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  1. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Gearing is trash

    VHere's how a typical gearing game goes. You head towards a cap and spot a radar crusier 10km away and immediately start turning away. Crusier uses radar and because you're so fat as slow to turn the first salvo hits you for 8k destroys your torp tubes(which still havent finished loading resting the loading process) and takes out engine and rudder. You repair and then complete your turn as the next salvo puts you on around 5k hp and sets a fire... after this you are left with 3k hp to work with for the rest of the game
  2. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Gearing is trash

    Completely agree with you
  3. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Gearing is trash

    In clan battles I can provide you AA with the Gearing, I can lay smoke and spot for you. In Random battles teammates avoid your AA bubble, your teammates don't use your smoke and there's a lot more radar and spotting (No I don't want radar removed it's just a fact) I also want to add the Gearing isn't even as good of an AA ship as the fletcher even though it has more AA guns so yeah that makes sense.
  4. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Gearing is trash

    However I absolutely love Montana and feel it's a very solid BB. I never feel like I'm at a disadvantage to other BBs simply because I'm playing my Montana. In my Gearing I fear practically everything for reference here are my gearing stats. Gearing 10 U.S.A. 173 51.45% 1 420 51 435 0.79 1.21 I'm not horrible at playing this ship, I will admit I'm not a super uni-com player but I have an understanding on the game and I know the Gearing feels weak. I mean lets not forget the yuyang is a much smaller target than Gearing because she sits way lower in the water yet they're the same exact ship. Explain that one to me because I've been scratching my head about that for awhile now.
  5. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Gearing is trash

    Okay so what about Daring? Z-52 both of which have guns that work absolutely fine along with torps that are also very competitive. How useful is 5.6km concealment with the amount of radar and hydro floating around in randoms? That being said I have no issues with radar or hydro or cvs and I'm perfectly fine with all of those things. I've never complained for a ship to be buffed before with the exception of the Gearing simply because a T10 should not feel worse than a T9
  6. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Gearing is trash

    If you're going to sacrifice your DPM for concealment why not just play Fletcher as a torp boat? The legendary mod on Gearing was also highly disappointing to me. Sure you have a little more health I suppose with Gearing but that's about it.. Better gun arcs and 1 extra gun but now you have a slower reload than fletcher as well.
  7. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Gearing is trash

    Perhaps but people complained about the Shimmakaze and how poorly it was preforming and now it outperforms the gearing after the IJN dd buff. I'm well aware of how long the Gearing has been in game as I've been playing for years and years now. I never used to think the Gearing was bad until around last year. I love DD's and play them a lot and I'm not one to complain about radar and the like because there are ways to play around that but there's no denying it makes that long duration on gearing's smoke not nearly as useful. Also that gun velocity makes fighting other dds a pain as they will land more hits on you despite your high ROF. RN DD's suffer from this too but they also have a heal and fast acceleration which is incredibly useful as well as hydro and so many tools the gearing doesn't have. In a Div the smoke and spotting combo from a gearing can be devastating however teamwork in randoms is lacking.
  8. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Gearing is trash

    Here's the things. I could very well send you a replay where I do 200k in the gearing and all my torps seem to hit on target and I have cruiser support with me to help me deal with Haragumos and the like. The thing is that is not the norm in the gearing and for the most part playing the gearing is a struggle. I'm aware that in competitive the gearing is played a lot and has its uses but in randoms it is far less useful. The smoke isn't that useful considering all the radar and if you try to use your smoke for your teammates they usually just ram you and sail out of your smoke. Yes the Gearing is Flexible but it's flexibility has been getting worse and worse as the game has gone on, mainly as a gunboat. I know I'm not the only one here are the stats for the gearing currently. Gearing U.S.A. 2 606 291 49.41 % 0.73 43 172 1 470 0.51 1.16 After the Shimma has gotten buffed the gearing has fallen to the bottom... I'm not asking for this ship to get some massive buff but when I'd rather play her tier 9 counterpart because it's more competitive something doesn't seem right. As far as your replies on how useful this ship is in competitive they are irrelevant to me because I'm referring to playing this ship solo in randoms. I have a lot of success in the Gearing when I div with 2 other Gearings however without teamwork and coordination I mean this ship is just bad compared to the other dds out there.
  9. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Gearing is trash

    I swear the gearing is the worst piece of crapat tier 10. This ship has not seen a stat buff from the launch of the game and has seen plenty of hidden nerfs. For example when she first existed her smoke was terrifying because radar wasn't a thing yet and detection when firing inside of smoke had not been implemented. The USN dds could also stealth fire and in my opinion this is why their gun velocity is the equivalent of shooting mortars from your ship. I know people complained and complained that the shimma sucked and it got a buff, her guns hit quite hard now in fact the gearing can hardly 1 v 1 a shimma. What can the gearing 1 v 1 you ask? Shimma's (somewhat) , Yuyang (You hardly win this) and that's it. Any other DD will absolutely destroy you such as Haragumo or Khaba or Groz.. or even daring... yeah don't even bother you are [edited]. Even more confusing the fletcher is a MUCH smaller target, she turns better, she has better AA (For some reason?) and is also stealthier unless you run the gearings legendary mod but in that case fletcher has more DPM than the gearing because of her torps. So instead of buffing the Gearings torps to be better than fletchers what did they do? They simply give you the option to run tier 9 torps on a tier 10 ship... I don't understand this logic, when you go up a tier things are supposed to get better. I really love USN DDs and have visited many museum ships (Fletcher) (Gearing) which is a shame because I want to be able to play them in the game but I honestly feel so frustrated basically handicapping myself by not playing any other DD.. Please WG Gearing needs help really bad and if anyone really dares to say this ship is perfectly balanced I want you to go play her for 20-30 games and then give me your honest opinion on if she is as strong as the rest of the tier 10 dds. Thanks for hearing out my angry rant about a ship I love that I wish was more enjoyable to play.
  10. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Unable to buy doubloons anymore

    After the removal of Amazon pay I have no way of purchasing anything. My bank rejects every other option and PayPal just fails, and then the pay pal option dissapears. Anyone know if Amazon pay will return? Or any other solutions other than prepaid cards. I've already missed out on black Friday and would hate to miss more.
  11. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Repair on in the Daring. Too much? Or no

    I agree with you that there will be potato's who will die to alpha after being spotted by radar. My argument is that a good player will be able to use every single repair and that gives the Daring effectively 35kish health which is a lot for a destroyer. They can also heal off a torpedo hit, something that would cripple almost any other destroyer. Not to mention they have hydro so chances are torpedo won't hit them and even if they do they can repair torpedo damage. I've fought them in the gearing and it's tough, they have better dpm and detection and that's before they even had the heal. In the hands of a good player this destroyer will be extremely strong in my opinion. Disclaimer I have not played the Daring but I keep up on news about it and have seem them in game my fair share of times. This is all just one man's opinion
  12. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Repair on in the Daring. Too much? Or no

    I don't. I'm just going by what I've seen in game, it's just my opinion. I'm not asking for it to be changed just wondering what people think of it
  13. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Small Gearing buff idea defensive AA and speed boost

    Agreed. I won't deny she's still a great destroyer but adding the Fletcher torps did little to help some of the previous issues. The introduction of the Daring is somewhat replacing the Gearing. I haven't forgotten about those Shimma players either, I feel bad for those guys.
  14. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Repair on in the Daring. Too much? Or no

    Personally I think the Daring has a little too much going for it. Rest in peace shimma captains.
  15. First things first, I will admit the gearing is definitely not a bad ship. The introduction of the Daring and the Grozovoi buff are the reason I'm writing this. Defensive AA was supposed to be the US destroyer gimmick and I find my self hardly using it because giving up speed boost is such a trade for a consumable that you may use only once every 3 or so games. There are other ships with speed boost and defensive AA so why can't the USN DDs who are supposed to be the AA DDs have speed boost and defensive AA at the same time? I see no reason why not, it would allow them to still have an advantage over the Daring and other DDs and give the USN line something unique that I could actually use without sacrificing my acceleration and speed that the gearing desperately needs.