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  1. Not to mention it will be the only obtainable RN premium cruiser, outside of a lucky container roll of the dice on Belfast. I can understand having this cruiser be a reward ship for the RN if there was a plethora of other RN premium cruisers, but there isn't. I truly hope Witchita and Alaska are it for the US cruisers...that line is oversaturated with premiums compared to RN cruisers. Maybe Admiral Jingles can put a bug in WG's ear regarding this red-headed stepchild line of ships. Heck, even the Italians have more premium cruisers than the RN, and the Italians don't even have tech tree ships yet!
  2. Bonfor

    Re-spec strategies?

    When I was watching one of Notser's videos, his ship had 180 on one side and 20 on the other, so it looks like it should still add up to 200.
  3. My solution was to reset all my skills and not set sail until everything settled down, plus my work has me doing overtime the next couple of months anyway. My premium time luckily runs out today too, so the timing worked out, all things considered.
  4. We didn't have rockets before, though, which gives CVs a more efficient tool for hunting DDs. If it wasn't for rockets, I'd probably ignore DDs and just use bombs and torps on the slower moving ships.
  5. Bonfor

    I figured DD play for now

    And/or CVs running their squadrons along the flanks instead of up the middle to spot any DDs trying to hunt CVs...
  6. Bonfor

    Good bye wargame

    Play Co-op...no CVs!
  7. The Alaska is probably more finely tuned than the CV rework, and yet which one is being released tomorrow...
  8. Bonfor

    Operations: 5 out 9 Ops removed?!

    That actually might be a nice change for a while in Co-op...the bot CV always focuses on me, it seems. Only issue would be if they had any missions requiring planes to be shot down...hope they hold off on those until things get sorted out and otherwise tweaked.
  9. I found the opposite to be true with Tank crates this year...no silly boosters there, just gold, premium time, unique permanent styles, crew and premium tanks...much better chances on the tanks too compared to the statistics compiled for getting premium ships. You'd think Tanks was made by a different company, one not so Scrooge-y.
  10. Kiz, you're probably still looking at this, but hmm...this kinda stinks from what we heard before: General rules for all ships All Upgrades that produce an effect on the operation of anti-aircraft guns will be demounted and transferred to the Inventory. Commanders without specialization for aircraft carriers, but with any of the following skills mastered: "Dogfighting Expert", "Aircraft Servicing Expert", "Evasive Maneuver", "Expert Rear Gunner", "Emergency Takeoff", or "Air Supremacy", will have their skills reset. So unless a Commander has one of the above skills, no skill reset? ETA: if captains don't have the above skills, maybe pick a 1 point skill to get a free reset!
  11. Bonfor

    PTS3 AA and you

    Yes, debatable at this point...I think if there are multiple CVs in a match per side, there won't be much difference in the spotting coverage, but the rockets seem to make it much easier to hit DDs.
  12. Bonfor

    PTS3 AA and you

    Except here, even the light tanks (DD) can't move fast enough to dodge arty (CV planes w/rockets)...
  13. Bonfor

    T5-8 to consider keeping

    I'm keeping just about all of mine from T5 up because you never know if you might need them for Ranked, Sprint, Operations, Snowflakes, etc., and you never know which ones might get adjusted to become much better than they are now.
  14. Bonfor

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    I think it makes more sense to sort matches based on how skilled your captain is, even if you had just two groups...under 10 skill points, and then 10 skill points and up...which makes it more progression based so that it minimizes wide gaps in captain skills.