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  1. Monarch underestimated

    Im going to have to assume this ship needs to be fully upgraded, my first trip out, PURE TRASH, 15 HE hits for no damage? are you even fuking serious?
  2. No, CVs should be in the game, it's a Major part of History and Naval warfare. They need a complete overhaul and redesign.
  3. Are you looking for a double standard, or are you just looking to stir up drama?
  4. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    You know what might be interesting to see? Dispersion at various ranges, 5k, 10k, 15k and max range, just to see if the dispersion bubble is full spread at no matter what range, or if it actually does use range to disperse the longer the shot goes.
  5. They will never be able to balance the CVs, the way they are designed doesn't lend well to the way they made this game around the other ships. CVs are just a mess and until they completely rip the entire system out and rebuild it from the ground up, they will NEVER be a well meshed class.
  6. The 100 Club

    Just way too many to list, I'm shocked actually. I play a lot of ships.
  7. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    No Citation, I just know my experience with T8s. and since I'd be the one buying it, I know I'd see more bottom tier matches than Top tier. Just my luck. Before I shelled out that much money on a ship that was rated a lot of Mehs.. I had to ask.
  8. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    I have read it, and from everything you've posted about it, It's a Meh ship, and being a T8, it's going to see a vast majority of Higher tier fights like most T8s. Durability and guns are a let down, yet a Medium range brawler? sounds like another Nose in bow camp ship from what you wrote. I asked simply because your review doesn't add up to your individual sections.
  9. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    I just have to ask, how does a ship with 3x Meh, 1x Garbage, 1x Gud = A Gudbote?
  10. The'll be crapships just like every other cruiser line. deleted in one salvo. barely played by the population.
  11. Premium Elitism

    I'd get banned for telling you what I really thought. Let's leave it at, you aren't the very wise.
  12. 18" guns vs 16" guns. Musashi ( sit and be lazy, snipe at long range with lolpen guns) MIssouri.. (needs to move, find targets that wont bounce)
  13. when you look at all the threads, all you have to do is read between the lines.. it always says.. "I'm a useless POS and have no clue how to play the game so I will whine like a [edited] and ask for changes to make an already easy game easier so I can feel better about myself" Yes I'm aware that was a run on scentence