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  1. This game is an absolute waste of time

    name one "GAME" that isn't a waste of time ?
  2. So DD get bad rewards????

    yay? does your peen feel 2" bigger now ?
  3. Brainstorming a Mothball Fleet Option

    wouldn't sell any premiums, but normal tech tree ships.. if you never want to play them, you can sell easily enough, later on, you will have more money than you know what to do with anyway.
  4. Brainstorming a Mothball Fleet Option

    just going to ask this.. if you are never going to play them again.. why not sell them?
  5. no clue, he's around every summer and Im ALWAYS stuck on it's team, same thing everytime, max range, moving 1/4 speed left and right lol
  6. if ONLY I could post his name... and as for the DD players.. they are most undoubtedly the same ones in the BBs trying do what is being done to them lol
  7. Most of these guys have NO clue how or when to push up, no one has to Yolo rush in, but a slow steady forward push is all it takes to add pressure and use your HP.. They wont figure that out though.
  8. Is the Worchester worth the grind?

    if you say so.. to those who don't know how to angle, you will get rekt.. to those who don't know where to aim, they will find it tanky. I have both experiences. in the open and rekt, in the open and laughing as I charged BBs down And just a quick cursory look.. I can see why you are saying what you are saying...
  9. Stat Shaming is overrated but still

    so , what you are saying, you have slightly better stats on Wows Stats and numbers vs Warships today. You are a potato, but a lightly better one on one site vs the other ? Just asking.
  10. Is the Worchester worth the grind?

    I love this ship.. it's going to get a nerf hammer . I can feel it. the HE Rain .. AKA Metor Shower... is insanely powerful, all atop a ship that can be a bit tanky for most of the potatoes in the game to handle.
  11. Is the Worchester worth the grind?

    Is the Worcester worth the grind. You better get it soon, this ship is totally going to get Nerfed.
  12. Bad to Absolutely USELESSLY bad players in BBs are the reason BB's wont push up.
  13. holy crap seattle sucks

    Just got enough Free XP to finish this POS, instantly researched The Worcester and Sold the Garbage that is known as Seattle. I will NEVER play that ship again. It leaves such a Horrible taste int he mouth, just like the original Colorado, and currently the Izumo.
  14. Some of us want to not be teamed up with potatoes.. guess who is going to get what they want ?
  15. True Socialist, making sure everyone else does the work for you instead of being a self reliant member of society. if you can drink 1 bottle, buy 2, if you can drink a 12 pack, buy a case.