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  1. awaited

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I suggest abandoning all hope of Wargaming ever improving their PR. Going back to the Puerto Rico incident, where one of their senior managers insulted prospective customers, it's obvious that their disdain for us comes from the top. Since these problems come from the top, there is almost no incentive for the people below to try and fix these issues.
  2. awaited

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    Username: Awaited Server: NA Most Memorable Premium Ship of 2019: Puerto Rico The image of this ship has been tainted by the circumstances surrounding her release. What was advertised as a fun new holiday feature to watch a new premium ship being built from the keel-up turned out to be a grind that was all but impossible for most players, even if they threw down cash to get a leg up on it. The price to just buy her and skip all of this is more than 3 times as much as the tier IX premiums sell for. The ship itself does not seem to be worth the effort or the money. Puerto Rico is essentially Alaska with an extra turret, better AA, and the shell dispersion of a battleship. However, the biggest problem by far is that she has a stigma around her. Almost every Puerto Rico I've encountered is derided by members of both teams. I wouldn't be surprised if Puerto Rico players have been shot at by their own teammates solely for playing the ship. It's for these reasons that I have no plans on getting her.
  3. It isn't even a question of skill. This is something that's going to give an unbalanced advantage to the people with the most free time and gaming addiction problems.
  4. awaited

    Theorycrafting the upcoming USSR BB Line

    From tier V to VI, the gun arrangement seems to take a step backward in turret arrangement. From VI to VII, it definitely takes a step backward on bow shape.
  5. awaited

    West Virginia 1941... almost

    (this is just so I get notifications)
  6. awaited

    West Virginia 1941... almost

    They could actually make a California fairly quickly, and with minimal cost. The only difference between the Tennessee and Colorado classes was the main armament. The main armament on the Tennessee's was identical to that of the New Mexico's. They could make a pre-war version of Tennessee or California with a simple copy/paste. The same principle applies to the post-refit Tennessee-class and 1944 West Virginia.
  7. awaited

    West Virgina 1944

    Chances for 1944 West Virginia aren't bad. Judging by their acknowledgement on Facebook that there's controversy around the 1941 version, they may have realized they could make significant money from the 1944 version. It doesn't hurt that post-refit Tennessee is identical to 1944 West Virginia in every way except the armament, which is identical to New Mexico's. They model one, and the other is a simple copy/paste away. It's basically two ships for the price of one for them.
  8. I suggest making WV44 into Colorado's C hull. Then the current top hull wouldn't go to waste.
  9. awaited

    Yikes! Another West Virginia thread

    From a balance perspective, I think it might be a better idea if they gave West Virginia's final form to Colorado. The AA would fit surprisingly well between New Mexico and North Carolina, and Tennessee could be introduced later on as a tier 7 without completely overshadowing her. As far as the developers go, something to bear in mind is that this game was not developed by the same people who did World of Tanks. The WoWS division actually started as a separate software developer that Wargaming bought, and then commissioned to make this game.