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  1. Airjockey


    So you think subs are ( OP ) huh, !!! Well I think subs are completely defenseless. Subs in general have no way to ward off a ship attack. While the Thrasher has a 102 mm water pistol and the Sturdy has a 76 mm pop gun there pretty useless. All subs suffer from the lack of speed and there's no way to jam radar. You can think there ( OP ) but I'm starting to think you don't even play subs, for if you did you would see the true disadvantage subs have. If your the type of captain that uses the acoustic torps then you would know that as soon as you ping your target there fighters come straight to your location and drop a surprise for you at the same time your acoustic torps get jammed and well you lose. you could basically say that's a form of cheating your target gets to farm free damage and you get nothing. The reality is in real life its actually very difficult to find a sub that's stalking a ship. This is an arcade game, subs in my opinion can be very frustrating to play, but if you think this is difficult you can almost guarantee that the subs of the near future will have some kind of jamming and be more stealthy. The ships counter defensive may have some kind of ( CD ) to make the subs have a fighting chance. I firmly believe that subs are here to stay. Maybe instead of raging here you step up your A game !! You have a right to think that subs are broken but threatening Wargaming and threatening to boycott the game and take other players with you is a great way to get tossed out of forums and have your account deleted.
  2. Airjockey

    Grab Your Santa's Gift in Good Time

    Wargaming, Really !!! This Christmas dropped $250.00 on Santa Creates, got 7 ships nothing worth talking about. Dropped another $80 yesterday " 0 " ships just trash containers ......Your Welcome for the $$$,,,,,,,,,,,, Stop giving credits and the same garbage signals 0 AA signals of course not !!! Please don't give USELESS CAMO's !!! It feels cheap
  3. Airjockey

    Hamburg Dockyard: Admiral Schröder

    Just another " CASH GRAB " Remember its not gambling, but you need to be 18 yrs old !!!!
  4. Some of the permənənt camo's that were offered before this whole economic debacle were between 3000 to 8000 gold, and had economic bonuses. Some of these camo's can still be purchased in game. Unfortunately greedy WG removes the bonuses and keeps the price the same, how convenient !!! WG you have to remember your the ones that stirred the pot on all this economic bonus [edited], players didn't have any problems with the camo or the use of camo and very few were taking advantage of high XP / credit bonuses that you made seem like they had an advantage over other players. As I remember that was part of the reason for this whole rework. Now you want your players to buy with there hard earned $$$ camo to make your rust bucket pretty and you have the nerve to remove the bonus. Tell me WG why would I buy camo if it has no economic value ?? I just don't get it !!! Sure if you left the camo's with an economic bonus I'd be interested in buying new camo from the junk shop. But that's not the case right now..... WG you know you can still make this right, just add the bonus back to the camo's and if you want start designing and selling new premium camo's in the store I'm sure that players would open there wallet. Its a no brainier !!!
  5. Airjockey

    Battle Pass: Play and Earn Rewards!

    I don't get it, this is just another cash grab !!! So let me get this right, I give you $10.00 and you give me 7,500 coal and 5 million credits ? This is hot garbage there's nothing premium about this. The premium with bonus is $25.00 again just another cash grab. I was thinking this would be like the battle pass in World Of Tanks but its not just another way to increase your bottom line and siphon more $$ out of players pockets. Why is it Wargaming that this games players always gets the short end of the stick ? World Of Tanks got the Halloween garage / World of Warships got no Halloween port ...... World Of Tanks get a really good Battlepass / World of warships gets a cash grab... Every event feels less every year, but the one thing that never changes is your way of coursing players to spend $$ on hot garbage !!!
  6. Airjockey

    Behind the Ships: At the Helm With LORDOFDROID

    Remember ( Backward - Foreword - Backward - Foreword )
  7. Airjockey

    WG: Karma System Abuse on Sub Players

    The Karma system was implemented in the early stages of the game, today Karma means absolutely nothing in the game. Karma really needs to be removed. The newer players think Karma is everything not knowing what the real reason it was implemented. The game has changed in so many ways that its not worth even paying attention to. I could see if this was an e-game and was world wide competitive, but its not and never will be. If your worrying that much about your Karma then maybe this isn't the game for you !!!
  8. Airjockey

    Heritage of Hellas: Velos in the Armory

    I'm done playing the cash grab game, played your game with subs and it cost me $140.00. Nickle and dimming me to death buy these bundles, buy that bundle at 5000 dubs at a time insane !!!! No more how about you just offer the ship and camo for one price !! You don't nickle and dime your player base to death that's just wrong and shows just how greedy you are !!!
  9. Airjockey

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    Oh yah this is a camo for my North Carolina. I don't remember how I got it. I was think you were talking about Rasputin, I heard you cant get it anymore not really sure !!
  10. Airjockey

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    A monster ? There's no monster you must be thinking of the ( Heat Ray camo ) with the fat monster that shows in port but not in battle. The rare camo is Rasputin but as I understand that camo is now not available anymore !!! Frankly I only know one player that has Rasputin camo....... Maybe another player has more info into that camo if that's the camo your talking about.....
  11. Airjockey

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    With the influx of noob players this year and there lack of coordination that they show I'm not expecting much from this event. Last year was pretty much a $%&# show. Players had no clue what to do, and with little instruction battles were generally losses. After all these years this event has taken place I would have expected a revamp to freshen the battle. The only thing I'm looking forward to is buying those ugly pumpkins with useless camo's and more expendable signals in the junk shop.
  12. Airjockey

    Godzilla vs. Kong: The Titans Return

    WG you really need to reverse the economic changes you made to camo's, I just don't get it, you want to sell these creates for players hard earned $$$ and you give them a pretty painting that has no value !! There was no reason that camo's needed to be changed you can justify it all you want but the fact is this was a bad change !! Because of this change and the no economic value that you have placed on camo there's no reason to even bother buying these containers. Who cares that there's a gorilla hanging on my ship in port its not in combat and there's no economic value so its pointless. I'm starting to feel bored and I think lots of other players feel the same. Now you have to work double duty to get where you were prior to these ridiculous changes. If its not a cash grab or some insane economic changes its something else, one things for sure, its not about your player base anymore !!!
  13. Airjockey

    Dockyard: Building Puerto Rico

    This is just another cash grab, If your lazy like me and would rather just buy it out right with dubs it will cost you $223.00 Well you could justify the price with all the free goodies but there not free your actually paying for them. This is just another pooper offer, maybe one day when you guys get your heads out of the clouds and come back to earth with a reasonable price maybe I'll be interested......
  14. Airjockey

    Summer Days in the Armory

    Oh look another WG " Cash Grab " Remember kids its not gambling !!! You know WG removing the permabonuses from the permacamos doesn't really make sense, why would I or anyone want to spend there hard earned $$ for something that offers nothing except a pretty face ?? I just don't get it !!! The reality of this whole economic rework wasn't about your players making more XP or credits, it was about finding a way to put more of your player bases hard earned $$ in your pocket !! You can call this whole debacle what you want but what you should have done was increase XP and credits and left the peracamo / camo bonus alone. What I'm seeing and hearing in battle is players don't see a reason to add CAMO ANYMORE !!!! Because they feel the camo cost is absurd and eats into there battle earnings. Who in there right mind would pay 90,000 credits for a 1 time use camo that offers nothing ??? Right no one !!! So what makes you think people are going to spend money on these useless crates. I just don't get it WG what happened to giving to your players like you did 10 years ago ?? We used to get a free ship every now and again it wasnt that great but it was still fun now its all about $$$ and really Im getting sick of being taken for a fool !!!
  15. Airjockey

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    The current collector badges in the game are ugly as sin !! The old badges witch appear above look amazing to bad they were removed.