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  1. Kidd or Des Moines

    You have to have Accurate fire to cause damage, You need to damage the right targets, XP is based on % damage dealt to a ships total health Pool. Farming BB's will not net you as much as you taking 3/4 of a DD's HP's.
  2. Downtier Duca to 5 - get comped or not?

    Duca is a fun little ship but it is out classed by everything it sees. I used it to complete the disgustingly painful Mission tasks of Ribbon madness.. The ships firepower is anemic at best. those 152s seem like 127s to me. As for compensations, I got it in an Xmas Crate. so I can't scream up and down about it. Lowering it to T5 might be acceptable I haven't really played the ship enough to know if it would be overpowered or not. I don't play much under T7 these days.
  3. Kidd or Des Moines

    You'd struggle because your highest cruiser is a Cleveland, and to be quite frank, you aren't very good at that ship. You have a Lot to learn still on how to play based on a quick review of your stats. T10 is no where near the same as T7 and below. You will experience 2 things. 1. you're team is going to bash the heck out of you for being incompetent 2. wasting your money on pay to jump to the top without a firm understanding of how to even play that class or Tier.
  4. Why 'play' the game?

    This Person Sums up the state of the game, infested with these types of BB players .
  5. PSA: Do not post when Angry

    someone got their weewee smacked
  6. clearly you care, because you are posting this, That being said. stats mean nothing in a game that amounts to nothing substantial in the world
  7. Just a Pic

    That's because this game is full of useless trash players. and they commonly flock to the BB, doesn't matter what day, just that there is more trash floating on the surface on the weekends
  8. You aren't homeless if you are living in your mothers home.
  9. Map PSA: Okinawa

    Everyone knows A is where you always go, The Islands PROTECT !!!
  10. Photo is clearly a UFO Photoshop job, Everyone knows WG makes 100% accurate games, BB no had Smoke in REALS!
  11. How does a Homeless person play a game that requires Internet, a computer, and peripherals on a consistent basis ? Edit.. They are Sucking up all the McD's Bandwith, that's why my GD dippin Sauces cost 25c each !! to pay for the homeless to play WoWs.. Double U Tee Eff mate !
  12. Just a Pic

    Weekends Bro, All the BBtards are out in force and the MM went full Special to keep up with them
  13. CVs: I must be doing something wrong

    Danger Will Robenson, DANGER!
  14. This all sounds like a " my [edited] is bigger than your [edited], and this is the internet so I can post pics and Meme's of my [edited] being bigger than yours" in the end, it's a little [edited] fest seen thru a Microscope.