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  1. grats mate. didnt care for the MK much, until I learned to troll with IFHE. Love that ship now. Had one of my best games ever in the MK, still holds my record for kills and best damage until I got the Monty.
  2. When I first started playing WOWs I watched Notser, iChase and very little Flamu. I preferred Noster and found his videos very good. As I got better at the game I began to watch more Flamu, because I felt he was the better player and gave better insight into the game mechanics. I also started to notice Notser would say things that weren't accurate or correct and honestly didn't seem to care whether he was right or not. I will say as of late I watch very little Notser because of the decline in his attitude. To me it seems like he is frustrated and getting burned out, it would probably be a good idea for him to diversify his content.
  3. Interesting changes. I am glad they decided against the massive IFHE nerf. Actually, IMO, I think smoking up BB's encourages more aggressive play. If I'm in smoke I can be much closer to the front. Now, without smoke I will need to be further back to avoid being FF to death. I guess we will see how it effects gameplay, but I suspect we will see even more BB's hanging back. Nothing like pushing a cap with a DD as my Monty, getting smoked up, etc.., now I can't be that aggressive. I am intrigued by the clan changes. Not a member, but I am curious about the service / ship discounts, possibly more exp, etc...actual tangible benefits.
  4. Your original post said nothing of the sort, in fact half your post was addressing a non-issue, something the OP never even mentioned . Also, as others have said, T5,6 and 8 are often bottom tier. Therefore, if you division as the -1 tier (T4 with a T5, T5 with a T6 or T7 with a T8) with one of those tiers it is likely you will become a fail division.
  5. You're missing what he is saying, and in fact, a T4 can end up in a T7 game. If you div up with a T5, the T5 can be bottom tier in a T7 game.
  6. BB's ruining the game is just a by product of countless, senseless decisions by WG. Yes BB's are easier to understand and play than other classes, yes they are more forgiving to mistakes and that is why a lot of people play them. The biggest issue however, is when WG started to nerf all the other ships, DD's, CV's, CA/CLs. They didnt make these classes unplayable, but made them harder to play, thus, the majority of the player base doesn't have the skill / desire to play these ships, so they play BB's. As a side note, WG says no issues with BB population, then immediately announces plans to curb their population. I would wager a lot of people who play BB's do so, not because they prefer BB's, but essentially the other classes are too hard / undesirable for them to play. If WG wants to address the BB overpopulation issue, they need to make the other classes more enjoyable / easier / accessible to other players. How many BB players would see a game, if you also had 1-2 CV's every game. You get dropped a few times and might think, yeah, its nice to have all this firepower and health, but what I need is something more maneuverable so I don't eat torps all day. Now, guess what happens when people tire of playing BB's and dont enjoy playing the other classes, they find another game.
  7. troll post, or serious? also, can you guys remember when they nerfed the OWSF ability of all the premium destroyers. wonder how they managed to get that one past us.
  8. shhh... keep the new IJN dd line split quiet, no torps, mediocre AA, amazing guns, with 0% fire chance and 45 second turret traverse.
  9. awww ysss, new meta confirmed.
  10. Sweet Jesus, is that a co-op game? The rewards sure look like it.
  11. This, the "realistic" argument is nonsense when so much else about the game is unrealistic. Why cherry pick this mechanic to be "realistic" when so much else of the game is arcade like?
  12. I can empathize with the OP. I don't blame RNG though, and I do agree as others have posted, the better understanding you have of game mechanics the easier it is to overcome the RNG. For me, its the MM and give no [edited] player base. Constantly playing randoms / ranked with people who don't understand how to play the game and dont care about winning. I haven't played in 2, maybe 3 weeks and thus far see no reason to come back. Fare the well, heres hoping your next game brings you relaxation. I know my stress level dramatically reduced when I switched games.
  13. I dont always cap, but when I do, I cap for the sweet juicy solo cap exp
  14. Wow, that was horrible. Way to throw a match away, up by 400 pts and yolo for the loss. This craphappened all the time in ranked and its one of the most annoying aspects of WOWS. A win is a win. Break LOS and win on caps.