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  1. Legendary Upgrade

    wow, most of those are not upgrades, and given the module you have to give up can be straight down grades.
  2. Tour of Duty - Mogami

    neat, what was the first ship? Friant it sounds like? It looks like you just have to play 5 battles in 3 days and get 1 ticket? or can you play 5 games per day and get a 1 ticket, for a total of 3?
  3. Nailed it, mine is mostly silver, with some serious rust in the usual Honda place. Currently in-operational, hoping to bring her back to life though.
  4. Tour of Duty - Mogami

    didn't even know the event was going on. thanks for the heads up. is there an in-game feed of this so i can just check what the ship is? not sure if i have the mogami still, maybe?
  5. Its the thought that counts mate.
  6. The interesting thing to me was they addressed this with the Fire v Water, where one team was locked out until the other team balanced out. It seems like this was intentional by WG, especially since they allowed you to change sides at any time. What you going on about Ranked for? Its totally balanced, and an excellent indicator of individual skill... In Russia you do not beat ranked mode, ranked mode beats you...
  7. I dont care for any of those choices, all this is jmo. QE is great, dont like the KGV Balti is ok Lyon is great, Rich is a [edited]turd. I would just save the fxp.
  8. And So The Migration Begins

    is it necessary to click this link, even if you are already on eagles? Not sure if it was some sort of opt-in button.
  9. Eagles duped me...somehow

    excellent....excellent....working as intended....
  10. What am I doing wrong?

    no one said "git gud", i am shocked! But honestly, as others have said, T8+ is where the higher costs come in, so either run premium + flags or do very well (ie, lots of damage).
  11. wow that mod is garbage, hope you didn't grind it out and just played normally.
  12. Genius, now, I wonder if I can convince any of my clan mates to let me play ranger..... A special 2 day event where you can earn raffle tickets for a chance to win the T-61 premium KM DD.
  13. Three ship divisioning

    Wheres the option to run a 2 man div in ranked?
  14. ssssshhhhh no one needs to know about that.....
  15. I believe the soonest is day 15 of the event, or when people reach 75 loyalty in sharks. Then they will hop over to get as much loyalty as they can to spend.