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  1. Listen guy. We may be arseholes in chat sometimes and on the forums, but the one thing we are not is cheaters. We've been out here for weeks trying to expose their actions.
  2. Nice try. My existence here is a community service to people like you, making sure you stay in line.
  3. Just putting an end to stupid comments where I see them.
  4. Some nobody commenting on things he doesn't understand. Make sure you are hinting at the correct offending clan next time, or better yet just keep your mouth shut until you get a clue.
  5. There is no they. It's only one.
  6. Uh, yeah, we do say it just to us. And sometimes a stream happens to be on. But do go on talking about something of which you have no real understanding.
  7. We aren't there to have fun for you or to help you have fun. If that hurts your sensibilities, know that we don't care, and kindly "get the F off my stream". Over exaggerating is part of our enjoyment, and being the victim of us in a random battle must be yours.
  8. Cool, nice to know we can't play with our friends.
  9. I bought myself a Lexington the other day. Wish me luck for whenever i gain the courage.
  10. I am a natural opponent to many people here. Generally what I have to say is despised, and frowned upon as elitist. Also, I challenge people to defend things they say. I do so aggressively. I'm going to get downvotes, might as well make it fun to collect them.
  11. Well. That's disappointing.
  12. If i was considered boring, I'd die.
  13. Compensation was altered. You receive nothing for being TK'd essentially, in such a way that it makes it not worth farming from. The TKer still has to pay for the action.
  14. I can appreciate the hard work they put in, and they deserve their popularity. For me, it's something I wouldn't dislike if it was on, but not something I would seek. I usually prefer music without vocals.