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  1. Kevs02Accord

    It's a Wolf Pack!

    Is that English?
  2. Kevs02Accord

    Discussion of +1/-1MM

    I think it could be interesting if they implemented a flexible MM. What if the default was 1/1, but after so long in the queue, 30-45 secs or whatever, it went to 2/2 and maybe even up to 3/3? Regardless, I would just like to try the 1/1 MM. I dont see a reason with all the other beta testing we are doing not to.
  3. Kevs02Accord

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    I can empathize with the OP. Over the last few weeks I have been trying to play better, but I noticed that as I am doing better, my teams, for the most part are doing worse. I am guessing its just the ups and downs, but still pretty frustrating.
  4. Kevs02Accord

    Top five commander skills

    My thoughts exactly. If you are spotted and you know no one is targeting you can bring all your DPM to bear, then when the number switches you maneuver.
  5. Kevs02Accord

    MM vs 99.7% Loss Probability

    I agree with this. There have been many games, even recently, when it looked really bad, but just keep plugging away. I agree this is really frustrating as well though. I just had a match last night where we were losing and I was starting to focus down some ships, but before I could really make an impact the game was over. Ps is that morse code in your sig? edit, nvm, deciphered the morse code.
  6. Kevs02Accord

    Rewarding Thursday!

    I usually play a few games with the MO since I need the credits. Been having fun in my new ships, Khab, Conq. Just started replaying Hinden and that is a really fun ship to play, kind of missed playing it.
  7. Kevs02Accord

    Mah new bote!

    I'm with you here. I have the kitkat and think that will do great, as well as some other ships. Not sure if I should use the discount for Musashi or Black. Honestly, I will probably get Musashi since black isnt going any where yet.
  8. Kevs02Accord

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    Nope, right there with you. I have never fxp'd a module or a ship.
  9. Kevs02Accord

    How to support DD

    As @Pulicat said, its a dance between the ships. Being close enough for radar, or to shoot the red dds is only one small piece. You need a lot of experience in both classes to understand how they can support each other. For example, as a CA i will stay far enough behind you so I remain unspotted when you spot the red DD. However, if you see the red dd and smoke up blocking LOS were both [edited].
  10. Kevs02Accord

    cv opt out

    No. There wouldn't be anyone left playing the game. BB's would opt out of HE spammers, DDs would opt out of radar ships, etc...
  11. Kevs02Accord

    0.8.0 Postponed

    noice, now i get an extra week for the Highness missions.
  12. Kevs02Accord

    3 day switch for clans

    This is your answer. Top clans were gaming the system and giving the primary clan an advantage. Hence the 3 day cool down and the option to run A/B teams within a clan.
  13. Kevs02Accord

    The tallest mountain starts as a stone

    how did you pull your stats? I have been trying to get a better idea of my improvement / isolate the last 500-1000 games WR but the websites I am using don't offer that kind of input.
  14. Kevs02Accord

    I am stuck with a clan????

    that was my thought, why not give it away? i'm sure there are people who would like their own clan.
  15. Kevs02Accord

    Rank Sprint 4 Ship Performance Table

    Mostly Warspite and T61, some Fuso games.