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  1. @Femennenly, can you please take that shovel away from Sub??? He's not doing you, the company, or himself any favors trying to interact with customers. The EXACT LAST THING we need right now is MOAR SPREADSHEET, and yet, he's trying to claim some magical or totemic protection from them. It's even more embarrassing, since the math has proven him entirely wrong multiple times, and been undercut by MrConway in the stream yesterday when he straight up said WG employees couldn't do it because they had jobs... I'm developing quite a sense of sympathy, and even pity for the guy. Whatever is wrong with him is obviously no small thing, but he is the very last person you (as a company) should want trying to explain this away right now. Matt
  2. No, RNG is too scared of her to risk pissing her off!!! Matt
  3. mobryan

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    Yeah, my holiday spending has gone from "I'll buy my normal Santa crates" to "Well, maybe I'll buy some extra doubloons for the boosters" to "Yeah, screw WOWS right now, I guess the wife is getting that purse she's been surreptitiously coveting for a while now..." Matt
  4. Mr. Conway on the stream today "Well, it's not realistic for one of us to play the rest of December and into January to complete the grind, since we have a job to do, here." That pretty much sums up WG's arrogance on the issue. They know it is an impossible grind, and they give zero F's about it, to the point of not even caring that we know that THEY know it's impossible. Puerto Rico could have gone straight into the Premium shop for $100+ with less scandal then this... Matt
  5. mobryan

    New faces in the WG stream???

    Ok. I think the last one I really watched was during the NTC fire, and it was probably one of the CV rework streams before that. Thanks for the info. Matt
  6. mobryan

    New faces in the WG stream???

    huh, ok... Like I said, I don't watch often, every few months, tops. Just seemed different, I guess. Matt
  7. I thought I'd pop over to the EU stream and see what's up with the Santa Scandal, but I don't recognize any of the faces... I'm not a regular watcher, though, so maybe I'm missing something? Matt
  8. mobryan

    Solution for Dockyard/PR Angst

    But then we'd end up with ground bacon, and that's not Good Eats... Matt
  9. Even the Reddit crowd is nigh-uniformly cranky about how WG is going about this one. It's not NTC or Alabamagate levels of vitriol, at least not yet, but it's close. Matt
  10. mobryan

    Double secret probation IFHE ships?

    So it's our fault you can't pay enough attention to know where your shells are falling. Got it. Also our fault we can't hit the constantly moving target. Third, also our fault for not being able to play by the rules you make up as you are going along. Well, it's been fun... Matt
  11. Yeah, they really should have bumped it up to the Big or Mega sized crates if they wanted to reward us with RNG. I ran through all of my T10s and got some camo and 300 doubloons... Matt
  12. You Spent What!?!?!?!? Well, he is the noble whale.... Matt
  13. mobryan

    Does WOWs need Pre Dreadnaught Battle mode?

    I'm looking forward to the photo op between American and Japanese dignitaries in front of a portrait of MacArthur or Nimitz, then, or seeing the next bilateral U.S. - U.K. treaty signed at Yorktown. I like rivalries, I enjoy the hell out of them, but the Japan-Russia one seems to have another layer of mutual salt. It's fun to watch, but it's hardly a one sided "Russian are sore losers" affair. Japan goes out of it's way to poke the bear, and I think that is awesome. Matt
  14. mobryan

    Does WOWs need Pre Dreadnaught Battle mode?

    Well, there is remembering it, and then there is rubbing your opponents face in it a century later. I'm on Japan's side in this, but lets not pretend it's a single sided affair. Matt
  15. mobryan

    Does WOWs need Pre Dreadnaught Battle mode?

    To be fair, it's not JUST the Russians that remember Tsushima: That is the head of the Russian navy during a visit to Japan last month with his Japanese counterpart. The old guy in the framed picture is Admiral Togo. Coincidence??? I think not. Matt