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  1. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    My thoughts exactly. I appreciate LWM work but I disagree. She may be OP in a T7 game, but 70% or more of the time she will be in T10 MM.
  2. I like this idea, maybe have extra slots based on tier. I think it would help a lot if they took another balancing pass at the modules. Maybe the the Fire Mod increases up time and decreases CD, or gives an extra heal, something to make it more a choice.
  3. Aren't most T9 BBs super OP when they are top tier vs T7? I mean the Musashi guns bring nothing new to T7, except increased damage. I would love to see a Musashi in my Ranger / Hiryu.
  4. Well put. The whole pen at any angle is [edited], you angle correctly and you will bounce the shells. What people are thinking of is 18" guns overmatching your bow, which can happen and can cause cits. That is all the Musashi as going for her, she is huge, slow, horrible AA, probably would get wrecked by T6 CV and massive citadels.
  5. SAIPAN-Pay to Win Ship

    As a lot of folks have said, its the player, not the ship. I have gotten wrecked by Saipans, but I have also been able to wreck them. My biggest issue is this, you make a global CV change and some how the Saipan is exempt? Why, because she has less fighters per squad, and less reserves, well guess what, you still have a choice to lose that fighter or not. It just bothers me that WG easily applies stealth fire nerfs to premium dds, but doesnt touch the Saipan!?
  6. why bother, just repeat the easy missions
  7. Worst 16 days ever !

    As others have said, there should be a campaign extension with this patch? Having the DOY will make completing the collection easier. The NY raid campaign is pretty straight forward and downright easy if you have the MO and Gamescom Camo / Special flags. At any rate, feel better and soldier on.
  8. Good bye Santa and thanks

    I agree, I spent way too much this year. Over all I feel like the crates were better this year than last, except premium time was very rare. I really wanted the LoYang for ranked, which I got. I also got Gallant, Kami, and Viking long boat, 6months prem time, 12k dubs. I was so glad the camo was actually useful this year.
  9. I actually agree on both sides here. I have been mostly playing Benson and a little Aki in ranked. Just got the Yang in a Santa crate so I was trying it out in randoms. It seems to me its much better in ranked. In randoms it handles slightly worse then Benson, has less guns, 9km torps do 33% less damage, but reload a little faster. However, as pointed out, her strong point is smoke / hydro against other dds. Its decent in randoms, but from what I have seen its godly in ranked. Smaller teams, smaller caps, etc...
  10. MM whingeing and whining

    I love it when people degrade other people for having certain expectations. Who set these expectations, the person or the company? In my opinion the companies are at fault here, each company, in an effort to get more business keeps adding "perks". So the expectation becomes, if you want my time / money you will offer at least the same "perks" but will likely need to add 1 more to gain my business. It really is just a snowball effect that is a result of business trying to out do each other. On the subject of MM, its crap, like utter and total crap, 99% of the other MP games I play have some sort of skill based MM, which means you are playing with people at / around your skill level. Not so in WOWs, its literally random, ranked is random and CW is random as well. Also, because so many lower tier players were leaving they instituted protected MM, sort of like acknowledging there is a problem with player retention. Too bad this had a massive trickle "up" effect, really messing up the T5, T6 and T8 MM so these folks are bottom tier. I don't mind being bottom tier, some times its fun and can be very rewarding, especially if you carry from bottom tier. However, I do not like being bottom tier in 70% of my games, it gets really old, really fast. Now, back to the main point it seems, owing us anything. No WG doesn't owe us a single thing, they can run their company / game how they see fit. Only 1 problem, if they want people to play their game, if they want people to buy ships, etc... They must make the game fun, and engaging (not talking about dets here). They must make me want to spend my time and hard earned money on "their" game. If for whatever reason I find the game not fun, I can assure you there are hundreds of other games I could spend my time and money on. So, no, WG doesn't "owe" us anything, but if they enjoy making money, they will ensure they have a fun, quality product. PS. Irony of making a whiny post about whiny.
  11. I'd actually like to see them add 2 more containers, at like 65k and maybe 100k exp.
  12. I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner. Time to set up a bot account so I can rank out every season with a 70% WR. I agree w/ the OP this should be super easy to tell and dealt with. On another note, wouldn't it be nice if when a player dcs a bot takes over, at least after they rework the bot AI?
  13. Ranked is Broken

    I was just thinking this the other day. Ranked needs to go from we all win or we all lose to earning points based on what you did. That way as a good player your fate isnt always tied to the random team you get.