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  1. Beaver_Scout

    So tired of OP divs

    You are kind of sassy for a Wooky clan aren't you? Simmer down Karen.
  2. Beaver_Scout

    Server overloaded when trying to enter a battle at 4:30 AM?

    The gerbils that run the wheels of balance and power at WG have found a new home, go find them at Richard Gere's place.
  3. Beaver_Scout

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    The first law of Warships is, fun can not be created or destroyed, only transferred to CV's.
  4. Beaver_Scout

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Aslain's won't be updated now until at least the 21st of January per his note in the last update pack.
  5. Beaver_Scout

    One big issue WG faces with nerfing CV

    CV's are the only ship in the game that can use it's ammo to "fire" at any ship, at any range and never worry about being spotted by using that ammo. CV's have become the elephant in the room and WG just doesn't care and moved onto subs. I have played 20 games in the last 3 days and 17 of them were infested with CV's, tier 7-10 games. Yacskn is spot on, the constant bombardment of the planes on any ship is demoralizing and just makes you not want to play.
  6. Beaver_Scout

    Game server down? (NA)

    Would you like to see wargaming response and the replay to prove your stupidity?
  7. Beaver_Scout

    Game server down? (NA)

    You are 100% wrong, I have reported a griefer for doing exactly this and WG sends you a typical canned response and they will do virtually nothing. I also went pink and put in a ticket for their disconnect not mine. I did it for GP and to let them know they are the ones at fault not the players, and their response was borderline hilarious, first one was a canned response of how the system works, the second one was about team damage and thresholds, not one bit about how their servers (including the websites) died. I don't know if they are dense or just don't care, that coin is still being flipped.