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  1. Still sad to be a defeat in the end, but I beat my long-standing USS Iowa damage record of 221k in none other than my Bismarck. At least what I've learned is that if people don't focus you, you can be quite effective in these secondary-spec BBs. If singled out and focused, you die pretty quick. Enjoyed this round nonetheless even with a loss.
  2. CanadianAdmiral

    Tonnage Tuesday - Most Effective Ship

    Battleships - SMS Bayern (416 kills) Cruisers - HMS Fiji (170 kills) Destroyers - HMAS Vampire (119 kills)
  3. Can't wait for the Royal Navy BBs to make it to the live server for me to jump into and play. I've been waiting for the QE, KGV, and Lion like forever, haha xD Those three are definitely gonna be ships I will keep in my fleet.  

    Lion class battleship painting.jpg

  4. Can't wait for the release of the revamped Japanese destroyer line. Akatsuki is the most elephant destroyer :P

  5. Hyped for the release of the German battleships tomorrow...Bayern and Bismarck will be keepers for sure :D

  6. Taking a small break from WoWs for the moment...but in the meantime I've been watching Haifuri, so that's been keeping me entertained :D Maron-chan is best engineer girl :P

  7. Getting used to World of Warships...been playing mostly cruisers and destroyers. Battleships are gonna be a long grind for me to get to my ultimate goal: Kongou-senpai :P

  8. Feelin' great...can't wait for WoWs to launch :D

  9. Updated my profile. Hope y'all like it :)