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  1. Why 'play' the game?

    Please make a name more unique.
  2. Why 'play' the game?

    i probably put the wrong name in. if only they weren't all so similar.
  3. Why 'play' the game?

    When did exact average constitute as pretty good?
  4. AP Underwater Fix

    You're attributing a lot of views to me that I do not have. Mistakes get punished, that's just how it works. It is not a mistake to show broadside, never said it was, what the mistake is is doing it at a time that someone can shoot it. If you do that, it should hurt. A lot.
  5. AP Underwater Fix

    I agree. A battleship should not be so safe from taking massive damage hits if it has to turn away.
  6. As far as best value, it's flags. And only for one flag in particular, anti-detonation. All I ever pick is this crate, and I've easily gained more flags then I use. I had about 300 when first clan battles started, up to 450 mid season 2. Plus you get get all the other flags too, which keep your stockpiles very healthy. If you need credits, play a couple scenario battles a day. If you need consumables, you need credits to buy them. So play scenarios. Getting flags from achievements are not consistent, so take them every chance you can get.
  7. I hope not. The less titles they ruin the better.
  8. No, i really think you did everything possible before finally caving.
  9. Question on Mark 1 Eyeball for CV

    The answer is simply that you weren't the ship spotting it.
  10. Bretagne - Sometimes slow is good!

    I see
  11. WG caught on, and shut down our little farming club. the average result achieving major contribution. Also congrats to @ValkyrWarframe for also getting one. Highest free xp result, thanks for broken af spring sky camo.
  12. chat and ingame discipline

    WG has subscribed to the mob justice angle instead of paying the resources to monitor it themselves. edit: whoever downvoted this, I'm curious if you actually think i'm wrong lol. it's exactly what they've done.
  13. A Close Finish.

    Nah bro, that would be a spoiler.