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  1. Pulicat

    Why Can't Co-ops Just Be Tier For Tier?

    How much easier do you need it to be?
  2. @ArIskandir It's not the division itself that is your issue with countering it, but you will not find much in the way of how, or why it works in the first place, in the forums. Super unicums will get these high 90% winrates in almost anything with a division of 3. The winrate of the division is not touted beyond explaining to people that it's not hurting the team. The hunter division works because: 1. Tier 8 dds are dangerous to any other ship in their tier (not cvs) with their guns. They don't rely on torpedoes to deal with things that are durable with accuracy+rof, like 9/10 cruisers. 2. It's randoms, and players react poorly to what is oftentimes a center rush, peeling themselves off their flanks & caps to block you only for it mostly to be pointless. These ships are generally not prepared to even fight these DDs, and make themselves irrelevant to the battle. 3. The division has a high likelihood of killing at least 1 DD early on, and also taking the entirety of the CVs attention to them, making 2 enemy ships countering their 3 man division from the start of the game, before anybody comes to try and block their push. This keeps the rest of the battle relatively even, allowing the push to happen. There is literally no point in trying to discuss how to counter such a division, because what you are really trying to do is counter super unicums. Unfortunately, they think quicker, react sooner and play better than literally anyone else since they are the top. It doesn't matter much what ships they bring, they will outperform you to this 90% winrate. Whatever you want to try to stop them. they will either just kill you, or your friends, or work around you and win anyway. The only time ship strategy is relevant is when facing opponents of EQUAL skill. Randoms is no such place for this. When there is this equality of skill, this division will actually perform pretty average.
  3. Pulicat

    What Could Be Next After Subs?

    Idk if they can add anything new. Hard to make new, easy to play bully classes without affecting the existing and soon to be existing easy to play bully classes.
  4. I can't really tell what you're asking, but I'll guesstimate. A lost battle is not wholly on one person, but many contributing factors. The same can be said for a won battle. You can contribute negatively in a victory and positively in a loss. Generally, the more positive contributions you have, the better your odds of winning battles. Over long periods of time, instead of saying "i've won 60% of my previous battles" you would say "i have about 60% in favor odds of winning the next battle" but it's very loose. You could be playing a ship you don't know and not have the same ability to contribute positively, or vice versa. Over many, many battles, your winrate is a marker of your ability to contribute, and the better players are almost always in high winrates (not better than average winrates, HIGH winrates. 60%ish solo, much higher for division etc.) I'd guarantee you nobody is focusing you because of your stats or your name recognition or whatever. The reality is more likely that 1. you just think that is what's happening or 2. you stopped going to places where people will focus you early game.
  5. Pulicat

    exciting new clan battles meta with cv!

    I wouldn’t expect you to listen, whether I made comments about it or not. The same way I never talk about mid tiers, I don’t play it so can’t really form an opinion on it. I hear tier 4 carriers are having a bad effect and that’s all I really know about it. i may still have a firm opinion of carriers being in cb despite not having played it, and if I made an argument it would be on that previous experience and from what I could tell of subsequent iterations. It could be discredited by not having direct experience. i could just be reading you wrong too. Feel free to reiterate what you mean, I do enjoy talking with you whether or not we agree.
  6. Pulicat

    exciting new clan battles meta with cv!

    Mostly the boycott is about principles now. We voted to make a stand no matter how meaningful or meaningless we perceived that stand to be in an effort to have WG give some credit to the obvious issues carriers bring to the mode. Many capitulated because they have no principles, and would rather have some steel. So be it I guess. Whether this stance is continued into further CB seasons is yet to be determined, or even brought up as a question. In terms of KotS placement having relevance, we won that the same way we still held our position (and won, although another top clan didn't participate) in the first CB season with carriers. You talk as if we are unable to play carriers in the same way as the rest of the game. If we were to go 3 years without playing carriers in CB while also maintaining our KotS and other tournament standing the whole way, it would be really easy to suddenly play a CB season with carriers and crush everyone who isn't on our level competitively in the tournaments we were playing. We dislike carriers not because they are hard or that we can't adapt to the meta as some like to think, the reality is quite the opposite. We dislike them because the gameplay is uninteresting, and almost all battles are similar because you always know what the enemy is up to and what their strategy will look like, whereas CBs without carriers allow for surprises.
  7. Pulicat

    exciting new clan battles meta with cv!

    You were talking about best clan in terms of competitive strength, and as if not participating changed those dynamics because of a minor tournament. Major tournaments are considered such because they have prize pools and formats that attract the best to compete. It has nothing to do with it being officially sanctioned by the people who develop the game. Normally, i'd say CBs are a major. They are long endurance tournaments, but don't require beating teams or having positive records over them to place higher. (it certainly helps though). They are also centered around tier 10 and generally have lots of proven clans participating, and there is some loose cross server interaction. I could be #1 in a race I held against 5 year olds. The value is meaningless because the competition is erroneous. DSPs placement is similarly discarded by everyone except himself. Certainly, if o7 were to never participate in another tournament again, we would drift more into a legacy clan, but that isn't what is happening.
  8. And you'd be wrong, since average xp is influenced by boosters and premium time. Has the least correlation with skill than any other existing metric. Referencing a players performance to support arguments about the game they make wouldn't change. It would just change from 'your stats are bad' to 'your stats are hidden' and it would have the same effect on your argument as if they were bad.
  9. Pulicat

    exciting new clan battles meta with cv!

    Sorry, that’s not how it works. You don’t become the best simply because the actual best choose not to participate in every ‘tournament’. Tournaments are not created equal, some have lower prizes, are hosted in areas not all players are willing to go, erroneous rules or are just of less importance or value in the tournament year. Some games even categorize them, like minors, majors and super majors. A tier 6 cb? Probably the most minor of anything we could have. SL right now id also consider a minor. DSP, a man who flaunts that he was number one in NA when he placed in a tournament that was handled very poorly because all the players that would have beaten him didn’t attend, doesn’t mean he really is #1. It’s quite an embarrassing thing to brag about. Don’t be like dsp.
  10. Pulicat

    PTS Rocket rework video by toptier

    Well, there you have it then. I was pretty close anyway.
  11. Pulicat

    PTS Rocket rework video by toptier

    To be fair, i was being generous. As an example RTS Haku had something like 35 or 40 planes of each plane type, 1/3 of that being non ordinance fighters, so about 80 ordinance planes. Haku now has ~55-60 ordinance planes at the start of battle + 5 or 6 fighter consumables x3 x3 45-60 plus the fighters that the carrier launches on its own to defend itself. So taking the fighters out of the question, even though rework haku has more fighter planes overall, it starts with 20 less ordinance planes, but probably regens them fast enough to have more ordinance than RTS haku by 8-10 minutes in. I could be remembering rts haku's hanger wrong, been a while.
  12. Pulicat

    exciting new clan battles meta with cv!

    Not widely experienced with high level competitive, but fit to challenge someone who's played high level competitive for 2 years about what venezia was brought for. Probably best not to confuse being 3rd in a tier 6 clan battles season with a better competitive opinion or position. The TNG skill soup that relies on consolation prizes has not changed. Venezia hurts everything, but it's concealment issues hold it back from the spam we saw. It fails against anything that outspots it and DMs in general, making it only useful for kiting flanks in a concealment (no cv) meta. It gained use when carriers eliminated concealment control problems, and it's smoke helped facilitate moving & capping at the same time or getting itself out of trouble/carrier harrass. Things that were important that all other cruisers lacked. It was also more resilient against AP bombs. So please, you have no idea what you're talking about. Just stop.
  13. Pulicat

    PTS Rocket rework video by toptier

    I didn’t base anything I said off of any experience you may or may not have. Simply responded to what you said. If you don’t want people to think that way of you, then don’t talk like it. I mean, you just jumped to assuming I didn’t have a problem with auto aa in rts, so who is really judging who here? whatever else you said after doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t want anything automated in a pvp game unless it’s equal like a strategy game. Certainly not one sided like we have. Why shouldn’t my skill in fighting against a player in planes come through in a pvp interaction?
  14. Pulicat

    PTS Rocket rework video by toptier

    Hm... nope can’t say I was fine with it then either, I asked for controlled aa too. You could say in rts it wasn’t as railed against because those attacks actually took co-ordination, skill and reflexes to perform. Not so much in rework though, if you can believe it. AA was also actually dangerous in rts if you build for it, and many ships could crush entire squadrons of non regenerating planes that can’t nanobot heal through your aa. Also in a 15 minute game the rework carriers end up having more planes. anything else wrong you want to add?
  15. Pulicat

    PTS Rocket rework video by toptier

    Stop automating my only defence against a player attacking me and I’ll stop asking for that automated system to delete your planes for me since skill has no involvement in the interaction.