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  1. Axiomaticranger

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    I just use my horn to do the first four notes of "Oh Canada" at the start of the match.
  2. Oh, yeah! I remember him! Captain Bundy of the USS Polk High. What ever happened to him?
  3. Axiomaticranger

    Compilation of Twirling Graphics

    Ohhhh, look at all the pretty rainbows! +1, Mouse!
  4. Axiomaticranger

    Internal drama?

    Ah. Apologies if I seemed accusatory or offended, but his blatant arrogance and downright stupidity in provoking the playerbase anew seriously damages my calm. I can understand tone-deaf responses due to culture difference, but this was entirely deliberate. I don't care what sort of relationship one has with the fanbase, pulling this type of crap will always reflect badly on the company, regardless of whether it was a personal act or a "professional" one.
  5. Axiomaticranger

    Internal drama?

    The intent of the challenge, though, was to do the grind as if he were a completely FtP player. No doubloon boosters, no Grozia grinding until after unlocking it. He didn't do that. Yes, from the perspective that he personally didn't shell out any cash he did the challenge, but he violated the spirit of it. His Tweet indicates that he knew that and was rubbing the redditors noses in it.
  6. Axiomaticranger

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Cruisers

    Fantastic, Mouse! [EDIT: Vampire's a DD, not a cruiser. Derp.]
  7. Oh, Lions Gate Bridge, here in Vancouver. Yeah, Coal Harbour'd be a good one.
  8. Axiomaticranger

    You think PR is bad? Just wait until subs

    You chose... poorly.
  9. Axiomaticranger

    PSA: Forum Restructure

    I play in just my endoskeletal structure. Get on my level, scrub.
  10. Axiomaticranger

    WG Has a New Dockyard Video

    For me it was " Puerto Rico, never completed. So historically accurate in game. "
  11. Axiomaticranger

    I've been getting bullied in game for playing PR

    I think that once you buy the three boosters you get the option to buyout the rest of the progress.
  12. No, you're being entitled. Spreadsheet says penance is achieved by 2700 flog ribbons with 3 inch piece of string, in 3 minutes. Is entirely doable, just not by streamers, as they have work to do.
  13. It's the "reward" for completing Directive 3, along with some BravoSierra-sorry, I meant SB (Ship Building) tokens (dyslexia).
  14. Axiomaticranger

    Rules on Potential damage

    Yeah. It's rigging the game, and a big no-no.