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  1. Then you can not strafe or manual attack. They removed the ability to manual attack and strafe for tiers 4 and 5 CVs. So you will not be able to strafe or manual attack until you get a tier 6 CV.
  2. Are you playing tiers 4 and 5 carriers? Because if so, they removed the ability to strafe and manual attack from carriers tiers 4-5 a few patches back. You can't strafe or manual attack in a carrier now until you get to a tier 6 carrier.
  3. It's based on gun caliber and ship detection. Mino has small guns and great detection, so it won't really give her a big detection while firing from smoke...
  4. 1-2.
  5. Thank you Niko
  6. Hmmmm I wonder who pointed this out?
  7. Ooo that's really new. Thank you for the info. Last one I saw was the one from early this morning where they stated they've finalized that Nelson will be going in with the super heal still.
  8. How did you even come to that conclusion? They're pretty much done being tested and even Octavian has stated they've just finalized them and then they stated in the developers blog which state they're going to be released and then stated they've finalized the heals. Meaning everything is pretty much done and they're just waiting for the patch to drop them. They're just letting you play the tier 9 the same way they let you play the tier 9 French cruiser in the PTS before they dropped. They're just giving you a chance to play a ship from the line and get a taste right before the line drops.
  9. Idk where he came up with the short fuses on the AP. Everywhere I've seen and even seen Octavian state that the RN BBs had their short fused AP removed and won't be going in with them.
  10. I'm also looking forward to them.
  11. Ends August 21st. You can play HMS Lion in the PTS.
  12. It was posted about and discussed here last week. WoWs Asia's FB posted it last week. NA FB is just late to the party.
  13. This is the important question.
  14. And why would they or why would they want to? They're trying to get rid of the bow tanking meta, not increase it. Nelson doesn't need thicker bow armor.