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  1. Pulicat

    Maybe we need rigged MM

    just buy the premium matchmaking package.
  2. Pulicat

    CV's Are Trash Now

    You could go on and on about all the things average players think are bad, and each one would be evidence on it's own as to why you would never make balancing decisions around them. Radar bad, BB dev strike bad, concealment bad, torps bad yada yada. Their ability is mostly at fault when encountering such things, and it's exactly why you don't 'balance' over lacking ability to do something that is very possible. This isn't even what my argument was originally about anyway. WG isn't balancing carriers around the average player, but it's those players that make them think they already are balanced. And it is stuff like that in their spreadsheets that make them ignore the fact that planes interacting with ships is very PvE currently (always has been, but at least in RTS the allied carrier had a lot of responsibility to defend against strikes as well, and they don't now because defending also means not attacking which wasn't a concern in rts), and ships have very little control on their fate unless they dumpster their ships performance for an AA build or just come with aa that must be avoided already because wg said so.
  3. Pulicat

    CV's Are Trash Now

    No, this is wrong as well. You wouldn't balance around people who most likely don't have the mechanical skill or knowledge for certain things. Consider an rts for example. Some units would be easier to use, like point and click attacks, while others maybe have abilities or actions that must be performed as extra in the fight, or require a lot of micro to keep them in the positions you want. An average player would value the simple units much more, and think the complex ones are bad simply because they require extra work. This is why balancing around top level makes more sense, because everything is being utilized at the top of a humans ability in that game at that time.
  4. Pulicat

    CV's Are Trash Now

    OPs like this is why WG thinks carriers are balanced.
  5. It's always the same story, everyone bullied 90th over not bringing a cv, but always fail to remember how much trash they talked about being a top clan and how they were going to crush other teams. Critical thinking people, why would one clan be singled out when there are other teams that aren't able to fill full teams and also don't bring carriers.
  6. compacting the 4 carriers at 7,8,9 and 10 would have made more sense than what it is now. But making sense and wg don't mix.
  7. I'm not sure who told you every game is winnable, because I sure didn't. There are battles that take place where you might not have done much but won anyway, or games where you can't win no matter what you do. It's not either or, there is a variety of situations where a single player can make the difference if they are good. That is why good players rank out in a consistent amount of games. Myself for example tend to hit rank 1 in about 90-100 games, which ends up being just shy of 70% win rate, or about 30 games I could not win. It's actually remarkable how consistent it is when everyone is spouting left and right that you're at the whims of matchmaking whether you succeed or fail. it's definitely not the case. In 7 seasons that I have bothered to see ranking out, only 2 took around 200 games. I can point to my poor ship choices in my first year of the game being the reason. I didn't appreciate how much it mattered. In one case I ranked out in 104. in three i ranked out within 90-100. and in this season i ranked out in 71. I will tell you again. Making excuses for yourself as to why you don't succeed, it does nothing but hold you back. Just because you can't figure out a way to take control of your success doesn't mean it can't be done. Stop blaming the game. Stop blaming things you can't control.
  8. Placement doesn't mean anything either. It's easy to farm damage after the point you are already lost and get a high placement over others that died. What matters is victory results, and you would be lacking. There's a reason.
  9. I helped him on a whim really, not something I planned to do. Everyone else that has asked me I've told them this: Even if I were to help you, it would be a couple games at best and nothing that I coach you through would apply in any other battle you'll ever experience. You would get the same experience by just reading what I was suggesting he should do, and applying the spirit of the advice to your own situations.
  10. Time played means nothing for skill. If you ARE better than those around you, you will progress at a speed relative to how much better you are. If you are not, then you are at the whims of other players because you are no different. In a post you seem to agree with, you go against the very point of it. You can only control yourself, blaming others does nothing for you. Yet you do just that here. Whatever reason it may be that you have little to show for your time spent in terms of prowess in the game, that's for you to decide. Just don't lie to yourself and not take responsibility for it by pointing the finger elsewhere. You can take this as some personal attack or shaming or whatever, but it's just honesty. In terms of ship restrictions, most ships can be used. The ones I suggested are just what I feel has the most potential. Yes, it's been pointed out elsewhere that you can go with the safety net approach of star saving. It will probably still take more battles to rank out, and maybe it'll save a star a little more often than playing to win. I still think the win method is the better of the two. The ship examples I gave, as I said above, are just suggestions for most potential. Most ships will work, it's all about trying to eliminate counters to your ship so you can dictate the fight better. Hindenburg for example wants most BBs weak or dead, and DMs dead. Most other ships it does fine against, and can dictate the fight with it's superior hydro. Smolensk (which is common) is probably the worst cruiser in this regard for late game control, as it dies to anything with hydro or better, and is crippled without spotting which is a hazard in late game scenarios. The reason I suggest against battleships is because the point of this post was to talk about how to win. Battleships may be fine damage dealers, but so would the BB on the other team unless they are really bad (and there are usually multiple BBs anyway). They lack the utility for late game control by themselves, and struggle especially when most players are dead and the enemy is alert about them since there's nothing else to focus on. Hitting a cruiser that is paying attention is where the problem starts, as it's more than likely they outspot you and can hit you much easier. If I were to stop playing to win, and instead play to save star and rank out that way, it's definitely going to take me longer to rank out. I would say i could do both equally well, as skill and knowledge lend to both. I feel like the ratio of success for both strategies would be somewhat similar for most people, and that is why I recommend against the star saving one.
  11. I agree with what you say here 100%. Consistency in ranked is definitely possible, only what that consistency will look like depends on your personal performance and skill level. Glad the post is making the rounds a bit, the more people that can see it the better.
  12. I guess it works fine as a tertiary, like z52 or yueyang. It accomplishes important roles that would be your focus, but not as efficiently as daring, and doesn't have much upside for the lack of dpm in a knife fight like gearing with strong smoke and long torpedoes. Groz specifically would fall into the role of longer range harass, rather than contesting and screening. If you can beat that habit, there can be an argument for it's speed, and durability if rushing a ship against an island is necessary.
  13. I guess it's part of their identity. I'm not too keen on clutter either, but it's not like it covers important areas in the game.
  14. I make this post because OverlordBou showed great perseverance while being beaten down in ranked, and his story will be below somewhere. If you give him a watch and like his content, follow him. He's a great, positive player, and very humble. Bou's Twitch So, I've been around for a long time, and I've heard every accusation against ranked as a mode. The most common one is "My team keeps losing the games for me". Not always in such nice language of course. People think ranking out is an exercise in RNG, and that they have no control on the outcome. This is simply not true. Ranked progression is about correct ship choice, and exerting your influence on the match in its entirety and as much skill as you have to see the plan through. I'm not saying you will always win, some games ARE unwinnable due to the players you are with or unforeseen events, but it's important to remember that, on average, both teams will have this occur. Maybe you will only have a 55-60% win factor because of the abilities you have, it's still marked progression. It's important to remember the golden rule. You can only control yourself, so you only have yourself to criticize. Don't make excuses for yourself by blaming others, EVEN IF IT IS TRUE SOMETIMES. This is the same advice I gave to overlordbou, who I was listening to struggle in ranked and stuck in a rut. I've watched him a bit on other days and played with him once in a division, I knew he has the potential. At first, he seemed to reject the advice as most do, and I considered it another player I couldn't help and went quiet again. He brought it up some minutes later and apologized for the rejection, and said he just wasn't really trying. I respond with "It seems hard to reconcile not trying and also blaming your team." I could tell that resonated a bit, and he started asking for my opinion. He settled on Des Moines (A ship I would recommend as the best cruiser option anyway) and perhaps jokingly asked me to coach him through battles. I took it literally and did just that. Before I spoke, he was stuck losing ranks at around rank 9 at about 3 hrs 20 into his stream with about 250 battles this season. I started giving advice at 4 hrs 30, and stayed for 4 or 5 games, and after that he was able to turn his losing streak that night into a straight run to rank 5 when he stopped streaming 5 hours later. I'm sure there will still be some who will point to RNG being in his favor all that time, and if you're that hopeless then I can't ever change your mind anyway. To those that see a glimmer of hope for themselves, perhaps you can take that and make a push for yourself in these remaining ranked days. Ship choice is important, so I will give my best picks and why, if you want them. I'll preface this advice with this: ship variety is your enemy. Pick 1 ship, and stick with it. Learn it on the maps in ranked, and your performance will increase with it. If you keep switching ships, you will never develop habits and strategy. For DD, the best option is probably Daring. It has great conceal coupled with strong DPM in knife fights, allowing you to dictate where the enemy DDs are allowed to be. It also has plenty of quick smokes so you can add your dpm to finish off ships quicker, or protect you from carrier harrass. (I ranked out with CV this season, and I would point to daring as the most annoying to keep down.) A key bit of advice for DD that not a lot of people think about is that everyone wants to shoot you, so use it to your advantage. If a ship is fighting one of yours, get to whatever dodge distance is necessary and start firing at them. You can dodge most hits with practice and save your allies from damage. Usually it's only a maneuver I would do If the game is close and/or the enemy ship will die. You also want low gun range and high DPM build DD, as it makes it really easy to 'drop off' if whatever you were fighting smokes itself or dies. A high gun range just gets you spotted from farther away while shooting and your damage will be ineffective at long range anyway. You aren't trying to rank up high amounts of damage, but doing effective damage. If Daring isn't an option, Gearing is a good choice as well. You have longer torps that can convert into massive focus fire or even kills, and smokes that you can give allies if there are no cvs. It does alright in knife fights as well. For Cruisers, Des Moines is the strongest option hands down. It's a ship that lives on effective damage, and together with the legendary mod has the strongest corner game of any cruiser(Salem may have the super heal, but its radar is pretty useless in comparison) , allowing you to literally lock down enemy ships simply by existing. The only thing you fear is BBs rounding the corner on you, but they are slow and you can see them coming. Your radar and hydro allow for clutch mid/late game plays too, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Same with DDs, you want a DPM build. You do not need range mod, just use the stock range it is perfectly acceptable. A key bit of advice for cruisers would be to play like a DD in terms of your conceal. Use it to get into better position, you don't always need to shoot the first thing you see. Maybe if you don't shoot, they wont know you're there and broadside you, allowing for more damage. Or a DD will lose track of you and blunder into your radar. Not shooting can be even more powerful than shooting in certain circumstances. When it comes to BBs, I wouldn't recommend using them. But if you must, Kremlins durability and close range accuracy can allow you to be aggressive. I'm not much of a BB player, so maybe someone below will comment some good ideas for them. The best advice I can give for BBs would be that tanking is irrelevant. Your HP is what you pay to get great shots and out position other ships, not something you throw away so the enemy has something to shoot at. You must be mindful of the battlefield, and adjust your play based on what your team is doing. You may put yourself in a position and have a great result, and in the next game do the same thing and get crushed. It wasn't the position that was good, but the circumstances that you took it in. As a BB, you'll be really tempted to blame ships for abandoning you or not screening torps etc, do not. Try to think about what your allies are considering to do ahead of time, and find a path forward with that in mind. Carriers are probably the hardest to have influence with, but are also the strongest in that regard. If you know what to spot, when and how, force ships to dcp or make them broadside your allies with torpedoes and harass DDs, you can have amazing influence the entire battle. IMO Midway is the strongest to fill this role. Each squadron can be effective against every ship type, and carries around a lot of DoT potential. Hakuryu is still a fine choice, but it is more selfish and surgical with its armaments. Here is a game I asked Bou to highlight for this. It was an extremely clutch game that he dragged to a victory despite the odds being against him the whole time. Yes, I may have been giving advice here and there, but most of it came from him and I wanted to point it out. If you apply your knowledge to victory and stay on it, you can beat ranked.