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  1. Tonnage Tuesday - Most Effective Ship

    Battleships - SMS Bayern (416 kills) Cruisers - HMS Fiji (170 kills) Destroyers - HMAS Vampire (119 kills)
  2. Casual Saturday - Low Tier Action

    I do quite enjoy my HMAS Vampire at Tier III. This is the best game I've had in her to date. Haven't been able to reproduce it (yet). She's a little devil with a knack for whacking other destroyers (especially Clemsons) down a few notches.
  3. mr3awsome's ADLA attempt: HMAS Vampire

    Face-palmed so hard that I didn't see this thread earlier. Anyways, I was looking at the stats of the 114 mm guns used as the secondary battery on Neptune this morning: 3 sec reload, 746 m/s muzzle velocity, 7% fire chance (stock), 1600 HE shell damage.. Naturally, they are also the same guns that would be mounted in a 3 x 2 config. on the Daring class, should they come into WoWs and crowning the British DD line. As it stands, I think those gun stats should be fine as is. Range could be something like 11-12 km. It would definitely be worth grinding out the full British DD tree to get Daring (and then I can rename her Vampire (II), muahahaha xD)
  4. So I bought the Tier VIII Monarch (renamed Thunderer as my personal in-game preference) last night and tried her out in some Co-Op battles and she seems kinda underwhelming compared to the BBQ fest that is the KGV (I kept her in my port). I'm hoping to focus on AP most of the time (and make that playstyle change in KGV as well). I'm inclined to give her a good break-in period before I make any judgement about the ship. When fully upgraded with concealment build like I'm thinking, she shouldn't be too difficult to play with the better concealment of ~11 km. Any thoughts?
  5. Guardian54's Boat Feasibility Checks

    I look forward to your second draft design @Guardian54. I'm currently in my 2nd year of Naval Architecture and hope to design my own passenger liner in 3rd year for my project. I could always put her on hold and design a general cargo ship or tanker (another ship type that is easier and more manageable).
  6. Guardian54's Boat Feasibility Checks

    In-training Naval Architect here. You would need to start by knowing the Lightship VCG (vertical center of gravity); that is, without the ship loaded with cargo. Then I would have to make a Weights Table to get an estimate of the ship KG with all your containers and their respective VCGs. Some things to consider (suggestions for revision): Beam to Draft ratio -> 2.5 -> Draft = 7.2 m (loaded); I think 10 m is too deep (1.8 ratio as you have it) No. of containers -> cut down to 180 (36 containers per hold x 5 holds) -> weight = 180*40 = 7,200 metric tons Calculations: - Hull Depth = 4.5 m (midships) + 7.2 m = 11.7 m - Loaded Displacement = LBP*Beam*Draft*Block Coeff.*1.025 t/m^3 = 118*18*7.2*0.8*1.025 = 12,540 metric tons - Cargo Weight = 7,200 metric tons (from above) - Estimated Lightship = Loaded Displ. - Deadweight (Cargo) = 12,540 - 7,200 = 5,340 metric tons (includes machinery, hull weight, fluids; excludes fuel, food, crew, etc.) - Estimated Lightship VCG (ignoring plate thicknesses) = 6.52 m from keel (assumed a 2 m double bottom height) - Overall ship KG estimate (ignoring plate thicknesses for lightship and only taking cargo into account): *Cargo weight per stack = 40 t/container x 6 containers x 5 holds = 1200 t/stack Item Mass (t) VCG (m) Moment (t-m) Lightship 5,340 6.52 34816.8 Cargo 1 1200 2.625 3150 Cargo 2 1200 3.875 4650 Cargo 3 1200 5.125 6150 Cargo 4 1200 6.375 7650 Cargo 5 1200 7.625 9150 Cargo 6 1200 8.875 10650 Now, the overall ship VCG (with cargo) = (sum of moments)/(sum of masses) = 76216.8/12,540 = 6.07 m above baseline NOTE: I would still need to estimate the ship's center of buoyancy (KB) and metacentric radius (BM) to get KM. Then subtract KG (VCG) from KM to get estimated GM when fully loaded. I might do that later. This is all I have time for at the moment. Please feel free to pm me for any further questions you may have. I'll give you some time to digest what I've done so far :)
  7. KGV - Burning Down the Enemy Team

    So I had this kind of a game tonight. I think KGV is a pretty damn well strong BB when used correctly. My team realized that I needed help as I pushed against 6 enemy ships on the west side of the map by the "A" cap. Pushed them back and burned them to the waterline as they ran from me. I wonder if this is a really annoying gimmick or actually historically accurate (for British BBs)?
  8. Hamburg Ship ID

    The ocean liner is the SS Cap Arcona. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Cap_Arcona
  9. Just got my Konig!

    Konig was an alright ship for me. For me once I got the T6 Bayern I fell in love with the ship. Currently have over 424,000 ship XP on her (and counting).
  10. sea smackdown

    I was surprised when I woke up one morning and logged into Youtube and saw that the North Carolina game I had played the morning before had been featured on Aetam's channel. Definitely a game that I thought was worth sharing. Also makes me miss my NC since I have sold her and currently grinding through the stock Iowa. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEMIcB2hzLY
  11. I'm finding that to be true at the moment, except for the Tier 3 Bellerophon which is super fun to play and has the longest gun range at that tier. I don't think I will end up keeping the Queen Elizabeth when I get to her, since she is a marginally better than my Warspite (slightly longer gun range but stock turret traverse of 72 seconds, yeah no). I think I will end up keeping the KGV and Lion when I get them.
  12. PT server: no experience points?

    You have to actually play some battleships and once the ships are elited you can convert their ship XP for free XP with doubloons.
  13. UK Battle Mission V bugged?

    Actually yes, right before we won by points I got my last 7k damage on a reversing broadside Tirpitz.
  14. UK Battle Mission V bugged?

    Seems to work fine for me in my Amagi xD Ka-ching. Made 1.145 million in profit with the mission complete and bonuses.
  15. My British CV Lineup Idea

    If we use this for Illustrious' hangar capacity (still lower than her U.S. or Japanese counterparts), it could still work decently well. Her aircraft should be very similar in specs to U.S. ones (which makes sense for this late-WW2 aircraft complement).