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  1. I imagine they didn't get permission from the Japanese to use those names on the models like that. Otherwise why remove them?
  2. I'd be more tempted to keep them if I had the option to replace smoke with repair party.
  3. Just need to give them the option to mount repair party instead of the less useful smoke.
  4. In original stock configuration as a tier 9 free XP ship to complement Missouri... ... ... exactly as predicted.
  5. Should give the option to replace smoke with repair party on these ships.
  6. Sadly I'm pretty sure it IS going to happen here, and there is nothing "we" can do to stop it.
  7. If that happened with any sort of regularity they wouldn't be unicums. I don't believe the player base is large enough here to do it, but over at WoT the suggestion has been made multiple times that players be placed in 4 tiers based on win rate, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. This way when you drop in a match you would only face players in the same tier as you, who were roughly as good as you. BUT I have a feeling there would be a lot less unicums if they had to face players of a similar skill level every match. A lot of these guys pad their stats by playing low tiers and picking on poor or inexperienced players.
  8. High tier ships often lose money on a win. This force players to go to lower tiers in order to bankroll their high tier play and has the side-effect of keeping the "core" tiers of the game (5,6,7) heavily populated with players.
  9. Amazingly enough some of us play just for the entertainment value and don't devote our entire lives to pixel ships.
  10. No. It's called power creep, something that every game suffers from. In order to get players to keep spending money the new toys have to be incrementally better than the old ones. Two years of that gets us OR & GC, both of which make old Texas look like a joke.
  11. People complain about T5 ships being unable to compete in the T7 matches they commonly end up in. Here's an answer to the problem, and now the cry of "OP" goes up. Well, which is it?
  12. Agreed. KGV at 7 is decent, but virtually the same ship pushed one tier higher just feels lackluster. I'm not at all impressed with Monarch.
  13. One million times THIS. In a competitive PvP oriented game such as this the vanilla way should be the only way to play, any modification of any kind creates the potential of giving the player using it an unfair advantage. Eliminate the confusion and just ban all mods.
  14. Tirp is still OP. Decent guns, solid armor, world beating secondaries AND torps. Plus 30kt speed. I don't see a downside. Bama hits hard, but her wonky shell flight times make aiming a pain. I like Kii, guns are easy to use, AA is good to keep planes away, torps are a nice surprise for anything that gets too close. Just gotta remember that she's a battle CRUISER... don't rely on her armor.
  15. I'm hoping we will see HMS Dreadnought as the new T3 premium BB