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  1. Pulicat

    [OO7] Double Strike - Selectively Recruiting.

    I know, recruitment pages are for clans that can't make their mark and get noticed any other way. Ya'll have no trouble with that. I guess if you're tryin to field for kots8 tho can't hurt. don't mind me
  2. Pulicat

    Heavy Cruiser Rework? What's this?

    2019 Year of the Reworks.
  3. Pulicat

    [OO7] Double Strike - Selectively Recruiting.

    Only subclan performing like top clan confirmed. Also wth is this. We dun recruit on forums.
  4. Yeah, he doesn't play WoWs. It's just a clip that can be relevant for many things.
  5. Why, he's funny, puts on a good show, stays fits, and makes tons of money doing it. Seems like he's doing plenty useful for himself.
  6. Why do I advocate for cv removal? Players Spent three years enjoying the games and meta where cvs hardly appear. It worked, and playerbase was actually steady/growing, not an easy thing to do. Then you want to change cv in such a way where the only real goal is to increase play count of them by making them accessible, and don't really address any issue that players already had with them even though they hardly appear. The strength, annoyance, constant spotting and forced deathball meta they cause still happens, and now it is very frequent as opposed to before. When people asked for cv to be reworked, they meant these issues more than accessibility. Wg focused on accessibility only. I don't find wanting cvs to be out of the game to be an extreme view at all, since they missed the mark of what people expected by so much.
  7. Pulicat

    WOWS Tactics Broken

    Yes it seems gaped. Ms paint and discord screen share I guess.
  8. Pulicat

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    It's what the game does. Torpedoes have always been like that. You spot them, the arming distance/time effect is applied to them at that moment, and then after a while they will get triangles when that distance is met. Doesn't matter if it's carrier torpedoes or DD torpedoes. The client is not being sent the information of how long the torps were in the water before you spotted them, so it can only apply the arming distance delay for triangles when you do. It requires time to make sure the server keeps track of not only where the torps are that get communicated to the client, but also doing this for arming delay. Calling it a bug is completely incorrect, as it's been how the torpedo system worked with the delay since forever. People only just notice it now because this is the first time we've had such large arming delays, but it's also not a quick bugfix.
  9. In terms of being deplaned, that is still what happens to an extent. Hanger sizes are really no different it's just that rework forces you to pace out what your hanger has by time limiters.
  10. Pulicat

    I Think That I Can Definitely Say...

    i didn't mean the streaming part so much, just the have to spend tons of time to be good part.
  11. You make a compelling argument. Most of the time I just think about AA as armament like any other offensive weapon. While I can see it as a 'layer of defense', I don't think it should remain as uninfluenced by the player as it is currently. Most if not all it's damage comes from simply modules and captain skills, and there is little to no penalty to having your AA be off sector as you can switch it quickly enough. Just to do such a thing as be as dominant in an AA cruiser as anybody else against the CV doesn't seem like a healthy back and forth. Perhaps AA should not be full damage everywhere around the ship, and there should be weaker points on the stern or bow directions, plus a longer sector switch time so the player can not simply just switch if the cv spent time coming around to that weaker side. Regardless, you have changed my perspective.
  12. Pulicat

    I Think That I Can Definitely Say...

    I just get tired of the no-life comments. sorry.
  13. Pulicat

    I Think That I Can Definitely Say...

    That's not true at all. I was already pretty good at the same amount of battles as you, the difference is I got more value out of my time in terms of improvement.
  14. Pulicat

    I Think That I Can Definitely Say...

    The recall change would work just fine, it just shouldn't apply to planes that return after a strike. Those should go home and be invisible since you'd want to shoot at the bombers that have payload left. F key should have the invisibility delay only.
  15. Pulicat

    Midway HE bomb pen?