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  1. Tr3xx0n

    Clan Battles: "Land of Fire" Season

    Why has the dynamic changed so much to swap the Henri in as top choice?
  2. Tr3xx0n

    Clan Battles: "Land of Fire" Season

    Rental Ships are great. What influences the decision to not allow cammo on the ships? Does that include no signals?
  3. Tr3xx0n

    Exeter Marathon is ridiculous.

    There we go: 1st don't do it if you don't like it response.
  4. Tr3xx0n

    Exeter Marathon is ridiculous.

    ok fine - overall look at the time investment for all 4 stages.. you honestly believe that all the hours required equate to a T5 ship?
  5. I am curious Wargaming: How many hours did you anticipate an Average player would have had to invest to complete all 4 Stages of the quest line? 20, 30, 40? How many hours would it take for an Average player to amass 750K of damage? Lets not count DDs because a lot of people don't play them and if they do, most probably have not invested in the crappy British DDs to get to a lvl 6. So for a Cruiser or a BB say a very generous 25K average. That means 30 battles. Average that out to about 5 hours of play time. That is just a single leg of one Stage. Overall you might have to agree that the overall requirements are a Tad excessive for a $30 ship. Yes I understand that I do not have to choose to do the quest marathon. Still I think you need to re-think the investment/return ratio as it really feels like you have made it so arduous that people will just get sick of playing a single nation line for so many hours. Just my thoughts. And now I will get the tons of "don't do it if you don't like" it troll comments instead of some kind of measured discussion.
  6. Tr3xx0n

    Exeter 3-Kill Mission

    The grind for a $30 ship is just ridiculous. The WoWS Web site STILL says CoOp.
  7. Tr3xx0n

    Ships in Air Supply Containers

    These containers drive me nuts. All of my friends have gotten ships, some even a couple. So far I have not a gotten a single one. Just like the frigging Santa crates; nada squat. Buddy of mine bought a single crate and inside was the home-run: Belfast. Yeah I know; random, blah blah.. Just bitc....g for the sake of bitc...g.
  8. I have been playing WoT on the Xbox since the early beta days. In the beginning there were friendly fire penalties for Artillery Fire (yes I know most people hate Arty, but that is not this discussion), they reworked it multiple times trying to find some kind of reasonable balance for accidental vs.griefer damage. In the end it was too much of a pain in the [edited]/player outrage that they just scrapped it and there was no FF penalty and you could not damage anyone else with Arty fire. Now I get there is a good argument for developing the skill and operational awareness to properly aim and fire arty/torps. But there is also the argument that can be made for 'at the end of the day is it worth all the aggravation that FF brings?' [I still don't get the concept that I get a FF damage penalty if someone drives right into me. At a minimum get rid of ship to ship collision FF penalties.] One of the nifty things that WoT Console did was to create a 'most damage done medal' for each battle. So the person on either the green or red team that did the most damage would win the medal for that match. Caveat was if you shot or drove into someone else, you could not get the badge regardless of how much more damage than anyone else you may have done. (Minor aggravation point was if someone cut in front of you and you bumped/grazed them, you were automatically out of the running for the medal) The Medal increased the XP & Moola so you had incentive to more tactical in ordinance delivery. Side Note: To demonstrate how much people can be jerks: WG had to develop a suicide penalty for those people who would kill themselves by drowning their tanks in order to keep the other team from getting the kill. Everyone in the battle would get a slice of whatever money / XP the suicider had earned and that person would also pay a penalty. Shut down the suiciding pretty damn quickly. So maybe WG should open their game playbook and come up with more player friendly and creative way of dealing with FF.
  9. I was playing a match last night in Co Op that had several Bots on both teams. It was cracking me up to see all the team damage warnings on Bot vs. Bot damage. Saw a DD bot sink a Cruiser Bot and get a Team Kill warning. Made sure I was far away from the mayhem.
  10. Tr3xx0n


    OMG - How much do you play everyday to get that? The money is ridiculous.
  11. I am still pretty low tier with only a couple of T5 ships, one a cruiser and the other a destroyer. I will try sailing closer to other ships. Though as a DD that seems to defeat the purpose.
  12. I keep getting beat to heck by planes with Torps and Bombs.. I have been marking them (cntl-click), zigging and zagging as best I can. But they still me pegged in their sights and wreck my day. Am I missing some way of playing them more effectively?
  13. Thanks everyone for the support. Now that I have a couple of T-5 to play with I see the missions auto updating.
  14. ARGH!!!!!!!!! Tier V, No wonder. I don't have any of those yet. Getting close.
  15. Ok I am looking at the Daily Missions Available today. Just says complete 3 Combat Missions of the Daily Missions Series and no requirements or progress. Obviously I am dumb as a bag of rocks for still not getting this.......