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  1. I made it all the way to phase 9 this time. My best showing yet, considering I'm not grinding it at all.
  2. Bogart1943

    Daily routine

    Nice! I picked up the Loyang B in the Christmas gift containers this year, it's a nice little ship! Congrats!
  3. Maybe a lot of people left tanks to come here. I know that's what I did. There were a lot of one sided games in tanks, which is one of the reasons I left that game.
  4. Bogart1943

    Lost but...

    Nice game. Sometimes you have more fun losing than winning.
  5. Bogart1943

    That was fun.

    When it happens to me, I log out and back in. Then I type in chat what happened so my team understands. That usually keeps the peace.
  6. Bogart1943

    Gave it the ole college try!

    I'm still trying to get the hang of the planes. I tend to release too early and not lead enough. I'll eventually figure it out. You're right though, these types of games keep it interesting. teachable moments as they say, that's how we improve.
  7. It was a loss, but an entertaining loss. 20230118_221512_PJSB526-Ise_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  8. Bogart1943

    DD win, but Could be Better

    Like you, I'm a BB main. It was cool to watch your replay. I also have been dabbling in DD land and some cruisers too. I found your replay entertaining. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Bogart1943

    What's the most toxic ship class?

    I honestly don't play Warplanes enough to have an opinion.
  10. Bogart1943

    triple coal

    I'm keeping my mouth shut on how many I've received this past month. This was my 8th drop in the past month, it came today.
  11. Bogart1943

    Why do subs exist

    Why? Because they did. I hate playing against them, but I don't hate the player that plays them and I'm glad they are in the game. Variety being the spice of life and all... I like ellipses... they leave so much left unsaid.
  12. Bogart1943

    What's the most toxic ship class?

    Wheeled tanks and Artillery. Oh, wait wrong game! Funny isn't it? You can change games but the same basic problems seem to follow you to the next one... I suggest we just concentrate on playing the game.
  13. Bogart1943

    State Yer Name

    Ha Ha! I used that line a gazillion times in my Navy days! I was wondering if that's where your name came from, now I know for sure. Cool, way cool bro.