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    Mods not working

    update: that's not the issue. I moved the Wows folder, and it didn't change a thing, except it made modstation complain about not being able to install mods in the directory (permissions) restarted modstation, and the mods were installed.... maybe a glitch, or a sign as to the true issue? idk (yes i tried running modstation in admin mode too)
  2. Trufflie

    Mods not working

    following this as I have the exact same issue. coming back from a long break, installed modstation, and nothing works. I also checked the same thing, and it looks correct however. I do notice, that I have it installed in C://games/wows as opposed to c://Program Files could that be the issue? I hope not, because that would mean a full reinstall of the game to a new path (or would it?)