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  1. Dev Blog - ST. Battle UI

    The direction on the minimap change is a nice little addon.
  2. Dev Blog - ST. Battle UI

    ST. Battle UI. "Detected" ribbon is added to the game. It will be awarded for the first detection of a ship as well as repeated detection of ships that were concealed for no less than 90 seconds. The minimap icon of the ship that is currently being focused on will now also show the ship's movement direction. Localization is underway.
  3. I wonder what our second camo color will be.
  4. pen with no damage

    What ship are you using?
  5. ST. New collection. "American cruisers" collection is added to the game. It comprises 48 elements, among which there are stylized images of cruisers, historically significant American naval weaponry, US naval decorations and distinctive signs of US navy staff. Completing the subcollections will allow players to change the color of standard camos for American ships and mount second flags on them. Localization is underway.
  6. Dev Blog - ST. Massachusetts changes

    It’ll be 7 weeks at the earliest before you see Mass. And that’s if everything goes well in testing and they don’t change anything. WG just announced that they just changed from a 2 week development cycle to a 3 week development cycle. That means once she enters ST, she will be there for 3 weeks. Then she enters 3 weeks of PTS. Then release if they release her right after she’s done testing. She won’t entering ST until the next ST which starts right after this next patch drops. So about 2 months at the earliest. Longer if they add more changes. You’re looking at end of Ranked or after ranked ends.
  7. ST. New commander. William Halsey is added to the game as a unique commander. He has both talents and improved skills. Expert Loader skill -75% (up from -50%) to reload time when shell type is switched Expert Marksman skill +3 (up from +2.5) deg/s to traverse speed of guns with a caliber up to 139 mm +1 (up from +0.7) deg/s to traverse speed of guns with a caliber above 139 mm Hit hard! talent After receiving the Confederate achievement, the ship under Halsey's command gets following bonuses: -20% to the main battery reload time -20% to plane service time -10% to torpedo reload time Hit fast! talent After receiving the Double Strike achievement, the ship under Halsey's command gets -10% to base detection radius, which can accumulate if a player receives the achievement multiple times during a battle. The ship that William Halsey is assigned to will have a unique pennant and colored tracers for the main battery shells. Upon receiving achievements that activate the talents, fireworks will be launched from the ship. Localization is underway. ST. New campaign. New permanent campaign "Hit hard! Hit Fast! Hit often!" is added to the game. The campaign tells about the military career of Admiral William Halsey Jr. Localization is underway.
  8. The new cammander will be Halsey and the campaign is for him. It’s been on the dev blog. They also posted updates to that this morning l
  9. Dev Blog - ST. Abruzzi, Prinz Eugen

    My bad for misunderstanding it.
  10. Dev Blog - ST. Abruzzi, Prinz Eugen

    That’s because the Italians designed and helped design some of the Russian ships. When the Russian started designing their next ships they kept some of the design traits from the Italian designs. It’s why a lot of Russian ships look similar to Italian ships and have some of the same characteristics.
  11. ST. Italian cruiser Duca degli Abruzzi, tier VII, German cruiser Prinz Eugen, tier VIII. Citadel repair percentage of the Repair Party consumable is set to 33%. This increases the cruisers' survivability and allows for better utilisation of their combat potential.
  12. Didn’t see it. I always use mobile and it loads the forum section below pinned posts. Plus it’s locked, meaning people can’t comment or discuss it in that post. Here they can discuss it and comment about it.