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  1. shotgunedd

    If you live in Florida..

    Also Orlando area (born and raised) here. o7. Made it through ok, hopefully you are likewise fine.
  2. shotgunedd

    1980's version of wows?

    I guess they could try a sandbox proof-of-concept with WoWs: Falklands. A bonus is it might finally put some genuine oomph into the currently-ignored Pan-American line. Argentina by that time had a reasonably formidable fleet and Air Force. Had some of their bombs and torpedoes not detonated due to failing to arm for various reasons, the British were probably suffered nearly double thier recorded losses (and engagement distances were still satisfyingly close from the perspective of arcade-style gameplay).
  3. The only time it’s ever changed for me was when I was messing with my screen resolution settings so if that’s changing that could be it.
  4. shotgunedd

    Does Friesland's captain become Dutch too?

    See this is exactly the kind of issue I saw immanent in The move to do a specifically dutch cruiser line rather than a pan euro cruiser line with mostly Dutch ships. So if that’s what’s happening with the cruisers why don’t they just called them the ‘Swedish’ destroyers and be done with it. Friesland can be a premium Dutch destroyer and they can make the captain on a Dutch because this is their [edited]sloppy national categorization at work.
  5. shotgunedd

    I'm becoming an Italian weeaboo

    I submit ‘Spaghettiboo’ if the resolution on pastaboo doesn’t make it through the WG senate.
  6. shotgunedd

    buff roma

    One issue that might be helpful is deciding the best range to use the guns at. I would say anywhere between six and 12 km is the sweet spot for best results.
  7. shotgunedd

    buff roma

    This is actually a hidden advantage. Once you’re close enough to not miss you also don’t need to hit at a perfect broadside you can shoot at somewhat more difficult angles and still get pens. I’ll say this I have a great time playing the Roma and get great performance out of it but clearly there are a lot of frustrated people out there and an additional buff or two to the ship (even just adding SAP) would be a nice gesture from wargaming.
  8. shotgunedd

    buff roma

    I think the Roma excelles as an active maneuvering ship With great armor and gun handling. She’s a close in brawler, and at those ranges, her bad dispersion is no obstacle to racking up cits on hapless crusiers All that said, SAP on a BB, plus a slight buff to dispersion, would be a welcome development. Italian premiums have the oddity of having no implementation of SAP, despite it being the most popular and distinctive attribute of the CL line. How about some synergy wargaming?
  9. shotgunedd

    Disappearing Shells Bug...WG fix this.

    Nearly every time this happens the reload meter for each gun indicates that they’re all full loaded and ready to go.
  10. shotgunedd

    Disappearing Shells Bug...WG fix this.

    I’ve seen it happen fairly often when I’m switching shell types. I’ll have a salvo full of the old type ready to go but then I actually fire and only half or less actually leaves the guns and travels to the other ship. The only thing that would cause this effect on purpose is a partial ripple fire but that’s clearly not what I’m trying to do. Once the new type of ammo loads everything’s fine again but that is still mathematically impossible and a pretty frustrating moment of gameplay.
  11. shotgunedd

    Legion Aquila on RM ships

    It's in the picture from the original post.. Between the lifeboat and the raft on the side of the middle turret.
  12. shotgunedd

    Legion Aquila on RM ships

    Fritz X too it seems.
  13. shotgunedd

    Best US ship for Alexander Ovechkin?

    I like him on my Alaska.