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  1. Please NERF pan asian dd line

    Belfast is gone, never to return.
  2. Duke of York....ehhhh

    We already have battlecruisers in game... Hood, Kongo, Ishizuchi, Myogi, Spee, Ashitaka. They pay for their speed by being less armored than their battleship brethren, no need to take the heal away. If they wanted to alter Duke's survivability some they should have given her the limited number of damage control parties like OR has. A BB with no heal is just a big fat HE target.
  3. I would say no, but it is an interesting question.
  4. Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    I've been playing Hood, Ishizuchi and Kii in a similar manner and enjoying the results. I did go for the steering gears mod, the buff to rudder shift is a big help. Kite your target firing your rear guns, then when they fire angle the nose around just a bit and bring the forward guns to bear while your target reloads, then turn back and give 'em your stern again.
  5. Perth is one of the few ships that can really benefit from Smoke Screen Expert.
  6. When Will Enough be Enough?

    Auto drop torps are simply too easy for players to dodge. If you want carriers nerfed into absolute uselessness just say so. Some people are skilled CV operators and should be rewarded.
  7. Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    Purchased the base ship, the "bundle" with camo was way too expensive. Now have IJN BB premiums at tier 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8... which means my Commander can be trained to drive the tier 3 and I can enjoy the whole line. Saving up for Musashi now.
  8. There are so many matches I can call as win/loss based upon dispersion of the team in the first 3 minutes.
  9. The biggest threat to BBs should be the CV, that is why they were invented in the first place. Aircraft sank more ships in WWII than other ships did.
  10. World of DDs... Holy Sh-

    A new line of DDs to grind, which are unable to successfully engage other DDs, and suddenly the game becomes all DDs. And nobody saw this shift coming?
  11. The battlecruiser was a failed concept in the real world, but it's exactly what this game needs more of.
  12. Secondaries on non-German BBs definitely need a buff. Maybe not all the way out to German levels, but a 1km range increase would be a big help in getting BBs to push.
  13. Fix BB AP against DD

    I've got no problem with the amount of damage torps do, my only issue with them is a 200' ship carrying an unlimited amount of them. There's not really any skill involved in spamming a spread of them every minute or so and hoping someone blunders into them.
  14. Fix BB AP against DD

    If BB AP is too effective against DDs right now it only serves to balance how ineffective BB HE is against them. Four hits with HE would have done less damage.
  15. Fix BB AP against DD

    I guess my bias is based upon my background. I come at this game after 12,000ish battles in WoT. I primarily drove the big Russian heavies and I got very good at sniping little scout tanks as they scurried across the field. There is no such thing as overpen in WoT... so if I manage to smack you with my long reload horribly inaccurate 122mm AP your little scout is DRT, Dead Right There. Similarly if I manage to land some hits on a DD with my long reload horribly inaccurate 16" AP I expect your little DD to also be DRT. That DDs manage to shrug off 2 or 3 of my shells and keep coming with their torps, which have just as much damage potential as my shells, is highly annoying.