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  1. Ranked at five games a day?

    Do you find this feasible, especially in the R5 to 2 grind? I find wins much harder to get in that bracket, and to get +5 stars per day seems like it would be pretty tough. For me personally I just grind to R5, doesn't take too long at all. The real fun starts from R5 to 2. I usually play until I get +2 stars on the day, then play until my first loss. I find it better to play less games, and be really focused, then just grind games at 50% focus. I am hoping to not have a repeat of last season where I wrecked all the way to R5 then got face rolled for a couple of weeks. I would like to rank out in 150-200 games.
  2. Weekend spree

    Meh, kind of took a break. Wasn't much going on in ships. Played the crapout of the Witcher 3, yard work, didn't play much ships.
  3. Ehh, wat? I don't think you understand how skill based MM works. I mean its a little harsh, but true.
  4. Easy way to fix team kill

    As opposed to TK'ing someone, taking you down a ship, and now they are free to troll the rest of your team, until?
  5. Cry Me a River

    obligatory git gud mate.... jk Does make one wonder about the GZ, since the biggest complaint about CV's is the unavoidable damage, now we have a CV who can be set up specifically to delete certain ships in 1 strike....no makey da sense. PS give the chance to spend my dubs, I would buy Saipan, Kaga and GZ for the lolz
  6. This^^, the better you do in a ship the more creds you will earn. Simply having a premium ship / camo will not automatically mean you rake in the creds.
  7. Exploit w/ anti-abuse system

    What in God's name are you talking about?? Right now nothing happens to the TK'ing player, they turn pink, that's it. Yes, in the future, they may have to wash off in CO-OP, and thats only for serial offenses, but right now, nothing happens. So how does the TK'd player suffer, lets see, I just lost one of only 20 Type 59 camos, a dragon flag, a red dragon, a hydra, various signal flags, a 50, 100 or 200% win bonus, 15 minutes waiting for the ship to be back in port, 100k ish credits. In this case I have literally lost money on these items with no returns. What does the TK'ing player lose, maybe a few hundred exp, maybe a few k credits and turn pink... Please, explain to me how the person who is being punished the most isn't the person that got TK'd Also, I believe @Reymu was posing a hypothetical / trollish question, not a real example.
  8. Why Coop is better than randoms

    what is... the ultimate form of seal clubbing? Don't mind co-op, good for farming events when allowed.
  9. I see, simple typo in the title, it should be Katkren.
  10. Exploit w/ anti-abuse system

    Makes sense to me. I mean right now we only punish the player who was TK'd, not the actual person doing the TK (or FF damage, not always a TK).
  11. How do flag bonuses really work?

    ^^ this really lays it out. There is also a break even point where having +ship exp and + commander is more desirable than just + commander exp.
  12. Ranked T10 DD: Your pick?

    I found this as well. If you try to carry the whole game you will end up dead. I also agree with your picks having played 2 seasons of CW now, the YY is fairly good and not being able to torp DDs didn't seem to be that much of a drawback. That, with the ability to take radar / do more damage to CA/CLs and BBs. PS I voted bacon, I dont have a T10 DD, unless by the grace of god I start to get good with the fletch, then I would bring gearing. Mostly likely I will bring either Monty, Yammy or T10 best BB Hindenburg.

    It doesn't add any depth to the game, so why have a system that punishes the FF receiver, rather than the one that does the FF damage? How is that smart, or dangerous?

    I agree, but then just have all FF damage reflected. It still reinforces the "do not fire at your allies" mantra, but doesn't penalize the unknowing friendly.
  15. Very well written, point taken, thank you for taking the time to respond in such a constructive way. I should have made it more clear that those ships don't fit my desired play style, I think that is why it feels like something is "wrong" or "horrible" with them. Cheers!