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  1. i read about the battle of the Atlantic and how the Germans nearly starve the British out of the war and with subs coming soon would there be a new scenario about the convoy battle during ww2 in the future? i was thinking the objective would be to get as many of the convoy through the waters crawling with subs or it could be a scenario about the Germans or the American wolf pack's perspective and that is to sink as many convoy ships before they escape. it would be on a big map and finding or avoiding is the key to victory in that scenario. the scenario could be name ONS-5 name after a real convoy.
  2. the TBF-1E is a radar mounted variant of the Grumman TBF Avenger bomber. after the rework air-born torpedo hardly do any damage to ships and it got me thinking why not have something like an Northrop Grummans E-2 Hawkeye in the game. am thinking the TBF-1E would act like an Airborne early warning and control aircraft. it can spot enemy ships even in smoke and act like a spotter for other ships guns making them more accurate. sure the aircraft it self can't attack but its purpose is that of command and control and early warning. maybe have consumable be called Radar-lock. the effect is any ships mark by it would be easier to do a critical hit or a better probability of hitting the citadel. since the torpedoes hardly do any damage torpedo planes would be a better use for this purpose. also with subs coming in the game Sonobuoy would make subs unplayable and they were not invented yet or are unreliable during ww2 so they can't be a consumable in the game. well that's too bad.
  3. i miss the kronstadt but then Alaska came was tempted to get her but then i recall my experience with US cruisers and there rainbow shell arcs. so hers my question to those who owns a Alaska do they have the same ballistics as other US cruisers? also dose the Alaska fires the same super heavy shells found on US battleships?
  4. M4Katyusha

    Project Habakkuk as a premiuum ship?

    ya i just like to talk about it. a lot of interesting ideas came form WW2, like the rolling rocket bomb or Hitler's wind cannon. sorry for bring this idea up. i like carriers and there history and WW2. the Habakkuk seems to be a fun idea to talk about
  5. M4Katyusha

    Project Habakkuk as a premiuum ship?

    thats a great idea! imagine going against a monster like that
  6. so anyone heard of Project Habakkuk? the unsinkable aircraft carrier? can that be added to the game as a premium ship? and also has anyone heard of Pykrete the material that was suppose to be what the hull of the ship was be of ? am guessing the ship can't be flooded or be let on fire thanks to the Pykrete? maybe in the game it would be a tier VIII slow heavily armored British carrier that would take a lot of work to sink
  7. got it thanks. been thinking of getting Moskva since i miss to get Kronshtadt. how is Moshva dose she still have those Rail guns? pulse with the money and free XP am thinking of getter her now or maybe Hindenburg?
  8. really? the selling price for my midway is 14,000,000 and the Purchase price is 28,000,000 how is that full refund? and Saipan i would get 7,125,000 credits and in Enterprise its 10,500,00 credits not doubloons.
  9. ok i be blunt i don't like the new rework. i invest a good amount of time and money learning the skills of carrier operations in the game. the new rework is a mess and ships that have little AA can take out a whole squadron easily. i can't even get close to drop my bombs. so i was wondering can i get some sort of compensation for all the time and money i invest in carrier operations, plane management, learning carrier tactics, ect...?
  10. can this tactic be use to increase the longevity bombers? why not have the fighters strafe the AA of ships? i was thinking that strifing would temporary disable the AA guns on a ship allowing DB and TB to live longer and have better Aim in the murderous AA fire. i seen planes strife ships in WW2 so why not in the game? it may not disable the 127mm dual purpose artillery but those 20mm Oerlikon and 40mm Bofors guns on US ships are pretty expose. also would these modes like for example enhance Carrier Elevators or deck catapult be added in the game? they would decrees the rearming time and take off time of aircraft.
  11. if and when WG did add subs in the game would anyone like to have USS Albacore as a premuim? she won nine battle stars, received a Presidential Unit Citation and sunk the Japaneses newest carrier Taiho during ww2. am sure it would be interesting to Taiho captains when they face her in the game.
  12. so anyone here heard of the Hedgehog? it was deployed in 1942 and it has increase sub kill rate by 25%. would WG add that to US and Royal Navy ships? so what you think?
  13. So anyone here have heard of the Convoy Battle of ONS 5? it marked the turning point in the battle of the Atlantic for the Allies's favor. am really enjoying this Operation Dynamo. the rush of artillery flying overhead, the tension of getting you're guys over the channel and the adrenaline of fending off air attacks. so heres my idea a group of 6 DDs escort transport the weather be random so it adds dynamic to it. you're sonar that beeps and it would beep faster and faster the closer you are to an enemy sub. you win by escorting the transport safely though the map or by eliminating a significant number of subs. so what you think? feel free to add other ideas.
  14. M4Katyusha

    anti-sub weapons

    if WG did add subs in the game would they also add weapons like the Hedgehog? or depth charge carrying planes? the US Grumman TB4 Avenger and the Curtiss SB2C Helldiver did carry depth charge. so to all would be submariners and sub hunters what would you think what these weapons. also would the Hedgehog only be available to Royal Navy and US destroyers if it were put in the game? and would we be able to switch between bombs and depth chargers on our bombers? would this mode only be available to US carriers?
  15. will you have jets for high tier aircraft carriers?