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  1. Gen_Saris

    Premium Ship Review: Florida

    An utter garbage boat even for co-op and ops. Inferior armor compared to other tier 7 BBs, even by 1mm, means you are very frequently the focus of AI attention b/c the bots will fire at the squishiest thing they have line-of-site on. This leaves Florida feeling like a large slow cruiser with a poor RoF. You'll often find every single ship on the map firing at you, so you don't tend to live very long. Increasing bow and stern armor to match the other T7 BBs would mitigate this issue and make the ship much more satisfying to play in PvE engagements. As it stands even Duke of York is better than this thing. A real disappointment for USN fans looking for something better at tier 7 than Craporado.
  2. Gen_Saris

    Florida: Buyers remorse...

    So what was the reasoning for giving FL 25mm bow armor when all the other T7 BBs have 26mm? Can't even bow tank vs 16" guns... just gets obliterated in co-op b/c bots always focus on the weakest target they can see... might as well be driving a cruiser.
  3. Gen_Saris

    Smolensk is a disgrace

    Yeah, pretty much this. Maybe the odd $10 here or there, but not interested in any more ships... have too many as it is.
  4. Yes... co-op is being taken over by them too. It's bad enough dealing with the OPness of Atlanta... but now to have one, with smoke, at tier X. Ridiculous.
  5. It's hilarious that they removed Belfast and Kutuzov, which where basically the same thing... then roll this thing out.
  6. Gen_Saris

    Conqueror citadel

    So they made it just like Yamato now. Lovely.
  7. Gen_Saris

    Is DD in Coop more powerful than other classes?

    Easy to hide in smoke, where bots ignore you, or hump an island where you aren't seen... wait for a bot to sail by then point blank derp them. Very little skill involved.
  8. Gen_Saris

    An Interesting Experiment In Co-Op

    I did over 10k randoms in WoT before throwing in the towel. Had my fill of WG's particular variety of PvP.
  9. Gen_Saris

    An Interesting Experiment In Co-Op

    Randoms = NOT fun... the leading reason many of us play co-op. If I wanted to beat my head against a wall for hours I'd do that instead of playing randoms.
  10. Gen_Saris

    Not worth the bother today.

    Bah! Programming quality AI takes time and effort... I.E. $$$ That's why PvP titles have flooded the market over the past decade, they're MUCH cheaper for developers to create. Minimal effort, maximum profit.
  11. Gen_Saris

    6 CV match

    Doubt I played? Feel free to look me up, same name as on here.
  12. Gen_Saris

    6 CV match

    Armored Warfare is dead... their PvE was initially good, but waiting 15 minutes for a 5-man queue to drop then facing enemies up to 4 tiers higher than you is worthless. That game had a good run of about a year, then they went "balans 2.0" and tried to become a WoT clone... now its garbage.
  13. Gen_Saris

    Losing Raptor

    So many players lose the mission trying to chase the optionals. Don't ever trust a pubbie.
  14. Gen_Saris

    New AI with the patch?

    There are certainly different levels of AI in existence. I believe WG leaves co-op bots on "stupid" so as not to compete with randoms.
  15. Gen_Saris


    I love Mutsu for tier 6 ops. WV's 16" guns tend to overpen the lower tier targets often found in ops, but Mutsu's don't. The few extra kts of speed vs either WV or Warspite are nice too, and the torps can actually be quite useful as bots sail in predictable patterns.