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  1. Dear Iowa...

    Why not keep both?
  2. This is exactly how I felt when playing Lexington. For me personally it was extremely frustrating not having any ability to fight the enemy cv.
  3. The tier 9 looks like a better ship to me.
  4. Post your WOWS wishlist

    Big E. Did not get the chance to pick her when she was on sale and would really love to have her in my port without having to buy a big bundle.
  5. Naked Tirpitz?????

    Only problem with that is some premiums look wired with out a camo. Arizona for example does not look half as good if you take the camo off her.
  6. Cockroaches Scattering In The Light

    Sometimes it works. A couple of months ago I️ was in a game where our team tired this and we cleaned up for an easy win some of the most fun I️ have had in the game ever.
  7. So Midway only gets tier 8 torpedo bombers.... idk about that.....
  8. US Cruiser split news

    Sounds like you think they are just going to down tier those ships without changing anything about them..... that seems highly unlikely to me.
  9. US Cruiser split news

    I hope he’s right. Really it’s too early to make judgement calls on how the ships will be made to work a tier lower but it just wouldn’t surprise me if they where hit hard with the nerf bat. I’m one of the few here that really likes both ships as they are so I’m a little worried about potential nerfs coming their way.
  10. US Cruiser split news

    I don’t like the down tireing of NO or Pensacola. Pens might lose here 10 8” guns marking her a lot less historically accurate and NO is probably going to get hit with some nerfs which makes me sad. Other than that I’m excited about the changes and since I currently own all the us cruises from 6 to 10 it looks like I’ll be getting a new ship and a good start on the other line so sweet.
  11. So Where Is the USN CV Rework?

    I agree completely giving lex the one torp bomber would make her more on par with her ijn counterpart in my opinion.
  12. Really? I don’t understand that move at all. Was lex really over preforming with that loadout?
  13. No. USN CVs need better loadouts to chose from. I think it’s ridiculous how gimped some of the US CVs are. Can strike Lexington trade one dive bomber for a fighter please. Or one dive bomber for a torp bomber in AS.
  14. OP = CV with manual fire options

    Where did I say they where underpowered? They are some of the most powerful ships in the game regardless of how good or bad individual players are at playing them. My point is that you can not throw your aircraft around with out any care for the risks that they are talking. Misplace your aircraft and not only can you do little or no dmg to the enemy but if the the squadron is wiped you now have a longer rearmament cycle to wait out. Point is even a CV captain has to weigh risk vs reward just in a different way compared to other ship classes. Not saying they don't need a rework because they do just pointing out that the idea that a CV captain has no risk to think about is just plan false.
  15. OP = CV with manual fire options

    I've heard this argument before and to be honest I feel it's a very much [edited]. The ship its self isn't in danger suer but the planes most definitely are and if a CV loses all its planes what good is it? I've started to play CVs a lot more of late and I'm really starting to appreciate the difficulties the CV player faces. It's not easy mode by any stretch of the imagination.