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    basicamente lo clasico de la vida, el estudio, el entrenenimiento ya sean peliculas o vieojuegos libros etc

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  1. dakor921

    Submarine Testing

    Hapa_Fodder its all good but where is the option to install the T.S.T server? in my wgc it doesnt appears.
  2. dakor921

    Prueba Submarina

    ¿Donde esta el servidor T.S.T? en mi wgc no aparece solo estan los principales servidores live y el Public test.
  3. Man my pc does run naturally direct x 10.1 the one that maybe I will need to emulate is the direct x 11. Aslo I have seen more people with this same error and they have gamer pc and still occurs please devs check the game
  4. Hello i have this poblem since update 8.5.0 cant play literally i dont know what to do already tried to send a ticket to support they say my video card is no longer supported (intel hd 2000 direct x 10.1) i know is OLD but beforte update 8.5.0 i was able to run pretty well the game at super low graphics, already tried running the wg check tool still the problem persist any ideas? Windows 10 64 bits intel core i3 3.10 ghz ram 6 gb WorldOfWarships64-2019-08-17_23-54-50.crash DxDiag.xml WoWS_report.wgc
  5. dakor921

    Zath at the 2019 WG CC Summit Part 1

    Nice stuff to see by the way that new "baby" that lesta has in the works are submarines isn't :) they are hiding them can't wait for them xd
  6. dakor921

    Be a historian as a profession

    Good night naval mates as the title says the situation is the following I am studying the second semester in public accountant but despite the efforts and everything I do to try to like the career I just do not get it (despite my good grades between 8 and 9) another career that is offered in my university and attracts me is that of historian (Bachelor in History and Management of Cultural Heritage) the truth is since primary school I had a high interest in universal history (one of the reasons why I play games like wows or Age of Empires, read historical articles and watch documentaries) and I'm really interested in changing my career I wanted to know your opinion if someone has already studied the career or so in general What interests me the most are job opportunities and pay because I have understood at global level that there is little opportunities and is not paid well another point to take into account is that I am not I'm sure that teaching is my thing even though there are other areas to work in that career (even so I would be willing to face the challenge) I'm from Mexico by the way. Also I would just like a decent pay and allow me to have some luxuries like a decent house, car, feed me obviously or my (if future family), a pc gamer ( ikr sounds stupid maybe?) etc. Alongisde with a happy life with my career of course everything in due time and starting from below, as it is in most careers, what do you all think? Sorry for some bad of maybe a lot of bad English trying to improve.
  7. Buenas compañeros navales pues como dice el titulo la situación es la siguiente estoy cursando el segundo semestre de contador publico pero a pesar de los esfuerzos y todo lo que hago por intentar que me guste la carrera simplemente no lo consigo (a pesar de mis buenas notas entre 8 y 9) otra carrera que se oferta en mi universidad y me atrae es la de historiador ( Licenciado en Historia y Gestión del Patrimonio Cultural) la verdad desde la primaria he tenido un alto interés por la historia universal (una de las razones porque juego a juegos como wows o también Age of Empires, leer artículos históricos y ver documentales) y la verdad estoy interesado en cambiarme de carrera quería saber la opinión de ustedes si ya alguno ha cursado la carrera o así en general que opinan lo que mas me interesa saber son las oportunidades de trabajo y la paga pues tengo entendido a nivel global en si es poco lo que hay y no se paga bien otro punto a tomar en cuenta es que no estoy seguro de que la docencia sea lo mio a pesar de que se hay otras áreas para trabajar en dicha carrera (aun así estaría dispuesto a afrontar el reto) soy de México por cierto. Ademas simplemente me gustaría una paga que sea decente y me permita tener algunos lujos como una casa decente, carro, alimentarme obviamente, una pc gamer (si ya se sonara tonto (¿no?) claro todo a su debido tiempo y empezando desde abajo como lo es en la mayoría de las carreras se supone. ¿Que opinan?
  8. participano en la beta cerrada, viendo mucho anime, buques prototipos y de papel (diseños) :D!

  9. deseando participar activamente en la prueba cerrada alfa o en la pruebas beta :D

    1. BrunoSchezer


      Ojala ya te hagan entrar!!! seria bueno verte dentro del test y tener a un hermano latino como compañero en la flota! n___n, mas aun vos que si sos activo en nuestro foro :D