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  1. Shadowrigger1

    no dailies today

    still too early, think they update around 8am est
  2. Shadowrigger1

    What happened to Alaska?

    That's because WG is infinitely smarter than all of us, and by putting ships in several places instead of a consolidated location. They show us just how intuitive and revolutionary they really are. Trend Setters for sure.
  3. Shadowrigger1

    Odd game ban and WG response.

    Send in another ticket to be sure they didn't mistakenly use the wrong ban, All you can do
  4. Shadowrigger1

    Odd game ban and WG response.

    You didn't get a chat ban, you got a Can't Play ban, your chat was clearly Extremely Racist or offensive in some way to earn yourself an actual ban.
  5. Shadowrigger1

    WG surveys

    They are trying to be the FaceBook of Russia, give them all your personal data :D
  6. Like the kongo The Pyotr Velikiy is a POS, so it's only fair for it to rip off and copy all aspects of the ship
  7. Shadowrigger1

    While you were sleeping - SURPRISE!

    No clue where I got baltimore, let me change that.. Pay to win New Orleans ? What game are you playing?
  8. Shadowrigger1

    While you were sleeping - SURPRISE!

    Pay to win Baltimore ? What game do you play? Baltimore is not Pay to win at all.
  9. Shadowrigger1

    Salem or Georgia

    Georgia.. !
  10. Shadowrigger1

    An Inside Look at how WOWS Bots Work...

    pretty sure that is just 90% of the players in Random
  11. Shadowrigger1

    HOW TO!! Rank out as a less skilled player

    How to rank out as a very unskilled player. 1. Play Ranked as much as possible 2. Wait for Better players to carry you most of the time 3. Rank out and claim you are fantastic because you are now Rank 1.
  12. Shadowrigger1

    Georgia guns

    Georgia is going to find itself alongside Missouri, once they get all the money they can out of her, you will see.. " We are removing Georgia from the arsenal, after further review we have deemed this ship to be too powerful"
  13. Shadowrigger1

    Why most people like BBs?

    Because they are easy, most are overpowered in terms of protection and range they can engage at, especially on these small maps, and to be honest, 90% of the player base is just to incompetent to play much of anything else that is so forgiving as the BBs are. BBs allow these people to make Major mistakes and not get punished too severely for it, Unlike DDs, and Cruisers , 1 mistake and you are most likely going back to port. or at the very least, combat ineffective because you are left on a sliver of HP.
  14. Shadowrigger1

    Disappearing Mouse Cursor

    Lord have mercy, I know how to get my mouse cursor up. I didn't ask for a lesson, especially after more than 14k battles. It's something you would think I knew how to do already. I'm Talking about WHEN CTRL is held down and the Cursor is not there, no matter how much wiggling of the mouse you do.
  15. Shadowrigger1

    A player accusing me of TK-ing them

    seems like the ONLY one who cares about this is you, Why you would even bring this to the forums instead of just Muting the player and moving on.