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  1. Tier 7, so more than likely in the $40-$45 range.
  2. Is that also counting Massachusetts that’s coming in as well?
  3. Devs have said they have a couple new maps in the pipeline right now.
  4. It will once they get to them.
  5. My clan mates and I have been discussing this a lot lately and think it would actually be a good idea. I’ve gone back over the last couple months tkbplay tanks a lot and like the mm changes they’ve done over there. They actually fiddled with the mm again with the patch that dropped the other day and tweaked it even more to make it a little better. It also takes into account tank type. Where you’re never gonna have mainly/more heavies in a match anymore. Now you’ll have less heavies in a match, usually around 3-4, with mainly mediums and TDs in the match, and the rest filled up by lights and arty. You’ll also always have mirrored tank types as well as the tier being mirrored on the opposing team. Its a greatly improved mm and it balances out matches very well. I think it would be great for wows.
  6. She went on sale this morning.
  7. It’s more than likely another scavenger hunt by the url guy like we had for the flag earlier in the year.
  8. She’s good against Cvs until you get to tier 6-7 CVs.
  9. You get the flag for just playing a battle. It’s under the combat missions tab.
  10. Don’t forget they don’t read the patch notes either
  11. I know a lot of people will feel the same because of her tier, but she looks like a fun little ship so I’m gonna pick her up. Plus, she’s great looking and I’m a sucker for good looking ships.