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  1. There is plenty of talk where weegee has no control.
  2. Pulicat


    thanks, i guess ctrl+mashing all the keys didn't hit j haha.
  3. Pulicat


    Why was ctrl+g disabled/removed from the game? Intentional? It hides the UI. @Hapa_Fodder
  4. Pulicat

    The Players of WoWS

    @DolphinPrincesswhat do i get to be
  5. Pulicat

    An Idea To Help Destroyers

    You can argue each class has non optional skills within their own class, but situational awareness was not optional for any class, and that's the difference here.
  6. Pulicat

    An Idea To Help Destroyers

    The whole reason is was removed and standardized is because it wasn't optional.
  7. Pulicat

    An Idea To Help Destroyers

    pretty smart, suggest a bad idea and preemptively call anyone against it cruiser and BB whiners.
  8. Pulicat

    Good Job WG

    My god, get help. You can look at any ship that has been stated as OP and removed from shop and see similar statistics with it's tier. A ship isn't considered OP because it's braindead proof, and isn't going to stand out in averages. The 'data' you want to use doesn't refute anything when people like you can get into these ships and convince anyone they aren't OP simply by playing them. High DPM HE in smoke is, and always will be, OP for cruisers. This is what happened to Belfast and Kutuzov, and now Smolensk. It's what sparked the global smoke nerf, though i bet you have no idea what that is. When you get a premium that outscores at the top every other tier 10 cruiser, including ol henri which just caught WGs eye, you would have to be insane to say it wasn't singled out and removed because it was OP, and overplayed because of it. Then again, you think BBs are the most OP thing in the game because you can get punched in the head and not die in them immediately. Don't worry, if you ever live up to those stats that the person who you bought the account from earned, maybe you'll get it.
  9. Pulicat

    Good Job WG

    It was bloody removed from the armoury because it was OP. You don't see stalin or bourgogne kicked out of it despite being in there since steels inception. Smol has TRIPLED stalingrads battles played in randoms. Not only did smol come out a year and a half after stalin did, it's only been ~3 months for smol. It's basically a tier 10 kutuzov. It's clear they learned none of the lessons they should have from that mistake either, and so smolensk has gone to the same place kutuzov has.
  10. Pulicat

    Good Job WG

    No, it's actually very bad that they removed certain ships, because now I will never hear the end of "we need smolensk to be competitive". It should have never existed in the first place, but since it does it's even more stupid to remove an OP ship that exists within competitive tiers without banning it from competitive modes. Can't wait to hear the crying in t10 ranked/cbs in half a year.
  11. Pulicat

    CVs against DDs

    Baseless? It's pretty provable, you might wanna just give this one up. As for the rest of this nonsense. All ships in a battle pull from the same enemy health pool for damage. BBs dont stop existing for your average damage simply because you are a BB. Just looking at tier 10, the only BB that goes beyond it's unhealed health pool in average damage is conqueror, while every single cruiser does except moskva. And then you get into heal consumables. Ouch.
  12. Pulicat

    CVs against DDs

    forget everything you've learned.
  13. Pulicat

    CVs against DDs

    Y'know, this made me curious. Maybe at worst I was expecting half his 14k battles being co-op. My god. Imagine thinking you know anything about the game when your opponents are programmed to run the exact same strategy against you regardless of anything.
  14. Pulicat

    CVs against DDs

    What data? The data that shows cruisers and destroyers have their health or double in avg damage whereas BBs are lower? Please specify.
  15. Pulicat

    CVs against DDs

    You are not understanding the issue. Pre 0.8.0, DDs were already being given concessions like the removal of BB full pens because they weren't doing well. Then they introduce an extremely oppressive class that they literally have no options against on their own. It's not about whether a DD CAN survive or not against a carrier using allies to hide behind, it's that they MUST use allies or suffer the loss of the only advantage they have (concealment) to do basically no damage to planes with AA. All of which keeps them from the duties most of them were balanced around, spotting, capping and countering enemy DDs.