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  1. Gonna miss the historical 150mm guns on the Narvik (Z-23). Would've liked to see the real world alternate of the 2 single 150s in the A and B positions. Built model of the Z-23 back about '76. Did that alternate b/c that was when models had the extra parts to do make such things. Ah, memories. That "new" daily login is pretty much the playbook right out of Armored Warfare. Theirs is a weekly setup, and as long as you click the button each day consecutive, you're golden. The setup is pure My.com in origin, and now I'm wondering when the merger with WG as subsidiary is gonna happen. Will reserve options once I see how bad thing will get on those balance issues, hull changes and ad nausium. Got rather a few ships on the various lists of changes, so...
  2. It will depend on good old RNGesus, and what WG set for each potential item. Got 2 Regia Marina expendable camos. That's it.
  3. BMWulf

    Operation Narai disabled

    Did people really expect anything more out of WG? All you have to do is look at what happened to WoT, and realize that is happening at a slower rate on ships here. UI 'improvements" big case, and how directives are handled. Always liked Narai too. Would rather see ole Newport pulled, and something else in place added.
  4. Let's see. '84 to '92 US Army. '84-'88 active, and the rest Reserves. Spent CONUS time at Ft. Benning, Ga. 1/58th Inf Mech. 197th Bde. Mech (Sep). Had fun at NTC twice in that 17 months. 44B welder, and 76C repair parts clerk. Nothing special. Then Karlsruhe, FRG in maint company for last 2 years active. Ah, good times.
  5. No mods here also, and would also like the Game Center to use languages appropriate to the server (IE: English for NA) and so on. But, I digress. Arsenal does not work here as well. The only things I see when trying to access even for a count of resources are: Arsenal top middle, and ESC tabX top right. Of course I also see my port through the Arsenal page. Edit: Tried the above link, and get a totally blank page. Go fig...