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  1. Forgottensoldier117

    Opt out for cv

    No it’s a bad idea. If you start dividing the random battles que for people that don’t want to fight certain ships then que times go through the roof. It’s bad idea and I think you have a better chance of CVs getting removed than something like this getting implemented.
  2. Well written post and an idea worth exploring.
  3. Forgottensoldier117

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Sounds like you not a fan of unlimited planes... but what if instead you get one run with the B-25s and get to run regular CV planes after that?
  4. Forgottensoldier117

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    Do you really feel that CVs in rework can just throw their planes around without any consequences? I have spent a fair amount of time on the new PTS and I can’t say that has been my conclusion. I think the reload time of new planes will still needed to be adjusted some at lower tiers but at tier 10 you can not just throw planes around without consideration of the risk to your planes. On the PTS I have seen a Midway that was careless with his planes and he only had 1 plane torpedo squadrons at the end of a match. CV exsist for one purpose only to launch and recover aircraft. Without it’s aircraft a CV is defenseless and useless and the aircraft remain in a great deal of risk even in the rework.
  5. Forgottensoldier117

    CV Rework flak?

    All good points but do not underestimate the IJN torps. They go 50 knts compared to the 35 knts of the American torpedoes. Makes them easier to hit with in my opinion.
  6. Forgottensoldier117

    CV Rework flak?

    Changing speed can also help you avoid the black clouds of death. If you have the torped run lined up they you want use your boost control to slow down and then speed up you can throw off the predictive aim of the aa that way.
  7. Forgottensoldier117

    why does mouse control CV plane movement?

    Lol is this really a concern people have?
  8. Forgottensoldier117

    why does mouse control CV plane movement?

    I’m well aware of that but thanks for the reminder any way. Still excited to see how they change and being able to take them out of port more often.
  9. Forgottensoldier117

    why does mouse control CV plane movement?

    I don’t think so. As I said above the first week is likely to see some screwy MM everyone is going to want to give the new thing a try. However things will eventually even out and I think the 2 CVs per team limit will work out just fine.
  10. Forgottensoldier117

    why does mouse control CV plane movement?

    Enterprise’s is by far may favorite CV in the game from history buff point of view. Only 60 battles in mine but all PVP 60% win rate but small sample size and to be honest I think she’s a little op so the wineate dosent mean much. My Enterprise is going to be seeing a lot more action as well.
  11. Forgottensoldier117

    why does mouse control CV plane movement?

    It’s a very different system my first game on the TST was atrocious less than 10k dmg. However after a couple of games you get used to how the planes behave and it gets easier to get them to do what you want.
  12. Forgottensoldier117

    why does mouse control CV plane movement?

    Idk I’m excited to see what they have done with them heck I’m just excited to play them at all because the old CVs where such a stressful experience for me personally. I bought Kaga because I’m a history buff that likes to collect ships and Kaga has a lot of interesting history but I haven’t played her much because I’m not super confident with the RTS system. Playing on TST and now PST I have come to really enjoy the rework and I’m excited to be able to play my CVs on a more regular basis. Can’t say I agree with the simplistic view of rework CVs but I get that it’s not for everyone just like DD or BB play isn’t for everyone.
  13. Forgottensoldier117

    why does mouse control CV plane movement?

    MM might indeed be a little screwy for a week or so thats to be expected. I remember way back in the day when tirpitz was released I ended taking a brake for couple of days till the craziness died down a little. However a hard cap of two CVs per team makes sense I think it will make games better for both the CV players and the surface ship players. Things will shake themselves out eventually. Also I don’t play my Midway for the same reason you don’t play higher tiers but I’m happy to say that’s going to change when the rework hits. I’m really looking forward to it at this point. My Kaga and Saipan are going to see a lot more play time as well and I’m really excited about that.
  14. Forgottensoldier117

    why does mouse control CV plane movement?

    How so? If more people are playing CVs it means CVs will be finding games quicker and the likelihood of strange small cv games will go down.
  15. Forgottensoldier117

    why does mouse control CV plane movement?

    I’m think fem said on her stream that it will still be one CV per div and no more than two CVs per team. Even with 4 CVs in a game that’s only 4 groups of air planes in the sky at a time. Ryujo can put more groups up than that now all by itself.