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  1. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    What makes the Alaska so special

    I disagree. Although you can rack up massive AP salvos on them Its a lot harder to do than it is to do to a Kurfurst. The armor just seems to be a lot more derpy and gets some weird shatters and bounces even when broadside.
  2. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Tier 10 Santa Crate rewards... oh dear

    Yeah the big and mega containers are solid but wow are the standard Santa Crates bad.
  3. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    This just happened ( I know it is getting common )

    With that logic I'd pretty much never be able to fire torps. You gotta somewhat hope no one potatoes into them. I mean in my Kleber I can practically outrun some torps so yeah that makes it almost impossible to never fire torps unless you're 100% sure they can't hit someone.
  4. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    What makes the Alaska so special

    True, but I wouldn't go loading that AP vs a Kremlin. That thing is in a class of it's own and even high caliber BB shells will simply bounce off it. Other than that, Alaska is a nice well rounded cruiser that can take on 90% of the ships in the game.
  5. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Tier 10 Santa Crate rewards... oh dear

    I have to admit even after being incredibly disappointed in the 75 steel you receive for tier 8-9s, the worst is the abysmal Santa crates you get from blowing a snowflake of your tier 10s. Now I don't know about you guys but the only things I have recieved from about 8 crates is 4 camos per crate and the camos you receive aren't even good. You'd figure the rewards from your tier 10 ships would be the best but these crates just feel like a kick right between the legs. I mean... oh boy I'm so glad I got a total of 32 camos!!. I mean really .. I need steel and I'd take even 75 steel per tier 10 over these santa crates which probably have a 0.5% chance to drop a premium that I don't even want or need.
  6. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    How is the new improved German dispersion?

    Hey those 3m... those could be the difference of a citadel and an over-pen. Ya never know! Even a small buff is appreciated
  7. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Kidd, Lo Yang or Cossack? Which one would you choose?

    As someone who is obsessed with Fletcher class dds I gotta go with the Kidd
  8. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Montana aka USS pea shooter

    Dunno where you're getting that data. This is the Data I'm using. (Apologies for quality, I currently do not have my computer) Perhaps BBs are performing better than other classes in your opinion but that would mean an entire overhaul of all the BBs in the game. Going by this data though even if BBs are too strong Montana is the worst of the bunch Heaviest broadside in the game = Lowest Average damage? See what I'm getting at here?
  9. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Montana aka USS pea shooter

    Regardless on how people perceive if the Monty is underpowered or not at the end of the day it's going to come down to personal opinion. So stats aside and how they compare to other tier 10s I suppose I'd be more intrested in if other people enjoy playing her and if she feels strong when you play her. For example, in response to someone saying she has the heaviest broadside in the game, yes this is true, however when playing her do you see huge alpha strikes that nuke ships consistently? I don't know about the rest of you but the only time I ever see them is when I'm going against crusiers who dont angle at all and simply give broadside and even then sometimes I'll only get overpens. I simply never get the feeling I'm playing a ship with the heaviest broadside in the game.
  10. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    What's the drop rate on Coal from Santa crates?

    Nah I think you got it wrong it's 4 camo 4 camo 4 camo 4 camo 4 camo 4 camo 4 camo and that's all the drops you can get.
  11. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Montana aka USS pea shooter

    Montana in its current state is honestly more of a tank than anything. Her biggest advantage is her survivability as the DPM which on paper is the highest in the game is horrible. I tend to only have 80k damage around the point I've tanked 3 - 3.5M potential damage. At this point WG should either have her focused as more of a tank or give the guns a tiny buff. perhaps .1 sigma or something. If my shells don't overmatch and are the slowest tier 10 BB shells in the game I at least want them to do something when I manage to get them to hit. Honestly a Zao kiting you in a Monty is your worst nightmare, good like hitting a kiting Zao and even if you hit him good luck doing anything other than overpens and the occasional 4k damage pen.
  12. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Montana aka USS pea shooter

    Regardless of how tier 10 BBs preform overall I'm simply comparing the Montana to the others as the state of tier 10 BBs in the game is another discussion
  13. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Montana aka USS pea shooter

    You know at close range I've got Smolensks and gotten 8 overpens. At medium range I will agree with you
  14. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    Montana aka USS pea shooter

    Discussion time, The mighty Montana was my first tier 10 BB back when the only other choice was the beautiful IJN Yamato, and I gotta say I loved her back in those days. The Montana was a BB cruisers feared and lower tier BBs cowered in fear from. Then as the years have gone by I find myself enjoying the Montana less and less. So here's the thing about the current Montana, her guns feel like you're shooting marshmallows at targets the majority of the time. Montana has the highest DPM of the tier 10 BBs and yet why does it feel like Kremlin, Republic, and Yamato just pump out so much more damage. Well for whatever reason the Montana's guns just don't feel very accurate at all and the shells that do hit either bounce or overpen. I find myself loading more and more HE in my montana simply because the AP just can't deal with other high tier BBs in today's meta, which is sad considering the WW2 super heavy 16 Inch shells of Iowa were no joke when in game they really do feel like Marshmallows. I will admit the legendary mod on Montana does give her a niche and makes her surprisingly tanky reducing fire duration and increasing her maneuverability at the cost of concealment. Her hull is quite durable and her concealment is also quite good, however her supposed good AA doesn't really feel strong in today's meta and there are tankier ships in the game that in my opinion can also cause more damage (Kremlin) So my closing thoughts on my most played ship is that over the years she went from a very strong ship to a ship that often makes me think Meh after every game I play in her. Montana can still be competitive but she certainly feels a lot weaker and it makes me sad to watch 9 of my 12 shells magically disperse around a Smolesk and the 3 the hit all overpen for about 4k damage. Anyone else been feeling my pain playing Montana this past year?
  15. RussianCosmonaughtIvan

    The appalling behaviour of players in battles with PR

    Agreed but hey that's their decision and if people are going to throw money at it WG will continue to sell ships for that much money.