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  1. So, this is how it always is at the top. You get poor match variety and long queue times. It's nothing new, you would just not have these effects in typhoon of regular clan battles because you aren't high enough like brawls where you were #2 and #3
  2. Wow, whoever this team was must have been really mean bullies, ruining all your matches.
  3. Pulicat

    Bad Idea WG

    We didn't develop anything. WG has made the game balanced around bow tanking being more effective than not, especially with so many frontal BB gun strength in high tiers. It protects your citadel, it makes you a small profile for torp walls, keeps a majority of your guns active and makes the only effective salvo against you HE which you can heal and mitigate.
  4. Pulicat

    Bad Idea WG

    Nothing changes through acceptance.
  5. Pulicat

    Bad Idea WG

    It depends on how you look at it. RTS cv used to require a lot of mechanical skill, and so was very limiting on who could play them compared to the other classes. Rework is definitely more accessible (easier). In that sense it has gotten better. If you look at the flip side where carriers are generally unfair when they engage targets, it is worse because carriers are more common. Nowadays sure, rework is 'better' after being balanced more. Planes actually die, slingshot is dead etc. The interaction is still inherently unfair since ships can't take an active role in defense against the carrier.
  6. Pulicat

    Bad Idea WG

    Considering we barely get anything we want, i don't see why.
  7. Pulicat

    Bad Idea WG

    Ted is right. I used to be more constructive long ago too during the first few months of cv rework. it's become tiring being ignored on almost everything and i've given up and become very bitter. It's not because nothing i've suggested has come about either, but the general attitude of most of wg during that time, including releasing cvs into live completely untested and not ready for it despite being warned about what will happen.
  8. Pulicat

    Bad Idea WG

    I don't mean to make it seem like I think you are responsible or anything. I argue with everything that moves about CV because I care. I saw people on discord talking about how you were defending them in the same way everyone does, 'git gud' and it annoyed me because you're probably my favorite forum employee thus far. You do good work.
  9. Pulicat

    Bad Idea WG

    Why should I accept that I must 'grow and change' to a mechanic that is broken and unfair? Also, carriers don't play competitive OR random battles. They play PvE in every mode they are in. That is the thing we rail against. There are many ways this current iteration of carriers could be more give and take in the interactions, but for carriers it's currently only take against every other class, even themselves.
  10. Pulicat

    Bad Idea WG

    It doesn't matter how you play. I know exactly how to play a DD against a CV, and it doesn't consist of anything offensive. I am simply playing in such a way that someone else on my team is an easier target, and that's how it is for everybody. There is no advantage state against a CV, it controls every engagement it wants. Some ship is always exposed for it to attack, and it's always a PvE interaction, because the ship being attacked has no options besides extremely limited mobility. There is a reason almost every top player is against WG when it comes to carriers, and it would be a mistake to assume it's because all these players that are objectively better at the game compared to WG employees have somehow not discovered how fair carriers are while WG has. There is a reason the top community continues to block carriers from kots. There is a reason the top community is dissapointed about cv's included in CBs. If I told you to 1v1 me, you in a DD and me in a carrier, I could challenge you to a 100 game match and never lose a single battle. The interaction is inherently unbalanced, with no counterplay, and the rng of the carriers drop being the only determining factor to how long you survive. Maybe it's required by WG to defend carriers, I sure hope so.
  11. since a lot of things have changed since this because of all the updates, a lot of it what i put here doesn't apply anymore. If you're just looking for general cv controls then these videos might help. one by wg and another by ichase. ichase one is fairly recent too. Aside from basic attacking, there are some slightly advanced tactics you can use. Most of the time, if you want to simply do damage as the carrier, you can do it to most ships. If you want to win, it's about striking the right things at the right time. Sometimes this striking could be such a result where you don't actually hit them, but force them to maneuver to your team can hit them pretty effectively. It's important to call out targets for your team, either vulnerabilities in their formation or ships you've forced to use DCP by attacking them. When it comes to most dds, rockets are your best choice. Most dds can't fend off your planes by themselves so you can catch them out if they are separated from the pack. HE bombs work as well, but are easier to avoid without the high payloads on top tier midway. Don't bother trying to torp them unless you are really confident or they are sitting it smoke and shooting. For cruisers, you can strike them with about any plane group you have. However they also have the best defenses against you, whether it be high AA strength, fighter groups or defensive fire. Maybe even all three. really strong carrier players use their initial squadron during battle for 2 things. Scouting the enemy team for your team, and 'testing' the waters of enemy AA, using the hp of that squad to judge the aa strength of some cruisers/bbs by dipping into their aa bubbles. For BBs, again any strikes are effective. When torping, try to aim some torps into their bow or stern, since their torpedo bulge will protect against flooding but doesn't extend to these sections of the ship. The information about enemy flak walls in this thread still applies, so use that to plan how you want to strike strong ships. learning what ships to be careful around, what threats look like etc comes from experience of playing. No situation i relay to you here will ever apply to you, since no game is the same. The best advice i can ever give is you always be self critical, and don't blame your team for your losses. Even if it is true, there is probably always things you could have done to turn the tide a little more.
  12. i didn't realize the petro only had 1 gun
  13. Pulicat

    Maybe we need rigged MM

    just buy the premium matchmaking package.
  14. Pulicat

    CV's Are Trash Now

    You could go on and on about all the things average players think are bad, and each one would be evidence on it's own as to why you would never make balancing decisions around them. Radar bad, BB dev strike bad, concealment bad, torps bad yada yada. Their ability is mostly at fault when encountering such things, and it's exactly why you don't 'balance' over lacking ability to do something that is very possible. This isn't even what my argument was originally about anyway. WG isn't balancing carriers around the average player, but it's those players that make them think they already are balanced. And it is stuff like that in their spreadsheets that make them ignore the fact that planes interacting with ships is very PvE currently (always has been, but at least in RTS the allied carrier had a lot of responsibility to defend against strikes as well, and they don't now because defending also means not attacking which wasn't a concern in rts), and ships have very little control on their fate unless they dumpster their ships performance for an AA build or just come with aa that must be avoided already because wg said so.
  15. Pulicat

    CV's Are Trash Now

    No, this is wrong as well. You wouldn't balance around people who most likely don't have the mechanical skill or knowledge for certain things. Consider an rts for example. Some units would be easier to use, like point and click attacks, while others maybe have abilities or actions that must be performed as extra in the fight, or require a lot of micro to keep them in the positions you want. An average player would value the simple units much more, and think the complex ones are bad simply because they require extra work. This is why balancing around top level makes more sense, because everything is being utilized at the top of a humans ability in that game at that time.