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  1. Once you play a match in a ship you aren’t allowed a refund.
  2. Return my Midway?

    WG’s policy is that once you use it, you can’t get a refund for it. So assuming you’ve used your Midway since you put the perma camo on her, you’re kind of SOL.
  3. Are MM viewing mods legal?

    This. OP just send in a support ticket asking about said mod.
  4. Are MM viewing mods legal?

    Don’t quote me on it, but I don’t believe it’s illegal. But that said, be careful. WG seems to be on the banhammer as of late about a lot of mods. Safest thing always is, if it’s in their modpack, then use it. If not, then be careful.
  5. Are MM viewing mods legal?

    Which mod are you referring to?
  6. Most of the information they use to balance isn’t already isn’t available for players to see. So essentially, you’re already blind in this situation.
  7. Because WG uses data that is not available for players/the public to see and is only available to them. That’s why. No we aren’t. It’s internal data that they collect.
  8. Why WG? Why

    You do realize that free speech does not apply here on the forums right?
  9. when is HSF mission available?

    This. You have to first play a battle in either Yamato, Musashi, Harekaze or HSF Spee to activate the collection.
  10. Why WG? Why

    Good, then your thread can be dented by the mods since it’s not needed seeing as there are already other threads about it. Learn to use the search function or maybe take 3 seconds to look at the first page to see the other threads. Then go comment about it in those threads. We don’t need multiple of the same thread spamming the first page bumping down other threads.

    You get the credit value of the ship. Along with the free port slot and captain still and the new year perma camo for the ship.
  12. It’s no different than when they introduced Marks of Excellence in Tanks. Same thing happened. It takes the average of your most current 100 battles. Your average gets calculated once you hit the first 100 battles after introduced. Good thing is, once you get it, you can’t lose it even if you drop back down below the threshold. Only difference between this and MoE in Tanks is we get emblems while in Tanks you get markings on your barrel. You can also keep track of how your average is by hovering over the emblem.