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  1. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I'm kind of happy with this one.
  2. Super Containers

    I got one this weekend...14 days Premium time! A pleasant surprise to be sure. Otherwise, dont see them too often.
  3. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I'm kind of happy with this one I just did. Being chased off my own base by a Conqueror.....not fun.
  4. Torps and Team mates.

    No, because firing torps when another player is in front of you is irresponsible, regardless of which way he turns. English am hard.....not sure which part if this is giving you difficulty.
  5. Torps and Team mates.

    Right, because making a U-turn in front of me instead of behind me is so much safer. Got it.....
  6. Torps and Team mates.

    Well, he was close, but definitely not in front of me. If he was turning as I launched, I couldn't tell (again, he was headed away from me as I aimed torps). My torps were fired at an angle, not 90 deg. out. Neither of us expected the other to do what we did, as I recall. We both apologized, and still ended up with a win.
  7. Torps and Team mates.

    I should clarify....the teammate began behind you heading away from you, only to dart forward and across your line of fire (ie - it was a much faster friendly DD, and you still headed in same direction). And yes, similar happened to me a while back, but can't find the replay. Believe me or don't.
  8. Torps and Team mates.

    So, say the teammate behind you decides to do a 180 suddenly ("He was headed the other way a second ago!") and runs square into your torps not long after you fired them (because no friendlies were in front of you, of course), you are to blame for that too?
  9. Pink for 5 Games

    Of course, it happens with accidental damage as well, especially when some douchenozzle decides to NOT repair flooding damage, fire, etc. So in essence, yes.....pink status means nothing. Stuff happens, but too many idiots want to abuse the anti-abuse system.
  10. So...you want to play ranked, do you?

    Here is why I DON'T play ranked....
  11. What is your Warships.today description?

    Sprocket_Grease Mostly plays cruisers, especially low-tier and is excellent in them Deals an above average amount of damage Very often finishes damaged enemies Key vehicle - Phoenix

    Perhaps a mechanism for cashing in X number of captain slots for a port slot. No fuss, no muss....
  13. Wow. This sense of entitlement is....well.....nauseating. 1) Get over yourself 2) Please think before posting 3) Just play the damn game Thank you.
  14. First time on "Ocean"...yikes!

    Same here. I haven't seen Ocean for a very long time. Assumed they took it out of circulation, tho I don't really keep up with news here.