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  1. Gen_Saris

    8.6 INSANITY

    An extremely vocal minority drowns out the majority. Something that very nearly happened in the last US Presidential election. Learn about the tactics and you'll see them being used everywhere.
  2. Gen_Saris

    8.6 INSANITY

    WoT was insanely successful for the first few years b/c there was no competition. Now there are dozens of games based upon the same basic principles, with a flavor twist here or there... WoWS being one of them. Pretty easy to be #1 when you are the only kid on the block, but you've got to work hard to keep that place when others start infringing on your turf.
  3. Gen_Saris

    8.6 INSANITY

    With freedom comes RESPONSIBILITY. Sadly American schools and American parents aren't doing a good job of instilling this message in future generations anymore. "Those foolish enough to exchange essential liberties for the promise of temporary safety deserve NEITHER."
  4. Gen_Saris

    8.6 INSANITY

    The man at the helm has his sailing orders, and he is going to follow them come hell or high water. They'll milk the playerbase for all it is worth, then roll out another "World of" title and do it all over again, with minimal changes. I suppose you heard about WG's acquisition of the company that made Fractured Space. Well guess what WG is going to make next... in fact I'm reasonably sure World of Spacecraft is already in the early phases of development. It will be a good game for 2 or 3 years, then it will go down the tubes just like every other WG title. Nothing wrong with playing the game or spending money on it... just be aware that the lifespan is limited when you go in.
  5. Gen_Saris

    Did ramming change?

    Ramming in this game has always been silly. The amount of damage a ship does in a ram should always be equal to its remaining HP. If your 30k hp cruiser hits a 10k hp DD then the DD is sunk and your cruiser takes 10k damage. If a BB on 1k health decides to ram as a last act of defiance, it should only do 1k damage... as that is how much of the ship is remaining. It's simple, it's logical, it's straight forward... which is why it's not that way in game.
  6. Gen_Saris

    8.6 INSANITY

    Every MMO has a life cycle, and WoWS is on the downslope. Player interest peaked just before the CV rework, and we will never see it that high again. Now we get three or four years of the long slow decline towards death. Look at WoT, they're just about 2 years further down the path than WoWS. That game isn't even a shadow of its former self anymore.
  7. IFHE needed changing, armor values did NOT. This is going to effect everything. What group of players were asking for this change?
  8. Gen_Saris

    Can't see your #'s increasing

    Depends on what the OP is looking for in the game. Admittedly co-op and randoms are two completely different animals and, largely, require different skill sets to succeed at. This being said, basic mechanics like hitting a moving target are the same in every mode.
  9. Gen_Saris

    Can't see your #'s increasing

    The learning curve is pretty steep, and coming to the scene several years late doesn't help. Most players have had thousands of battles to practice.
  10. All this in an attempt to get players back into lower tiers when the simplest solution to a top heavy playerbase is to spoil the profitability of top tier play. If you lost money at tier 10 no matter what players would necessarily spend less time playing there.
  11. This. My interest in WoWS has been waning since the magical CV rework. NTS may finally be enough for me to click "uninstall"...
  12. Re-grind ships I already suffered through? No thanks. This is simply absurd.
  13. Gen_Saris

    What Sinks The Bots

    No no. Georgia IS a torpedo. I've had a couple of matches in mine with 2 ram kills and she kept right on sailing. Something that size moving at 40kts is mighty hard to dodge.
  14. Gen_Saris

    Georgia, to buy or not to buy. That is the question.

    Works well in co-op's 5 minute brawls... though I still prefer Tirp with her torpedo punch. Nothing like sailing between 2 bots and sinking them both.
  15. Gen_Saris

    Georgia, to buy or not to buy. That is the question.

    I have several other DDs, none of them have engines/rudders as fragile as Agile and Le Terb. As soon as you repair the next hit will take one or both out again, so you just don't repair and spend the match sailing around with engine & rudder damage. Last Stand doesn't "remove" the problem either. Your speed and maneuverability are still gimped.