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  1. Bonfor

    Torpedoes, torpedoes everywhere

    Bot DDs in Co-op have the ability to send out torps seconds after they've been sunk...dead man's trigger, maybe?
  2. Did you sign up for WOT Salute? I got one just like it from that program.
  3. If GK is becoming a Coal ship, shouldn't we be getting 50% of its value in Coal instead of Credits?
  4. Bonfor

    Santa's crates with camo and flags.....

    I have so many from over the years...I need more like I need a hole in the head. At least Tanks pays out gold as the standard crate drop so I get to choose what I need, not get a 70% chance for something I don't need.
  5. All camos for me...my typical luck with Warship boxes, so I don't bother buying any, either.
  6. Bonfor

    Farewell Gneisenau013

    Now WoT: https://twitter.com/CabMech/status/1435670282988052486
  7. Bonfor

    Brawling still possible

    No Zoup put out a video yesterday where he goes and parks his GK in the middle of the island ring on Sleeping Giant so that he's basically protected on all sides and says, "See? Brawling isn't dead!" Along with something like, "sure, you can't just charge in willy-nilly anymore..." It's like they are all scrambling to prove a point, even if one bad example is all they have for evidence...
  8. Bonfor

    So Only Range / Survival Builds Now?

    Flamu says it's World of Snipers now:
  9. There will always be a meta, and I'm happy to take time off to let others figure it out while I enjoy other games that aren't making wild moves like a hormonally imbalanced teenager. I'll still log in for the daily freebie, but otherwise, thank you for your sacrifice!
  10. Bonfor

    wth is up with the Ships and Fate campaign?

    Yeah, I primarily play Co-op where Base XP is about half of what you'd get in Random usually, so Base XP grinds are no fun. 20k Base XP in Co-op is about 60 matches worth of average battle performance.
  11. Bah...nevermind...Ensign Cthulhu already posted about this: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/232707-commander-exchanges-update/?do=findComment&comment=5340824
  12. Bonfor

    wth is up with the Ships and Fate campaign?

    Here...I'll offset Admiral Thunder's accomplishments...I'm not even going to attempt to finish the campaign for Strasbourg or Hizen, and didn't buy anything related to them, so maybe now they'll work on how to lower the requirements to get me to spend some cash next time! I don't know about anyone else, but I enjoy relaxing and slowing down for the holidays and thinking of who and what I have to be thankful for, not participating in WG's annual grindfests.
  13. Bonfor

    First premium ship unlocked from container

    Is that like Port-a-Potty?
  14. As we've seen before, WGs definition of random is not totally random, there are hidden modifiers.
  15. Was wondering if others noticed this as the big crate is my last as well. Was it weighted odds, or was it another "short list" that you had to get first?