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  1. Black ships... No thanks!

    Actually, the one thing from WoT that I would really like to see brought over to WoW is the ability to check a box on elite and premium ships to Accelerate Captain Training, which makes any elite/premium ship XP automatically convert to Captain XP instead. I decided that I will keep all my T5 and up ships, since the events are generally for T5 and up and I can cycle through them to meet the event requirements, but it's not as productive to play those elite ships unless they can train captains faster. Perhaps the current trade-off in WoW is that elite commander XP can be earned and used to train other captains, but a 19-pt captain is a lot bigger hill to climb than getting a ship to elite status...
  2. Black ships... No thanks!

    Also, if you already own a particular premium ship, they can now give you the black version instead of having to pay out gold in place of an existing premium...
  3. This just in...stats according to WoT's Claus Kellerman: P.S. - Not for those sensitive to language...:P
  4. Playing for "Fun"

    It doesn't even have to be as much as Random, though...but definitely needs to be more than break-even. I've had Co-op matches where I didn't do anything wrong, but due to everyone else bum-rushing the bots, I didn't get a very high score because everyone else torped the bots into oblivion before I could make a decent contribution...credit result was basically break-even after port/ammo expenses.
  5. Playing for "Fun"

    The whole crux of this thread is "playing for fun", in which some are saying those who play for fun should just go play Co-op. If they were better, no one would be complaining about them being in Randoms, would they?
  6. Playing for "Fun"

    Problem is that starting with T8 ships, you barely make enough credits to break even with an average match score in Co-op, so it's not fun to go into debt as a result. They need to bump up the rewards in Co-op so that it remains fun for upper tiers, otherwise they are incentivizing everyone to just play Random; the good, the bad and the ugly...
  7. After hearing that SC's have been nerfed in general over this last year, I'm wondering if they'll nerf the Christmas crates, too...looked like they had some really good drop rates for ships last year, but if they dial down the chances this year, it'll just be a big cash grab that sours the community even more...
  8. Royal Navy crate SCAM

    The premium is not a monthly requirement to even be able to log in, though, it is optional. Yes, I spent more than I normally would have to play WoWs for 6 months, but then my seasonal work kicks in and I won't be logging in for 3 months straight to make purchasing premium time or anything else worthwhile, so I save some money that way over having a monthly subscription that ticks away while I can't play during those months.
  9. More ranked, no steel!

    See that's just it...they did listen to all the veteran players complaining about everything being in only tier 10 ships and devised a mode where vets can play for fun in a lower tier and newbies can get a feel for what Ranked might look like when they get to T10. If they had steel as a reward, more veteran players would have felt obligated to rank out rather than just come and play it for fun, due to clan or other competitive team obligations to get OP ships like Stalingrad. Plenty of veterans have also been complaining about burn out so WG designed an event that they can skip because the rewards aren't that stellar. It's pretty clear to me that they listened to all the bitter vets posting on the forums and this is the fruit of those efforts.
  10. 300% Doubloon offer!?!

    I hear if you stop playing for at least 90 days, they will throw some free ships and other goodies your way to lure you back...give it a try!
  11. Royal Navy crate SCAM

    Yeah, I started with EQ, then WoW and EQ2 after that, so for a long time that's all I had was a monthly sub, and I limited myself to one of those games at a time...and yes, it was ultimately cheaper than the shiny things they now dangle in front of us for an amount that would have covered 3-6 months of a subscription based game. I don't mind buying a $25 ship here or $25 in doubloons there or getting some premium time, but I'm definitely not going to drop nearly $100 for a single ship with a commander/goodies like they are rolling out, and definitely not buy lootboxes for the chance of getting something. You'd think a game company would prefer a monthly subscription as well because their revenue stream would be more constant and predictable, especially considering how fickle the newest generation of gamers seems to be. I don't think my son has settled on one game for very long before moving to the next one within a few months, where I typically grab an MMORPG and usually put at least 3 years into it. Maybe it's the F2P model that has made gamers more likely to not stay invested in any one game...
  12. The Ring Contest

    Let's do a popular vote and then have a battle royale in Arms Race, and whoever has the best overall placing between the two is the winner! Popularity and skill FTW...
  13. One thing I noticed is that the Ranked Sprint and the upcoming RN event in 7.10 will be giving out coal for completing each stage, so if we will be bumping up our coal earnings, then I predict both ships will be FXP only...Murphy's Law, right?
  14. Nice to see they didn't bump ALL the requirements up from the last stage, for example damage upon spotting went from 100k last time to 50k this time, damage in one battle went up from 25k to 50k, and then base XP went from 8k/9k to 8.5k and regular XP went from 17.5k to 20k.