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  1. Very frustrating to be in smoke, full torpedo tubes and 4km from bot Yamato and the mercy rule takes a huge good ending away. I do play for fun. Don't use a rule in coop to save a bots feelings. OK?
  2. oldrustyguns

    WINNERS - Revenge of Flag-o-Rama!

    I had 5 draws and got diddly squat. Waste of time .
  3. oldrustyguns

    Weekend Highlights - Ship Coupon Reset

    If this is going to be as rewarding as the signal flying fiasco last weekend leave me out. I flew 77 signals, which was 5 draws, and got diddly squat.
  4. oldrustyguns

    WINNERS - Revenge of Flag-o-Rama!

    Where can I check my progress as I use signals? Thx I solved my own question. o7
  5. oldrustyguns

    Update 0.8.4. Feedback and Performance

  6. oldrustyguns

    Update 0.8.4. Feedback and Performance

    I have used Ocean and Philippine ports over 15 games since update and have seen no changes in either environment.
  7. oldrustyguns


    Any enemy carriers in COOP yet?
  8. oldrustyguns

    Bot CV's

    Any new info on when, or if, bot CV's will be included in Coop? I have extensively built ships and captains for AA and secondaries. A lot less battle enjoyment without a good use of defensive fighters and AA.
  9. oldrustyguns

    players losing interest

    I posted the same basic sentiment on my clan chat today. With no carriers in coop, which I mainly play, the game is much less interesting and enjoyable. Most of my ships are AA builds as are my commanders. I play half of what I used to and less all the time. Beginning to regret the $ spent on premium account.
  10. oldrustyguns

    Public Test of Update 0.8.2: Round 3

    They go far enough to get me warned by Big Brother about expressing my negative contribution.
  11. oldrustyguns

    No CVs in Coop

    I'm hoping this is the case. I play mainly coop and miss the use of my AA builds.
  12. oldrustyguns

    FREE Commander Retraining and Respec

    Any word on when Cv's will be back on the enemy side in coop?
  13. oldrustyguns

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    All I received, so far, is a warning for may bad attitude. When I get ignored when I help pay the bills, I get annoyed.
  14. oldrustyguns

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Be careful. I got "warned" for being unhappy with this update