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  1. They know, they are aware, they are looking into it...soon...ish...
  2. Having started playing Tanks and Warships about the same time about 18 months ago, from my perspective Warships had already surpassed Tanks at that point in how expensive it is to buy premiums, how it sells loot boxes for every event where Tanks only has Santa boxes once a year, how expensive the perma camos are in Warships compared to Tanks, etc. Perhaps things were worse in Tanks prior to that point, but since I've started, Tanks has been the least expensive and more generous of the two games thus far...I have over twice as many premiums in Tanks as I do in Warships from all the freebies they throw at us. I admittedly enjoy Warships gameplay much more, but it definitely comes at a higher cost.
  3. Nuts, I was hoping the flashing ship meant I could go back in and scrap the incomplete hull into X amount of steel...that would have been a nice alternative, just like it was back in the day!
  4. Bonfor

    Conundrum: Lütgens or Thunderer?

    But Georgia can almost outrun a DD in trying to catch that bouquet...she'll be next, mark my words!
  5. For someone who is tasking everyone else in this thread with providing evidence to back up their claims, it seems you've made your own statements with no proof as well...many did this or that? Prove it with something other than anecdotal posts...we need stats, surveys, etc.with a large sample size to have confidence in your claims. See what I did there?
  6. Bonfor

    Anyone playing PVE anymore?

    I wish I had more time for the 1v1 ranked, but between the holidays and grinding to at least finish the 3rd PR directive to get doubloons back on Gorizia, all in co-op, I had no time or energy left. If more than a couple of the directive missions had allowed ranked to count, it might have been different. Did WG really think that with how they tailored the PR missions that people would have time to spend in another game mode that only helped a little towards the directives? To me that just added more fuel to the PR dumpster fire.
  7. However, buying crates with doubloons earned from supercontainers, prior event crates and other tasks in game doesn't give WG any new money in the process. They would really be better off selling crates only for cash and then offering doubloons for duplicate ships as needed.
  8. I think it was Lord Zath that had a crate opening video where he bought them with doubloons and by the time he was done receiving doubloons for duplicates, he ended up with more doubloons than he spent, so yeah, one could effectively churn doubloons over and over...they do say the rich keep getting richer, right?
  9. I don't know if there has been any in-depth analysis here, but over on Tanks, there has been enough done over the years to show that the lower tier premium tanks drop more often than the higher tier ones. Tanks, however, would give you duplicates in gold and would always show you when you rolled a duplicate, but with Warships, it will replace a duplicate with another ship even if it's a different tier but doesn't show you what the first ship drawn was, so if you had more of the lower tier ships, it would be hard to tell what the drop rate is for higher tier ships because of the replacement rule.
  10. Bonfor

    WOWS camo price a bad joke

    It's great when the economy is great, but when you rely on a lot smaller customer base to pay higher prices, those big-ticket items are the first things that don't sell when the economy tanks...just look at car sales during the last recession.
  11. Bonfor

    WOWS camo price a bad joke

    Yeah, it's still up there, in the 2k-4k range per shot, though some tanks might be more, I don't have anything beyond tier 8 myself.
  12. Bonfor

    WOWS camo price a bad joke

    No, gold ammo in WoT no longer costs real gold to use...it costs silver credits, which you earn in game just like in WoWs. Think of it as being similar to buying and using premium consumables for your ships.
  13. The PR event this year may have supplemented any lost revenue from crate sales, but yes, only they would know how it all worked out for them in the end.
  14. Bonfor

    WOWS camo price a bad joke

    And don't forget that flags/camos are the base payout in all the loot crates here...if you manage to get something other than those, you're lucky. Tanks base payout on their loot crates is gold, which gives you a lot more spending choices....camos, tanks, garage/barracks slots, crew training, etc.
  15. However, WG's practices will eventually whittle down the whale population, or at least their spending habits: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/209588-why-i-bought-a-lot-less-containers-this-holliday/