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  1. mobryan

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    Some mental images cannot be un-seen. Someone pass the brain bleach, please... On the serious side: I've proposed Thomas Cochrane as a unique Pan American commander in the past, and I think he'd be a great fit for a release like this. Yes, he belongs to an earlier era in naval combat, but he was a real life legendary commander in the Royal Navy, the founding father of both the Chilean and Brazilian navies, and instrumental in securing the independence of Peru. Rather than giving him combat bonus's like the other special commanders, though, I'd like to see him get economic bonus's. Special skills "Take the Money and Run" increases silver earning by 100% after any battle which earns a heroic achievement. "Naval Traditions" increases XP earnings by 50% for any standard achievement. "Man without a Country" allows him to command any Pan American or Royal Navy ship without penalty. They would be a nice change from the combat bonus's of other commanders, very useful as the Pan American tech tree is developed, and are historically inspired. Matt
  2. mobryan

    Premium Ship Review #107: Boise

    Sir, I regret to inform you, I must send an invoice to replace one beer soaked keyboard. Please PM your billing address at your earliest possible convenience. Matt (That TOTALLY describes my playstyle!!! )
  3. mobryan

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    It's a T4. Yeah, it's got a LOT of guns. They are basically the same as the Bellerphoron/Dreadnought guns, which are only ok at T3. It's got middling speed at T4, Myogi armor, likely a hyuge turning radius, wonky firing angles, and is made of citadel. It's battleship Okhotnik, trading everything else for guns, giggles and alpha strike. That being said, it's a natural premium play for WG, even though the per unit profits on a T4 are going to be fairly low, it's a easy to do a twin (triple???) bill release like they did with Boise/Nueve de Julio. Even outside of RN and Pan American fans, the sheer derp factor of a 14 gun broadside will attract plenty of casual fans. Bundle it with a 10 point bi-national commander and I think you could sell plenty of them for 20-25 bucks. Matt
  4. And it will only get worse when 8.0 drops and she loses the 6 minute umbrella coverage from the cat fighter, and the temporary surge in CV's make Hydro vs Def AA a serious choice. Drop 1-2 seconds off the rudder shift or push the stock secondary range out at least a km. Spee wasn't a bad boat, but she keeps getting hammered with collateral damage nerfs. Matt
  5. Yeah, I'd go for some kind of DD defense buff for Spee. Maybe a rudder shift buff or extend the secondary range to dissuade them from rushing. Matt
  6. If you want a Battle Destroyer, I recommend the USN's Shofield class torpedo battleship. 30 knots, 35,000 tons (~60,000 hitpoints), 16 torpedo tubes with 10km fish , 40 152mm guns (and 4 356mm secondaries) and slathered in 102mm armor that makes it invulnerable to any HE smaller than the Royal Navy's 406mm shells, even with IFHE . Of course it would eat ALL the AP, but hey, you can't have everything. Yes, that was a legit proposal given to the US Navy... Matt
  7. Still trying to save the broke AF sector based AA??? Good luck with that. Stupid system is stupid, and I'm a guy who WANTS the rework to succeed. Matt
  8. mobryan

    Favorite Premium

    I've had Kamikaze for a long time, and still play her some, but Nueve de Julio is definitely my favorite now. I panned it when they first announced the release specs, and only purchased it as a sign of support for better Pan American ships later. I really learned to like it grinding for Boise, 15 guns, British heal, impenetrable granite armor, ect. Oh yeah, 15 guns, too... Add a 19 point captain and she really shines. Matt
  9. mobryan

    Out of curiosity, what lines can we expect this year?

    It is obvious we aren't going to change each other's minds. We will have to wait until it shows up. Matt
  10. mobryan

    Out of curiosity, what lines can we expect this year?

    Lattore is not the dreadnought I am looking for. Besides not having nearly the elan of Agincourt/Rio, it would open up a hole in the BB tech tree. It's not like there isn't plenty of precedent for uncompleted ships in this game. Matt
  11. mobryan

    Out of curiosity, what lines can we expect this year?

    There will be some components that can be reused, but even the clone hulls will have a distinct playstyle from their parent ships. Given the general national flavor of epic AA, it would be a good fit when the initial CV rework fireworks fade. That being said, the amount of modeling required, never mind balancing, means I doubt there will be a full line this year. Maybe a premium DD or two. The ARA Mendoza can be kitbashed from pre-modeled components. Chile's Almirante class DD would be a good higher tier premium, but I think the market for ~100mm super dakka dakka boats is pretty saturated right now. If it weren't for the Dreadnought, I'd suggest HMS Agincourt/Rio de Janerio as a twin bill release a la Boise/ Nueve de Julio. On the other hand, perhaps RN battleships are the new Russian armored cruisers... Matt
  12. mobryan

    SMS Viribus Unitis Recognition Guide

    WOW I'm not sure I'd want them cleaned up very much more. Right now they have a sense of well worn authenticity. Would love to see more like this, especially for some of the "WG specials" Matt
  13. 4 battles in Mushashi got the IJN portion done, Now to swap all the flags and camo on my Nueve de Julio for the next portion... Matt
  14. mobryan

    Need some help with Jack Dunkirk

    His ability to pack a bowl can be very useful on the DD's, since the emission time is so short, the extra volume of each puff can make a large difference in getting enough smoke out to run away. I've been playing with using SSE and the special smoke module, the combination makes for a substantial, though short lived, smoke screen. Matt
  15. mobryan

    User supplied music problem

    Yeah, that is all it takes, but first check to make sure the files aren't corrupted somehow... Matt