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  1. Johnny_Wishbone

    Are There No Honorable Players in this Game?

    At least ninety-five percent of the time, someone complaining on these boards about "honor" is actually complaining that other players are selfishly and rudely failing to lick the complainant's zadnitsa. I see nothing in here to give me cause to think this thread is an exception.
  2. Johnny_Wishbone

    Are Guided Missile Cruisers on the Distant Horizon?

    Yes, right after they do the ballistic-missile submarines and the LCACs.
  3. Johnny_Wishbone

    Asashio Review, A Better Understanding

    I've actually found that shadowing friendly heavies is working very well for me. That or I can get out ahead of them, and throw Trouble at an opposing heavy and give them something else to think about while the friendly does the work, and I just turn back and disappear, if I ever appeared at all...
  4. Johnny_Wishbone

    Asashio--the IJN Ninja Has Returned

    I just love this ship because she's everything about IJN DDs, for good or ill, turned up to eleven. Most of my time early on was playing IJN DDs before the Minekaze nerf, and that and the Isokaze were my favorites. Can't hit cruisers or DDs? Who cares? Waste of time; go for the heavies. Sneak around, pop out frombehind an island, scare the crap out of some baBBy, cut his throat, and disappear. Scares the crap out of people when torpedoes come from BEHIND them.
  5. Johnny_Wishbone

    Premium Ship Review - IRN Imperator Nikolai I

    Nikolai the Deleter. In my first match in this monster I got three one-shot kills of cruisers at or near full health. Everything about this ship is just ridiculous.