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  1. Mutsu represents a specific refit in time where the submerged tubes were removed, but the mounted ones in the superstructure were not. A submerged torpedo cannot traverse, the ones above water could. Look at the low tier KM DDs, they have a similar traverse mechanism for a single fire torpedo traversing a short distance. North Carolina =/= Alabama. Alabama is not equal to Massachusetts either given the gameplay differences of the ship. There's a huge reason why everyone removed submerged torpedoes, they sucked, and were useless. As were fixed mounts, it's amazing that Rodney even managed to allegedly hit Bismarck with a torpedo from one. River has stated exactly the answers to your questions, listen to them.
  2. What ship is this?

    Yup, Dido class. She's been commonly referred to as a British Atlanta.
  3. New Guy in the Forums

    Hello! Welcome to the NA side of the pond.
  4. I think I just spit out my tea reading that.
  5. Azure Lane Camo out when?

    I have yet to check out Hood, but Cleveland and Enterprise had it.
  6. Azure Lane Camo out when?

    It's out now. Actually came out with the patch.
  7. Forgotten Ship

    French BBs don't get speed boost till T8. Lo Yang isnt unique in that regard, Anshan still has normal torpedoes as well.
  8. Salem is a reward ship, not a premium. She doesn't have the credit multiplier built in like other premiums do. That said, it hasn't been stated that that is why she does not have a legendary upgrade, rather I think, because she was in testing when the legendary upgrades went live. If they wish, they'll add one for her later.
  9. Zao is my girl

    Zao was my first T10 as well. She's still great and a powerhouse at the tier.
  10. Question about Alaska and Jean?

    Jean Bart is currently live testing. Alaska is not. Method of obtainment is unknown and if it was known to me, I couldn't tell you.
  11. Well everyone, it was a tough decision. But we came to an agreement after much deliberation. The newest additions to the wiki team are: @Kaga_Kai_Ni and @Phoenix_jz! Congrats to you, and thanks to all who participated in this contest. Please keep an eye out for more down the road, and don't let this discourage you from trying again! Fair winds and following seas captains!
  12. Hello! I'm the CB commander of Hinon, it was fun facing you guys the other night. I am interested in this and if you wish to talk, I'm on discord under this name. You can find me on the NA server discord as one of the main admins as well.
  13. Final critique, avoid second person perspective. The wiki uses third person perspective, captain, players, people, etc. Only three and a half hours left!
  14. The New WGC Launcher

    I don't remember, I'll have to re download it on my PC and see. (New PC).