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  1. Bonfor

    battleship play is still broken

    I see the problem here...everyone was social distancing from you because you didn't update your Windows Security and could have been infected with a bad virus...tsk, tsk!
  2. WG is catering to no-lifers, this game wasn't meant for normal people, apparently...Puerto Rico event should have been the big tip-off...
  3. Bonfor

    Why are BBs untouched by nerfs?

    I thought the introduction of Subs was the latest BB nerf...at least they will be when they migrate to Randoms. Zoup has some thoughts on the current state of BBs (tldr: cruisers seem to be dominating):
  4. Considering when that song was written, this would be the most appropriate ship: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Victory
  5. Ouch...Directive 2 witthout having PEF or Z39 is kinda painful...my Brit & Italian cruisers aren't soaking up potential damage very fast, and neither are fire & torp hits with my French cruiser, and that's even in Co-op...looks like either one I pick won't be finished until next week sometime. Directive 3 tasks look like they will go faster than Directive 2...how does that make sense?
  6. Probably because they priced them so low that transaction fees eat up their profit...they should have made it a bundle of 5 for $6, that might have made more sense and spare them more transaction fees.
  7. Bonfor

    Weekly Combat Missions: Battle of Midway

    I'm used to getting 14-day rentals over on Tanks...Warships is where the monetization guys went crazy in WG's favor...everything costs more and you get a lot less.
  8. Bonfor

    Premium Shop: Colors of Victory

    With 30 million unemployed people in the USA, economies worldwide severely impacted, lean times ahead even after the stay-at-home orders are lifted as very few will have the cash to just start spending as usual, I'm thinking these very expensive bundles and camo will be going over like a lead balloon.
  9. Stuff like this makes me appreciate Tanks even more...their Twitch rewards were straightforward, not based on watching Twitch for an undetermined amount of time, having to get codes from streams that occur during working hours, and relying on RNG to get a crate to drop with anything decent in it...just too many variables out of our control.
  10. Not everyone has the bandwidth to both play and watch the stream at the same time, so I'd rather play than watch. Most of the streams occur during working hours anyway.
  11. Bonfor

    Dry Dock: Warship Size Comparison

    So...the smallest T10 cruiser in size, if I watched it correctly, is Smolensk...hmm...guess being hard to hit adds to its other strengths...
  12. Picking up where the Puerto Rico missions left off, I imagine...
  13. Bonfor

    Co-op battles changed?

    If the lone sunk human continues to watch the battle, it plays out until there is a victor if a condition can be met, but if the lone human bails and goes back to port, it immediately ends in a draw.
  14. Bonfor

    Co-op battles changed?

    Current set of directives are easier to accomplish in Co-op rather than Random, and since WG seems to be stuck on always having directives each patch for something or another (creativity went out the door once they landed on this formula of directives), then there is rarely a break from being invaded by Random players. If the directive missions were entirely XP or credit based rather than citadel hits, torpedo hits, fires, etc., that would probably force things in the other direction. There are also threads about the growing skill disparity in Random battles as well as threads about the matchmaker stacking teams with better players on one side and worse players on the other, causing some players to move to Co-op out of frustration.