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  1. Bonfor

    OMG! I feel like I just won an OSCAR!

    At least they got rid of the special upgrades a year ago...flags you can use on any ship, but a BB main isn't going to get much use out of Smoke Generator Mod 1.
  2. Except that it helped earn more tokens if you had and were playing the Mogador and/or Le Terrible, in which case you couldn't get away from French DDs for the 2nd part of the French cycle. I'm pretty much in agreement, the DDs aren't terribly exciting...I'm enjoying my RN DDs much more. Looking forward to the Italian cruiser line, though...they might entice me to buy some crates if I am short of tokens or want to get a head start on the Italian collection. Hopefully, the Italian BB line is not too far off, either.
  3. Bonfor

    Why are bots so INCREDIBLY STUPID

    Enemy bots are really, really good at dodging your torps...not sure why they didn't apply the same logic to friendly bots. I had one instance where my torps missed the enemy bot that was fairly close to me, but almost a minute later, I get a warning for damaging a friendly bot that was way out at max torp range that still managed to get hit even though it had plenty of time to dodge the torps it could see coming miles away!
  4. The article says the sale continues "until the end of Update 8.8", so you have time if you wanted anything, but the update should be next week, I believe, but don't quote me on that...
  5. To me the difference between the shop using "Admiral Graf Spee" in the camo description versus "HSF Admiral Graf Spee", which are the official titles of each ship, is ambiguous...it's like saying something works for a Ford Bronco versus a 1980 Ford Bronco...the former being a more general term to include all models and the latter being specific to one model. I agree...if they don't want to refund his purchase, they just need to send him a plain "Admiral Graf Spee"...
  6. Bonfor

    Collection Duplicates ( Many )

    I have too many unfinished collections now to not use the duplicates to speed things up so I can get on to the next one. Still have the Azur Lane one to finish along with the Russian and French ones. Maybe once I get down to one left, and I don't need the final reward right away, I'd let it ride to collect as many dups as possible for the extra credits. I had over 40 duplicates when my American Cruisers collection finally wrapped up, so that was a nice little payout.
  7. When I first started playing just over a year ago, I enjoyed the game immensely, but compared to other games I've played, the price of ships in the premium shop were a lot higher than what I paid on average elsewhere for cash shop items, and even higher than the cost of a full game or expansion elsewhere. Over the year, I've purchased only 3 premium ships, all at discounted prices so that they each fell in the $20-30 range, and I've purchased a little gold and premium time as well, and a few surprise mechanic crates, but no longer as the drop rates for anything good is so low. Shortly after I started here, I also started playing Tanks, and saw that their prices for premiums were about 60% of the cost of what they are here, and their once-a-year Santa crates had much more value and higher drop rates for less money, so ever since, I've been dropping more money over on Tanks than Warships because I can get more bang for my buck over there, and I seem to get more coupons thrown at me on Tanks compared to Warships. I can't even remember the last time I had a Warships coupon. Also, since the grind over on Tanks is longer, and one can make reasonable progress in Warships without premium ships or even premium time, that makes higher priced premium ships counter-intuitive. Premium ships are less of a necessary tool for credit generation or crew/captain XP than premium tanks, so why do they cost more? Hope my little economic comparison here sinks in to the Warships bean counters...lower prices are offset by selling more volume, and even if you only maintain the same revenue stream by cutting prices, you retain a more satisfied player base that continues to play longer and more often.
  8. Thank you for clarifying the translation, that does make more sense!
  9. Agreed...the differences between battle modes makes more sense than between battle types (they coined those two terms but seem to have forgotten the distinction between them), but it's a little disingenuous when devs say "read the notes" when they have translation issues left and right. Ideally, someone from the NA office should be proofreading them, but I get the impression that either doesn't happen or is done in a cursory fashion because they're under a time crunch to get them posted.
  10. Some may be looking to complain about it, but I think most of us are trying to understand it and see its application in our gaming experience. As I mentioned above, Co-op and Random are Game Modes per WG, where Battle Types are Standard, Domination or Encounter. I'm just trying to understand why Battle Type was even mentioned in the patch notes as a determining factor for MM if, according to Bualar, the MM looks at your last 20 games but doesn't mention battle type at all. I'm sure we've all seen where patch notes go awry in their interpretation, because translating Russian to English is no small feat, but in this situation I'm reading the patch notes to literally say 20 battles per tier for each of the 3 battle types, which really means 60 battles at minimum per tier, assuming RNG is in your favor to hand out each battle type evenly over the course of those matches. Yes, WG, we have read the patch notes, but they are confusing.
  11. Those are Game Modes...per their Training info: Battle Types There are three battle types in World of Warships: Standard, Encounter, and Domination. At the start of battle the given battle type will be displayed. You can also check the battle type by pressing the Tab key once the match has started.
  12. Bonfor

    The Iowa in Ranked Battles

    I thought it was agreed upon a long time ago by forum warriors that T9 cruisers were in a bad place...this is just confirmation?
  13. However, can you explain the part I bolded in my original post from the Patch Notes where it talks about "20 battles for each battle type and ship tier"? Why did they even mention "battle type" if it's not a determining factor according to your other posts in this thread?
  14. Here's the cliff notes from the update: Strict limit on the tiers spread of battles per player. From 20 games, only 8 of them will see a player being bottom tier. A player must play 20 games for this change to be put into effect. After the calibration period and first 20 battles have been played, the Matchmaker will take into account the last 20 battles in determining tiers for future games. The advantage of this is that it will prevent long consecutive runs of being" bottom tier "for a player. And here's more detail in the web article: Matchmaker We’re introducing strict limitations on the tiers of battles that you can be sent to. For each player, the matchmaker will take into account the number of battles they have played with ships of the same tier as theirs, as well as the number of ships one or two tiers higher. After a short calibration period that will last up to 20 battles for each battle type and ship tier, the matchmaker will ensure that the percentage of battles with ships of the specified tier does not exceed the set limits. For example, for Tier VIII ships, the limits are expected to be 40% of battles with ships two tiers higher. This means that out of 20 battles you play with Tier VIII ships, a maximum of eight battles will include Tier X ships. Another advantage of this change is that series of battles will be reliably interrupted, because the matchmaker will analyze the last 20 battles each time. This means that when calibration is done, long series of battles with ships of higher tiers will not occur when repeatedly using a single ship tier. So it seems that for each tier you play, you have to first have 20 matches to calibrate that tier, then once a tier is calibrated, it tries to stay within 40% for bottom-tier matches in that tier. Each tier you play will have its own measuring stick, and the results you presented didn't indicate if you were playing the same tier each time and if you had already met your 20 match calibration for that tier. However, per the bolded part, it looks like it takes into account battle types as well, so if we have 3 battle types (correct me if I'm wrong) that's really 60 matches per tier for full calibration. As my kids would say on a long car trip..."are we there yet?"
  15. And, wouldn't you know, I pull a SC with 15k coal for my first daily crate today shortly after making the above comment...still, 3 in 9 months versus 7 in the 6 months before that per my spreadsheet.