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  1. Bonfor

    SuperContainer Drop Rate

    Want a 100% chance of getting a premium ship? Why waste time with SCs...just stop playing for about 3 or 4 months and WG will throw premium ships your way to get you to come back...that's the word on the street anyway...
  2. Bonfor

    Snowflakes: the optimal strategy

    Oh, this should be fun...Co-op players will be telling Random players to go back to Random because they're playing like noobs...hmm, where have we heard that before? P.S. - don't bring an Atlanta into Co-op unless you can carry in one...bot Atlantas are tough cookies, high DPM and never miss...I once saw a bot Atlanta rack up 4 kills against human players and earn the Four Goal Haul during the Ovechkin event...another event where some parts were easier to do in Co-op than in Random...couldn't help but root for the Atlanta to see if it would get a Kraken Unleashed...
  3. Gotcha...still, there was speculation that Ranked Sprint could be released at T6 in the future...we'll see!
  4. It's almost like they're prepping us for another T6 event...new tier for Ranked or Clan Wars perhaps?
  5. Hey Fafnir...if you've come from a certain game with the initials MWO, like I have, then you probably know that we've been spoiled by really generous events and rewards over there, and even the price differences in vehicle packages...it was quite a shock for me to come over to WG games as well, but I've gotten use to it. Quite a difference between the developers, though...Shout out to you guys in Canada! (Piranha Games and Claus Kellerman)
  6. I'm referring to the Mighty Prinz campaign, which can't be started until Jan. 9th at the earliest when you get the PEF required for the first part, and then that campaign ends Jan. 22nd according to the news article...it's just not very long in my experience with the Science of Victory campaign.
  7. Thanks Kiz...can't wait for the post regarding the Campaign...having less than 2 weeks to complete it if earning the PEF via the Directives makes me think it'll be another Cossack thing where I'll likely fall short due to lack of time...work and family come first, but apparently everyone at WG is single, not going to school and only have the one job or they might have considered more time for the campaign if it's going to be as long as some of the other campaigns.
  8. T4 is where Tanks generally starts their events/campaigns...T5 has been the norm for Warships.
  9. Yeah, the WoT crates were very good this year, and a lot less expensive. I bought 36 crates for $60, got 4 premium tanks (5 tier V and the tier 8 Defender), 13,500 gold, 26 days premium time, 2.4 million credits, all 4 unique styles for the tier X tanks, and Simon Claws commander. I pretty much got my money's worth on the gold alone at 225g per dollar spent, which means everything else was gravy... I also enjoy decorating the garage with the ornaments and all the bonuses that they give, plus the free tier II premium tank was a nice gesture too. Makes Warships seem stingy, doesn't it?
  10. Bonfor

    Best Ship Santa Crates

    The survey here seems to back up that Big crates had just about as much chance to get a ship as a Mega, but obviously at $3 instead of $5 per crate, you can afford to buy more Bigs:
  11. Bonfor

    Santa Container Survey Results

    If I'm reading the odds right, there isn't enough difference between the Big and the Mega crates as far as the chance in getting a ship, and since you can get more Big crates for $3 each than you can with Mega crates at $5 each, seems like a no-brainer as far as value.
  12. Bonfor

    Philosophy behind the new Santa crates

    The more I read about the Santa Crates here, the more that the Holiday Ops boxes over on Tanks appeal to me as a new player over there...plus they still drop Premium Time in the tank boxes that can be used in both games. Tanks also has 4 collections that you get pieces for out of the boxes and get further rewards by completing them and by decorating your tree, which "levels up" for more rewards.
  13. Don't forget that there are Warships accounts at one or more public kiosks, that probably come standard with premium ships, such as this one: https://usslexington.com/attractions/virtual-battle-stations/
  14. Bonfor

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    I think you're right...looking even at what they sell for in credits, Zulu Hotel has 75% of the value of the Zulu flags, and 75% of 400g is 300g...what do you think @LittleWhiteMouse