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  1. USS Massachusetts

    She is. Inside and out
  2. How about this one Pigeon? Thank you Pigeon and Upvoted you where I could
  3. $70 for tripitz o.O

    Sorry WG thats way too rich for my blood. I got to eat to you know
  4. USS Massachusetts

    Patience my friends. Lets not forget that this game is ever evolving and is still considered a beta I am sure since WG did visit Big Mammie way back, which you can find on the forums. That they will eventually place her here bringing her just desserts.
  5. Anyone seen this behavior?

    Sounds like bot behavior. However next time note the name of the player and look it up on the WOWS webpage to see the players profile and see how many battles it has. Lets not forget that the Sims is a premium ship and someone might have bought it and does not know how to play.
  6. HI all plz listen to my compliant!

    I happen to like the open sea map myself. Then some talent shines, when you do not have an island to hide behind
  7. war game team killers

    I say they should give death to all TKers. LOL. Since we are in a Closed Beta, they should first issue a warning then kick them from the CBT all together. There is no need for this type of play in this game and should not be allowed to partake in this CBT This is my opinion and I am sure other Alpha Testers would feel similar about this topic. Remember though some are accidents. However you had an intentional TKer so fill out tickets on them and submit. If they get enough complaints the individual will eventually get kicked.
  8. This weekend is gonna be great!!!!

    I agree. What a great weekend testing WoWS. I know I am going to try to learn as much as i can from the time I am afloat to getting sunk
  9. Though its not official yet thanks for the info. Now we can all sit and wait till then to see if the rumor turns into reality.