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  1. DeathWishXD

    "Pelt collecting" needs to stop

    Must be a virgin to being struck for 20k+ back to back by an AP bomb squad...
  2. DeathWishXD

    "Pelt collecting" needs to stop

    This has to be a troll post...
  3. DeathWishXD

    Old Shikishima Guns Sound

    You get this to work? It seems that the Shikishima gun sound is made up of many different files that get played together to create the actual sound. I've resorted to recording the sound in game and converting it that way. But for some reason no matter how high I amplify the sound, it is really quiet in game. Although it almost blows my eardrums out in Audacity.
  4. DeathWishXD

    ST 0.10.2, New ships

    So what does the Tiger do? That any other comprable ship in the game doesn't do better? And only 4 152's with 3.2 second reload? One of those turrets goes down you're basically dead. Can't see this ship being fun to play even if it's top tier, imagine T10... Seems just like another floating dev strike to me.
  5. DeathWishXD

    fix the match making

    I do think I'm giving WoWS an indefinite break until the situation changes. I can see alternating winning and loosing... But 6 straight steamrolls, just no. How much does the community have to speak out against this MM issue until WG stops printing out OP paper premium ships to change the matchmaking algorithm. What is wrong with skill based MM? It's beneficial for both strong and weak players.
  6. DeathWishXD

    fix the match making

    But you have 14k battles not 17k? Either way that means nothing. You've played more battles than he has... That's the same thing as someone with a 1% win rate and a million battles saying they've won more than you have even though their wins make up 1% of their total battles. Any one can play more battles... Also what is your issue with assuming stuff? You must interpret information differently than everyone else... You assumed my whole in game demeanor on my post a couple days ago from a few sentences on the same topic. Where does OP say his tactic is damage farming? He simply listed the things he can do that typically leads to having a good end score. No where did he say "I farm as much damage as possible and blah blah blah"...
  7. DeathWishXD

    Mid game quitters

    So I've noticed lately an increase in mid game quitters that stop playing because the game isn't going their way in the beginning. In this example, this guy was upset in the first 5 minutes of the game because no one capped the point he was at so he decided to go watch TV instead. Fortunately we ended up winning without him so I wonder how he felt after seeing the end game report... Anyways, I don't think this childish behavior is appropriate or fair to the team as it could immediately cost you the game being one ship out. And I think some disciplinary action should be enforced for this behavior. I'm aware of the automated system in place but it seems like that gives them a get out of jail free card every once in a while. Which I can see if there's technical difficulties causing someone to AFK, but if there's malicious intent behind it such as the person actually telling the team they're doing so on purpose to be spiteful there shouldn't be a warning. Is there anything we as players can do to stop this?
  8. DeathWishXD

    How do you deal with challenged Players?

    "Fun and Engaging"... That moment you have the only kill on the team and more than half your team is dead within 7 minutes.
  9. DeathWishXD

    How do you deal with challenged Players?

    Ahh Hamilton's equations, Nice to meet you. I'm currently finishing up my Junior year of my Physics undergrad and am going to try to get into my universities grad program.
  10. DeathWishXD

    How do you deal with challenged Players?

    This I agree with, there should be skill based MM. It works beneficially for strong players and weak players. 1. Weaker players don't have to play against stronger players, and it allows them to learn. 2.Stronger players don't have to suffer by having weaker players on their team and getting steamrolled consistently.
  11. DeathWishXD

    How do you deal with challenged Players?

    It's my fault my team gets steamrolled? Wow there were so many assumptions of my character and my thoughts in this post it made my head spin. None of which are true...
  12. DeathWishXD

    How do you deal with challenged Players?

    What information I shared doesn't exist? Please be more specific...
  13. DeathWishXD

    How do you deal with challenged Players?

    I haven't been chat "banned" (I should've been more specific) but chat suspended 3 times during the past ranked season. No time since 2013 or up to a couple months ago have I ever been suspended or chat banned. And my demeanor hasn't changed since, yet I just get 3 in a row all of a sudden? So what did change?
  14. First ever post on the forums since I'm just so flustered right now... I've been playing wows on and off since Beta in 2013, and would like to think I have a pretty good grasp on what it takes to win a match. However I've noticed a sharp increase in high tier steamrolls caused by team mates that simply don't understand game mechanics or have no common sense. I had a game today in the Ostergotland that literally ended in just over 4 minutes with half my team dead and me having captured the only cap and killing their Lightning contesting it. Not to my surprise half the players on my team had a sub 46% win rate, and mediocre average damage. Now I can understand lower tiers where people are trying to learn, but in tier 10 games you would think people wouldn't yolo, or give broadside half the game or make stupid plays. Yet I'm apparently wrong, and it in general just hinders my enjoyment of the game. I like to consider myself a pretty calm person but when I see just utterly bad players there's no way I can't say something to them, usually in the form of constructive criticism. This happened abundantly in last ranked season and I got suspended from chat 3 times for being reported ( I think user reports are a stupid system for that reason since it's just abused) and am not looking to get a fourth... Now am I wrong to call out other players when they make bad plays or are just playing badly in general? In the hopes of improving the game for them and myself if I ever encounter them on my team again? How do you handle these kinds of teams / players? I just miss the matches when both teams are balanced and the game comes down to the last second or the last kill. Those have been replaced by just utter steamrolls for me in recent months.