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  1. I'd submit a ticket. I've found that some WG employees are way to susceptible to being "triggered" and will give strikes as a knee-jerk response for the slightest thing. I once got a forum ban for saying "Right, I got carried like a chihuahua puppy" in response to someone who was taunting and stat shaming me in the forums. None of the admins here would back me up so I submitted a ticket and someone higher up at WG removed the strike and sent me an apology email.

  2. Exposing misconduct.

    I think this is the first time we might agree on something wiggin. lol. long time no see.
  3. Exposing misconduct.

    nobody was laughing at the employees play lol. It's literally a meme of gz being way to strong against german ships, and thousands of people get 'taunted' every day in wows. Why is it okay for wg to single out everyone in that div, especially when 2 of them said nothing different than anyone else in that match?
  4. Exposing misconduct.

    so what are patches?
  5. Acceptable Risk

    It's the same idea applied in a way that you are meant to find absurd, just like the Amagi player would have found your idea absurd. Your perspective of being able to justify the sacrifice of the Amagi because he is a poor player can be my perspective that I should be able to take control of your ship if I am dead because I determine that you're a poor player.
  6. Acceptable Risk

    I think it is an acceptable risk to allow dead players to take control the ships of others that are 10% lower in average winrate. Remember, it's not about allowing other players to play their ship in a match, it's about winning. Therefore it should be acceptable to take over a ship commanded by legozer, or those like him, because clearly he has no idea how to win, and is more likely to be a participant to a losing game.
  7. Possible Solution to Radar

    It helps knowing what to look for.
  8. Don't forget to tell that to DaChosen1FoSho.
  9. Then it will remember the oil you earned
  10. So if you didn't participate in clans, then what makes you think you deserve a clan reward? It's retroactive for people who earned OIL. You didn't earn any oil, so you also earned no coal. Tough.