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  1. I have been unable to get game to start . 1st time I could see my ship and could provide moving directions but could not get the camera to follow the ship and all other controls did not work. I had to exit the game. 2nd time, i did not get past the loading splash screen.
  2. Maybe at 8kms for a spotter but you should not see a spotter plane before you see the ship.
  3. One thing that does need to change is how easily CV aircraft can see a ship's spotter aircraft. I can tell where a BB is located at 20kms if they put up a spotter. It's a small fix but it can make a difference.
  4. I agree that stealth fire should not come back but we need to lower the visibility time on a DD after it shoots out side it’s detection range. Espically when it has AFT and is shooting at twice a it’s detection.
  5. The CV auto Pilot is still really bad. I'm not sure if it has to do with the fact i pick close way points. I like to go to an area and then turn the ship to face the enemy...so my planes can take the most direct route. so at the east west point I then take a next way point toward the enemy....since I dont want my CV to get close the way point is at most the distance of a 1/2 Square. Once the ship is in the way point area it seems to always move in a circle. I think this has to do with the fact the CV cant turn fast so it basically turns past the WP and then turns back to get to the WP it past and so on. This mechanic is just insane since we dont have CV control when flying. thus, one has to spend more time not flying to control the CV navigation. I think an easy fix is if the CV is in the area of the last way point the Ship should respond as if it is at the picked WP. We are in Auto Pilot so I would not expect precision driving.
  6. I have to disagree, Zoup is not going post propaganda on behalf of WG.
  7. How long are we going to have to wait to get a fix for the pathetic Carrier CV auto Pilot? Like there was never an AP issue before and now it's a total mess. with the latest Hotfix, no AP change yet the Continual CV modifications change a CV player behavior so now since spotting is lower I need to fly my planes longer before returning. If im attacking a DD i may need to make an extra run as aiming was nerfed....and while I'm doing this my pre launch way points have my CV totally ignoring them and going off in a direction backwards and not where I need it to be. Lets go boy and girls and get this fixed.