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  1. Gen_Saris

    Post 8.0, biggest problem remains...

    None of WG's titles have EVER taught players how to play. Newbies are thrown to the wolves and expected to figure it out along the way... or they can eventually lose their way to tier 10.
  2. Likely the truth. If people don't freak out over a major change to an "OP" premium then every premium is up for changes.
  3. Gen_Saris

    Alot of Tension out there now.

    In my experiences once people start hitting the door you aren't likely to get them back. Trying to attract new players with something that chases your veteran players away is a bad idea.
  4. Gen_Saris

    Alot of Tension out there now.

    Wouldn't be the first time it's happened... won't be the last. The developers think they know the customer better than the customer knows himself.
  5. Gen_Saris

    possible solution for GC situation

    I can tell you now that, short of completely reinventing the ship, it will be fodder for tier 8s. No tier 6 ship has guns that small. Now maybe if they want to "battlecruiser" the thing and make it a 1-tier lower Scharnhorst... but the main battery reload time and performance of the secondary guns is going to need a lot of work.
  6. Gen_Saris

    possible solution for GC situation

    How exactly is a weak and useless tier 6 worth more than a powerful tier 5? Perhaps if you sell it, but as far as gameplay that "value" players paid for is being horribly eroded by uptiering the ship.
  7. Gen_Saris

    Warspite - T6 Monster

    Mutsu has become my favorite for tier 6 ops. Those 16" guns are great for nuking cruisers and BBs.
  8. Gen_Saris

    Carrier is Weak

    This is why aircraft don't belong in a game about artillery ships.
  9. Gen_Saris

    Carrier is Weak

    All I can tell you is that CVs can't output enough damage to carry their own weight in operations or co-op. Every one I see finishes at the bottom. They've been turned from 1-shot cross drop killers into spotting harassment tools and bots don't respond to being spotted or harassed.
  10. Gen_Saris

    General RNGodness! who is she?

    I actually got the tier 8 DD from a "regular" Chinese new year crate. Perhaps b/c it wasn't something I wanted or even cared about. I have the tier 2 ship in that line... that's all.
  11. Gen_Saris

    Alot of Tension out there now.

    Part of that is an effect of time. Because it is possible to make a good amount of credits and XP on a loss the baddies will eventually lose their way to the top. This has to happen because otherwise those players would hit a skill wall and, unable to advance further, would stop playing... and where would our unicums be without a healthy crop of potatoes to harvest?
  12. I'm actually enjoying co-op since the patch. Bot CVs replaced by BBs adds a whole lot of meat to the enemy team, and player CVs are even more worthless than usual... so more targets for everyone else to go after.
  13. Gen_Saris

    Alot of Tension out there now.

    We tried to tell them they couldn't force people to do something they didn't want to do. Unfortunately they didn't listen and went right on with their plans. A developer that is deaf to the cries of their players won't have players for long. Seen it happen to a LOT of MMOs over the past 20 years.
  14. Gen_Saris

    Alot of Tension out there now.

    Likely this. Many players taking a break while the game essentially goes back into beta to test a largely unwanted major change.
  15. Gen_Saris

    possible solution for GC situation

    If they knew it was broken why wait nearly 2 years to change it? That is what play testing before general release is supposed to uncover. No sir, this is a blatant bait-and-switch. Nobody would have bought GC at tier 6 because it would be a turd. So they made it a powerful tier 5 and players showed up with cash. Now that they've gotten the cash they want to neuter the ship and pass out virtual currency, which costs them nothing to create, to anyone who is disappointed. I don't care that they can legally do so. It is a terrible business decision that is going to have zero positive effect on the game but will leave a bad taste in the mouths of paying customers. It also sets the precedent that, if they get away with it this time, no premium will be safe from major alterations which may turn them into mere shadows of their former selves.