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  1. Kevs02Accord

    Ranked Season 11 Arms Race - A Retrospect

    lol oops. I thought it ended the 27th?
  2. Kevs02Accord

    Why Fletcher and Yugumo are junk in ranked

    Good points. This comes up almost every ranked season, but I like the added bit about MM. I know there are people good in any ship, and those that are really good in that one ship, these people have a right to rebuttal when the team starts complaining. However, for the most part, people who bring sub-optimal ships don't have any other choices and are fairly bad in them.
  3. Kevs02Accord

    Ranked Season 11 Arms Race - A Retrospect

    Still trying to decide if its worth coming back for ranked. Probably haven't played in about 2 months. This was my primary game and I loved playing it, but I just lost interest / frustrated, etc... Ranked rewards any good?
  4. yup, still absent from the game. just lurking on the forums. Not sure if I will come back in time for ranked, or just move on altogether. Just lost interest in ships altogether. Still have 20 unopened mega santa crates, probably will long in at least see what those are. Also, aside from losing interest, I have no desire to keep respecing my captains / ships for the CV rework. I guess once the CV's are finalized we'll see if I care to come back or not.
  5. Kevs02Accord

    wg why sacrfice the 95% for the 5%

    So you yolo'd in on a T10 CV, in a ship with "weak" AA overall, died, and are surprised by this? What was the expected out come, the CV be completely helpless and unable to defend himself?
  6. Kevs02Accord

    Spending intentions poll

    only ever spend money on santa crates. losing interest in the game, literally have 20 unopened mega crates.
  7. Kevs02Accord

    POLL: Have you actually played less post 0.8.0?

    I haven't played in maybe 2 or 3 weeks, could be longer. I was gearing up to come back after 0.8, but after I heard about the crapstorm CVs were causing I had no interest in testing them or getting locked into useless captain specs. I'll just wait till they get fixed and then come back, or maybe by then I will have another game to play and I wont...
  8. I hardly ever take extended breaks from WOWs, but boy am I glad I have taken one now. Have fun being play testers boys. I'll rejoin you when the smoke clears.
  9. truly inception, a beta within a beta.
  10. Kevs02Accord

    The one thing about CVs that did not change...

    how do you get perma spotted when the CV has 1 squad at a time? Unless you talking about multiple CVs, which wont be the case for long.
  11. Did the OP die, did he get the kill? Did he expect the CV to be totally helpless like before? What tier? So many variables.
  12. great....smh... I use this all the time in DD's, start gunning right before you go behind cover, etc...
  13. Kevs02Accord

    BB and CA players please explain...

    because most people dont understand how to support other players, especially dd's. They also don't understand if you end up at a cap with no ally dd and an enemy dd there you are pretty much [edited].
  14. Kevs02Accord

    USS MIssouri

    congrats, looks great.
  15. Kevs02Accord

    1st time accused of Cheating by another player

    Yup, a congrats is in order. You sir have befuddled another player so severely, their only conclusion is cheating.