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  1. renegadestatuz

    Random Battle Anomalies

    The OP’s tinfoil hat is showing
  2. renegadestatuz

    WoWS Dev Blog: Design B-65 AKA "Azuma"

    This. It’s as if everyone is forgetting about Salem.
  3. renegadestatuz

    Just stop it

    This. I don’t think the OP actually thought his idea through lol.
  4. renegadestatuz

    Just stop it

    Talk about a train wreck of a post
  5. renegadestatuz

    CV Rework Feedback

    Someone is salty
  6. renegadestatuz

    The Roma Problem

    Balance > historical accuracy.
  7. renegadestatuz

    GreyFox Carrier rework opinion

    The funniest part about the entire thread is the OP thinks he knows what’s going on with it, yet he doesn’t have the slightest clue. I’ll continue to sit over here and eat my popcorn while watching this train wreck of a thread go barreling down a hill lol.
  8. renegadestatuz

    You Do You

    I see what you did there..... And I like it
  9. renegadestatuz

    Daily Chain Missions for October

    Thanks for the post @Kizarvexis