get my first Obligatory Exploding Nürnberg today.
  13. Literally my first thought was, "That radar is pathetic".
  14. I am honestly not sure. However I think they already made the model so, why not?
  15. Radar dishes on the models don't mean anything.