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  1. oldrustygunz

    Sell the BB's

    Thank you for taking time to understand. o7
  2. oldrustygunz

    Sell the BB's

    It seems as the game has evolved into torpedo spamming with no friendly fire forfeit, and some poor matchmaking has made BB's all but useless. Gone are the brawls for the most part. I play half the battles I used to and see no reason to increase frequency. Enjoyment, for myself and clan mates is severely lacking.
  3. oldrustygunz

    BXP/PVE Bias

    There is a huge difference in game and player balance. But I believe there should be an equitable answer whether is a pve only alternative or what. There are a lot of plyers that strongly prefer pve. Some that or nothing. Just seems there should be a way to equalize. Navals based on damage or flags is equal and they favors a lot less than bxp.
  4. oldrustygunz

    BXP/PVE Bias

    Good thought o7
  5. oldrustygunz

    BXP/PVE Bias

  6. oldrustygunz

    BXP/PVE Bias

    I appreciate your points. One of the reasons I prefer pve is playstyle. Players are more aggressive in coop play and I can regularly play my preferred style, brawling. My favorites are among my bb's and all built for secondary's and maneuvering. Not sitting back and lobbing. Thanks again paradat. o7
  7. oldrustygunz

    BXP/PVE Bias

    I agree. I used a bit of sarcasm. Thanks for your comment. o7
  8. oldrustygunz

    BXP/PVE Bias

    The WG policy of awarding higher bxp to anyone that plays PVP is highly unfair in my opinion. As a primarily CooP player I resent being hadicapped in battles such as Naval Battles. If it's based on bxp (majority of the time) a clan has little or no chance to win without going to PVP. There are several reasons I prefer PVE and none have to do with money. I pay for premium (for now) and shipsnstuff. It's a nice change to have 3 days of battles against national and international clans. Why handicap PVE players with a choice of a nearly guaranteed loss or playing PVP to play in a fair match? There are solid reasons many of us play PVE. Wanting to give an edge in Combat Missions to PVP is one thing. Telling a whole group of clans not to bother participating in anything outside of day to day battles is not smart. Happy players stay and play longer. I'm one of many who USED to play WOT.
  9. oldrustygunz

    Update 0.10.7 - Submarines in Ranked Battles

    At this stage, as I tend to play coop, I am letting my premium acct expire in 10 days. Playing a BB, 60% of my fleet, is a total waste of time between DD's and subs. If the waste of time and crappy battles continue, my 5 year history with WOW will end. Subs have taken the enjoyment out of the game for me. Should have made sub enhanced battles optional, as is my membership. Armored Warfare awaits. Period
  10. oldrustygunz

    Two humans and seven bots

    Out of 6 battles yesterday 2 were 7/2 and 1 was 8/1. I don't enjoy the format and find I'm playing about half the amount of battles I normally do. I enjoy coop as there is much less hiding and sniping. As a brawler coop fits my style. Also playing with mostly bots limits any real communication or eliminates it completely. Hope it changes.
  11. oldrustygunz

    Skills and Upgrades

    Thank all of you for your input. o7
  12. oldrustygunz

    Skills and Upgrades

    Thank you. I've been a member for some time but always figured on that being the case. o7 Admiral
  13. oldrustygunz

    Skills and Upgrades

    Do captains skills and ship upgrades compound the same reduction. In other words if my captain has a 'Grease the Gears' turret rotation speed increase of 20% and my ship has the 'Main Battery Mod 2' upgrade whet is my total gain? Also does the apply to skills and upgrades that are redundant? Thanks, Rusty
  14. oldrustygunz

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    I will no longer play PVP. The problem with players simply hiding and sniping or lobbing is now the norm. I play to brawl, not hide. COOP is still enjoyable but my BB's are a joke. What a waste of time WG.
  15. I already have the Mass. What do I get other than the joy of playing her?