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  1. Just got my Konig!

    Konig was an alright ship for me. For me once I got the T6 Bayern I fell in love with the ship. Currently have over 424,000 ship XP on her (and counting).
  2. sea smackdown

    I was surprised when I woke up one morning and logged into Youtube and saw that the North Carolina game I had played the morning before I had been featured on Aetam's channel. Definitely a game that I thought was worth sharing. Also makes me miss my NC since I have sold her and currently grinding through the stock Iowa. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEMIcB2hzLY
  3. I'm finding that to be true at the moment, except for the Tier 3 Bellerophon which is super fun to play and has the longest gun range at that tier. I don't think I will end up keeping the Queen Elizabeth when I get to her, since she is a marginally better than my Warspite (slightly longer gun range but stock turret traverse of 72 seconds, yeah no). I think I will end up keeping the KGV and Lion when I get them.
  4. PT server: no experience points?

    You have to actually play some battleships and once the ships are elited you can convert their ship XP for free XP with doubloons.
  5. UK Battle Mission V bugged?

    Actually yes, right before we won by points I got my last 7k damage on a reversing broadside Tirpitz.
  6. UK Battle Mission V bugged?

    Seems to work fine for me in my Amagi xD Ka-ching. Made 1.145 million in profit with the mission complete and bonuses.
  7. My British CV Lineup Idea

    If we use this for Illustrious' hangar capacity (still lower than her U.S. or Japanese counterparts), it could still work decently well. Her aircraft should be very similar in specs to U.S. ones (which makes sense for this late-WW2 aircraft complement).
  8. My British CV Lineup Idea

    My reasoning behind the specific lineup is to get ships that roughly have the same number of aircraft as each other (with some exceptions that could be "ahistorically" buffed for balance purposes). Specifically, here are the hangar capacity numbers (both in-game and historical, where applicable): Tier IV: Argus (15-18 historical); Langley (30); Hosho (24) Tier V: Hermes (20 historical) or Eagle (25-30 historical); Bogue (28); Zuiho (30) Tier VI: Furious (36 historical) or Glorious (48 historical); Independence (37); Ryujo (48) Tier VII: Illustrious (up to 57 historical); Ranger (73); Hiryu (72) Tier VIII: Ark Royal (72 designed); Lexington (81); Shokaku (72) Tier IX: Implacable (81 historical); Essex (90); Taiho (83) Tier X: Malta (80-108 designed); Midway (136); Hakuryu (100) NOTE: I didn't include the Audacious class hangar capacity at Tier X because she ended up flying postwar jets which meant her aircraft capacity was roughly only 60 (initially). I guess it could be buffed to include higher numbers of WW2 prop aircraft on WG's part. NOTE: Tier 7 is where the biggest imbalance in plane numbers occurs. If we shift "Ark Royal" down a tier (to Tier 7) it could work better, but would still leave a gap at Tier 8. I was thinking slotting in Indomitable there (81 aircraft), but having two Implacable class back-to-back doesn't really make sense. If anyone has any ideas on how to make this work feel free to speak up :D
  9. My British CV Lineup Idea

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about this topic the last few days and wanted to put it out there, even though we are on the verge of the British BBs being released. Here is my idea for the lineup of a full British CV line. I welcome any feedback or comments and suggestions on how WG could balance RN CVs in relation to their U.S. and Japanese counterparts. I'm not that big of a CV player myself, but the British CVs could be something interesting and different compared to the only 2 nations that have CV lines in the game right now. Tier IV - Argus Tier V - Eagle or Hermes (leaning towards Hermes myself) Tier VI - Furious Tier VII - Illustrious Tier VIII - Ark Royal Tier IX - Implacable Tier X - Malta or Audacious
  10. HMS Fiji - Seven Kills and Victory :D

    Hey guys, CanadianAdmiral here. Just wanted to share this with the community. Had an amazing battle in my Fiji last night which secured her a permanent spot in my port. So I divisioned up with a friend of mine who just got the Belfast and got into a battle on New Dawn. In general, the battle wasn't looking that good until I came back to defend our base from a superior enemy force moving in. I went on to kill 7 enemy ships in the process of defending our base single-handedly while our remaining DD capped out their base to win us the match. Together, our 2 ships accounted for 10 red ship kills. Attached the replay and in-game screenshots. I was shaking after I finished that battle. It was amazing and I don't think I will be able to replicate this xD 20170807_224759_PBSC107-Fiji_13_OC_new_dawn.wowsreplay
  11. Random Citadels and How They Happen

    @Business6 Yeah I figured it was something like that. Another instance is that I citadeled a bow-on Gneisenau with my Kongo some months ago in roughly the same position as I did with my Amagi to the Kurfurst. Also, bonus pts for being noticed by one of my favorite WoWs Youtubers :D I can thank you for letting me develop the brawling mentality everytime I load up in my BBs (when appropriate of course). It's been quite fun for me.
  12. Random Citadels and How They Happen

    Funny that I stumbled on this topic. Just today I was in my Amagi and got a citadel through the bow of an enemy Grosser Kurfurst while he was turning in. Granted, 12,600 damage isn't that much to worry about for him at least.
  13. I actually really like the Pensacola

    Just had this game tonight in my own Pensacola. I don't like her all that much, but sometimes she surprises me with those accurate guns.
  14. Can't wait for the Royal Navy BBs to make it to the live server for me to jump into and play. I've been waiting for the QE, KGV, and Lion like forever, haha xD Those three are definitely gonna be ships I will keep in my fleet.  

    Lion class battleship painting.jpg

  15. Just curious, when the IJN DD split goes live, will the current tech tree ship that we have be replaced by its new equivalent (I have the T7 Hatsuharu right now). Will she be replaced with the Akatsuki, being fully researched already?