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    An attack on ships in port isn't considered a "naval engagement" by historians because one side isn't actually at sea, they are moored in harbor.
  2. USS Ranger-Lubricant & Sacrifice

    One reason I haven't really progressed in the CVs at all, and am not really looking to. The IJN getting loadout options while the USN has none is ridiculous.
  3. Just enable tier 5 CVs to manual drop and strafe like they used to. Problem solved.
  4. Let's talk about BOTS.

    Because, after 10,000+ PvP battles in WoT, I'm tired of WG's particular flavor of PvP. As the saying goes... been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.
  5. For competitive play I'd rather take Warspite. Hood has guns that are roughly equivalent to Warspite's, but is placed one tier higher. Hood may be fast at tier 7, but tier 8 & 9 BBs are all 28-30kt designs, so your speed advantage is essentially gone.
  6. Roma is Coming in 4 Days!

    Sounds like WoWS needs to copy WoT's policy with their Premiums and give them all protected MM. Gives people another reason to buy them.
  7. Wargaming - Please respond

    #1: For gaming ditch the Mac and get a real PC #2: Haven't had many issues at all with the game client crashing on my Windows machine... maybe once a month it will crash to desktop.
  8. and I find that far less offensive than the spamming of radio messages
  9. That's a BIG part of the equation. In fact it is pretty rare to see a solopub Unicum. The players with WR>55% are very much a minority of the overall population.
  10. Roma is Coming in 4 Days!

    That's how all foreign-owned companies have to do business in China, by partnering with a Chinese owned company... it's how they protect their domestic economy.
  11. I'd like to see Randoms done the same way. Get rid of the multiplier for win/loss and reward solely based upon individual performance. With 10+ players on each side winning is often a matter of luck, as it is very difficult for one person to majorly influence the tide of a battle. This game ISN'T a team sport, you just happen to be shooting at the same red guys as some other people are.
  12. Roma is Coming in 4 Days!

    Amazing the Italian line, which doesn't exist outside of Premiums, gets a tier 8 premium BB while nations that have lines of normal-tree ships don't have tier 8 premiums. The Brits don't have Vanguard, the French don't have Richelieu and with the removal of Kutozov the Russians don't have a tier 8 premium either.
  13. Add a IQ Test in Game

    Yes, the average player is a potato... but without them to fill up the queues we wouldn't have a game at all.
  14. About Horn Sounds.

    Oh it wasn't THAT bad. Was it an accurate naval piece? NO. Was it a fast, sci-fi, scrappy humans beat back the alien invaders flick in the same genre as Independence Day and Cowboys vs Aliens? Yes. I also enjoyed the way they paid homage to the classic Battleship game through the use of tsunami buoys to create a grid and the clever shaping of alien projectiles like pegs. Of course the way they club hauled Missouri at the end would never have worked, but it was bold in Pirates of the Caribbean style.
  15. Let's talk about BOTS.

    That used to be a thing... but since Scenarios came about I've not seen it in effect. Lately I've seen bots fire the first shot at you as soon as you become visible, WITHOUT waiting on their guns/tubes to swing around. A big bonus for players if bots launch their torps like that, b/c that's a LONG reload.