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  1. Shadowrigger1

    Mouse on "Balance"...

  2. Shadowrigger1

    MM at it's finest

    So, you load into a match and you just say, WELL MM works good, and you feel like, WE got this Then you realize, the player base is just so bad even an MM given win turns into a complete Disaster because you were saddled with some seriously dreadful players.
  3. Shadowrigger1

    Hidden Shell tracers

    This is a bug with the rendering.. I've seen it 1st hand and have watched it via Streaming as well.
  4. Shadowrigger1

    Reset #2 Underway

    then why are you on the forums telling everyone how you are taking a loss on everything you do if you didn't want others to comment? You really just didn't understand what you were doing and are now backed into a corner defending yourself? I mean no harm in saying "well dang, I guess I messed up" You realize there will be other things added to the system in the future that your tokens can be spent on as well.
  5. Shadowrigger1

    Reporting players to clan leaders is stupid

    No, not directly at you, just in general as a clan leader or officer.
  6. Shadowrigger1

    Reporting players to clan leaders is stupid

    Maybe if you had a quality clan that expected their members to act a certain way and to present your clan as respectable players, You'd be more concerned if your members were acting like [edited] bringing negative attention to your clans name. You know. that thing Leaders actually do. Instead you come here to show your [edited]and prove you and your clan are a collection of little twats who like to instigate
  7. Basically the game just does not promote any sort of Teamwork style play, Progression is tied to Damage dealt, the more damage you do the more you earn. This promotes selfish game play. The grind in this game is really not bad at all compared to other F2P games , this with any lack of skill required to achieve any real earnings leads to sub 45% players easily obtaining T10s. Players don't need to learn anything about the game, just point and click, and they earn XP and Credits (yes the more skilled you are the more you earn)
  8. Shadowrigger1

    Smolensk is a disgrace

    Most of the people agree with you, That's why I am going to abuse it and make the Salt Rain.
  9. but we keep getting paper ships ?
  10. Shadowrigger1

    Having trouble with Soyuz

    This ship follows the trend of Most of the tech tree T9s. It's a complete downgrade from the T8, They do it for a reason, get you to spend to get past it
  11. Shadowrigger1

    Better players in Ranked? Well, NO!

    What ever gave you the impression Ranked was full of better players? 95% of the player base is complete trash, it's surprising most even know how to turn on a computer let alone be good. it's a mode where there garbage players fight to be the top of the trash pile, that's pretty much all it is.
  12. Shadowrigger1

    Naval battles/oil are useless and meaningless

    Making more fake ships is the priority, not actually making the game fun to play for extended periods of time, Boring , stale, game modes, maps.. Bad UI and optimization are just after thoughts, must make the money by adding ships. If they actually made things more interesting and more options to keep people engaged, they'd probably make more money.
  13. Shadowrigger1

    Close range shell trajectory

    dude, your just derailing and in the wrong thread..
  14. Shadowrigger1

    Close range shell trajectory

    You'd rather have complete misses vs Overpens, That is the [censored word] comment ever. Come on man. you can't rationalize a broken targeting system by saying dumb stuff.
  15. Shadowrigger1

    How is your Re-grinding going?

    They can kiss my stink hole if they think i am re grinding some of these lines