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  1. ValinAntilles

    ARP/-ARP-/_ARP_ is recruiting

    To be fair, you had a 47 percent winrate at the time. We've had a change of leadership since that time. I'm glad you found a good home over at 007 - they're good guys.
  2. That's mostly my fault. Im a DCS dweeb. But the ARP contingent was two dd mains and an henri main :)
  3. Had a great time at the event - the docents on the ship were phenomenal as always and got to grab a few sea stories from them. ARP did not have the largest contingent on hand, but meeting voices Ive heard for years was probably the highlight for me - the guy on the left was the first person in game to ever invite me to a div, the guy on the right introduced me to CW, and I now am an admin for the clan all three of us are in. Thanks for the swag and the excuse to meet up with ARP members and others in the middle of a piece of history.
  4. ValinAntilles

    Broken Lag - kills CWars

    ARP is running 5 teams right now. alloof them are reporting horrific lag spikes/
  5. ValinAntilles

    NA Clan Battles Stuck in port

    ARP is experiencing an issue across all our subclans (ARP, -ARP-, _ARP_, ARP2, ARP3) wherein a division ready for CW, once the battle screen is clicked, the division remains in port and does not launch into battle. We've tried rebooting our clients, computer and starting new divisions by different players.