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  1. My guess is yes, considering they are already doing this with ships / regular captain skills.
  2. Yeah I am about at my wits end. I am playing like crap, my teammates are playing like crap, don't know what to do any more. Had 6 straight losses last night, tried Shino in 2 games but got wrecked. I am about to uninstall. This season seems so much worse that last season for some reason. I guess I feel more despair than anger.
  3. Very good point. I was thinking, then compare them if both average, but the result would be the same. So I guess the better question is to be more specific, why in ranked are CL's not equally represented? For me personally I just felt like when I played CL and I made a mistake I was more severely punished, so I switched to BB's. Saying that though, it was earlier in the season, so perhaps as the unicums rank out and I am playing with people of equal or lesser skill I might do better in CLs.
  4. True, I should have been more specific. IMO, when you are comparing the viability of one ship to another, or to a particular meta, you should never factor in skill. For example, in the current ranked meta which ship is more viable, assuming equal skill, a BB or a CL? Then based on your answer you need to ask why. If you try to factor in skill you will inherently skew your results, so you must assume equal skill.
  5. Mission is a joke, all that grinding for what? I took one look at the rewards, and a big nope from me.
  6. I agree, Indy and Ryujo were competitive in their tier. I do question the Ranger vs Hiryu I mean 013 vs 222 strike, that is incomprehensible they thought that was balanced, maybe if Ranger strike was 113, but no fighters?
  7. I knew I liked you Zim. This is the root of the problem. You don't need to be asking should we hard cap certain classes, you should be asking why arent all classes equally viable and thus having an equal distribution. Fix the balance problems, fix the distribution problem. Then you have people picking the class they like the best, not the 1 of 2 classes that are viable.
  8. Agreed, although last season was much worse since HE spamming cruisers were actually viable. Now, its just HE spamming BB's. Its too bad I ran out of the fire duration reduction flags.
  9. Another failure. Started the weekend at 5.3, back and forth, back and forth. Ended the weekend at 5.0, so a net loss. Some very frustrating games. Got super salty in one game where my team just imploded. Some guy on the other team told me, "chill its just a game", I politely told him to [edited] off, if I wanted a chill game I would play randoms, I play ranked to win.
  10. Haven't played Hatsu, hated it in randoms, dont own it. However, Hatsu is just as useful as Farragut, just in a different manner. They each bring a unique trait to ranked, but not have much else to offer.
  11. I like how this IRL mechanic has been cherry picked to keep for "realism", despite all the non-realistic mechanics in the game. I agree dets should not be in the game. It doesn't happen to me very often, and I don't inflict it very often, but when it does I think, well thats crap, either way.
  12. Less team work because it is inferred that by R5 you will know your roll, but also, because saving a star. HE spamming BB's, especially Fuso, of course, 21.1 to 26 km range, much better off using HE at that range, also, hardly any cruisers, tons of DDs and angling BB's. You get 2 fires going, they pop DCP, eat torps or someone else starts fires, means that BB is going down pretty quick. I recently started doing this in my Fuso, here is why. AP shots, if they land will do way more damage the HE + fires, however, I was getting a lot of overpens and ricochets. Using HE allows me to do more consistent damage. At closer range I switch to AP and aim for SS if angled.
  13. And the sarcasm is lost. The good news, its probably a module.
  14. They probably should have released it first. I do agree that major shake ups, new ships, mechanics changes, etc... should happen outside of ranked. However, I think there are far more plays who have not ranked out, that will think Gallant will help them rank out, thus a smart business decision by WG, if their primary concern was making money from ranked, rather than making it a test of skill.
  15. The answer to all these problems is this; no irrevocable ranks, but, you don't lose a star for a loss, increase number of stars to rank 1. The biggest issue I have, is when I am doing my part, and there are 1-3 people on my team who are doing far less than their part, because of this I get punished in a loss, simply because I can not carry. If my rank play keeps going to crapI suppose I will slowly grind toward R1, maybe after the unicums are gone I can get my CV out and rank out that way. I reached R5 with 67% WR overall and 79% WR in the fuso in 20+ games, since then, garbage.