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  1. SilentSorrow

    WINNERS - Battle of the Philippine Sea

    Really, this event was very poorly planned... seriously WG? What do you think ppl will choose, easy way? Or hard way having to do almost the double amount of xp, with the most kicked, battered and punished nation in the game? [edited] F were u thinking WG... from some time to now, the ppl that makes this events dunno what the hell they smoke. Is not that hard you know?
  2. SilentSorrow

    Lexington DCP clarification?

    I see, thank you all for the answers.
  3. Hmm can some1 check this pics and explain me how the hell DCP works on Lexington or CVs in general? Or the time to put out a fire normally? Because I don't play them and looked really weird to me. Just look at the game timer between every action. Thanks in advance.
  4. SilentSorrow

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    Lot of bad CV players over here, I'm tired of being obliterated by CVs, and not only in DDs (which I no longer play them thanks to the rebroke), CVs doing 20k dmg with just 2 bombs to my Musashi; losing 40k+ HP with the strike of just 1 sqn... come on, stop crying, u have it really easy, u don't have to worry about concealment, angling, cross fires, positioning, changing ammo, aiming and shooting objectives at 15+ kms, while if I'm in my IJN DD, specially at high tiers with 2 CVs on the enemy (something which is ver common right now) I'm practically useless or dead after 5 mins. All the CVs say and repeat over and over is, use your fleet AA, group up... but when u are in the last 5 mins of a game with 4 or 5 ships per team... 2 CVs is a freaking huge advantage, specially when they can hit u hard without having even a 5% of chances of being in danger or running out planes (something I didn't see yet, despite all cry CVs constantly repeat "we don't have infinite planes"). And I don't wanna even go to the topic of CVs when they are already dead, and still sinking ships with full control of what they can do or go, or (dunno if this was fix it already) the god mode after the 1st launch that Yuro showed in I think it was his last video. What? U don't hit hard enough at Tier 6? Hell, a LOT of ships don't hit hard at that tier, play damn Edinburgh in a almost full tier 10 game and u will see what not hitting hard is. World of warships was ok before the rebroke, after that, is just damn crap, and your only solution (for some ships, most IJN) is just looking the damn squadrons fly over your head and see the bombs coming. Like I've said many times, when you have to change the entire game to fix just one thing... well, you are doing something really wrong.
  5. SilentSorrow

    Turning Pink because of one torpedo is stupid WG.

    Today got pink cause a friendly DD sailed inches near to my broadside when I was shooting my guns while in zoom view... Wanted to kill him for real... At least I would have a good reason to be pink.
  6. 200+ planes... in which dimension CVs have more than 100 planes each? And neither of them ran out of planes... You can say anything you want ppl, but here are the numbers, just do the math... And planes aren't like torps or even shells... they are much worst, specially in a DD or a IJN ship
  7. SilentSorrow

    I thought CV's were nerfed against DD's?

    Yeah no infinite planes my damn [edited].... 200+ planes only in 2 CVs hahaha yeah yeah... sure, they don't have infinite planes....
  8. SilentSorrow

    How does one defend against this??

    And ppl still say CVs don't have infinite planes hahahaha probably not, they just have like 500 planes/CV right?
  9. Still haven't found a damn single game were a CV ran out of planes (good CV players and really bad ones)... till then they have infinite planes, dont come with [edited] arguments. End of the discussion.
  10. SilentSorrow

    Carrier role redefined by players in-game

    Never blame the CV, only thing that bothers me is when u ask for some spotting in an area cause you know there is something there and they don't care at all. But most of the times at least in my games are very cooperative, even more than other classes... Hell, lately I've seen tier 10 BBs more in the back than CVs...
  11. SilentSorrow

    I thought CV's were nerfed against DD's?

    And even if the CV is not good, only needs to harass you for like 5+ min with the infinite planes and u are powerless against that as well, had a lot of games were I couldn't do literally anything because was perma spotted and perma bombed by the enemy CV. Only way to avoid that is going behind your fleet just to be insulted by them because you are not doing "your job". And IJN DDs... jeez crappy AA, if u wanna use your fast reload consumable, forget about the smoke, IJN only way to counter a CV is run to your bottom line. But... thats kinda the regular thing with IJN ships... WG don't like them too much.
  12. SilentSorrow

    FINAL WEEK - Earn Exeter FREE!

    Second set of monthly missions that I get the same problem, x mission says only DDs and cruiser, and only shows DDs... and if I use a cruiser, it doesn't count me the achievements I made.
  13. SilentSorrow

    Please let me have the choice

    Nope, I think I'll probably prefer to stop playing, maybe will do way too occasionaly... fixing something while breaking other is not very efficient at all. Reminds me of a joke in my country, hey I bought a brand new PS4; how u did it? I sold the TV... While CV have infinite airplanes, I have my AA occupied shooting fkn bombers that can do like how, 2% of my total HP?... And leave the torps alone, hey they can only take away 50% of my hp... seems logical... But I kinda understand the reasoning behind that, since WOWS is full of idiots even in tier 10 that still don't know how important is to focus DDs. Have to deal with this "rework" and at the same time have to deal with the more and more brainless and stupid teams is too much. And... "suck it up like a man"... is being submissive... and then ppl complains about gaming companies doing whatever they want. Probably the best thing to do is come back in like a month or two when they'll have this CV thing completely or almost completely fixed.
  14. Just that WG, if you want to keep the CV like now or the AA basic system like now, keep it, but pls give me the choice on what squadron I want to shoot down, if I'm in a BB I dont care if a bombing sq is getting close or even a missile sq, I WANT TO SHOOT DOWN THE TORP SQ or at least make them scatter their launch a little more. If I'm in a DD probably I wanna shoot down the bombing squadron or the missile one before the torps sq, easier to dodge ofc. I don't want to shoot in a general position, left or right only, or have 90% of my AA (really [edited] AA if I'm in a JPN BB) occupied shooting down fighters or dive bombers, I want to have his full attention on the bigger threat!! Like I've said, probably torps if I'm in a BB, bombs or missiles if DD, and cruisers... probably like all of them. Just keep the AA system like now if you want to, but if I pick to reinforce my right side, at least give me the choice to focus fire on the bigger threat for me of the 2 or 3 squadrons that are attacking, cause most of the time if a CV focus on you, you gonna have 3 diff squadrons attacking you (for example 2 bombs, 1 torp; 1 torp, 1 missile, 1 bomb).
  15. 2... with a 5 min warning to let you know if you are making a mistake or not... That's not accident, I'm sorry.