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  1. I would be very surprised if T7 was the next ranked season. I think they found T8 was too inaccessible for some, T7 was pay to win (Belfast, Atlanta, Sims, Scharnhorst,etc...) and T6 was probably just right. I agree T6 matches were a little slower, but overall the balance was much better.
  2. Thank God I started boycotting EA games 10 years ago. Every new game that comes out just makes me happy I am not part of the problem.
  3. If its T7 again I am buying the Sims so I can always secure that top spot in a loss.
  4. I mean credits are decent, but I have found the amount of carry required to get them isn't worth the effort, imo. I would rather just earn the creds in a lower tier random.
  5. sh1t the bed this weekend. potatoed hard in a few games, and not in a good way. stunk up CW too. Ugh... good news though, I am in love with my Hindy, higher avg dmg than my Monty, although much less games.
  6. always waiting for sales, never have enough creds, although i am grinding most lines simultaneously. I would buy 1 or 2 if you can afford it, then wait on sales. Also, you can check the sales a month at a time now that they put the event calendar out each month.
  7. Or maybe its the paper armor that allows you to eat cits from almost any angle....
  8. Lets see, massive, easy to see BB. Horrible citadels, slow, turns slow, reloads slow and then when BB's do push no support. I can't tell you the number of games I have played recently where I just want to TK these DD's who are BEHIND my BB, literally doing nothing. For those of us who pay attention slow BB play or playing at range is a learned behavior. We know the majority of the time you will be left high and dry and get FF down in 60 seconds. People just dont seem to understand that no ship can sustain FF.
  9. I can see both sides here. I think initially the operations were very rewarding and a lot of fun. Now that they are all completed not as rewarding, but still pretty fun. As others have said I play them for a chill game mode. It would be nice, however, for them to release more missions or allow hard mode with additional rewards.
  10. First you must complete Yamamoto campaign, then when you open your daily loot box there is a chance at getting a collectible. I found mine to be around 80% or so, limited sample size though. You could also get them if you bought Yamamoto boxes.
  11. and now the joy begins, I personally like CE build since you can stay invis then blap some helpless cruiser.
  12. This makes the most sense. I would imagine internally "premium" ships are to be paid for. I believe with MO they have created a new category "free exp" ship. These ships behave like premiums but actually considered "premiums". I would put good money MO was a test ship, Nelson a follow up test and they are satisfied with the results and we should plan on seeing more ships as "free exp" ships in the future. I strongly believe Mushashi will be like MO, a free exp ship. My hope is at the same cost as the MO, that we dont have some free exp price creep based on the namesake of the ship.
  13. Same reaction I had at AP bombs, wth! So they are good in certain scenarios but literally unusable in some situations. Will be a horrible feeling in a DD knife fight knowing you cant launch torps at them, and you better believe I am pushing into you and torping your [edited]cause I know you cant torp me, so dumb....smh
  14. I hate games like this, really frustrating. Some games you just cant carry hard enough to win and you are literally looking at the team and saying can I get a little help here. Had a game the other night, top 3 players on our team got 10 of the 12 kills, we won, but no help from the rest of the team.
  15. In my experience it can be paused at any time and will restart from where it was paused. I often do this with PTS, the download isnt too bad, but the install can take a while, especially if it I havent updated PTS in a while. I will often get anxious to actually play ships so pause the install and come back later.