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  1. I will never be able to shake Glados out of my head anytime I hear that voice. Still looks pretty cool!
  2. First time out went in with my clan, full 7 player div, got 5 stars on my first try (they played before and got 4 stars).
  3. Eh it's OK man. Everyone needs a break every now and again.
  4. We had sync dropped got four of us in two divs in that match. We got 10 kills between the four of us.
  5. One of my clan mates got a double strike, followed by another double strike. As well as me getting a double strike.
  6. Cyclone and Anthony are terrible. Seriously. Nicholas, Minekaze, Kami sisters, Podvoisky, and Gremmy will wipe the floor with them.
  7. While that may be, KGV has more historical, design, and logical reasons to be in the tree. People know KGV and PoW. Most of them don't really know Vanguard.
  8. I have yet to see Notser's video but I will weigh in nevertheless. I started playing this game because I love ships. I will continue to play because I love ships. I have made friends in this game that I want to play with, all the time. I would have never met them were it not for WoWs. I know that I have a clan who love to play this game and wish to continue playing. I still have plenty of ships to grind, plenty of things to learn, more history to absorb, and more ships on the horizon. The game is just a game, but the experience, now that's the real fun. No greater fun than getting into a several thousand ton vessal, armed to the teeth with guns and torpedoes, and go blast the heck out of other ships. Thinking too much into a game is good at times, but don't forget it is only a game, the experiences you have and the friends you make on the other hand, that's what really counts. You can bet that I will always be around, posting pictures, talking about a ship's history, general ship talking, etc. Fair winds and following seas captains!
  9. To start: you do have an extreme advantage in the arena you are in. You are a skilled player amongst unskilled. Secondly: no, I do not need crayons, and considering the fact that everyone in this thread has been saying pretty much the same thing as me, you might need to go to the store for more crayons. Thirdly: I have played a few T1 games. However T1 is learning botes. They are to teach you the basics to move on to more complex and skillful tiers and players. I am not claiming I have experience in T1 as I have played it only to advance to later tiers and learned through experience long ago in Beta to shoot, aim, and maneuver. That is the last I'll say. Good day.
  10. Hahahahahaha. "Lightly" also did anyone here say that you were the only skilled player in T1? I didn't. You claimed that the mantra of T1 baby seals is faulty and fantasy. I say baloney.
  11. I went and checked, Hatsu and Akatsuki still have them as DP guns.
  12. Really? When you start playing this game what tier do you start in? 1? OK then, my point is made.
  13. As I recall they are still a part of the AA suite. I could be wrong of course, but my memory is saying they are.
  14. Shinonome's main guns are not the DP mounts though, only Fubuki's. And yes they still work as DP guns on Fubuki, Hatsuharu, and Akatsuki.
  15. 1. Shimakaze is faster. 2. That was before their reconstruction to increase seaworthyness, the hulls in game are after this reconstruction and have the lowered top speed of 35 knots just like they did IRL. 3. The Momo class were destroyer escorts, they just don't have a place in the game right now, if ever.