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  1. Shadowrigger1


    seeing that you are probably being sarcastic, but yeah, it's not a "Premium" as defined by other premiums who get Additional bonuses baked into the Camo of the ship, ( Bonus XP, Silver, Reduced costs, etc) ARP ships are only listed as Premium due to their Uniqueness/Exlusivity, and the ability to accept any other ARP commander (at the time they were introduced) and now IJN as well, without penalty. In the Event you aren't being Sarcastic, Lord help your ignorance.
  2. Shadowrigger1


    Nachi is only premium by symbol.. it's not better than the standard Myoko, it is the Standard Myoko with a uinque skin and ARP (which make it Premium, in name only, not in bonuses or ability) In fact it's slightly worse than the Tech Myoko, as the ARP ship can't use any other camo and loses out on additional Stealth bonus.
  3. The player base will never get better, if anything , Wargaming titles have shown that the player base continually gets worse the longer the game is out, The games Wargaming make never actually teach it's new players basic mechanics, concepts and strategies ( yes they have videos, and so do the plethora of CCs, most just don't care to watch videos). They continually push for you to get to Tier 10 as fast as possible so you can enjoy new ships and content all the while producing the worst play styles that go against anything a team combat game needs. As for better people, as the player bases skill continual diminishes into utter disgusting stupidity, so will the players attitudes and it will become as toxic as WoTs is. There will always be pockets of good players and good people but once the game has degraded into it's typical online gaming community standard, it will be a festering pool of skilless toxic children (mentally and physically). Most people can see it already, but due to the average age of the gamer in WoWs, it's going to take a little longer than it did for WoTs doe devolve.
  4. Shadowrigger1

    Noob DD, Get Back!

    I love how everyone comes here with their one off games as if they are the messiah of the class and knowing what to do. Sad to say, your stats contradict everything you are showing with this little clip. You had a one off lucky run that you took a risk on and it paid off. sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug, you my friend are mostly the bug who managed to avoid the windshield 1 out of 50x. you had a great game, good on you. but remaining consistent is the key.
  5. Shadowrigger1

    What time of day and week has the best players?

    Patch Day when the servers are down and NO ONE can log in.
  6. Shadowrigger1

    CV Rework Feedback

    Initial thoughts, Absolutely Horrible, this is even worse game play than what we currently have. 1. It's so boring just from the looks of it, You get 1 squadron to control that seems OVER packed with planes. 2. it Looks like a Flash Browser game. WASD to avoid incoming enemy attacks, bonus Stage ! Kill the boss ! 3. Animations are Atrocious !. ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS ! flat Turning Planes, cheap 90's left and right wiggling, and you're fixed to one altitude unless you are initiating a strike. 4. Forcing players to look at the plane squadron, okay, but the Aircraft Models are low res CRAP!!!! if you are gong to force players into a view like this Make it visually appealing . We have FANTASTIC looking ships. and what looks like 2D rendered puppets for planes. All this time on a rework and it looks like some 1st year gaming code design student made it. Extremely Disappointed in this. This gets 2 Thumbs down and a look of sheer embarrassment.
  7. Shadowrigger1

    CV Rework, First Look

    One of the most GARBAGE remakes I have ever seen, this crap looks like a garbage Flash browser game
  8. As everyone tells DD players every patch they get a nerf.. They are Adapting to the Radar swarm. They are Adapting to the BB players who wont leave the spawn point, They are Adapting tot he Cruisers who have to hide behind islands so they don't get deleted too soon. So with that, we DD players are telling you.. ADAPT and you go cap for a change.
  9. Shadowrigger1

    Chat and Unsporting Behavior!

    Because Blacklisting someone so you can't see their chat is so incredibly hard, you have to run to mommy and daddy.. please ban him, he is mean. Seriously, Grow up. You don't like what someone says, use the darn mute button. Admittedly the Devs have been overly incompetent when it comes to the blacklist function, but it does block any typed chat they send.
  10. Shadowrigger1

    Kitikaze and Harugumo concern me

    Im sorry, but if you in your Worcester lost to a Kitakaze or Haragumo, it says more about your ability to play said cruiser than that DD being OP.
  11. this is Wargamings Anniversary, not WoW's , correct ?
  12. Shadowrigger1

    Ranked *can* still be fun

    Ranked is so fun when it's a steamroll right? right? wait until you are on that losing team getting steamrolled time after time, come back and tell us how much fun you are having :)
  13. Shadowrigger1

    Ranked season 10 will be worse

    Would you look at that, CVs along with Garbage players ruin another season of Ranked.
  14. Shadowrigger1

    I might be done with USN DD...

    if you can't make the Fletcher work, you as a whole need to stop playing DDs and just go to BBs.