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  1. Shadowrigger1

    Why even have game chat?

    The automated system is a joke, and everyone knows it. WG goes out of their way to make reporting grierfers, suspected bots a nightmare, I gave up on doing it. But again, There is a Chat blocking ability the players have at their disposal, just using that frees up their CSRs to do more important things, like investigating the bots and griefers. And again, I rightly deserved some of my chat bans, I crossed the line, but the hoops you have to dance thru to report the more serious issues shows you the level of desire they have to deal with those.
  2. Shadowrigger1

    Questions for the Seasoned Players

    the ribbons themselves don't give you XP, performing actions that give you the ribbons do. This game is first and foremost dependent on Damage, Total Damage inflicted Percentage wise against them. taking 95% of a DDs health is rewarded more than taking farming a BB. The more damage you can inflict as a total to their health pool gets you the most XP (exact formula is a secret I am sure) Spotting, Taking down planes, doesn't net you much at all, Capping has diminishing returns. The game is very Myopic in xp earning. One thing World of WarPlanes did was have, class related xp earing roles, it thought you what your type of plane was best for and how to earn the most XP using it, WoWS needs to work this sort of line based XP earning into the game much more effeciently.
  3. Shadowrigger1

    Why even have game chat?

    I've been banned quite often, Sometimes much deserved, other times, for just a taunt. WG definitely pays special attention to naught words but complete ignores bots and Team killers, or players who just AFK from the start. There is a black list and a Mute player function for a reason, welcome to the internet where since the dawn of time, online chat hasn't been PEGI 8 since, forever. For one company to invest more time in investigating chat as opposed to more grievous and game ruining actions like stated previously, is mind boggling,.
  4. Shadowrigger1


    Live Action gun cam shots
  5. Shadowrigger1

    What's the Gift?

    the gift will never stop giving. Endless telemarketer spam calls as WG sells your phone number to advertisers :P
  6. Shadowrigger1

    Very rare pelt up for bidding!

    Pelts.. are we in Alaska doing some bartering? Lord have mercy, you can't just invent your own labeling system and expect people to be like, " HELL YEAH, CV's are pelt suppliers so I can barter from some stuffs !"
  7. Shadowrigger1

    This is [edited] War Gaming

    Well I feel like a dimwit, I just completed it, as it turns out, to unlock the ones you need only costs 1 key, and I had all the keys sitting there thinking it was 5 keys per unlock.
  8. Shadowrigger1

    This is [edited] War Gaming

    I'll have to look next time I log in and give you an update, I just know I am pretty sure I did all the final tasks, but I received only like 5 of the emblems total.
  9. Shadowrigger1

    This is [edited] War Gaming

    seems I did all the campaign and only got like 5 items, okay, no biggie.
  10. Shadowrigger1

    This is [edited] War Gaming

    How do you even earn these Epoch crates? I have the collection but I haven't received by I think, maybe 5 items since I think January
  11. Shadowrigger1

    Approaching 16 months. Release the Puerto Rico!

    Do you have to spend time to earn coal? YES, Time = money. Wargaming art team doesn't provide anything real, they provide 3D digital products that aren't yours. Their labor is their time and you pay for it. Coal is your payment for your time invested in the game. You earn it little by little thru the game place, little by free containers ( these are to entice you to want to play more, buy more) Are their other means of obtaining coal? yes Purchasing it with actual money. Welcome to Economics and capitalism. People actually pay lots of money for that little lesson.
  12. Shadowrigger1

    Combat Maneuvers Loot.. (sorta )

    So, are you saying it's good, bad, whatever?
  13. Shadowrigger1

    WG, Make the Lower Tiers Great Again

    Your skill is not balanceable and not even germane to limiting commander skills at lower levels for an even playing field.
  14. Shadowrigger1

    WG, Make the Lower Tiers Great Again

    you don't balance a game on player skill, you will NEVER be able to accomplish that. There is a difference losing to player skill and losing to 21 pt vs 3pt captains.
  15. Shadowrigger1

    WG, Make the Lower Tiers Great Again

    I always said, lower tiers should be limited by captain perks to keep things fair and prevent newb smashing. Each tier from 2 - 6 could have their captain perks set to keep things fair across the board. Now, what limit is fair, that's a whole new discussion.