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  1. Shadowrigger1

    You've got to be kidding me

    you would think anyone with Hydro but you know, That makes too much sense
  2. Shadowrigger1

    Pan Asian Cruiser(s) a disappointment for me

    This whole line is absolutely pointless. they provide Nothing to the team in the way of utility. Who is the guy that needs to be fired and black listed from all Game development for adding in torpedo reload booster? How do you make the Atlanta worse than it already is?, you make the pan asian line.
  3. Shadowrigger1

    Ship not responding

    I am having an issue with certain ships, so far the issues I am getting are; Sherman - guns wont fire, torpedoes wont launch, randomly at times this one hits me and I the only way I can fix it is by changing armaments from guns to torps and back, or cycling the ammo. Subs - After repairing a sonar ping or two, way before the torpedoes are on, they continue to track the sub Balo - Ship gets stuck at 1/4 speed. All ships - When locking a target, randomly I can not switch targets, it will stay locked on to one ship and I as with the sherman I have to cycle weapons for it to break the lock and move to another target. I've run a file verification, and yes I am using mods. from Aslains mod pack. but they are mainly cosmetic, IE, commanders, fog and glare, torpedo indicators and detected symbols.
  4. Shadowrigger1

    Let's Talk About Short Sightedness

    How to know you made overpowered ships. You limit them in the "competition" game modes...
  5. Shadowrigger1

    There's no such thing as 'Stat Shaming'

    you're Boring!
  6. Shadowrigger1

    There's no such thing as 'Stat Shaming'

    The act of shaming is lost on the one that is not Ashamed, It requires another individual to take offence to the act in the first place. Being "offended" for someone else is your decision you take on yourself. Though the intended target failed to give the person "shaming" the desired response, the person who isn't the target did. making the "shaming" event a partial success.
  7. Shadowrigger1

    There's no such thing as 'Stat Shaming'

    For stat shaming to Exist, you have to be Ashamed of your own stats in the first place. Otherwise it doesn't exist.
  8. Shadowrigger1

    Just wasted 20 Million purchasing the Khabarovsk

    Ever heard of this thing called Youtube? It's a place you can watch videos on just about anything you can imagine, World of Warships ship reviews. Try using it next time.
  9. Shadowrigger1


    How to make BB players even more useless to the team than sniping. Give them torpedo planes to fly around the map with instead of being a BB. Lord have mercy, what a dumb idea.
  10. Shadowrigger1

    Jolly Roger II flags being given away

    Have my Jolly Roger 1 from like the 2nd or 3rd season. Never played Ranked past 10 since then
  11. Shadowrigger1

    First time I've seen this error

    Means they were manipulating the MM and you busted them
  12. Shadowrigger1

    Perfect Balance

    why do you all obsess over Karma, it just nothing, means nothing, except it triggers you simpletons.
  13. Shadowrigger1

    Improving Average Player Skill

    I don't think it's possible they could set the skill level any lower in this game. Every one of Wargamings titles is made for the lowest common denominator. Sure there are very skilled players out there but are they really being challenged by smacking around sub 45% players? I mean I guess after a few weeks of feeling superior only to realize you are basically just smashing the heads of the defenseless gets pretty boring for the most part. Without being challenged by the game and players, your skill level never really progresses because you are always fighting the weaker players.
  14. Shadowrigger1

    warships 4K res beauty shot(s)

  15. Shadowrigger1

    How many 21 point captains do you have?

    don't matter what account it is.. if you only play coop and ops.. Lol