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  1. Pulicat

    Brawls Broken

    Me and my buddy duo with 2 BB in brawls and we never get a cv on our team. Keep getting murdered by cv. Unfair, fix the MM thanks.
  2. Pulicat

    Thunderer Nerf...What Was WG Thinking?

    Sometimes it is frustrating that WG does not listen to it's players. Then you start seeing all the kinds of people that are speaking, like this OP, and conclude it's probably for the best.
  3. Pulicat

    KOTS is fun to watch but...

    Uh, i'd rather have more information lol. The screen space is adequate to see ships shooting at each other just fine. Without Hp side panels, i can't tell what health ships are anywhere on the map at any point in time i want. You know what the camera can't do? Show every damn ship every second of the game so I can see that. The only real improvement would be moving the teams/scores to the top beside the ships/hp, because the top of the camera is less likely to occlude water/action because it's looking at skybox.
  4. Pulicat

    Ranked shouldn't be streamed

    Some of you may think this is trivial but myself and many others question why we get deleted or shot while being dark i have found out why Ranked is so wishy washy. Streamers streamers streamers and 1 in particular from a clan that resembles a salute was caught by a clanmate live streaming ranked every single game and this is fair how?? This is why I did not want to join this discord and soon you will see another reason why I didn't want to join this bunch of no integrity low braincell count group. Keep watching the unicum trolls or supposed unicum trolls will respond with stupidity.
  5. Pulicat

    10.3 CV nerfs still suck

    I miss all the good threads lately. At least we have kind man erazer from EU.
  6. Pulicat

    Nelson Reverse Gearing Bug

    God really nobody understands jokes these days. The lack of information given is the hint people.
  7. Pulicat

    Any chance the Anchorage might get a heal?

    this is why there happens to be many ships.
  8. CB Queue already allows hurricane rating to face storm and lower. When you play CBs, it 'could' happen, as you say. Rejecting your seed is the same as circumventing your hurricane rating restriction to go and fight many lower teams consistently until your successes stack up and you are facing the higher rated teams, much like you will beat any easier team in the tournament and end up facing strong teams at the end of it anyway. Seeding the strongest and proven teams from influencing results against a few teams whom have no match against them in a pool of 100s of teams keeps results from getting skewed and placements being more accurate in the few battles that make that determination over a couple days, rather than the odd game out of 10s a day over a 2 month period in CBs.
  9. Yep, some of us sure do in CBs. I never claimed otherwise, only questioned your 'respect' for a clan doing so and then later making a contradictory statement. Is it somehow not ok to go fight lower rated clans in CBs, but ok in KotS, in a way that circumvents measures to prevent this? This is what you have been championing.
  10. You realize that going down to play in divisions is exactly the same thing as what you're accusing right. Going down to a place where resistance is weak because none of the other teams that are an actual challenge to you are there. It seems like you have little idea of what you are actually talking about.
  11. Yeah, big respect for the team wanting to go clean house in every division stage match where nobody stands a chance against them. Honourable.
  12. Pulicat

    Improved Co-op

    co-op isn't supposed to be popular.
  13. Pulicat

    When is the Petro getting nerfed?

    technically all the cvs were banned too since rework. Petro is indeed the only surface ship to receive a universal ban despite being rule legal otherwise. If nothing changes abput petro it may even just become a permanently banned ship in future kots since the vote was pretty much falling on petro.
  14. Pulicat

    Losing credits playing Roon

    In my experience, the best paying option is to just get premium time. It says "50% increase to earned credits" but realistically it is more than this because of ship running costs. If you have a ship run cost of 90k, and earn 100k credits on a standard account that battle, your take home credits is 10k. With premium time your take home credits becomes 60k, or 6x in this case what you would have 'earned' normally. Of course this is an extreme case when you are barely above run costs or even below. If you earn much more in excess, like 90k cost and earn like 300 or 400k credits, premium time would only add 150k or 200k respectively to a take home of 210k or 310k, so like 2/3rd addition. Non paying, as said your options are to play some of the freely given/earned premium ships, ships you do well in or ships in lower tier. You may also find some value in selling ships or old ship modules in the inventory tab, like ship A hulls and other stock pieces, but this is more delaying the inevitable.
  15. Pulicat

    The "GG" Again....

    It is typical etiquette to allow the losing side to be the only ones to say 'gg' or at the very least the first ones to say it. This is more of a competitive thing, so in random battles with random people, you get apes. Just ignore them.