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  1. Ranks 1-10 all irrevocable. Mainly everyone's complaint is gaining stars and losing them, making you bounce back and forward over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. No CVs. Top exp earner + any High Caliber achievement keeps a star
  2. kishan99

    Six Containers 90 tokens

    WG when reading this, "Oh thank god it worked! I was getting worried people were having a good time because they were getting a lot of tokens! Vladimir! You are genius! Make the crates drop less so people are inclined to spend Doubloons!"
  3. oh and we revert to pre- carrier rework but like... program it to do so
  4. Sad they are heading towards the WoT failure route They need to wake up!
  5. kishan99

    This is it! It's almost time

    LSD is insane
  6. I just watched the Detectability 2.0 video (very well done and informative) and learnt about the range finder located on the highest point on ships. I was wondering if it would interest the community by making this a module, and after certain amount of damage, it would become temporarily disabled and your range would work like a cyclone severely affecting your range for 30 seconds. It would have to have a lot of health due to HE spammers. Couldn't be permanently disabled.
  7. kishan99

    Thunderer - Ranked - nice

    Did you see the Thunder gameplay of over 530K+ damage? It is on Panzer's youtube
  8. Anyone have an approx to how long I have to get the Moskva before it goes? I just started the Tier VIII
  9. kishan99

    Ship you dreaded seeing on your team in Ranked

    Yueyang. Pretty much useless when matched against 2-3 destroyers and 2-3 light cruisers. Especially with that torpedo range upgrade ships can equip
  10. kishan99


    Yeah... Ap dive bombers are just plain OP. I know what you are taking about because I play Haku lol. A triple citadel does like 24k damage. Basically does 50k in two passes which is just.... wow BUT the spreadsheet says your having fun
  11. kishan99

    The new rank system does not favor cv's.

    I have 114k average damage in ranked as CV. Pretty false that they cannot get number one in damage. The buffs CV gets (primarily health) is so insanely broken. After 2 health buffs, only a cruiser with amazing AA can actually do something. CVs shouldn't receive buffs tbh. Or even better, ban them from ranked
  12. I stopped playing that horribly balanced game a while ago