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  1. I don't mind getting advice, as I'm fairly new...but the method of delivery that some people use to deliver that advice, or just plain hurl nonconstructive insults, is what probably leads to people turning off chat and/or reporting the offending party for a chat ban. Apparently, there are those that block you even if you deliver the advice in a helpful manner, so yeah, the system isn't perfect. How much less salt would there be, though, if everyone could talk in voice comms to the whole team though, and not just in a division? I find in another game I play online that ingame team comms rarely result in salt because we're able to communicate easily, so if we lost, we all know we just lost to a better organized team, not because someone couldn't communicate vital information in time via text.
  2. There hasn't been a definite currency listed for Alaska yet...could be FXP, could be coal...
  3. But wait...WG pulled the crates from the store 24 hours before the end of the event...what part of "logic" do you think they really understand? Seriously, though...congrats on your new little one!
  4. For under $500, you technically could have purchased Salem with real money by buying Go Navy premium crates, turning in the tokens for the loyalty containers and getting 1,800 coal for each premium crate you bought.
  5. Hard work being wasted..

    It actually wasn't a 1 day extension...they just corrected the ingame ending date for the competition to match their forum announcement of "the day before the patch goes live", so it should always have read Aug 21st instead of Aug 20th. However, the announcement never said when they were pulling the crates out of the shop, especially since that happened a full 24 hours before the official end of the competition part of the event and people may not have tallied all their tokens yet.
  6. Wow, nice! That does work out to be 1,800 coal per premium crate, right? That can still be expensive to go from 0 coal to 180k coal with the coupon to get Salem, but that's a lot less cost than going with other containers that only yield 450 coal each.
  7. Unfortunately, they are all probably cramming for Wednesday's patch to make sure that goes smoothly...
  8. Correct, and according to the Go Navy page, the competition part doesn't end until the day before the patch...which would be Aug. 21st, 3AM PT or 6AM ET because the patch is Aug. 22nd at 3AM PT. So, people would still get tokens for today, and some might be on the verge of getting a handful of tokens today as long as they get the invite to join the other side and refuse it for an extra 2 loyalty that pushes them over one of the thresholds, and based on if they get an invite or not, they would then know how many crates they would have to buy to finish off their token count for whatever rewards they want. I didn't need any crates myself, as I went for containers only, but yeah, that was not a smart move on WG's part, as there were still people with money in hand that they just closed the doors on.
  9. Isn't T10 supposed to be the most balanced tier, though? Or do the costs and the style of gameplay drive people away? I'm not there yet, obviously, but in my T6/T7 cruisers, it seems I fight higher tiers more often than lower tiers, and T8's always complain about getting uptiered with T10 ships, so you'd think there would be enough T10s out there. But, like you said, it could just be a timing/time of day issue, too.
  10. Regardless of the change of the end of event date, since tokens could still be spent up until the patch on the 22nd, you would have thought the crates would have been available in the shop until then as well..
  11. They should tighten up the tier spread anyway, with T1 having it s own queue, T10 having its own queue, then the other queues being T2-3, T4-5, T6-7 and T8-9.
  12. Thanks, LWM...and bummer that WG couldn't throw a few lumps of coal your way...wish I could!
  13. My input, since I never saw a pirate to comment on how that part went, is that the schedule could have run later than it did, as even with an 11 hour window, it didn't work well for some time zones, such as OCX/SEA, who might have been able to get a couple hours in the mornings, but the 3rd day was Monday morning for them, a work/school day. I generally play after dinner in PST zone, so even then the last two days didn't work for my schedule.
  14. Salem Heal is a SCUM

    They would change their tune if WoWS went to a monthly subscription requirement like the MMOs typically did in the early days...
  15. Salem Heal is a SCUM

    From what I've seen from the community contributor videos the Jean Bart was further along in testing than Alaska, which has only been viewable in port and not in play testing.