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  1. Grevester

    WG employees = 300 battles total average?

    He also doesn't make any of the drinks he sells.
  2. Grevester

    WG employees = 300 battles total average?

    Just look at the game, it's proof enough. In fact, carrier rework when that came out is a perfect example.
  3. Grevester

    T6 CBs is a joke. Change my mind.

    Yes, last time. It was just us using grafs 2x fushun and an asian team with grafs 2x budyonny that i can recall in the last half season.
  4. Grevester

    T6 CBs is a joke. Change my mind.

    Is it? I see all the same huangs I did last time with an extra ryujo to make it even more enjoyable. Instead of Graf using blind fire and hydro to counter huang smokes, it’s Pensacola and double cv torp swarm on smokes. Different ships being used doesn’t mean anything if they are just replacements doing the same thing.
  5. Grevester

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Actually, it wouldn't. It's not some ship parameter that hasn't been tested in in-game combat, it's just math. As WG, you'd have all M credit earning history to properly scale in a new system, as well as the knowledge of exactly how credits are awarded for battle participation.
  6. None of the words here are the problem, but the sentiment. One person made a comment about it being about a single word misuse and you've latched onto it like a life raft. It's so disingenuous. Stop being such a plank. It is in part the content, in part the messages conveyed, the attitude and tone etc.
  7. Yeah I don't even play the game really. Maybe a hundred battles a year. But I keep coming back for the popcorn sales.
  8. I had fun reading all of these responses. Big thank you to Ahskance for sticking his neck out for the community axe.
  9. Grevester

    The Match Making Lie

    It's only a 6 year old game. Surely in so short a time it's impossible for most players to bottle up in tier 8. How ridiculous.
  10. No, it always rounds down only. Even if it was 1.99, it would be 1, not 2.
  11. It's like you didn't even read. The kaga thing is pointless. A DD that is already under duress is most likely not going to dedicate time to baiting your attack rockets and then changing direction after you start your attack run to make you miss. When you select the right target, it even becomes trivial to hit DDs with plane torps or significantly compromise their situation even further. That is what the speed on your planes is for, supporting existing engagements or causing problems for ships simply by spotting them, not 1v1ing a ship to death.
  12. Lol, the balance. Your balance is spend some time to make sure DDs can't get through your frontline instead of just repeat attacks on some target in a corner, and their balance is that if they get through you failed. And trust me, your 1v1 fairytale doesn't exist in a real game. You simply spot that DD at a bad time and he is getting hurt, you attack from the right angle with rockets or torps at the same time and he has to choose who to dodge. Now your rockets take some thought process, like I mentioned normal ship aiming has.
  13. @NefariousRaven This is actually really simple. If you can hit a dd with your dd at a normal engagement range, you’ve just managed to hit a target with 4-5s shell flight time. To do this, you’ve estimated his future location with a combination of what his ship is currently doing and his behavioural patterns. In fact, a vast majority of your gameplay will have this interaction taking place in any surface ship engagement with guns or torps. Now this interaction is applied to rockets. In general, the machine gun fire doesn’t really do anything for the dd other that confirm that he already evaded your strike. In other words, all the dd is doing is guessing where you might think he is going, and not go there. I can only assume through 3 years of badly designed carrier gameplay is that you’re all accustomed to showing up with any squad and getting to do damage just because. Now it doesn’t work for 1 class out of 3, to the ones most vulnerable that require stealth you take away and receive damage that most are balanced around not being able to heal. get a grip
  14. Grevester

    Wait a minute {Rocket and Spotting]

    No. You literally lose control of the planes when you die in rts. They are little different than shells or torps you fire before you die.