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  1. Having so many of the new ships added or coming to the game be 1950s designs (Colbert, Halland-class, Ostergotland, Friesland, ect.) got me thinking about what happened to a certain other "WW2" online game that went down the road of adding overpowered modern vehicles and increasing the maximum tier not too long ago. What happened there, and what I really don't want to see here, is the introduction of totally new weapons systems and tiers. I know Wargaming has already said they wont be adding missiles or anything like that, but Wargaming says a lot of things. Just to be clear, i have no problem with getting new fun and interesting ships. As long as they're balanced to fit in with the rest of the tier 9s/10s, then there's no issue. I've just got this uncomfortable nagging feeling of deja vu that eventually we'll start to see tier 11 and 12 ships from the 1970s with new gadgets and performance that totally outclasses everything else.