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  1. Server Issues

    You broke it during Clan Battles... ... ... OK, who forgot to feed the hamsters?
  2. When WG starts giving away premium ships for FREE that should tell you it's not worth anything. Indy would be passable if she were brought down to tier 6 as an alternative to Pensacola, but at tier 7 she just isn't competitive.
  3. BIG fan of the Thrawn trilogy. The graphic novels published by Dark Horse comics were outstanding.
  4. The new "main storyline" Star Wars movies are garbage. I read many of the post-Return of the Jedi books and comics during my youth, and the storyline they lay out is MUCH better than this garbage we're getting now. The other Star Wars movies, on the other hand, (Rogue One, Solo) have been excellent side stories dancing around the original trilogy arc.
  5. Yay more ships for the French. Can't help but notice HMS Vanguard hasn't been released to give the Brits a tier 8 Premium BB. Japs have a T8 Prem BB.... US has TWO... Germans have one... French have one... no love for the Royal Navy though.
  6. Torpedos Not Launching

    Yes... having to click multiple times before torps actually launch. Happens all the time.
  7. One of the few Premiums that I have sold. Complete piece of garbage.
  8. Captain Skills for Dallas

    Should have left Cleveland at tier 6... increase her reload time a bit if she's putting out too much damage. Put the Fargo class (an improved Cleveland) at tier 8.
  9. USS Massachussetts Coming Soon!

    Big downside I'm seeing to Mass is that in order to get the most out of it you'll need a Commander heavily specced into secondaries, which would make said Commander virtually useless in all the other American BBs. The entire German line works very well with secondary builds, and Tirpitz has torps on top of excellent secondaries for those who like to brawl.
  10. Massachusetts is incredibly fun.

    I have a full secondary build Tirpitz, with the added punch of torps she's still the best brawling BB.
  11. USS Dallas

    Cleveland should have stayed at tier 6. If they wanted a buffed version of the same ship for tier 8 there is the Fargo Class... which is an upgraded Cleveland.
  12. As bots aren't players there should be no penalty for TKing bots. The AI is so stupid they TK one another and human players regularly.
  13. What Happened to the Cleveland?

    There was a reason Cleveland was originally placed at T6 and the line went to heavy cruisers after that. At higher tiers it is more difficult for all gun light cruisers to be effective.
  14. Indianapolis as Mission reward?

    If they're giving something away, odds are it's not that good in the first place. Indy was barely passable when Pensacola was tier 7. Now that Pensacola has been downtiered this hunk of junk will definitely show how pitiful it is compared to New Orleans.
  15. Massachusetts vs Alabama

    Tirp has great secondaries AND torps... for a brawler that's hard to beat.