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  1. Been working through the French cruiser line and from the videos and threads i've seen (though they are dated) they choose IFHE for their captain. I just got enough captain points to score the ability and was excited to do so, but it is faded out as and option and says I cannot choose that. Did they change something recently? Can I just not physically train that skill while in my current ship, Algerie? Any help would be much appreciated :)
  2. PaulaDeen

    Are Russian BBs getting nerfed?

    Wow thanks! Are these changes that went through live? Or PTR? Or just future changes on the way?
  3. Question is in the title. I've been hearing rumors from many that Russian BBs specifically Kremlin is getting nerfed yet I have been unable to find any specific results on the matter. Does anyone know specifically what will (or has been?) nerfed for Russian BBs? Only asking because I'm about to unlock my Sov. Soyuz and I don't want to waste my credits and xp if they're getting a hard nerf hammer. Regardless I'll probably continue the line because I love their playstyle. Any info is much appreciated:) TGIF<3
  4. PaulaDeen

    oooo reward container

    lmbo damn i know how the system works I was just trying to have some fun. Some sensitive [edited]forum trolls on every game
  5. PaulaDeen

    oooo reward container

    Me: hopes for some juicy credits and picks credits for my container Me also: just gets [edited] signals
  6. PaulaDeen

    Russian vs. US Battleships

    Thanks for your input! I have a lot of fun with my Russian BBs, I've gotten quite use to their learning curve and do well with keeping my angle and punishing others. My concern with them is being spotted and fired down early by range in higher tiers with ships that can accurately fire 20+ km before I myself can get in a good position. That Russian tank is something extraordinary when played properly, at least with my experience in normal random battles, but those limited DCs can hurt. You bring up a good point with the Slava though, is that just going to be a t10 branch off the Soyuz? I've seen lots of controversial content in how OP that ship is, any idea when it will be released and would you recommend I just wait to finish the Russian grind until that has been released? I guess I'm just looking for a good consistent ship and from what I've gathered the Montana seems to be my best bet.
  7. PaulaDeen

    Russian vs. US Battleships

    Hello, post is as titled, I'm looking for some first hand comparison between Russian and US battleships. I've heard that the Russian battleships dominate in close quarters combat, but fairs quite poorly in long range. Is their long range really that poor? I have a North Carolina and I should be able to finish getting my Vladivostok today. I love both BB lines but I'm not sure which I want to bring to t10 first. I guess I'm just looking for some insight from people with both Monty and Kremlin. Pros and cons of both? Is Kremlin really that bad for long range engagements? Is Monty in a good spot now a days? Welcoming all insights and opinions! Thanks:) Paula Deen Butter Captain Butter Queen