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  1. oldrustyguns

    Update 0.10.7 - Submarines in Ranked Battles

    At this stage, as I tend to play coop, I am letting my premium acct expire in 10 days. Playing a BB, 60% of my fleet, is a total waste of time between DD's and subs. If the waste of time and crappy battles continue, my 5 year history with WOW will end. Subs have taken the enjoyment out of the game for me. Should have made sub enhanced battles optional, as is my membership. Armored Warfare awaits. Period
  2. oldrustyguns

    Two humans and seven bots

    Out of 6 battles yesterday 2 were 7/2 and 1 was 8/1. I don't enjoy the format and find I'm playing about half the amount of battles I normally do. I enjoy coop as there is much less hiding and sniping. As a brawler coop fits my style. Also playing with mostly bots limits any real communication or eliminates it completely. Hope it changes.
  3. oldrustyguns

    Skills and Upgrades

    Thank all of you for your input. o7
  4. oldrustyguns

    Skills and Upgrades

    Thank you. I've been a member for some time but always figured on that being the case. o7 Admiral
  5. oldrustyguns

    Skills and Upgrades

    Do captains skills and ship upgrades compound the same reduction. In other words if my captain has a 'Grease the Gears' turret rotation speed increase of 20% and my ship has the 'Main Battery Mod 2' upgrade whet is my total gain? Also does the apply to skills and upgrades that are redundant? Thanks, Rusty
  6. oldrustyguns

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    I will no longer play PVP. The problem with players simply hiding and sniping or lobbing is now the norm. I play to brawl, not hide. COOP is still enjoyable but my BB's are a joke. What a waste of time WG.
  7. I already have the Mass. What do I get other than the joy of playing her?
  8. We are encouraged to partake in various earning opportunities and fight Naval Battles and yet a battle ending with 3 nearly full health enemy BB's are alive and my F D Grosse gets 239 base XP. Even when trying to engage in battle this is the kind of mercy baloney thing that's not a big deal apparently..... to Wargaming anyway. I play mostly Co-oP. We invest money to fully engage, in most cases. The more we enjoy.... well you know the rest.
  9. oldrustyguns

    No balance in sight

    The change in the CV action has decreased my enjoyment and tactical satisfaction of World of Warships, and virtually every coop player I battle with agrees. Why it isn't being rectified I don't understand. I've been here for 4 years now and most of my fleet was outfitted with secondary and AA builds and captains trained accordingly. That's the way I earned and fight them. That's how I spent 4 years defining what it is about World of Warships I enjoy and built my fleet according to the way I enjoy to play. Do what's good for the game War Gaming. The more enjoyable, the more we battle. Good hunting.
  10. oldrustyguns

    Error Contacting Server

    11 hours total for me and still downloading. Baloney.
  11. oldrustyguns

    Error Contacting Server

    Exactly what happened to me. Still re-installing after a "corrupted " diag by WOW launcher.
  12. oldrustyguns

    Error Contacting Server

    : ( Sure, just look at Seattle.
  13. oldrustyguns

    Error Contacting Server

    Driven through Boise lately? Full of Kalifornia transplants & growing.
  14. I've been playing for 4 years and have tried multiple fixed cross hairs. Taking your advice I tried the dynamic and saw an immediate increase in accuracy of BB and Cruiser main guns. My citidal count exploded. Thanks for the clear explanation. o7
  15. Very frustrating to be in smoke, full torpedo tubes and 4km from bot Yamato and the mercy rule takes a huge good ending away. I do play for fun. Don't use a rule in coop to save a bots feelings. OK?