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  1. Lesser_

    CVs in CBs, yay or nay?

    It's a pretty stupid position to hold saying 'prove the skill gap doesn't exist'. Of course there is one, every ship in the game has one, that is why you see the same teams in hurricane all the time. The difference now is that cvs do not counter each other based on this gap, as they do not have the ability of fighter screens and micro against their opponent. This is a good thing, as that was the problem with allowing cvs in beforehand. You could see this effect in ranked when old cvs were still around. Try to wrap your brain around this. There are many things to dislike about new cvs, the existence of a skill gap let alone a larger one is not one of those things.
  2. Lesser_

    Too many planes

    I wasn't talking about DDs. Carriers harass everything, and can do so without end. I didn't forget anything at all. Don't have any love for old cv or new ones. Concept is terrible for gameplay.
  3. Get Gud. 10km as you say, gud players understand to aim slightly lower so water slows those big shells enough so they don't overpen. You are not aiming fine.
  4. Lesser_

    Too many planes

    Damage was never the problem. It's being attacked by a player without being able to fight back. The large damage has simply been replaced by harass, and it's largely the same over time.
  5. Lesser_

    Pelagic Pirates is Recruiting

    But y no kots
  6. It is part of wg plan to spike carrier interest by making them playable, which results in strong cv, and then to nerf them heavily so people play them the same amount as before.
  7. Lesser_

    Ummmm.....OK then...I'll take it.....

    Definitely not 5k BASE xp, as that would be impossible. Such a number has never even been achieved.
  8. For most basic, use wargamings
  9. Lesser_


    Hak can still stealth torp with the 4x12. Playing CV feels pretty stupid in randoms now though. Fly around with 12 planes to strike with 3, possibly 6, and have all of the 12 die. Either DoT chance needs to be restored, or base damage restored. Planes that complete a strike are AA immune while the remaining squad under your control must be in low or no AA areas to F key without them dying. Sector switch times for cruiser and BB need to be increased by a fair amount as well, because it's basically a free bonus right now with no downside since you can switch easily. Then you have a CV that can do meaningful actions in a battle, but must prioritize straight attack runs to keep planes alive, and ships that sector in advance and predict well while also trying to avoid payloads are still rewarded with plane kills and taking less damage.
  10. Lesser_

    This is Why I Play WOWS

    Well he spammed 2k graf zeppelin games, who wouldn't neg rep someone for that kind of toxicity.
  11. Lesser_

    Poll Surrounding Several Items of the Game

    Whether or not the meta will be balanced in half a years time isn't the question, of course it will. The real question is will that meta be enjoyable? Not for me, I preferred the balance that existed between the 3 classes and always will, and carriers have no place in that balance because what they create by spotting is annoying. I don't care if a DD comes up and spots me while i'm in a cruiser or BB, because that DD is at some self risk to do such a thing. I don't care if a cruiser is lobbing shells over an island at me, because it cost him some investment to put himself there. I don't care if a BB blaps me across the map, because it was my bad positioning or lack of awareness that caused such a thing to happen. And in any interaction between those 3 classes, there are things you can do against it. Carriers don't do any of these. I can't stop him from coming at me with planes, and killing them doesn't matter because the SYSTEM makes plane death mandatory. I can't stop him from spotting me. I can't be alone when a carrier is in the game for any amount of time. Carriers themselves aren't having much of a good time either, because they keep getting nerfed and can't have any meaningful impact on the battle. About the closest thing any CV can do is AP bomb something, and it's slightly meaningful. And it has to be that way, because power with impunity is garbage, and WG is realizing it. So now the CVs aren't having much fun, and the ships they single out in battle aren't having fun either. As long as carriers exist and are played more often than the RTS ones before, I will not set foot in random battles as anything but a CV, because even if I don't interact with a single plane during that battle as a ship, I can still see the damaging effect it causes on my allies and the meta as a whole, and it's just not enjoyable for me.
  12. You can't conclude anything yet, there isn't enough data. I conclude the game is healthy, and here's my creds so you can't argue with me. All hail WG and the rework. Nothing that's been said, done or resulted from rework by and for the players matters, only this data that only I am allowed to make hard conclusions about. I hope your integrity was worth employment at WG, they're sure to hire you any day. Edit: in hindsight i realize i am actually responding to another video i clicked on in the embed, which is this one.
  13. Lesser_

    8.0.3 CV is still OP Against DDs

    Yeah that's not a win.