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  1. Just started happening to me as well. Changed nothing on the computer no updates on anything and I get stuck at the load in screen It worked find on Monday but yesterday it started acting up Again nothing was changed on my computer and am running the game as it is Right now running clean and repair hope that fixes it
  2. Lag issues since 7.2

    Ping is fine FPS sucks when it happens Never had a problem at all until 7.2 come out
  3. Lag issues since 7.2

    Same here after about 10 matches or so I have to quit and completely shut down and restart my computer . And repeat it over and over I have my settings on low Where as before the patch I could run the game with medium to high settings with no problems at all. It is not the computer , Sorry WG but it isn't, I guess until enough people complain they will not do anything That or it will get so bad that people start leaving the game all together
  4. Lag issues since 7.2

    Is WG going to address the excessive lag issues the game has been having since the 7.2 update came out?