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  1. Icthar

    Holiday event 11.11 details

    I used to be able to track all of the ships that had come out in my head. Nowadays I've lost track. Partly because I wised up and no longer care as much about being interested in each Premium that comes out. This came to mind because I looked at your list, and man, I don't even recognize half of the ships in your list!
  2. Icthar

    Holiday event 11.11 details

    I guess it goes without saying that if they still give 31% chance for camos that now provide nothing except for looks, there is no way I'm buying any containers. I am "assuming" that they will change that.
  3. Icthar

    The Last Night

    Wow, OP, I have never received 90 days free PT from a SC, (the most I've ever got was 14), but even if I did, I don't know how you got it up to 14 months! I generally try to get and manage all the free PT that is offered, and I usually just have a few days a month. I burn them on Friday or Saturday nights when I can play late.
  4. Icthar

    Shimakaze Line worth grinding?

    I am in the exact same position as you are... it will be interesting to see the feedback.
  5. Icthar

    Which Sub?

    I am not really focusing anymore on grinding missions, as there are too many and they involve too much grinding. But I am getting some of those sub tokens, and I see that the first step is to get one of two subs. Which one should I get? Or are they pretty equal. Thanks.
  6. Icthar

    Do Coal Containers drop less coal? pt. 8

    Yes I had no intention to imply that what I "had observed" translated to facts. I just seemed to be getting lots of 900 coal drops, and it got me thinking maybe I was better off with those. But the math clearly proves not.
  7. Icthar

    Do Coal Containers drop less coal? pt. 8

    I totally believe you and can't argue against the math (well actually I guess I can, but I'd be silly). Like I originally said, I "feel" like I get more coal from Small Containers, which is probably just a feeling and not fact. I thought I'd gotten the 900 coal in a bunch of the very few times I've opted for the Small Container... whereas I almost always opt for the Coal Container, and I almost always get 400. So I got the impression in my own mind that was probably untrue.
  8. Icthar

    Do Coal Containers drop less coal? pt. 8

    I can't help but feel like I keep getting more coal (900) from small containers than I do when I pick the actual coal containers (usually 400).... I know that is a different subject altogether, but reading through all this made me think about it. Maybe I've just had really good small containers.
  9. This past weekend I chose Coal for a daily XP container, and got a Super Container instead. I opened it and got an Indianapolis! I've been playing this game since about the beginning, and that is the first time I've ever received a ship from a Super Container. So that was cool. No complaining intended, because I've been happy with all the other goodies I've gotten over the years. Especially getting 5 ships from a pack of 20 Santa containers the year before. But I was thankful to finally have a ship pop out of one of these Super Containers.
  10. Icthar

    King of The Sea containers....

    I think I have like only 7 so far. And 3 of them have been duplicates!! Fortunately, they are 1-for-1 so that isn't a big deal.
  11. I guess I can find out during the approx 1 hour I have left to play tonight for rewards.... I have 201 now. I'll play the highest tier I have left, in Random, and hopefully have a good game, and I'll see what happens. Of course, I'll probably be better off playing 3 Co-op games during that same time span and getting 3 guaranteed rewards....
  12. Yes, you are correct. In one game, I got like 1000BXP, and still only got 1 bonus. I played a Random, not in Coop, just to try to make sure I got higher BXP. Oh well. I actually had wondered if perhaps the "200 ships" were only counting ships eligible for rewards... in other words you need >200 Tier 5-11 ships.
  13. During this event I bought a bunch of Tier 1s to get myself to over 200 ships. However, even when playing a purple ship and getting a bonus award (and over 400BXP) I still only got 1 bonus award, not 2, which is what I am supposed to get from >200 ships. I gave up worrying about it, and just played and got the bonuses that came.
  14. Icthar

    Not getting proper bonus rewards?

    OK, thanks for the response. I do agree and did understand that what you get is tickets for other ships. But I only got 1 ticket after the game, instead of 2. I suppose I could try 201 like you said.
  15. Icthar

    Not getting proper bonus rewards?

    Yes, I know about the thresholds, but didn't figure I needed to quote them here to get a response. I got well over 800 base XP, and have 200 ships in my port. I was wondering if perhaps it means over 200 ships of tier 5 and over only? Or if it checks how many ships you have as of the start of the event only? Or did I just get ripped off...