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  1. I'm not one of these people wanting more players to get better, so don't bother acting like i'm contradicting myself here.
  2. No, i don't wonder. If you aren't good enough to theory a way to beat something, you probably already aren't good enough to beat them with any strategy given to you. Can't make it idiot proof.
  3. So, after it got rammed nothing was spotting it for 3 seconds. It has a lot of health... not going to die to a [edited]ram unless it's already basically dead.
  4. Yeah, it's called being good.
  5. If all the ships are the same as last year, the only good one is the cruiser.
  6. Low tier is boring. Match action is extremely uninspired. You get naked rentals, take them. lose 30k credits MINIMUM before any modifiers are taken into account on a loss. You gain 120k per win before modifiers. If you seriously can't get by on fixed rewards like that, you have more things to worry about than cb participation.
  7. I hope river comes to format up a storm. @RivertheRoyal
  8. It depends. If you're adept at games and can handle changing play styles constantly, this is the best way to 1. Understand what classes and nations have to offer, and how to interact with them whether you are playing them yourself, have allies on your team in them, or fighting them as enemies. Knowing what your opponent(s) advantages and disadvantages are, as well as what it's capable of in certain situations, will give you the knowledge of how to beat them and avoid being beaten. 2. Find out what you enjoy playing the most. It's important to recognize that the relative skill to play a class from easy to difficult is BB -> DD -> CL/CA -> CV. This is not true for every case, but more accurate than not. 3. Playing multiple ships at one time will help you utilize the daily bonus, and can counteract playing with a standard account somewhat. Me personally, I played japans lines up to tier 7, at which point I started exploring other nations. If you do not adapt well to changing play styles, unable to remember specific ship capabilities or both, it may be more effective for you if you play a certain nation/class up to a tier and then decide whether to continue or change.
  9. He was trying to disguise his poor grasp of English. Probably a child or something who wanted to stand out.
  10. Good for them, they're also wrong. There's a reason why cvs are standard even if every ship is built for plane killing.
  11. The choice of WHETHER OR NOT TO TAKE A CV in team battles. It wasn't an option. You took a cv or you lose, end of story.
  12. I'm just the team eye candy and forum rep.
  13. It's easier to achieve higher base xp in higher tiers. For example, your result there would have probably been 2500 easy at tier 10, assuming at least 170k damage to account for tier increase.