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  1. Possible Solution to Radar

    It helps knowing what to look for.
  2. Don't forget to tell that to DaChosen1FoSho.
  3. Then it will remember the oil you earned
  4. So if you didn't participate in clans, then what makes you think you deserve a clan reward? It's retroactive for people who earned OIL. You didn't earn any oil, so you also earned no coal. Tough.
  5. Possible Solution to Radar

    They reduced radar module from 40% to 20% time increase.
  6. I said as a focus. When you pit 2 people against each other, it's about competition. Fun is mostly only achieved by the victor unless they are both evenly skilled.
  7. Tier 10 changes to help MM

    No, you don't get to abuse the system like that. Matchmaking works off the highest tier in the division, and you can only have a tier variance of 1. Them telling you that they die too fast to learn anything is garbage. Every time you die, you can learn from that death, because you know exactly what led up to it. The game even allows you to continue viewing the same game, where you can follow other player perspectives. Plenty of media resources provided by WG and contributors to get a leg up on mechanics. Sink or Swim, succeed or fail. Rise above a challenge or allow yourself to be beaten by it.
  8. Games that are meant for having fun as a focus are not pvp. If you want fun, play something solo/single player. I doubt crossing off your cv games are going to do anything for your stats tho, so I wouldn't bother.
  9. How does this stop TK'ing?

    Is it really that hard to hold right click before you fire to see? Your shells, your responsibility. End of story.
  10. I Have Too Many Credits

    Tier 10 permacamo is to blame.
  11. Big shout out to the Community

    The problem is people play it like Baltimore or des because it's in the same line, but it couldn't be more different. Over time people will understand and recent stats will reflect that. If it wasn't for the slow reload buffalo would be menacing. The super AP penetration angles of its line put on an open water flanking cruiser like Hindenburg with the durability to match. Fearsome.