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  1. mobryan

    Italian tier X cruiser

    I foresee many, MANY penetrations of your protected spaces. Probably multiple penetrations at once. Matt
  2. mobryan

    Italian tier X cruiser

    Well, the Italians did build some big gyro stabilized ships in the 30's, so maybe that's the secret, LOL... Matt
  3. mobryan

    Italian tier X cruiser

    Looks like the digital version of Vasa to me... Matt
  4. mobryan

    WNN 54: Italians!

    When you are skinny dipping in the creek and a eel bites your cheek, that's a moray... Matt
  5. mobryan

    Ship that Tip! - 8th - 15th

    The Okhotnik can very easily turn the tables on cruisers hunting her. Use your stealth to get on the cruiser's broadside and blast them with multiple AP rounds. The 130mm guns have plenty of punch to get right up in their citadels, and if they turn to pursue, their own speed will be enough to run right into the torpedo swarm you can send out. Take advantage of the 360* rotation of the guns to dodge incoming fire while you whittle away the rest of their health with HE. Matt
  6. mobryan

    Community Manager Project

    Just put up a bat signal to these folks: @Radar_X @Femennenly @Kami Matt
  7. mobryan

    Confess, have you ever

    So there I was, blasting towards a cap in my Kitikaze, planning on supporting the friendly Shima with the maximum legal amount of dakka. There I was, getting ready to swing out and unleash hellfire upon mine enemies. There I was, when the Shima asked "wth are you DOING, Iowa???" Matt
  8. mobryan

    A plea for some lower tier premium releases

    I'd love to see some low tier premiums too. Suggestions: Pan Europe: Norwegian DD KNM Draug Romanian DD Regele Ferdinand Pan American: Brazilian cruiser Bahia Argentine DD ARA Mendoza Pan Asian: Thai DD RTN Phuket Russian: Cruiser Gromoboi USN: AG-17 USS Wyoming Pan Am/Pan EU/RN: BB Rio Sultan Osman de Agincourt Would also love to see some T3-T5 operations and a whole slew of other improvements to the low tier environment, but that is perhaps best left to another thread. Matt
  9. I dug around and found my old copy of Hearts of Iron 2, it's been fun smacking countries around as Argentina... Matt
  10. mobryan

    Boise, My New Favorite Ship

    The only difference is the paint. Matt
  11. mobryan

    Boise, My New Favorite Ship

    I feel you. The Pan-Am twin is my favorite ship, I'm rapidly closing in on a million XP on her. Matt
  12. Nueve de Julio. I panned it when the stat were released and only bought it to show support for more Pan-Am ships in the future, but now it's one of my favorites. Matt
  13. I hate to agree with you, Killjoy, but I have to. Lots of players spent a LOT of time testing the CV rework and pointing out the flaws in the system in test, only to have it pushed through anyhow. Lo and behold, it's a flawed system on live, too... There have been quite a few well thought out player proposals to at least mitigate the damage the rework has done, and I have yet to see a single one even seriously considered by WG. Matt
  14. mobryan

    Armory Ships

    Most of the low tier ships are actually in a pretty good place for secondary range considering the smaller maps they play on. The one exception is Mikasa, and that is only because they are actually the primary weapons. Matt