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  1. Wrong Answers Only: 07

    It's a flying brick.
  2. Wrong Answers Only: 01

    Well, it's either the Aruthur Currie class starship HMCSS Vancouver, or it's my long lost son, product of the union between myself and a future grown female to male to female clone of R'traxia, Xylarin ambassador to Terra.
  3. Borticus (from STO), SerB, and a certain cat and mouse combo that appears here now and then.
  4. USN Cruiser Split - USS Dallas?

    He'd play some Pavarotti. (It was Paganini!)
  5. What ship do you EXPECT to win in?

    The ship I don't sail.
  6. I feel dirty

    A war crime?
  7. Urashima Hidden Ability (lolz)

    Oh, cool! It can go off road!
  8. New Halloween scenario a tad bit to hard?

    If you want to play the carrier with any degree of success, I suggest watching Farrazelleth's (dunno if that's spelled right) video. He's damned good with a CV, and actually explains why you should do what you should do.
  9. Okay, I get that. But IRL, wasn't she considered a BC? I know that Wikipedia simply classes her as a cruiser while making mention of the English calling her a pocket battleship, but... Wiki. Grains of salt must be taken when dealing with a medium easily editable by every Tom, Short for Richard and Harry. (Really? I can't use the old style diminutive for Richard? What are we, frigging puritans?)
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Graf Spee a battlecruiser? Battleship level of armaments on a small, fast, lightly armoured hull? Isn't that what a BC was?
  11. What is the average age of our playerbase?

    38 on 13 October. Started playing games in the heady days of the Atari 2600.
  12. WoWS Acronyms - Let's build a reference

    JFC = Jesus [REDACTED] Christ/ Just For Cruisers TBY = Torps/ Torping Behind You
  13. Let's talk about mods

    Says the person accusing me of hypocrisy. Okay, my last post for you. You haven't once addressed my own, so why should I address yours? As for being deflective, look in the mirror. As for how long it took, actually yeah, it did. Making a turkey dinner while looking after kids at the same time means that sometimes I have to leave in the middle of answering a post that I'm quoting. You know what, I WILL address one point, the one you edited in. That the mod was approved by WG (as if not expressing disapproval is equal to official approval) is largely immaterial. Approval is not ironclad and forever As for info "just being presented in a different way", I'm not sure if you understand this concept or are just willfully ignoring it due to it wrecking the base of your suppositions so I'll reiterate: Anything that removes guesswork or makes information gathering easier, or presents it in a simplified way is an advantage. When one player has that advantage and another does not, it creates an imbalance between the players. To simplify, how information is gathered and presented affects its use. Here's an example using the X minimap marker: You stated earlier that you could accurately hit targets firing in smoke with or without a spotter plane (and honestly, well done you. I still struggle with ranging in on unrendered targets, especially at range). The X, however, gives you a level of precision that you can't match, no matter how much practice you've gotten. It's the difference between "I'm 99% certain I've got the range right" and "The marker shows me exactly what range I'm aiming at". With you eyeballing it, if you're off by a pixel, your shots can miss by tens of metres, or at long range, a hundred or more. You still have the same information with the X as you do without, but now it removes the uncertainty. Get it now? Anyhow, it's turkey day in my household and I have to go. I hope you have a pleasant day, and drive safe.
  14. Let's talk about mods

    I appologise. I should have realised that I was feeding a troll, rather than actually engaging in an actual discussion. BTW, editing posts after the answer is given is a mark of a true Blue Falcon. Have a nice day. :)