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  1. JohnBlackJackGeary

    Is anyone else happy?

    Yeah I’m really enjoying the game. It’s still very fun.
  2. JohnBlackJackGeary

    Ultimate grosser kurfurst

    Yeah. Tillman when?
  3. JohnBlackJackGeary

    cv's are crapnow

    That’s an impressive rock you got there.
  4. JohnBlackJackGeary

    World of?

    CV might still need some balance work however for the most part they are ok in my opinion. I’m working up the IJN DD line now and I’m looking for to getting the tier 8 so I can get in more consistent CV games so I can have a better understanding of what it’s like play a poor AA destroyer in CV heavy MM.
  5. JohnBlackJackGeary

    World of?

    Right because if people disagree with you that makes them trolls. This.
  6. Agreed. It dose not matter what class your are in every class stills has an important role and can meaningfully contribute to a win regardless of being bottom tier or not. This same cannot really be said about tanks. This is also why I just role my eyes at all the threads that complain about being bottom tier. It’s just not an issue in warships.
  7. JohnBlackJackGeary

    Who are the real AA ships?

    Kidd has good AA.
  8. Glad your are enjoying your time here. I come from world of tanks as well and the one thing I would like to add to your list is that being bottom tier isn’t nearly as bad in wows as it is in wot. There are times in wot where you can be bottom tier and most of the enemy team is straight immune to dmg from you and that is never the case here. Some people like to complain about being bottom tier but it’s not really an issue in wows.
  9. JohnBlackJackGeary

    Start to finish it has been a long ride (Puerto Rico)

    Those screen shots make me sad. Look at all that great work that the WG art team did that most players will never get to experience.
  10. JohnBlackJackGeary

    Stock torpedo bombers on Midway?

    Yeah that’s what I thought. Ugh WG makes really strange choices it’s kinda of a miracle they some how managed to build a fun naval arcade game.
  11. JohnBlackJackGeary

    Stock torpedo bombers on Midway?

    I agree but would I be shooting myself in the foot using them in game over the upgrade planes?
  12. JohnBlackJackGeary

    Stock torpedo bombers on Midway?

    Yeah I’m tempted to use them for the looks alone. I completely agree that WG plane choices for a few of the cvs are just dam odd.
  13. JohnBlackJackGeary

    Shiny new Lexington in port; now seeking advice.

    As far as rockets go I like the Tiny Tims. I feel the better pen they get makes them more flexible.
  14. JohnBlackJackGeary

    USS Tennessee (BB-43) Please !!! T6

    Yeah this. That’s why with the improved accuracy over NM California belongs at tier 7 and not tier 6.
  15. JohnBlackJackGeary

    USS Tennessee (BB-43) Please !!! T6

    We are already getting California. And if you want her in her refit state like in the pic you posted she should be tier 7.