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  1. Airjockey

    Summer Days in the Armory

    Oh look another WG " Cash Grab " Remember kids its not gambling !!! You know WG removing the permabonuses from the permacamos doesn't really make sense, why would I or anyone want to spend there hard earned $$ for something that offers nothing except a pretty face ?? I just don't get it !!! The reality of this whole economic rework wasn't about your players making more XP or credits, it was about finding a way to put more of your player bases hard earned $$ in your pocket !! You can call this whole debacle what you want but what you should have done was increase XP and credits and left the peracamo / camo bonus alone. What I'm seeing and hearing in battle is players don't see a reason to add CAMO ANYMORE !!!! Because they feel the camo cost is absurd and eats into there battle earnings. Who in there right mind would pay 90,000 credits for a 1 time use camo that offers nothing ??? Right no one !!! So what makes you think people are going to spend money on these useless crates. I just don't get it WG what happened to giving to your players like you did 10 years ago ?? We used to get a free ship every now and again it wasnt that great but it was still fun now its all about $$$ and really Im getting sick of being taken for a fool !!!
  2. Airjockey

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    The current collector badges in the game are ugly as sin !! The old badges witch appear above look amazing to bad they were removed.
  3. Airjockey

    Flag-o-Rama 2022

    This is a no brainier !!! Sure I'll participate, thousands of signals I got from ST that rarely used can be burned !! Burn away
  4. Airjockey

    The Return of Black and a New Web Campaign

    I don't get it WG, why does it have to be this complicated ? First you need to buy this bundle that includes credits and some signals, then you need to buy that bundle, then you need to buy this bundle and then you need to spend this amount of dubs, but wait there's a coupon if you buy this amount of dubs you get this amount off.. Are you kidding me !! all this for a ship ?? Were not mining for gold here,,,,,, its a ship !!! We all know it boils down to $$$ so why bother with buy this bundle and buy that bundle and buy these dubs. Everything is buy, buy, buy enough already !! Just put a darn price on it and move on...... insane !!!! Please stop using the word bundle - A bundle is a collection of things. A few signals and some credits are not bundles you use that word to make it look like your getting a lot when really your getting much less. How about you use the word ( package ) Its more suitable. ** Welcome to World of Warships Cash Grab ** Remember its not gambling !!!!
  5. Airjockey

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    Wargaming you still haven't fixed this ?? Every year Easter comes and every year this is broken !!! Not working on NA server, Not working in CO-OP or Randoms !!! Somethings never change
  6. Airjockey

    Superships in the Tech Tree

    Wargaming, I just don't understand this concept, you say you want6 players to focus on tier X but then you add XI so if you want players to focus on tier X why add tier XI !!! Then you say only players that have 3 tier X ships have access to super ships, Well I have 10 tierX ships and there are 0 super ships in my tech tree. Lastly who's the brain that came up with repair costs of 360,000 credits ?? This price is just stupid and makes no sense !!! Be ready for the influx of new players they will rush up the tech tree line or just buy ties X premiums just to get access to super ships and the typical trash player game play will continue. All this just sounds like another cash grab !!!
  7. Airjockey

    Lighthouse Auction: Schlieffen

    ** Welcome to World of Warships Cash Grab ** Remember its not gambling !!!!
  8. Airjockey

    Twitch Drops in Update 0.10.7

    Thank for the info I'll have to try try your technique, you sure hit the nail on the head when you said ( They fiddle and fiddle with crap until it isn't fun and that destroys everything. ) isn't that the truth, just look at the state of this game !!! Broken subs, broken torps, under water obstacles, the list is endless !!! Happy sailing .....
  9. Airjockey

    Twitch Drops in Update 0.10.7

    Sorry but 90 minutes is to long for 1 Twitch Container, 4 Hours imagine that. Nothing like watching 2 bozo's that suck, play for 4 hours !! For that amount of time you should be giving a few beers and 4 Twitch Containers, wouldn't be so bad if the Twitch Containers actually had maybe a new Twitch Port or a Free ship in it !! I'm sorry but if given the choice of watching these clowns play commanders or sitting in the gas chamber Id take the gas chamber !!! Its sad how this game has changed for the worst of the past 6 years, It was an amazing time in the beginning, players were appreciated and WG took care of the community. Today this game makes me feel like your alone in a doggy dog world !! The amount a free ships, camos, signals, were amazing but today there is nothing free, not even these crummy empty Twitch Containers that don't justifie anyone to sit in front of a monitor and watch for hours on end !!!!
  10. Airjockey

    Update 0.10.6. — "Dutch Cruisers: Part 1"

    Wow another Dasha commander,,,,,Boring !!! Its interesting WG when I look back in history of all the famous warship commanders I don't see a Dasha. Introduce new ships but don't introduce a new captain some things never change...... I'm done !!!
  11. Airjockey

    Watch Official Streams to Receive Rewards!

    I just don't get it, you want your player base to watch hours upon hours of these streams every week. You rake in the $$$ and we get containers that are not even worth the time we put in watch robots play this broken game. You know World Of Tanks doesn't do this sorta thing !! Pretty sad that you need to con your player base into watch boring people play this broken game for containers that we get in the game. Always a catch and you wonder why your servers are bare !!!!!
  12. Airjockey

    Godzilla vs. Kong Comes to World of Warships

    Who's playing this bath tubs anymore ???? No one !!! Camos look pretty cool but these two ships are turds maybe to spice it up you can have Godzilla hold a Verizon flag and King Kong holding an AT&T Flag I wont ask what they cost, Ive seen enough
  13. Airjockey

    Italian Battleships Premium Containers

    Whats up with these prices ???
  14. Airjockey

    Armada: Marco Polo

    WG did your ST team actually test this ship !!! The streamer I watched last night lol hit more water then enemy ship and you want to charge $198.00 for this floating bath tub Then I watched a destroyer make ( Marco Swiss Cheese out of it ), grated and ready to be placed on top of a bowl of linguine !!!!!
  15. Airjockey

    Updated Visual Effects Review

    Nice work, its welcomed !!! If your able to run this game on ultra settings you'll be amazed, but after awhile you'll realize that this game is in the past for graphics. My biggest issue with the graphics is the scenery there is none witch makes repetitious battles boring. Maps are plain they feel empty, there's nothing appealing to look at. The other issue is the ports. Port graphics are 1997 graphics, blockey buildings that have no character of there own no detail frankly if you have a zoom mode you can see that the building are actually blurry. New York's port is sad..... When I think of life like graphics I look towards the map in WOT Province. Buildings look real windows look like glass you can see through them exc. That's what this game needs real like graphics that are inviting to the eye and make you want to play not what we have today !!!! I do agree the game needs lots of fixing. I think we all can agree that radar has ruined this game. It seems like every ship has radar and radar can pen islands witch is not reality. I cant tell you the last time I played a DD must be atleast a year ago or more. Whats the point you hide in your smoke only to get radared. its insanity